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1 Dramione

Ugliest ship ever. Awful that so many abuse apologists on tumblr ship this. People let fan fiction cloud their judgement and make them become desensitized to the fact that Draco has actually called her slurs and wanted her dead. This is coming from someone who loves Draco's character, but I appreciate him for what he was meant to be (a morally grey character) and not some caricature created by fans (see the Draco in Leather Pants trope). Canon Dramione can NEVER work. No one should ever date someone who gives them PTSD. His family literally traumatized her and even though it wasn't Draco's fault that Bellatrix tortured her, it's still messed up because it's bigoted views like Draco's that caused Voldemort's rise in the first place. People who seriously ship them are sick in the head and need to learn to separate fiction from reality

I know! I thought I was alone on this one.

Emma watson called the character of Malloy handsome and so? The characters have nothing in common, and don't stand by the same morals. - Chatsa2

Hate this ship, extremely toxic.

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2 Snermione

Who ships teachers and kids? NO ONE - KatyMartinezAndTheDiamonds

Come on, this has to be worse than dramione. I hate both, but snape has added nastiness factor of being a lot older than her. Plus they barely interacted or said anything to/about each other.

I voted for this because this ship is real. It's not made-up, people actually ship it. I'm disgusted.

€it’s disgusting people ship this... - sylviegd

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3 Hinny

Even the author herself states Harry and Hermione should have been together...

Ginny is a Mary Sue. Harry deserves better

Hinny just does NOT work at all. If you're disrespecting your best friend's wishes and going after his sister that is just not justifiable. And Linny is a way better ship than this. - LesbianBookworm


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4 Drarry

I like Harry and Draco is an interesting character on his own, but this ship is creepy to me.

I thought only Dumbledore was gay lol - Ravenclaw12

To me, this is the worst. The ones on here I like are Romione and Hinny. Why? BEcause those were the real cannon ships/couples. I just want to leave it how it was

Worst ship I've ever seen

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5 Snarry

No. Just, no. - marshmallow123

Shipping this is promoting Snape to transform into petyr baelish

I’m dying this ship is awful

6 Voldarry

Ok, Voldemort repeatedly tried to murder Harry, and he murdered Harry's parents. Then, he hired people to take care of Harry for him. But, ya should have known, Voldemort, if you want something done right, ya gotta do it yourself. Basic.

Wait this exists?

um... - KatyMartinezAndTheDiamonds


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7 Harmony

Yes the hippogriff is a symbol of love, but guess what Sirius was also on it. Its also the most predictable ships the main male and main female how many times? So what about a background character (Ginny) and then the main characters sidekicks (Ron/Hermione) get together. Completely different to the predictable Harry/Hermione. Ron and Hermione do not fight all the time you deluded fool or they would stay away from each other. Harry and Hermione had a chance to date in the fourth book when Ron fell out with Harry but nope they didn't. Oh she kissed him on the cheek, because it was for a take care.

The biggest evidence for Harmony was my old school tin pencil case which had Harry and Hermione on the front of it lol.

No thanks


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8 Romione

Who likes ordinary? Not me!

My best friend likes this. What more is there to say about it? (She's a Ravenclaw, anyway, so what does she know about good ships? )


9 Dobridge

What the actual... - HufflepuffGeekGirl

WHAT THE EFF? Who ships a house elf and a teacher?

Dobby and umbridge

Well... even Voldemort doesn’t deserve Umbridge.

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10 Drapple

No way I ship it - HufflepuffGeekGirl

Best ship ever

This Is awesome I love it

BEST SHIP, PERIOD. - HufflepuffGeekGirl

The Newcomers

? Ronagog

Ron and Aragog- ship of the century

? Hermeak

The Contenders

11 Sninny

Not as bad as Snarry, but still pretty gross.

What is this!?


12 Jily

Not a fan. Boring.

Dobby and Sorting Har

Snily is so much better

13 Mcgonary

What does this even exist?! by the way the ship is McGonagall and Harry.

14 Dumblemione

It was never gonna happen anyway, Dumbledore is way too old for Hermione, and Dumbledore was confirmed to be gay - Iamcool

Dumbledore is long gone and he was gay anyways. - NotYoursTruly

NO this is a cute one! - benjigoo

Ship it - Chatsa2

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15 Snily

Yas I hate anyone that says this is terrible


SNAPE AND LILY! YES! - marshmallow123

That would be an unhalthy relationship. He litterally caled her a mudblood and joined the deatheaters. that's like if you were jewish and someone called you a racist slur and then joinetd the nazist. I's gross and weird and I hate it.

16 Dumblery

It's Dumbledore and Harry anyone who's asking

What ship is this?

17 Bluna

Pretty cute, just boring.

Sirius Black and Luna?


18 Snobby


Snape x dobby

19 Scorilily
20 Ludding

Hell yeah - HufflepuffGeekGirl

21 Filchrid

FILCH and HAGRID? Like, WHY do people ship this I swear it's the worst ship in the history of bad ships. Even worse than "Voldarry" I know. Painful isn't it. JUST WHYYY!

22 Demembridge

I feel bad for the dementor!

Dementor and Umbridge. Can’t wait for their first kiss!

23 Tomarry

This and Harrymort it’s all over tumblr I feel like adding Harrymort to this list as well. Tomarry is is Tom Riddle and Harry both went to school at the same time and Harrymort is Harry and the older Voldemort when I first saw this ship I lost my shiz.

24 Squobby

I'm sorry what - HufflepuffGeekGirl

25 Harwig

Harry x hedwig

I LOVE THIS SHIP! I don’t ship it but harry and hedwig were just essential love!

26 Druna
27 Castid

Castle and squid (don't judge I saw in a fanfiction)

Honestly the best on here. The other are WAY WROSE

28 Nuna

NEVILLE AND LUNA! - marshmallow123

29 Drinny

Why would anyone ship it

30 Siremus
31 Dobgini

I'm sorry what

Yes girl we love it

This just makes no sense.

32 Poofy

I have no idea what this is. It's a crackship. 90% of the things on here are crackships. I think Draco/Hermione is somewhat legit, but most of these appear to be made in the same manner as the ships on Jambu's comments in the Wiki are (WoF dragon. Page is the origin of the Crackship Game). Like who the frick ships Dumbledore with anyone, Snape with anyone (except possibly Lily), teachers with students, Harry with every noob in the series, house-elves or other nonhumans, or in general half of the ships here. Like what even is "Ludding". Lupin and Pudding? Who's Pudding?

33 Duna

Draco and luna

34 Hawkes
35 Quirrelmort

Basically Quirrel and ol Voldy

36 Skeetumbridge


37 Charry

I used to ship it but it's just plain weird now

38 RoLuna
39 Gineville
40 Harrymort
41 Dumape

Dumbledore x Snape. Aka Snape is to young for dumbledore

42 Dumbledy

Is this supposed to be Dumbledore and Voldy? - marshmallow123

Its dumbledore and teddy. of course its bad

43 Snom

I ship it. I saw it in a fan fiction where voldy is with snape. As Harry's parents.

44 Hobby

Why would you even... - benjigoo

45 Harron

Harry and Ron. Ha ha.

46 Chinny

Charlie X Ginny
Just NO

47 Tomione

Tom riddle x hermione granger, if anyone's wondering

48 Grindlemione

Grindelwald and Hermione. Yes, you read that right. (It could work, with time travel. A LOT of time travel.)

49 Nevirmione

They always supported each other an comments on, neville has always fallen in love for Hermione, but. Hermione ended him to the friend zone, but, we ship them! NEVIRMIONE FOREVEAAHHSHNCF AEFJKAEF KADFHAKBFKADFN KFABD P&A

50 Dokes

Dobby x Fawkes, another weird crackship.

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