Top Ten Worst Letters In the Alphabet


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1 F

It's not only the worst letter, but it's the worst grade you could ever get - Peppapigsucks

Everyone is saying the letter f is bad because of a few words, or a report card, etc., focus on stuff like how its pronounced... and all that, not grades and just like 4 words


F is a bad letter

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2 Q

Q literally can not stand on it's own. Looks like an O with a wiener.


Q literally can not stand on it's own. It should be the letter for "heck".

They classify it as always pairing it with U, but they are just hiding the fact that there are 3 letters in the alphabet that make the K sound and that is way too much - 445956

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3 E

e sucks

It's like some moron tried drawing a 3 and they messed up and drew it the wrong way and tried to play it off as creating a new overused letter

It just sucks

Just try drawing a small letter "e" in bubble text and you will hate this letter for the rest of your life

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4 C

C I a very bad letter kill it and never show it again

Useless and boring letter, we already have k AND WHY DOES THIS MAKE A S SOUND SOMETIMES?!?!?!

Remove C and bring back the letter Thorn!

It makes me scream and jump at the same time. That letter scares the hell out of me. It is the scariest letter ever.

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5 N

Not an fan

N is the best letter, and my name is John.

What's the point of this list?

This is the worst because it is the first letter of the worst bad word - venomouskillingmachine

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6 K

I hate this leter

What is wrong with K? You use this to laugh! kk

KKK = Ku Klux Klan

K is the worst letter ever


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7 B

B never looks good, lower, upper, it doesn’t matter. looks stupid of necklaces too

B sucks

A B means you aren't Asian... - ethanmeinster

The ugliest letter to write don’t even fight me ik I have 3 of them in my name

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8 U


U is my favourite letter.

Almost every word with a U in it has something stupid about it! Trump, slump, plump etc etc etc

I don't like being grounded.

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9 H

It's the way you say H like Aeacth like what

H is for Hitler

H is the nasty person called hitler

H is the best letter of the alphabet

From Hana

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10 X

"Reminds me of my toddler's ex girlfriend..."

How can a TODDLER have an ex-girlfriend?

How is X kisses they are two different letters

It is pointless

The least common letter - mathguy37

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11 Z

Makes me feel like I'm swallowing a plastic bag when its used

Its last so I must suck

ZZ I Sleep, real letters, woke

Z is a stupid letter and it should be revoked from the alphabet. it has too much power at the end and makes a weird sound. Sign my petition to remove the letter z and replace all words with z with like a k just to confuse everyone. Kebras. In conclusion, the letter z SHOULD. NOT. BE. TRUSTED. EVER.

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12 W

The worst letter. should be a diffrent symbol. suck it W

It’s just u but twice

Weapon, Watergate, Whiplash, all kinds of bad stuff - Whywhat

Every other letter in the alphabet is 1 syllable. W is three! It's 33% efficient compared to other letters. As a result, it's often less efficient to use in an initialism.

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13 G

You are wrong! B- is the best letter. The creation begin with it-Bereshid bara Elohim!
That is why -beauty, babe, brother, become, better, best, bestow, balm, ball, ballade, banana, banner,
banjo, bell, believe, Bible, book, body, build, blossom begins with it. G and A are worse.

I don't like this letter. It's ugly and gross. If G was a person I wouldn't want to hang out with it.

G Is a very good letter For example: God-Good-Great this letter is Awesome!

A doesn't rock

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14 J

Best letter ever

Joey and Jupiter are nouns.

I hate the letter j its just a stupid letter someone I now has the first letter of the name is j I HATE the letter J

My name starts with J and so does

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15 P

A bit overrated.

It says the word pee which is disgusting!

"Reminds me of my toddler's ex girlfriend"


Say it out loud and you would understand...

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16 L

L is a LoveLy Letter in my opinion. Without L there would be no Lovely, Lubricant, Leap, League, Legacy, Loaves, Etc. but anyways, with L, there would be no NFL. Think of it that way you haters.

I hate this letter so much! It's so ugly! I'd sooner write K2 than this monstrosity of a letter. I'm so glad this year's Super Bowl is being called Super Bowl 50 so that football fans can distance themselves from this abomination. The world is finally getting it. They're sick of stupid L.

I think L is so cool as it is an right angle and is really beautiful looking. It is just more than perfect. I honestly love it. Though my name starts with D!

Okay... Who ever posted the comment under this needs to keep to themselves. L is my favorite letter. So be quiet about all this hate.

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17 S

S is the third most common letter. Second is O, and first is E - mathguy37

S is super sweet. And strangely, so many students deSpiSe it. S is aweSome.

S is sooo mainstream

S is overrated, and my name starts with Y so it's my favorite letter! :( - turtwig

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18 Y

I don't know why everyone has a big boner for the letter y its really dumb

For you people wondering is Y a consonent or vowel, I would call it a semi-vowel or semi-consonant (although semi-vowel sounds better.)

Y is awesome! Also, are we really arguing about how certain letters are overrated, underrated and how evil they can be. I mean, seriously. - Donut

Y is my favorite letter. Although there is no real way to write it, is it a slanted or straight line. I right it slanted because it is easier. - Curtis_Huber

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19 D

Dita Von Teese and devil enough said

bad grade!

A lot of powerfully negative words start with the letter D. For example, distraught, discord, denial, drought, disappointed, disqualify, and defile, to name a few.

This should be rank 2. Some bad words start with that letter also.

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20 T

T as in T series... so yeah, not a good letter :///

T gay

Why is the lowercase T same as christianity symbol?

T is the fourth most common letter. Third is S... oh wait. I think T is third and S fourth. Second is O and first is E - mathguy37

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21 V

V Annoys me when I type with a word with g

V for vendetta - Not_A_Weeaboo

I love V it's very pretty and my first letter in my name

It reeks of poo and wee

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22 I

This letters shape is dull and very boring

This letter is basically if J had made itself thin,this letter sucks!

I is one of the worst because it is for iPad and ISIS.

Why is the capital I (I) the exact same as lowercase L? (l) (Il) - DijaUnicorn

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23 A

How is A here? It's the best report card letter you would receive. - DumbFriesNub

Asians like this letter in their kids' tests and report cards, but not if it's followed by a minus...

No offense to anyone whose name start with A it's just that my worst friend's name starts with A (ANDY) my best friend's (Alex) letter also starts with A but I like Al more than An

It's just overrated in my opinion

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24 O

This is my favorite letter why when there is 11 more this should be number 26 - mathguy37

I like this letter too! Why is it in this list?

This letter is ugly, there are simply no names that begin with an O that are pretty

Stay tuned after the feature for the best movie called Alessio's world U better than A

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25 M

M is short for 'mom has cancer'

I am the one true m follow me on google plus at m

Everything is great about M my name starts with M

What's so great about M. - Curtis_Huber

26 R

rolled r

Hardest letter to pronounce in almost any language based off of the Latin alphabet.

It sounds hoRRible.

It is the very best letter in the whole
wide word lol Get it? RKM616

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