Top Ten Worst Inside Out Characters


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1 Jangles the Clown

The joker probably been better in the movie than this demonic clown

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2 Sadness Sadness

The movie saddened my older sister (16) and now she knows how to open up about feeling I didn't see it because Riley is SO MOODY and we do accept other moodies in middle school but my sister said sadness directed the film!

I think sadness is so funny and awesome. She saves Riley.

She's kind of annoying! - Weasltown

She caused all the events,you know,the things that made you cry? - DapperPickle

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3 Forgetter Paula
4 Riley's Mom V 1 Comment
5 Forgetter Bobby
6 Frank the Guard
7 Anger V 2 Comments
8 Fritz
9 Dave the Guard
10 Joy

Put her at number 1! She never cared about the other emotions. It was always about HER! And everyone loves her!

I don't like how she is very rude with sadness

I hate Joy. Anger forever'

As an emotion, she was okay, but man was she a bi**h. She was so cocky and self centered and such a bully. I'm sorry, but she deserves number one and Sadness should be lower.

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11 Bing Bong Bing Bong

He don't deserve to die, the only thing that he want was going with rikey to the moon

12 Disgust

I like disgust because of her looks, but I hate when she think everything is repulsive.

She always think everything is repulsive.

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13 Riley's Dad

Doesn't really seem to have it together, does he? - KnutHudson

14 Cool Girl
15 Fear

He can be funny and weird sometimes.

Why isn't THIS guy first?! He's a creepy stickbug on crack! That's all I have to say, thank you! *leaves*

16 The Dead Rat
17 Meg

Meg just made Riley feel bad because she found a cooler and better friend, because Riley moved.

18 Teacher
19 Riley Andersen Riley Andersen

She Doesn't Have Enough Screen Time

She's annoying so much

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1. Sadness
2. Riley's Mom
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1. Anger
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