Top Ten Weirdest and Spontaneous Things to Say in the Middle of Deep, Intellectual Discussion

The Top Ten

1 I'm so glad I don't have big teeth

Brilliance, Beege! A "thinking man's" (gal's) variation on the classic "blonde" theme. Half expected to see, "I like the way my hair tastes today."

Aw, Beege... The spittle is what I'll always remember most...the way it glistened softly in the T.V. light

"Headache." Yeah, yeah, sure, sure. Like I've never heard THAT one before:))

Any time, Beege. Great comedy is always appreciated (by me, anyway), and this list is like a Tourette's-fest, without the cussin':) There's an answer to your previous question (challenge? ) on Green Day on earlier list.

2 I can't sing but I know someone who sings much worse

(If you're a guy): I think my water just broke!

3 Two months ago I found the longest French Fry. It was this long...!

Strangely, it was in my underwear.

4 Wonder what day it was on this date 3000 years ago...

"Ever wonder what chairs would look like if your knees bent the other way? "... K. Bundy

5 Here, scratch my back will you? Can't seem to reach...!
6 Only six more days until I'm doing something completely different to what I'm doing now
7 I've just thought of a brilliant list idea!!
8 Coq au vin! Nice!
9 Salute the flag!

Well, okay, but sometimes it's not that easy to do on command.

Moi, Beege? Why, I'm as pure as the driven snow (no plowing jokes, if ya please:))

As pure as the driven snow, eh, V? Does that include the yellow stuff...? ;). - Britgirl

V, you make it sound like a euphemism for...something... - Britgirl

10 What do you fancy in the 3.30? I'm going for RainbowMinx

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11 A one on one isn't bad but I prefer a mass debate in front of a live audience
12 I like the way my hair tastes today
13 Hey! Wait! I gotta new complaint! Forever in debt to your priceless advice..
14 Wait... I think I forgot to put deodorant on!
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