Top Ten Worst Inside Out Characters


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1 Jangles the Clown Jangles the Clown

The joker probably been better in the movie than this demonic clown

Yep he's the worst alright. I went out of the room when watching it as he scared me and I didn't think this was a horror film.

This is the scariest character in the movie. - RiverClanRocks

2 Forgetter Paula
3 Fritz
4 Joy

Put her at number 1! She never cared about the other emotions. It was always about HER! And everyone loves her!

I never liked her, she didn't care about the other emotions and didn't even let sadness help out

I don't like how she is very rude with sadness

I hate Joy, she only cares about herself, she dislikes Sadness for nothing

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5 Riley's Mom

She's not a very good mom. - Weasltown

6 Frank the Guard
7 Forgetter Bobby
8 Sadness Sadness

I think sadness is so funny and awesome. She saves Riley.

The movie saddened my older sister (16) and now she knows how to open up about feeling I didn't see it because Riley is SO MOODY and we do accept other moodies in middle school but my sister said sadness directed the film!

I was waiting joy been the hero in the movie, cry don't resolve all your problems

Being sad is more than just crying. It's also showing empathy for others. - AnnaOfArendelle332

Cry,cry,cry.That's all she does? That's all she cares? So boring.

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9 Dave the Guard
10 Anger

He has the worst ideas

Definitely the worst. He...

• made Riley FREAK out when she moved
• made Riley angry and crashed down all the islands
• had the idea of making Riley run away
• is pointless

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11 Disgust Disgust

I like disgust because of her looks, but I hate when she think everything is repulsive.

She always think everything is repulsive.

I love disgust!

12 Bing Bong Bing Bong

He don't deserve to die, the only thing that he want was going with rikey to the moon

13 Riley's Dad

Doesn't really seem to have it together, does he? - KnutHudson

I find him a corny character

14 Cool Girl
15 Meg

Meg just made Riley feel bad because she found a cooler and better friend, because Riley moved.

16 Teacher
17 The Dead Rat

This isn't an actor...

18 Fear

He can be funny and weird sometimes.

Why isn't THIS guy first?! He's a creepy stickbug on crack! That's all I have to say, thank you! *leaves*

19 Riley Andersen Riley Andersen Riley Andersen is a character from the 2015 Disney Pixar movie Inside Out. She is originally from Minnesota and when she turned 11-years old she and her family moved to San Francisco. Inside her mind she is guided by her emotions, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear.

She Doesn't Have Enough Screen Time

She's annoying so much

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