Top Ten Worst Harry Potter Ships

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1 Snermione

I came here just to vote against this. It's so creepy.


How do people actually ship this? - Annabel154


2 Harmony

Yes the hippogriff is a symbol of love, but guess what Sirius was also on it. Its also the most predictable ships the main male and main female how many times? So what about a background character (Ginny) and then the main characters sidekicks (Ron/Hermione) get together. Completely different to the predictable Harry/Hermione. Ron and Hermione do not fight all the time you deluded fool or they would stay away from each other. Harry and Hermione had a chance to date in the fourth book when Ron fell out with Harry but nope they didn't. Oh she kissed him on the cheek, because it was for a take care.

Makes sense in the movies but not at all in the books.

I kinda ship this in the movies I mean, it made a lot of sense and Dan and Emma had some chemistry together. But in the books? God no...

Why should the main male and female character always come together? - Alkadikce

3 Dumblemione

Age difference: 100?

What the what is this


It was never gonna happen anyway, Dumbledore is way too old for Hermione, and Dumbledore was confirmed to be gay - Iamcool

4 Dramione

Draco is awful. No matter how you spin it. He used horrible racial slurs against her practically DAILY, and he stood by as she was tortured by his aunt. I don't care what you say. Every goal of the organization he and his family support was to subjugate and even murder people of her blood status, not to mention she hated him. Genuinely and truly. No matter how he felt about her, his behavior to her wasn't okay and her feelings toward him need to be respected. People shouldn't think that this is a sign of love because it perpetuates the idea that if a boy is routinely horrible to a girl, it means he likes her and that it's perfectly okay. If a boy likes a girl, he should show her respect and be open and kind about his feelings. He should NOT call her names, taunt her about her feelings, target her friends, and generally show signs of emotionally abusive behavior. With the addition of magic, that could turn flat-out dangerous really quickly. Hermione and all women deserve better.

This ship is just terrible. I don't see any moments where it could have worked at all. I'm sorry, I really don't.

Makes no sense - blackflower

I hate this ship so much

5 Sninny

Not as bad as Snarry, but still pretty gross.

What is this!?


6 Mcgonary

What does this even exist?! by the way the ship is McGonagall and Harry.

7 Bluna

I looked this up and apparently, it's Blaise Zabini and Luna... huh...

Sirius Black and Luna?

Pretty cute, just boring.


8 Filchrid


Filchrid is Piltred

Hagrid literally called Filch “you sneaking squib! ” Or something - Annabel154

FILCH and HAGRID? Like, WHY do people ship this I swear it's the worst ship in the history of bad ships. Even worse than "Voldarry" I know. Painful isn't it. JUST WHYYY!

9 Duna

This sucks. Duna = Draco and LUNA?! who did this.

Are y’all just shipping people with the same color hair now? - Silvercloud

Draco and luna

10 Hinny

Hinny kinda came out of nowhere to be honest. Suddenly Harry feels jealously. - Annabel154

Read the damn books, do not go by the movies. Ginny was a background character, she was not a fangirl, she was just as excited as everyone else was in the first book with Harry. At the feast in the first book at the sorting all the Gryffindors said "We've got Potter! " When Harry was sorted then when Harry started school everyone still wanted to see him in the first book.
Ginny was just a girl who had a crush on her brothers best friend but she didn't know if he would ever like her, and she thought he wouldn't when she found out he asked out Cho to the Yule Ball, so she couldn't wait on and on so she found a boyfriend. Harry started to like Ginny when he was no longer dating Cho which was puppy love.

I love this ship. Whoever thought this was bad has clearly never read the books because Ginny was an amazing character and not the annoying Mary sue she was in the movies.

I genuinely believe that Harry and Hermione should've been together. Ginny is like a annoying fangirl, that stalks her love interest instead of being likable. This type of character can be done right if there's a backstory for it AKA Helga Pataki from Hey Arnold, but for Ginny there isn't one at all. Not to mention them dating, comes off as really forced.

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11 Drarry

This is a ridiculous ship. I don't wanna be rude to other people who ship it, but why! Why would two rivals fall in love?! It's a stupid concept and I don't get it. They absolutely hated each other and never became close to friends. Just, no!

I hate it. Draco and Harry hate each other. They can't be a couple.

I think its cute

Worst ship ever. Why would two arch enemies fall in love lol - Potterhead

12 Voldarry

What, apparently murder is romantic...

What is THIS?! He tried to murder him! - HarryPotter1Fan


Wait this exists?

13 Snarry

Snape mistreated Harry and his friends Harry despised Snape because Snape despised him Harry forgave Snape after he found out that He protected him out of love for Lily Snape never loved anybody else but Lily and Snape is a hogwarts professor Harry was a student there will never ever be chemistry between Snape and Harry no matter what the circumstances happen to be Snape was in love with Lily and when his worst enemy won her heart this destroyed him inside the day Snape and Harry get together will be the day Neville teams up with Voldemort

God, Snarry is just awful. Don't even get me started.


Ummm... what is this. This is just wrong - HarryPotter1Fan

14 Drapple eh?

Is this from some part of the third film when Draco eats an apple?

Boo Drapple


15 Romione

I hate it, I hate them together

I love this ship!

It sucks

Why is this on here?! I love this ship!

16 Dobridge

What the actual... - HufflepuffGeekGirl

WHAT THE EFF? Who ships a house elf and a teacher?

Dobby and umbridge

Well... even Voldemort doesn’t deserve Umbridge.

17 Snily

Wish people would stop defending this one

Serverus Snape called Lily an "mudblood" like a slip-off, he didn't meant it. He even tried to say sorry after that. He only said that because he stayed too long with the You-know-who fans, who says the word "mudblood" all the time, they are the only friends Severus could have because everyone hated Slytherin's at that time period. I mean, honestly If I have stayed with people that cuss a lot, I would cuss a lot too, and not even realize it.

Yas I hate anyone that says this is terrible

SNAPE AND LILY! YES! - marshmallow123

18 Jily

Jame and lily. How is this bad? - Annabel154

Snily is so much better

Not a fan. Boring.

Dobby and Sorting Har

19 Dumblery

It's Dumbledore and Harry anyone who's asking

What ship is this?

20 Ludding

This is silly
Just because she talks about pudding a lot in the fifth film. She doesn't talk like that in the book.
Why not Luna/Nargle seeing as she talks about them a lot in the fifth film while in the book she is just on about them infesting mistletoe and Harry not wanting to know what they are.

Ok we have Luna x Pudding, Draco x Apple, but where is Ron x Chicken look on google images Ron eating the chicken.
Luna talking about pudding.
Draco eating an apple in the third film
Ron eating chicken
Why don't we use books and have Viktor x Butterbeer remember at the Yule Ball?
By the way Luna's pudding is spotted dick. They had it at the school feast in the fourth book when Ron was trying to get Hermione to eat something when she learnt about the House Elves he offered her some.


I just realized what this was! Luna x Pudding is a great ship, almost as great as Drapple

21 Demembridge

That's so mean! (To the dementor. In case there was any confusion.)

Love this - Annabel154

I feel bad for the dementor!

Dementor and Umbridge. Can’t wait for their first kiss!

22 Scorilily


23 Snobby


Snape x dobby

24 Ronagog

*facepalm* Ron's phobia.
The only person Aragog liked was Hagrid.
Don't you remember Ron (and Harry) were nearly killed in the forest.
Then when they escaped Ron was sick and for a minute he still believed that Hagrid opened the chamber because of what happened.

The best ship ever created!

Ron and Aragog- ship of the century

25 Castid

Honestly the best on here. The other are WAY WROSE

Castle and squid (don't judge I saw in a fanfiction)

26 Drinny

Maybe if Draco weren't such a dick and got in a better place then yeah why not get them together they could be good together

I like it because... ginny was an independent and strong the sixth book...all of a sudden Harry started liking her...and before that...when Ginny had a crush on him, he treated her like his sister...i just don’t like the whole idea of hinny...and ginny dating harry when he finds it convenient...ginny is a rebel and it would be much more fun if she dates draco...FIRE AND the fight between their families would make it much more interesting

Why would anyone ship it

27 Tomarry

Ugh, I have an... acquaintance who's obsessed with Tomarry... he won't stop fangirling over it sometimes I just want to pour a cold bucket of common sense over him

This and Harrymort it’s all over tumblr I feel like adding Harrymort to this list as well. Tomarry is is Tom Riddle and Harry both went to school at the same time and Harrymort is Harry and the older Voldemort when I first saw this ship I lost my shiz.

28 Grindlemione

Okay. It's creepy, mad and... I have no words. At least it isn't a troll ship, such as demimbridge, Snobby and other weird ones. And at least it isn't incest. But still weird for me.

Grindelwald and Hermione. Yes, you read that right. (It could work, with time travel. A LOT of time travel.)


29 Hobby

Is this harry and Dobby? Lol what - Annabel154

Why would you even... - benjigoo

30 Hawkes

Wait a minute what?

Harry and Fawkes (Dumbledore’s Phoenix)

31 Quirrelmort

Ha WOW crazy ship! I mean it makes sense

I actually like this, Voldemort was living on Quirrell body LOL - Annabel154

Basically Quirrel and ol Voldy

32 Skeetumbridge

The bad thing is that I could actually see this working...


33 Harwig

Harry x hedwig

I LOVE THIS SHIP! I don’t ship it but harry and hedwig were just essential love!

34 Druna
35 Charry

I used to ship it but it's just plain weird now

36 Siremus

It's actually better known as Wolfstar but you know...I love this ship and totally think it should be canon. I mean...Sirius totally loves Remus even if Remus loves his baby cousin

37 Poofy

I have no idea what this is. It's a crackship. 90% of the things on here are crackships. I think Draco/Hermione is somewhat legit, but most of these appear to be made in the same manner as the ships on Jambu's comments in the Wiki are (WoF dragon. Page is the origin of the Crackship Game). Like who the frick ships Dumbledore with anyone, Snape with anyone (except possibly Lily), teachers with students, Harry with every noob in the series, house-elves or other nonhumans, or in general half of the ships here. Like what even is "Ludding". Lupin and Pudding? Who's Pudding?

38 Squobby

I think this is the hogwarts squid and Dobby - Annabel154

I'm sorry what - HufflepuffGeekGirl

39 Harron

Come on, at least it's still better than Filch X Hagrid.

They just friends you guys crazy

Harry and Ron. Ha ha.

40 Tomione

Tom riddle x hermione granger, if anyone's wondering

I ship this one, but how it’s not highter?

41 Harrymort

Please. No. Literally the ONLY way this could work without Harry or Voldy going SUPER OOC is if the relationship was abusive. Like, if Voldy threatened Harry with death abusive.

Like, Voldemort would have to capture Harry. Probably fifth year, at the DOM. Sirius would be dead, Dumbledore would have arrived too late. Harry's friends would probably have been captured as well. Voldy would offer a trade. Slavery or your friends deaths, that's what he would say. It would take a lot of Stockholm Syndrome and a healthy amount of torture (both physical and sexual) for Harry to even come close to falling in love with Voldemort. And Voldemort wouldn't love him back. He is PHYSICALLY INCAPABLE of falling in love with anyone, due to the love potion in his veins.

In case it isn't already GLARINGLY obvious, this would be a highly abusive relationship, and a Voldy wins scenario in almost all cases. It would be very unhealthy, and I would pray for anyone Harry has to help him get him ...more

42 Dumape

You know it's bad when the ship name sounds like "dumb ape"

Dumbledore x Snape. Aka Snape is to young for dumbledore

43 Dobgini

This just makes no sense.

Is this Dobby and Nagini? If it is then Nagini would probaly eat Dobby so defiantly does not work - Annabel154

I'm sorry what

Yes girl we love it

44 Dumbledy

Is this supposed to be Dumbledore and Voldy? - marshmallow123

Its dumbledore and teddy. of course its bad

It’s bad. It’s spelt like “dumb lady” lmao - Annabel154

45 Chinny

This is Ginny and cho Chang. - Annabel154

Charlie X Ginny
Just NO

46 Nevirmione

They always supported each other an comments on, neville has always fallen in love for Hermione, but. Hermione ended him to the friend zone, but, we ship them! NEVIRMIONE FOREVEAAHHSHNCF AEFJKAEF KADFHAKBFKADFN KFABD P&A

47 Dokes

Dobby x Fawkes, another weird crackship.

48 Hebby

Lol who ships and owl with a house elf - Potterhead

Hedwig and Dobby - Fernpawroleplays

49 RoLuna
50 Gineville
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