Top Ten Worst Harry Potter Ships

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1 Dramione

Ugliest ship ever. Awful that so many abuse apologists on tumblr ship this. People let fan fiction cloud their judgement and make them become desensitized to the fact that Draco has actually called her slurs and wanted her dead. This is coming from someone who loves Draco's character, but I appreciate him for what he was meant to be (a morally grey character) and not some caricature created by fans (see the Draco in Leather Pants trope). Canon Dramione can NEVER work. No one should ever date someone who gives them PTSD. His family literally traumatized her and even though it wasn't Draco's fault that Bellatrix tortured her, it's still messed up because it's bigoted views like Draco's that caused Voldemort's rise in the first place. People who seriously ship them are sick in the head and need to learn to separate fiction from reality

I know! I thought I was alone on this one.

Emma watson called the character of Malloy handsome and so? The characters have nothing in common, and don't stand by the same morals. - Chatsa2

FINALLY SOMONE HATES IT! I think it was a ship because of a)some people are stupid and don't know how to even simply IMAGINE how the ship will work out b)the actors look cute together.I can't even understand the structure of this ship.I'M SERIOUS.The actors look awesome together, BUT THINK ABOUT THE CHARACTERS THEMSELVES, PEOPLE!
However, Druna(Draco and Luna) I could understand.I could imagine and see its flow(seriously, look closely at the BOOKS and you'll see what I mean).I have no idea why but I still like it anyways.I don't like it just because of the hair, just in case you were wondering.
Sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings.This is only MY opinion, not yours, so if you like it fine with me.

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2 Snermione

Who ships teachers and kids? NO ONE - KatyMartinezAndTheDiamonds

Come on, this has to be worse than dramione. I hate both, but snape has added nastiness factor of being a lot older than her. Plus they barely interacted or said anything to/about each other.

Is this even real? - Chatsa2

NO. JUST damn NO. - NotYoursTruly

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3 Snarry

I'm going to vomit - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

4 Drarry

i ship it - KatyMartinezAndTheDiamonds


I Ship it!


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5 Hinny

Even the author herself states Harry and Hermione should have been together...

Ginny is a Mary Sue. Harry deserves better

JKR's worst canon ship. I had problems with the way Romione and Remadora were written, but I could at least see the potential in them. I think part of the reason this ship sucks so much is because JKR is awful at writing romance, but they had absolutely zero buildup. One moment Ginny is just Ron's little sister and the next Harry is obsessed with her. I thought it was creepy because Harry was treated like one of the Weasley kids and was sort of like a brother to Ginny. I'll never not see Hinny as incestuous.

Maybe Harmione is my OTP but I still like Hinny as well

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6 Sninny

Not as bad as Snarry, but still pretty gross.

What is this!?

7 Dumblery

What ship is this?

8 Voldarry

um... - KatyMartinezAndTheDiamonds

But why

9 Scorilily V 1 Comment
10 Mcgonary

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? Jily
? Snily

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11 Bluna

Pretty cute, just boring.

12 Dumblemione

It was never gonna happen anyway, Dumbledore is way too old for Hermione, and Dumbledore was confirmed to be gay - Iamcool

Dumbledore is long gone and he was gay anyways. - NotYoursTruly

um WHAT - KatyMartinezAndTheDiamonds

Ship it - Chatsa2

13 Romione
14 Harmony
15 Druna
16 Ludding
17 Dobridge

Dobby and umbridge

what - NotYoursTruly

18 Charry

I used to ship it but it's just plain weird now

19 Castid

Castle and squid (don't judge I saw in a fanfiction)

20 RoLuna
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