Worst Changes Made to the Original Star Wars Trilogy

A list discussing the changes George Lucas made to the 3 original star wars films in the 1997 special edition release and releases after that.

The Top Ten

1 Hayden Christensen ghost


Worst actor and smile

2 Jabba's palace band
3 Luke screams like Palpatine as he falls

Note that this was only in te 1997 special edition, it was removed in later releases THANKFULLY.

4 CGI Jabba
5 Putting The Gungans In Return Of The Jedi
6 Who shot first?
7 Darth Vader screaming NOOOOOOOOOO!

The emotion of this scene was sacrificed for an unnecessary forced performance, the audience already knew what Vader was feeling without this.

It's stupid. Even if it was in the original it would've still been stupid.

8 Ewok celebration being replaced with different song

I actually like the new song, but the old song is still great!

Whatever the replaced song is better. F u guys

What was wrong with YUB NUB!?

9 CGI added in the Mos Eisley Spaceport sequence
10 Boba Fett voice changed

The Contenders

11 Ian McDiarmid replaces creepy emperor

I personally think this wasn't a bad change as newer generations might find the creepy emperor too scary. Plus the fact they would recognise Ian McDiarmd from the prequel films.

12 Rock in front of R2 D2

How did he get in that small cave if there was a rock in the cave? - ShadowArceus736

13 Sarlacc Beak
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