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1 Bob

It is child abuse to name a girl that! - moose4life19

Bob? Isn't that a boy name
Bob the builder can we fix it?
Bob the builder
No we can't! Woot woot

That's a boy's name! Why would someone name a girl that!? =( - KatieChan


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2 Helga

Just listen to it. Would you want to go out with a girl with this name?

The name Helga may not be the best but the quality of the woman should determine weather or not you want to date her or not. A girl with the name Helga could be the most wonderful person in the world and by your logic you would dismiss her based on her name.

It makes my throat hurt saying this name.. Helga. Not working out!

This is the name of the main girl on the Nickelodeon show "Hey Arnold". Remember the girl with the blonde pigtails with a pink bow and a pink dress who kept pushing everyone around and every so often took out a picture of the titular character and professed her love for him? I always thought "Helga" was one of the worst names, and my empathy for the character of the same name has not made me like the name any more than I originally did. In fact, I think any girl with such an unfortunate name should shorten it to "Hells", unless she's Christian. - SideshowJazz1

Her nickname would be hell
Friend:"Hey hel"
Wow thank god this isn't my name

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3 Olga

Sounds too much like "old guy" or Ol' ga or something

Means "beautiful" in Russian. Very popular name there.

This is a horrible name! My piano teacher's name this. She is so mean!

My dad's friend has that name...

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4 Bertha

All I can think of when I hear this name is "Look out, Big Bertha's coming through! "

Sounds like a baby is coming out!

Bertha is a amazing name. If I had this name I would take pride in it and just maby show it off. But this is only my opinion so you could have another thought about this name but I really would love it if you agree with me. And I guess I should tell you my own name is Bertha so stop cyber-bulling because I am only 11 years old so this is going to haunt me for the rest of my life, thanks a bunch!. But thank you so much for the 12 year old who stuck up for this name. And I agree with her you should all be ashamed of your selves. So remember Bertha is a wonderful name and don't forget it!.


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5 Schartzmugel

Yeah, so if you have a job interview, here's how it would go:
"Hi, my name is Schartzmugel Johnson, I'd like to apply for a job, Mr.H. "
"Wait... Schartzmugel? "

A girl in new york has this name its like holy guacomole!

This name. Its like a bunch o letters put together. You need to add a lot more thought to it. And think about how hard it would be if you would want to write your name in Kindergarten or Preschool. And it is really hard to pronounce. And Think about how other kids would think of the name. They would bully the poor girl. It is pretty hard to think of this as girl's name.

There’s mean and then there’s just plain cruel... this is so far beyond both mean and cruel is hellish

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6 Nevaeh

The only thing I can say about naming a girl Nevaeh (which is the opposite spelling of heaven), is that it is kinder than just cutting through the hinting and naming her Hell.

I like this name but I realized it's the opposite of heaven. And I know someone named this and she went through child abuse... Yeah but I think the name is pretty.

When I hear this name, I think "tacky" and "ghetto. " It's not creative. It's not pretty. It's bad. Just bad.

This chick named Nevaeh is right in front of me and I just want to piss her off.

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7 Boomquifa

Um, please don't play with me

No Way.. A parent that gives an innocent child that name should go to jail.

This name is RIDICULOUS! How would you even pronounce this name? All the horrible teasing I could think of came all too easily...


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8 Peggy

Excuse me! My mom's name is Peggy and I think that it is a WONDERFUL name!

Peggy lacks grace and femininity. It makes me think of Peggy from King of the Hill, someone with two "peg legs", or a waitress you meet in a diner on some god-forsaken exit of a desert interstate in the deep south.

Peggy is a wonderful name seeing that is my OWN NAME so I would stop tying up bad things about that name. Sorry that was kinda mean but I say Peggy is the best name in the universe! Considering it is my own name.

it cute

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9 Anous

This name is nasty. Looks like Anus.

I can never take this name seriously I will laugh in a sec

Where is my anus?!

So..if someone was called Anous that would be weird. but on the first day of school even weirder,here is how a conversation would go like on the first day with your new teacher: "Hello children,today I would like to know your names! let us start with you pretty young lady with the peach bow,what is your name? " "oh me? my name is anous! " the children would laugh and wo ever calls their pretty child anous is obviously dirty minded and is festy for sex this isn't right.

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10 Prudence

It sounds like someones ancient great aunt

Prudence? Seriously! You might as well name her Potato and be done with it! That right there is child abuse, folks. Anyone who names a sweet baby, Prudence should go to jail.

Prudence sounds like plum and it sounds werid

One of the worst,in my opinion. obviously parents don't deserve a child if they will call their child that,since it will enable bullying. like if u agree.

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11 Bobbi-Jean

It reminds me of the Michael Jackson song Billie jean.

Bobbi jean come on really

I like the idea of using just one of these names. But if you do that please choose Jean! Like, Bobbi just sounds like Bob anyways and you know that show on Treehouse that all the preschoolers like? Bobs and Lolo? Bobbi reminds me of Bobs which is just like Bob so there!

"Bobbi-jean is not my lover", by common sense I doubt any normal parent would give their kid such a name. - AngelaB

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12 La-a

Once my Mum and I were in the car and we drove past a car with the number plate saying LA-A, and I told my Mum that the car we just drove past had my name on it, and guess what she said back to me... She said, well I knew that this day will come but we chose a stupid name for you to be stupid enough to be on a number plate. Now I wish that my name is something different, I mean something like Bob or Maggie would be a lot better, that is how bad my name really is!

Looks like someone watched Tre melvins video '9 month hoe'

If I had that name I wouldn't be worrying about being bullied, I would be worrying about how my parents decided to give me that name, I mean did my parents do singing practise or were they drunk when my Mum gave birth to me?

Wow, just, wow

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13 Time

TIME!? Rly, oh sweet Jesus I pray for the poor child whose name is time, honestly you might as well call your other child clock!

I still remember that musical children's rhyme my grandma taught me...tick tock tick tock sweet little time it's not something you can by with a penny or a dime. Time is precious, by naming your child time indicates that you think that she is precious, just like Time. I just wish I had more time to spend with my grandma before she passed away. I'll pay anything for just extra mere seconds. Time isn't something you can buy, your child isn't something you can buy either. It is a precious name...

Wouldn't be so embarrassing if your name was Time and if somebody asked what the time was and you reply saying your age or date of birth or anything personal. But I guess that there are worst names such as Helga. I suppose the recommendation of this name though would be 2 out of 10 for my choice.

Who the f would name a kid this

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14 Mckenzie

Yes I like the name I have no problem with the name because I know a lot of people with the name

Really mckenzie isn't a bad name. really people shouldn't blame people for how they were named. I have a bff named mackenzie and she is nicest person ever to me. its not fair. you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. I'm ashamed of evreyone who thinks these names are ugly when there are a lot of people out there who are named these things and you guys are just making fun of them. this is sad because this is coming from an 11 year old. there are ADULTS on this who are making fun of innocent child names. get a life because I bet you need somehing better to do with your life than make fun of someones name. I have an embarrassing last name but I have lots of friends and they don't care what my last name is. and if you havea problem with this post then come say it to everyones faces whos names are these.

I kind of like the name, more because you can shorten it to Mackie.

I have a friend named Mckenzie and she is very nice. Every time I drop my books in the hallway the helps me pick them up

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15 Teeka

Sounds like a curry!

Teeka, what the heck, I have never ever ever ever heard of this name, ever this name is so stupid

Honestly my opinion on any name is that people shouldn't judge others by their names because their parents must of took a long time to decide what to name their child even if it does sound strange. Imagine if you had a name like this and everyday you got bullied and you can't change it because you can't change your name so you might as well decide to live with it.

Sounds like a bird name, this name is ridiculous! - AngelaB

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16 Shaniqua

What the hell! Which poor child wants to be called Shaniqua at any time in their life! Isn't this an offensive name for a black person? (not being racist here, I just don't have another word to substitute)

This name is actually beautiful! A lot of these are. I think I am going to use this name in a book, that's how much I like it! AND GUESS WHAT? There are people in this world named Shaniqua! And how do you think Shaniqua feels when she sees her name on the ugly name list, next to a bunch of nasty comments? Huh? I am 11 years old and all you people out there with your cruel comments should think twice before you push submit.

! What person in this world would name their child Shaniqua!?

I'm laughing I keep thinking of the backyardigans your child is GURANTEED to get mass bullied if you name her this. Don't even think about it! - AngelaB

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17 Grogda

, this is just wrong. Who would name their kid that! It sounds like your child is an old witchy troll or something.

Somebody's parents must of just let their cat stand on their keyboard to decide a name...

Goodness, this is like the ugliest name I have ever heard off

It sounds like a name s troll would have!

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18 Esmeralda

Um excuse me! Esmeralda is an awesome name I have 2 cousins named Esmeralda! Amd it is even the name of a diamond (u know the Esmeralda diamond)

I think that I heard of this name off somewhere like a show or movie, and who put the picture next to this name? Is it suppose to match this name, well if it is I think that it matches, Esmeralda does sound as it is an Indian name and the picture next from here looks Indian, but just remember that this is just my opinion and you may have another opinion.

This is the name of the gypsy from the Hunchback of the Notre- Dame by Victor Hugo, and it's a lovely name in my opinion. Nothing wrong with it.


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19 Sue

My grandmothers dog name was sue she was a girl. A very nice it was mean what you said I think it is a wonderful name for dog cat any girl baby beside you can't tell people what to name there child some girls in the world might have that name name and think it is pretty I think it is a pretty name not trying to be mean but I like the name sue

Sue... Isn't really a good name. And reminds me a lot on Mary Sue. :/ I know it isn't the names fault, but still.
And you know, suing someone... No thanks, I rather give some other name to a girl.

My friend's mother's name is Sue. Jeez. You guys don't have to call any name ugly. No name is ugly or bad. A parent could name their child whatever they want. So what if it's Peggy or Time or Bertha or La-a? So what? Those names are great names, and every name in this list. Also every name a child was ever called. The name Sue is awesome.

I found that there is a lawyer with this name... not even joking. - Cyri

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20 Surtiyem

I never heard that name before. But it does make you sound as you were crazy, low-headed and dumb. A parent giving their child this name should go straight to prison. It sounds like the word sodium, what is she a scientist?

Surtiyem is an old fashion name that came in the 15th centenary but who cares it's just a name, it's not like it changes the personality.

Well it is a fine name and people say things like "anyone who names an innocent baby this should be in jail". Parents spent months picking the perfect name for their child so anyone who insults them is the one that should actually go to jail

You shouldn't even be allowed to name your child this - AngelaB

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21 Varaminta

User may experience nausea, gas, diarrhea and or drowsiness

I like it because it kind of sounds tropical. It can also be shortened to Minty

I like Minty, it's my cat's name. So if my cat is Minty, how do you think the child will be taunted about it? - Swiftdawn

Kinda sounds like verify my mints

Sounds like something you'd name a MY LITTLE PONY CHARACTER! Not your bundle of joy! - AngelaB

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22 Yuu

This is a unique name. So what if it is a little strange, you should not even have a bad name list because there are people in this world with this name and how do you think they feel?

This is a Japanese name. It has a lot of meanings such as "friend", "tenderness", or "courage".

"Boom! " I cried slapping my hands together like Maddie Rooney does in Liv & Maddie. "That name is going in my next book! "

You? , I thought we were talking about me.

This reminds me of song lyrics. Cause I got yu, yu oh, yuu, I got you, I got yuu.

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23 Yazmine

This is not a bad name! I have a friend named Yasmin!

To: The person that is annoyed with the eleven year old. I honestly think that YOU should get a life, not the eleven year old. And the eleven year old is not being pathetic. Plus, you said that it's fine that people say what they think, right? Well the eleven year old is just saying what she/he thinks. He/she just thinks it's wrong what people are saying about these names and I agree. If people have some mean things to say then they should keep them to themselves. From: The nine year old that commented on the name Bertha.

I love the name. It is a princess name, Bratz girl name, and a name that is not used much.

What? Yazmine is a gorgeous name! It reminds me of the one of the bratz who is gorgeous and a role model, it also sounds lovely. I'd love to be named Yazmine. - AngelaB

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24 Yetzel

Seriously. Sounds like pretzel! What? Were they drunk when they named her?

Really ungirly name! Kimberly is better

Yo! My name is Yetzel, I live in a Pretzel,

That is what you get when you combine “yeti” and “pretzel.”

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25 Valerie

Valerie is a great name! My sister has that name, and I've always thought that it fits her so beautifully!

That's my sister's name :(

That's my name :(

I like this name because it's a really nice name

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26 Adair

That was my MALE teachers last name

What is this name? I really think that this is not socially acceptable. You should not name a child after a product or some non-American name if they are American! It doesn't make sense!

Seriously? It's the cheesy HG fans name for their poor daughters after Finnick Odair in the 3rd book dies! Way to go, darlin'!

Could almost pass for adelle if you prounce it right.
But it's a pretty odd name to give a child - AngelaB

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27 Ninel

You guys do realize the history of the name Ninel, right? It was invented during the Russian Revolution, it's literally "Lenin" spelled backwards. I speak Russian fluently, I know these things.

Sounds like a character in a fairytale.

Ninel is a cool name. At least their name is named after a famous singer.

When you can't think of a name so you think of the first number that comes to mind and add an "L" to it. - AngelaB

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28 Moon Unit

Who is this? Neil Armstrong's daughter?!

I am inspired to name my daughter this now

No! Please don't give your daughter that name! People will bully and traumatize her for it! Don't do that to her! - Swiftdawn

What, that's not a name

so funny

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29 Peyton

I agree peyton does not sound like a name, ashley, tony and mary do but not peyton. The only peyton I've ever heard of was peyton list from Disney channels Jesse. Granted I hate the name jesse or jessica.

Really? Personally, I think Peyton's a very pretty name. Not every girl's name has to be "girly." A good friend of mine's is named Payton, and she's one of the nicest girls you could ever meet.

Here's why that's the name of a leading character in One Tree Hill. - PinkflASHES

I have a friend named Payton (a variation of this name) and she is very nice and artistic. She doesn't get bullied, but every once in a while she does get teased, but only because of Peyton Manning, the ex-football player. I think that it is a fine name.

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30 Bobbette

Bobbette. Sounds like a weird hairdo.

I love this name its fab

Who would name their kid, this? What has are world come into? Just kidding, I agree, not a name Id like to have.

What the?! No! - AngelaB

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31 Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is such a pretty name, name for a beautiful girl!

This name sounds good and rolls off your lips, I don't know why this is here on this list but it shouldn't be.

Way too common and overused. And how many ways can you spell one name?!

You can spell it over 150 ways according to some sources. But, only about 9 or 10 of those are most commonly used - kaitlynrad11


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32 Derpina

What the? That's not a nice name at all, WHO WOULD NAME THEIR CHILD DERPINA?
This would make parents feel awkward : "Hi, I'd like to sign Derpina up for piano lessons, " "DERPINA? "

What rage comics have done to this world.

What? A-are you being serious? Rage comics have created this awful name? If the next name I see is Troll Face, I'll just go throw my phone off a bridge.

What a derp name is that...

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33 Piper

Piper is a really nice name, it is unique, and has a flair to it.

Piper is not a bad name that is my sisters name, so do not ever make fun of piper

I think that Piper is quite a lovely name. No, it is not overly feminine, but it is attractive regardless. Why Piper is on this list, I've no idea.

Why would you name your kid after a Pipe?!

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34 Danica

This name makes me cringe

DaniKa is adorable! I don't like Danica as much. But it's not the worst - sausagea and fanny are much worse.

That is my daughters name she was named after her two aunt that pastvaway as children Dawn and Monica da from dawn and ica from monica

:( I like that name. It's my middle name

35 Alexis

This is a beautiful name! Way better than most names on this list!

This is the most beautifullest name ever and it happens to be my sisters name so back off! You should be ashamed! You obviously don't know what ugly is! Go look in the mirror

It's not nice to call innocent readers ugly. What if a really pretty person read this? (not me of course )

That is my cousins name and it is a awesome name

My name is Alexis. - Ilovestephanie

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36 Ana'Marci'Nea

What the hell were the parents thinking? "Hey Bill, lets name her... *falls over, makes weird noises*" "Ok then sweetie."

I can just imagine this. I laughed so hard. This comment made my day

What on earth its terrible

What the heck is this

Too posh! - Lunala

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37 Shania

I have an Aunt called Shazia and it's pretty similar. Seriously? Why is there only two posts? As far as I know Shania is a beautiful girl name and deserves a bit more of admiration or awe. I think that many people only dislike this name because its uncommon and not used very often, but gorgeous all the same.

Everyone girls, Remember Shania Twain, women around the world where Beyonce walked in? - ArigatoKawaii

I think this name is pretty! It's unique!

Grr. My friends called Shania.

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38 Pablo

I've only heard this name on boys...

Pablo is a beautiful, Spanish name. The fact that is different and you are not used to hear it, doesn't mean is ugly. The same with Esmeralda, which is a very feminine name in the Spanish world.

Pablo is a Spanish name, yes. But the o at the end makes it masculine and it literally translates to small boy. Please, people.

It's a boy's name!

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39 Annabelle

Annabelle is my name I love it. Like the what the girl said on the name Mackenzie. Never judge a book by its cover. It does not matter what your name is because God loves yo no matter what.

Annabelle is a beautiful name, I have course you put here because of that awful and cheesy movie, BECAUSE Annabelle is a great name.

My name is Annabella, and I'm disgusted that someone put a variation of my name in an 'Ugly girl names' list. I'm super offended, and, by the looks of every other comment, so is a few others too! CHANGE THE LIST! GET ANNABELLE OFF THE LIST!

MY name is Anabelle so it's the same but spelled different how rude most adults say it's a beautiful name but kids make fun of me because of the doll and my sister's name is Kaitlyn so Don't EVEN MAKE UGLY NAME LIST BECAUSE PEOPLE HAVE THESE NAMES ITS RUDE

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40 Jennica

To people whose names are on this list:
Many of these names were put on here because they think that they are weird. some people think that's a bad thing but really its not. I'm sorry you found your name on this list. Most of these names are spinoffs of other beautiful names. Your parents probably names you this because they knew you would be beautiful yet original. Please stop taking offense, because it's not the name that counts.
I am writing a book called What's Behind Niagara Falls with my best friend Allison, and I plan on using some of these names as silly names in my book because what's the point of the originals, like mary, john, and bob? Nothing, that's what. This list includes very interesting names. This list goes to show that names don't matter, as long as you have an interesting personality.
Thank you for your time.

I personally think this is a very nice name! What's wrong with it!?!

I really hate the people on this website who put my name on here you put my whole family on this list I came first out of all and I have 18 people in my family

This was one of my old friends names. I think it was spelled different though, but I like the name..

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41 Morag

What kind of name is that? Ugly -

I'm so terribly sorry for anyone named Morag. You would have to live your whole life with the knowledge that your name is MORAG. Horrible. Absolutely horrible.

How do you even say this name?

Sounds like a name for a cow

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42 Helena

This is one of the best songs ever! It's by "My Chemical Romance" and it's amazing! It's probably in my top 10 favorite songs, so I like this one because every time I hear it, I think of this. Check out the song!

This name should be higher up on the list

Helena is the bitchiest fattest girl at my school and every helena I've ever met has been bitchy and fat. Its also just an ugly name.

43 Ryan

I think I would slap my parents if they gave me a boys name out of many beautiful names for a girl. If your not happy you didn't give birth to a boy accept what you got.

Ryan is a boys name and any girl who's name is Ryan probably should get a name change. Your insane for thinking it's a beautiful name for a girl...

Ryan is my dad's name don't go chit chat around the place Ryan is a nice name whoever made this site look in the mirror see how ugly you are so you even know the meaning of ugly go back to school there are beautiful names on this list

This is my sister's name - DrBobLemon

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44 Maline

It's pretty, but no. Just no. It's halfway between Malicious and align.

May-leen? Sounds dainty and sweet.

My name is Mallyn

I think it is worst... Did you know - In czech language is one word - Malina, what means raspberry :-)

And just look at these words: MaliNE/MaliNA...

45 Heather

Someone already mentioned that Heather is the name of the definitive "mean girl" from the Total Drama series. I don't think that's a problem. The problem is that Heather seems to be a name that is used for a LOT of fictional mean girls and queen bees. Like the young adult "Sammy Keyes" series has a girl called Heather who is actually the protagonist's middle-school arch nemesis. She redeems herself by the end of the series, but up until book 16, all her friends thought she was pure evil - plus her brother was dating Sammy, which didn't help her any less - turned out she picked on Sammy because she was jealous of her relaxed confident attitude.
There's other fictional mean girls named Heather that I can't call to mind right now. It's annoying, because I actually think it's a beautiful name. Coming back to the Total Drama Heather, no one should be ashamed of being compared to her, as being mean is actually NOT her defining characteristic any more. She is more defined as one of the ...more

This is actually my favorite name for a girl... I love it, it's a pretty name.

COMMENT TO ALL NAMES ON THE LIST AND PEOPLE POSTING THEM. I don't think they are bad names. Its just what YOU think and imagine the feelings the people with those names... - Roxann

Why should this name be on this list its pretty and this list is mean and cruell

Heather is a beautiful name. I have a musical theatre teacher named Heather and she is one of the nicest prettiest people I have ever meant

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46 Faith

Really? Faith is such a beautiful name!

Faith is my cousin's name! I love this name it's ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! I'm not happy to see it on the list =(

Faith is my best friend's name. I think it's pretty.

It is a beautiful name

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47 Ethel

That's my great aunt who in 2 weeks will be 98, and I love that name

Who in this day and age would name a beautiful little baby, Ethel. Good grief.

Not too many people, I can promise you that!

My dad named me Ethel I think it’s sad they have a worst name list it really hurts my feelings people should not be judged by their name

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48 Shalah

Ugly name I call my blobfish that

Really? A Blobfish name! Then Shalah is just an UGLY NAME I mean, I would call my blobfish that, too! - xXGraciePrincessXx

I would call an ugly horse that!

Shimmy (I don't know the words it's just nonsense) SHALALALA!


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49 Baeritto

This is like if you were danish and named your kid poop (bae) but then you really wanted a burrito so you came up with this name!

You wonder what thoughts run through people's heads...

That sounds like Burrito. - Catacorn

It sounds like a musical note...

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50 Mercedes

The word "Merced" in Spanish means "Mercy: or "Grace" and Mercedes comes from the tradition of naming girls after the Virgin Mary. "Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes" or "Our Lady of Mercies."

It is a very common name in the Spanish speaking world, and has NOTHING to do with the car. Naming your child after a car is tacky. But that's not what is happening here! - Nena89

Um that's a car name what... um okay then

Who names there child on something they want

Girl car?

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