Top Ten Best Wolves of the Beyond Characters

This is a list of the best wolves of the beyond characters, from the book series by Kathryn Lasky. ;-)

The Top Ten

1 Faolan

Faolan is so stuck up and snobby. He thinks he's the best because he can jump high run fast and stand upright, I mean, WHO CARES

No he isn't stuck up, nor snobby. He is a good wolf who will always protect his loved ones. Especially edme.

2 Edme

.She is so smart and pretty

She is nice and cares about others.

I love Edme shes amaizing

3 Thunderheart
4 The Whistler
5 Liam MacDuncan (The Prophet)
6 Duncan MacDuncan
7 The Sark of the Slough
8 Tearlach
9 Toby
10 Heep

Why do people hate Heep? Just because he is a villain doesn't mean he is a bad character. Sure, he doesn't give a dang (I refuse to cuss) when he kills a pup. But does that really mean he's a bad character? This guy is just underrated. On the other hand, Faolan and Edme are overrated. They aren't really interesting at all and had killed many characters in the series. Edme used to be so nice in Shadow Wolf, then turned all vicious in the rest of the series. Did you see how she killed Dunbar? Darn it, I feel sorry for him now! Plus, she is naive and plays with bear cubs while their mom is sleeping.
Faolan has barely any personality at ALL. In fact, he only has a personality when he's a pup.
Heep, on the other hand, is intelligent, interesting, and awesome. He's a great villain. He crawled his way into my heart the first day I met him. I also like Liam as well.

The Contenders

11 Morag

She should be on there :-3 - ScourgetheHedgehog

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