Weirdest Things That Could Happen While Saying Bloody Mary In a Mirror Three Times

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1 Bloody Mary eats you

That's terrifying! - Misfire

This not weird but terrifying. - Userguy44

STORYTIME so one day I was at my freinds house in 6th grade and we were playing with a ouiji board. nothing was happening so we wanted to give up. BUT we didn't saY goodbye. then we dared on of the other girls to go into the bathroom and do bloody mary. She didn't wanna go alone so I went with her. We did it an then the rest of the night we were shaking and had some weird encounters...

2 A clown comes to your house
3 A tiger shows up
4 A gorilla shows up
5 You start flying
6 A lion shows up
7 A singing elephant shows up
8 A singing monkey shows up

I would roll on the floor with laughter

9 A flying goat shows up
10 Tariq Nasheed shows up

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11 Justin Bieber shows up

Now that is the worst possible thing. - NightJinx

I didn't see that coming.

12 Your parents tell you to go to bed
13 A capybara pops out of the mirror and says you won the lottery
14 You get sucked into your favourite cartoon

That would be weird. I would also probably be kicked off TDWT immediately.

This would be weird but AWESOME! - Lunala

15 Serena pops out of the mirror and asks where Ash is
16 A beaver comes out and says YEEEET
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