Top Ten Worst Mario Bros. Characters

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181 Dr. Luigi

He was District 835's female tribute in the hunger games

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182 Kylie Koopa
183 Princess Shroob
184 Elder Princess Shroob

I am attracted to her

If you have never heard of her your weird

185 Baby Yoshi
186 Baby Bowser Baby Bowser
187 Donkey Kong Jr.
188 Captain Syrup
189 Bubbles
190 Child Rosalina

"Shut Up! Do You Even Know What You're Talking About? "

Do you? Because I don't think it's very mature to tell someone to shut up just because they have an opinion you don't like.

Shut Up! Do You Even Know What You're Talking About?

Just realised it's the wrong list

Adult Rosalina is a bad parent (I explained further on 'Rosalina' on this list) but as for child Rosalina: she stuck with a luma and tried to find his mother whilst dealing with the pain of her own. Speaking of which, I wonder who luma's original mother was…?

191 Cloud N Candy

I like that you referenced Lonely Goomba.

"I always thought the whole point of bosses was to test your skill...or try to kill you. This guy hops along and he's made out of candy floss. What's his grand evil scheme? To increase the chances of Yoshi getting tooth decay? Truly, he is the greatest villain of all time! So he hops around and if you happen to take some damage, every time you attack him, his yummy candy floss body recovers ANY damage you had. (Maybe they should add sprinkles on top too)! Move aside Bowser! Cloud N Candy is in town! And HE MEANS BUSINESS! " - TheLonelyGoomba

Sums it up pretty much. Thanks goomba. - DCfnaf

192 Mallow
193 Bonechill
194 Game Guy
195 Baby Birdo
196 Silver Hammer Bro
197 Golden Bullet Bill
198 Risen Koopa
199 Jacob Koopa
200 Dragonia Koopa
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