Top 10 Best World War II Guns


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1 M1928 Thompson

Containing a power hungry.45 ACP round, this sub- machine gun became popular quickly. Had the choice of drum and foregrip is necessary, giving it less recoil and a larger ammo count. - drakeh1

2 M1 Carbine

An American issued rifle for many infantrymen, similar to the M1 Garand. Six million of these weapons were produced durning 1941 to 1945 for both campaigns. - drakeh1

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3 MG-42 LMG

Rather common for the frontlines, this heavy machine gun didn't disappoint. Many attachments added to it gave it a more diverse way of combat, from deployed shooting to close ranged fighting. - drakeh1

This was a great weapon! It could fire up to 1,500 bullets a minute and could be carried by one German souldier.

4 M1 Garand

The Rifle that won World war 2, The Greatest Battle Implement Ever Divised, Those 2 Comments Alone Sum Up the Greatness of this weapon

But here's why I like it

Sure it's less accurate then a Bolt action, but it's semi auto action makes up for it, oh you missed your shot? , it's ok you'll make up for it in half a second

It's still decently accurate anyway

8 rounds of one of the most powerful infantry rounds of the war, compared to 5 in German and Japanese rifles

It's also very reliable

It's sort of light for a weapon made out of wood and metal

It was a revolutionary design

Best weapon ever made.

Affords way more power than bolt actions and provides a powerful gas pressure reload during quick insertions. General George S. Patton claimed it to be the best infantry rifle during the war, a true leap forward. - drakeh1

More practical than any weapon on the front lines, though if I came up on more than 8 guys at close range I'd rather have the Thompson

"the greatest battle implement ever devised." -George.S Patton

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5 PPSH-41

Russian based module off the Thompson, it provided a way more reliable source than some of the Germans main weapons. Compared to the Thompson, it was a much more rugged firearm that provided a faster firing rate and larger ammunition capacity. - drakeh1

The PPS41 is not based on the Thompson

PPSH is the best

6 MP-40

Complex for its time, it found itself in the hands of many German soldiers. This weapon had many interesting features to it, including 20 to 40 round clips, and a moderate recoil. The MP- 40 was know as the 'Schmeisser' though it was actually designed byHeinrich Vollmer and Erfurt Maschinenwerk. - drakeh1

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7 BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle)

Equipped with bipods, this machine gun found itself in many frontline soldiers possetions. Known to even burn through 550 rounds in less than a few minutes. - drakeh1

8 Springfield M1903

Designed to be originally made for long ranged pickings, it found its way to medium ranged situations. The weapon also had a scope attachment to it, that aloud targeting infantry at further distances. - drakeh1

9 StG 44

Do you like assault rifles? This is the one that started it all.

Very first assault rifle that inspired many other weapons.

An assault rifle from Germany capable of firing up to 600 rounds per minute. Can be fired to ranges up to 600m (semi-automatic). The best weapon you could ever have in WW2. Only around 426.000 of them are produced.

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10 Lee-Enfield Mk 4

Probably the best bolt action rifle in the war
It had 10 rounds compared to every other bolt action rifle's 5

The Contenders

11 P.08 Luger

It's dead sexy. Need I say more?

12 Kar-98 k

Like the Mosin Nagant, this weapon gave soldiers a multi- ranged combat choice. Performance for it showed its ranks above normal in its weapon family type. - drakeh1

13 Mosin Nagant

It was used by the Soviet Army before WWII even occurred. A standard issued bolt action rifle that contained a 5 round clip that fueled the weapons firing rate. Some even say that there were SMLE's, an experienced soldier that could rapid fire with bolt actions, had this weapon. - drakeh1

14 Colt 1911

Helped win the war

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