Top Ten Ways YouTube is Better Than TheTopTens

I like TheTopTens but I like YouTube so much better.

The Top Ten

1 More Famous
2 More Popular

Popularity isn't a good standard on the Internet.

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3 Better Users

No most users on YouTube are annoying, they're either:
1.) An unfunny YouTube celebrity
2.) A 90's kid who whines about the modern world just because of music, cartoons, and entertainment
3.) A let's player
4.) An unfunny comedy show - GamerBoy

You know, at least the Top Tens doesn't have users who scream into the mic all the time. That's good. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

No, a lot of users on YouTube are idiots.

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4 It Has Videos

It has videos which contain idiocy where you can't find on TheTopTens.

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5 It's More Fun to be on YouTube

Yes it is. I enjoyed my YouTube account more than my TopTens account. - Linnea

6 You Rarely Get Banned

There's only a very few ways to get banned on YouTube and it would never happen to me. 1) Hacking Someone's Account 2) Posting Too Many Dirty Videos 3) Trolling Someone Too Much

Many people have trolled each other and not very many got banned or their accounts deleted. - Linnea

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