Top 10 Problems with the Nintendo Wii

I like the Wii. It introduced a fresh new concept for games that was an interesting distraction, if not a long-term innovation that shapes our games today. That said, this console had a LOT of problems. Here are the most glaring ones.
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1 The original Wii remotes weren't very accurate

My Wii remotes worked okay. But in Mario Power Tennis, it worked awful. When I swing up. It would sometimes swing diagonally down or way far up. I even tried to be soft and it does it hard. This sometimes happen in other games I have too.

Sometimes they are inconsistently sensitive and affected too much from any minor movement of the sensor bar, though I noticed a bit less of this with newer Wii remotes, thankfully.

Very true. We had the Wii before the motion plus accessories were was kind of hard to precisely control. The Motion Plus thing though fixed most of that.

Yeah duh...
That was one of the first times humanity has MADE sensor remote controllers
I disagree

2 The motion controls ended up getting old

I mean yeah its great to play once, and a great while, but after a maybe a few weeks I get bored with the system, and wanna resort to either the newest console, or heck an older console that probably had MUCH better replay value than the Wii offers (PS2, SNES, Dreamcast, ''Original'' XBOX etc).

There were innovative for it's time and without it, we may not have the VR we have today. But gimmicks are gimmicks and there is only so much you can do until you just want to go back to an actual controller or keyboard.

They neveer get old
They are still cute and amazing


3 You need to use the wrist strap

This is the worst part about the wii. Wearing one of these is so uncomfortable! their also really useless! whenever I play just dance on switch, the game forces me to wear the stupid, dumb, unnecessary wrist strap. When I put it on, it feels like your arm's falling off! It doesn't help because I have to wear it for the whole song! god, these suck!

Just put it on, remember to replace the strap when it looks worn out and use a Wii Remote jacket, then you won't have to worry too much about damage as long as you're not too close to your T.V., other objects or other people. It's basic common sense.

When I first got my Wii I never used the strap cause I felt that it wasn't necessary and that I was careful enough but after I accidentally dropped it and nearly threw it across the room and at the T.V. several times I decided to use it.

They can actually be helpful, but most of the time I don't use it, or drop the remote.

4 Support for the console died after 2010

The Wii was a huge part of my childhood. It should have never ended the support. - Katildalover93

Yeah that is true. - B1ueNew

That is such a short lifetime! Nintendo just wanted for us to move on and get other video game consoles too. That's just dumb and Nintendo wasn't thinking about it's customers - DominiusDarkKnight5

This is the first item I fully agree with. - ProPanda

5 Lack of games the PS3 and 360 got

The Wii was the only one with loads of games to play, but they were so outdated and old, (not mentioning the new games after 2013) but they are just so, old. The old ones bring back good memories, but we want a console which has a lot of games but not the bad ones.

Yet the ones that were available were very unheard of titles you probably regret (Anubis, Ninjabread man etc)... you're welcome.

Because Nintendo is based in Japan, do you think they care so much about american 3rd party?

And? There's a lot of titles on the Wii to play instead.

6 Bad online features and performance

Nintendo have started to improve wonderfully on this since the Wii U's release - the days of game-breaking lag and being disconnected every five minutes are not something I'll look back on fondly! - Entranced98

Happened to my Wii. I got it somewhere around 2009 and it's 2017 now and I can't play games on it anymore. Even if I do, it lags or shuts down. - TwilightKitsune

The internet is the slowest program in the Wii and the performance is TERRIBLE! I have to wait more than 15+ minutes for a program to download and then it says that the download failed. come on Nintendo... come on, you know better... - DominiusDarkKnight5

Yeah most of the games did have pretty bad online modes

7 Several of the games were just gimmicky and failed at utilizing the motion controls properly

Blame the developers for that spread out there awful atrocities onto the system itself. - htoutlaws2012

yeah - YOSHIA2121

8 The lack of HD support

At least the Wii U has HD display, I am pretty sure. Sure, I don't really go by graphics when it comes to consoles, but the Wii's could've been better. - Katildalover93

They try to make the graphics look shiny and lit-up but don't be fooled
It's only 480 pixels
Compared to HD resolution, 1080x1920
SERIOUSLY NINTENDO?! - DominiusDarkKnight5

Well in terms of looks it did its job, and applied to the right age demographic otherwise its standard graphics that may not age well as years go on. - htoutlaws2012

To be honest, I haven't seen any problem with that either. Most of it looks fine to me - ProPanda

9 The sheer volume of awful games

Well nobody has a perfect set of quality games every system has bad apples you end having to play in you're dark ages in total regret. - htoutlaws2012

Although this isn't necessarily a problem with the console itself, the amount of shovelware released for it was just ridiculous and sadly marked a missed opportunity for Nintendo to tighten up their quality control. - Entranced98

Every console has a stack of bad games - B1ueNew

Yes - rbits

10 It was underpowered

I'm gonna tell you this "The Wii Is NOT A Powerhouse When It Comes To Graphics Gameplay Is The Main Focus For Games Not Just Graphics If You Want Good Graphics Get The Original Xbox".

Compare the gameplay of Melee for the GameCube to Brawl for the Wii. Clearly, one console is more powerful than the other.

It was about as powerful as a PS2 when the XBOX 360 and PS3 had some of the most powerful computers in them at the time. Yeah, that should say enough

There is actually a rich gameplay experience
The Wii isn't completely bad

The Contenders
11 The limited virtual console

Wii points are a stupid idea. Eshop gift cards is a much better idea. - B1ueNew

I never had a problem with it, I mean it has Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario 64 - darthvadern

This was what the PS4'S virtual classic library of older games are now limited, the fans were outraged, and the WII U addressed that closely expect for the gamecube ports which I'll never get, but still they acknowledged the rage. - htoutlaws2012

This I agree with

12 No customizable controls in Virtual Console
13 Online got shut down in 2014

It was one of the most useless gaming systems after that

So annoying, I know! I am trying to use Dolphin Emulator and it doesn't work!

I'm just crying... Nintendo I'm CRYING BECAUSE OF YOU - DominiusDarkKnight5

Anyone see Jirard, Greg, and Zan's reaction to this during the Super Mario Strikers Charged video on The Completionist? Yeah...good times... - Gehenna

14 They don't offer factory repairs

My wii has been broken for over 3 years and I can't get it fixed because there is NO WAY TO DO SO! >:(

15 The Wii Shop Channel was discontinued

The Wii shop channel was the greatest thing the Wii offered. Removing it is very depressing.

This was a bad idea.. - Katildalover93

All those games that are only for Wii shop will never be seen again.

16 The Wii remote addons (Nunchuk, Motion Plus Addon)

To be honest, I may still own a wii since Late 2010/January 2011 I don't play it as much since I never ask to play it, and I own a 3ds now, its just Wii Sports Resort was stupid enough to use the wii motion plus. Why? Not everyone can afford a wii motion plus. And I think its rare now to find a wii remote WITH the wii motion plus INSIDE the actual remote, (I have 3 of them, 2 black remotes Which one is my brothers, and a pink remote, which that's my remote) OOF, I hated that since my mom's remote (Hers is a blue remote) Had no motion plus inside the nunchuks also did suck too, like sometimes they wont work and you have to blow into the plug part for it to work - Polaris_Doggo_

17 3 colours problem

Can be happened when the wii have something broken inside.

18 Boring looking console

It's not boring. - Katildalover93

So what? - itskenny

19 Boring looking menu

It's not a fancy menu challenge - itskenny

20 Loud fan
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