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Rosalina, known as Rosetta in Japan, is a major character in the Mario Bros . Franchise . She first appeared in the popular Mario Game, Super Mario Galaxy in 2007 for the Nintendo Wii and later returned for the game's sequel in 2010 . Since then, she has been featured in many main-series Mario Games more.


I used to love Rosalina, but she's starting to take advantage of Nintendo. And know that I think of it, her story on SMG doesn't even seem legit. It starts how she doesn't explain her disappearance from her family in the first place! She's also stealing the fame! I mean, she's stealing Daisy's place, and Luigi! She was awesome in Mario Galaxy but she shouldn't have came back. Why didn't she stay in space? And she thinks she's the queen of the universe she's just the princess of the stars or cosmos! She's a ripoff of peach and Zelda. And now she plays sports and goes on quests so she's becoming a ripoff of Daisy too!

I don't hate Rosalina, but her fan base are really annoying because they're always talking about how much better she is than Peach, Daisy and a lot of other characters. I don't see why they care so much about her that they have to make fun of other characters. Just get over it people! Not everybody has to love Rosalina!

Stop forcing her down our throats

"WAA WAA! Crys NOO she sucks she replace Daisy" - Delusional Daisy Fans

I have no point in arguing with you Daisy Fans since no one will actually agree with me. Rosalina is a great character but has been getting TONS of dumb hate because she got into Smash instead of Daisy, so Daisy fans start cherry picking to try and make Rosalina look bad. A lot of stuff they say is just stupid.

"Rosalina tries to act like she is the best"
Oh yeah? THAT'S DAISY'S PERSONALITY. Daisy LITERALLY says "woohoo! I'm the best" when she wins! Also, know that a lot of the comments I made were from like a year ago so I actually don't mind Daisy anymore!

"Rosalina is so awful, she stole several characters slots in Mario Kart 8"
Um...NO. First of all, a 3D model of a character can't steal anything. Second of all, even if she was stealing, HOW IS SHE STEALING MULTIPLE CHARACTER SLOTS?! That job was done by METAL CHARACTERS and BABIES.

"Rosalina is so bland and lifeless because ...more - DCfnaf

Mario's Shadow The hedgehog. Should have stayed in Galaxy 1.

Her fans say that she's not a damsel like Peach, but all she does in SMG is beg Mario to get all the power stars to save her observatory. I don't see her getting her hands dirty!

Plus most of her fan base are always making fun of Peach, Daisy and all their fans. Not everyone has to like her! If anything you're putting us off her!

Rosalina's fans say that she's very interesting. I haven't actually seen her have a proper emotion. I guess she smiles sometimes, but most of the time she's got a straight face. Even in SMG she shows no emotions whatsoever whilst reading her tragic backstory. And don't make up that it's because she's strong. If she was, then she would've saved her observetory herself instead of making Mario do it, which is what Peach does."
How can we see her make any emotions when we are focused on the pictures themselves and not her when she's reading? And there's two different types of strong. You know, physical & mental strength, two different things? And Strong=/=brave. Also, she could not leave the ship because she had to maintain it the best she could in that position and take care of her children (aka all the lumas). And during serious things like WAR or an INVASION, or dealing with a kidnapper. You have to keep your emotions in check. If a soldier during war breaks out crying, then ...more

How is Rosalina not higher on this? She's more overused than 3/4th the entire list for simply being Space Peach.

It surprises me how Rosalina has a bigger fanbase than Mario, Toad, Bowser, etc. She hasn't been around for more than 6 years, and she appears in 10 games in less than two months? And gets a baby counterpart? Mario waited about 20 years before getting his baby. Luigi waited like 17 years, Peach waited like 13 years, Daisy waits about 12 years, and Rosalina gets one just like that! I swear if Rosalina fans rub this little freak in my face again...

Here are the five main reasons I hate her.

1. She replaced Daisy, Toadette, and Birdo, three awesome characters.
2. She gets a spot in Mario 3D World instead of like Yoshi, or Daisy.
3. What's with this "let's hate Daisy" bandwagon? Why does everyone hate her? She's peach's cousin, it's not like she is Peach 2.0! Rosalina is literally a teal Peach with a bang!
4. Baby Rosalina (which I explained up there ^)
5. How her personality changed. Look at the fanmade comic, "3 little princesses" Rosalina's character is ...more - HELLADERE120

Most of her fans like her because 'ooh, she has baaackstory! ' Honestly, that's her only personality trait, and something the Rosalina fans cling on. Also, I think Rosalina's quite boring because she's so angelic and does nothing wrong. Her fans are really annoying with their tendancy to rub her in our faces. Geez, we don't care anymore! Her big fan base are the only people that like her! If you think Daisy is a Peach clone then you'd DEFINITELY think Rosalina was if she was only in one main game that showed none of her boring traits that people think are good.

I really hate Rosalina. It isn't because she is queen of the galaxy of whatever. It is because she is taking over the Mario series. Ever since Super Mario Galaxy she has been coming into more games. She is way to popular. Rosalina is too big and isn't pretty. She acts like she is the best. Rosalina should be higher on this list!

This is coming from someone who is most likely a Daisy fan. "HI I'M DAISY! I'M THE BEST! " Also, I've never seen her have that personality. - DCfnaf

Rosalina is the one who sucks, not Peach. I hate the stupid rabid Rosalina fans who hate Peach and Daisy because they think they are bland princesses, these people who think like that are idiots. What the hell is Rosalina even good for? She never does anything in almost every Mario game. Yet people adore Rosalina like she is a god, its people like them who make me hate her, you don't see this many rabid Daisy and Peach fans, hell, you don't see as many crazy Princess Zelda fans. Worst. Princess. Ever. I don't care how happy/motherly she is, she still turns me off, as do most of her fans. Go ahead and flame me crazy Rosalina fans, prove to me that you think like that.

I hate Rosalina. She is a ripoff of my favorite character, Daisy. Rosalina barely does anything at all, and yet she gets all the fame! I think she is stupid, overrated, and she is NOT hot!

Rosalina was fine in Super Mario Galaxy- but she's become WAY too overrated.

I love Birdo. And because I hate Peach, Rosalina, Wendy, and Baby Peach, Birdo isn't feminine like them. I cried reading all Birdo's comments and it is Rosalina's fault that Peach is a mere idiot. Birdo was based as a Yoshi for Peach. But as a bud and a help. But Rosalina came and was a "help" to everyone. Rosalina looks like a Zelda character or a rejected wannabe Peach. Ditto with Pauline to Daisy, Wario to Mario and Waluigi to Luigi. And Rosalina's a cheater. She'll use handicaps and she's legless! Also what did she do in Mario Galaxy? Read a story book? It is so dumb how it is an offensive push on Birdo. But yes, Birdo is an odd thing but so is Shy Guy, who's blind and without Birdo, Shy Guy wouldn't be on Yoshi's Island. Anyways Rosalina is a replacement. I hate Rosalina, yep I said it. Also she's an ass and is cheating on Waluigi. Waluigi is the best male character of fictional existence. Birdo's the best though. And I posted 90% of Birdo's comments on coolest Mario ...more

Rosalina is not peach's mom. Or her daughter. Also how the hell is Rosalina cheating on Waluigi. THEY'RE NOT A COUPLE! And if I recall, Rosalina wasn't playable. What did LUIGI do in Mario Galaxy? Just get lost? Yeah...pretty much. Then he got lazy and just stayed at the observatory. What did the toads do? Nothing. - DCfnaf

Rosalina is Peach's mother. She should be sterner on her for sure.

I hate Rosalina's fanbase more than any other Mario characters. She's has too many fans and she is suddenly appearing in everything now. She is overrated. I hate all of the princesses the same. Peach is SUPER annoying. Daisy is a full-out poser. Rosalina is too overrated. She doesn't sound all that happy and whenever I see her she has a straight face on or something. She sounds fake whenever she's like who-e, who-hooo, or ta-ta. In Super Smash Bros for Wii U she lets Luma do all of the work. Everyone thinks she is a "god". I hate baby Rosalina. And why was she In 3D World? Why not Yoshi? (Yoshi in a cat suit would be adorable) Jeez

I am so upset that Rosalina isn't higher on this list. Rosalina is becoming way too popular! She is fat and ugly! Rosalina is not cool because she makes the awesome characters look stupid! She is also so annoying! Rosalina ripped off ssb4 by having herself as a character instead of Daisy or Waluigi! I wish she would just be taken out of the Mario series!

As well as being the adopted mother of the Lumas, she's also the adopted mother of childish, rude, stupid and above all annoying fan girls. They seem to think " I have an idea! Let's make fun of Peach, Daisy, Birdo and Toadette fans! I bet it will make them like the goddess of the Mario series! "

All of the things that they say about Rosalina are either irrelevant or untrue. She may be pretty, but that means nothing. Her hair and features are extremely similar to Princess Peach's. Also, Rosalina is very girly just like Peach, so don't go making up "Rosalina is the real tomboy, not Daisy! "

She may not get kidnapped, but in SMG all she does is beg Mario to collect the grand stars for her while she stands there and does nothing. In SMG2, she pops up at the end of it all briefly. In SM3DW she's unlockable after the sprixies have been rescued she also can handle herself just like Peach, one of the characters that always gets made fun of by the Rosalina fan ...more

In a couple of decades Nintendo will poop out a new princess that gets even more praise, and Rosalina will get shoved with Peach and Daisy as the 'crappy princesses' and all of the Rosalina fangirls will move on and call Rosalina "blue Peach" or something bad.

How the hell is this character so low on this list!? She's another shoddy knock off of Peach! She should be in the top ten, not way below ' Mario!

Rosalina is a THOUSAND TIMES better than Peach will ever be. But Nintendo is milking her too much, I was fine with her in the Mario Kart games but then they bring her to other media too. It gets really annoying.

She is also overrated and underrated at the same time, I don't know whether I like or despise her. She's a neutral character in my book. - KennyRulz244444

Yes in my book Rosalina is a neutral character, before I like she, but now she is a regular character, she lost good things. - Julieta

"A dumb ripoff of Peach. Overused and ruining the point of her character in Galaxy."

You guys need to stop with the bs she is not a ripoff of peach she has different hair, eyes, eyebrows, color eyelashes, dress, and body type than peach plus she's helpful as she can be and extremely motherly when has peach been shown to be that?

And she never 'lost her character' she had Luna's to talk to and play with so there's no reason she should be shy and socially awkward and she never knew Mario before Galaxy and yet she came to him no problem and helped him with info and let him use her ship so tell me how that would make since for her to be shy and all that if she did that for Mario? Yea it doesn't o thought so so shut up

People? How do you even like this chick? Also she's not even good on Mario Kart. And Rosalina makes Mario, Bowser, and Peach who are awesome look stupid, like their ghetto and she helps them better. She replaced Peach, lumas, Arianna (the lumas mother), Lubba (the lumas father), Luigi, Daisy, Pauline, Pico (Sonic character downloaded into Mario and will star sooner), and tons more! She thinks she can stand over anyone else and everyone should hate her and she's like Wendy because both brag and both think their the best. Half of the people on the list only replaced one character. Like Birdo, I kinda hate her too, but she replaced Toadette. And just because she's in the galaxy and just stands there and reads a storybook makes her better than anyone else? I almost punched the T.V. for how of a cheater she is on Mario Kart Wii of bringing lumas speed and I hope she runs him over to get arrested and definitely not one of the hottest characters, and she is cheating on Waluigi by heading to ...more

Rosalina is just a rip off version of Peach.

So childish a princess (queen) who carries a fake wand everywhere and wants to be better than everyone else. Besides she's cheating on Waluigi. Wario and Rosalina should date that makes sense because Rosalina looks like the anti cell of Peach. Plus she replaced Birdo and Toadette! ANd Pauline, Peach, Daisy, and Luigi. Plus her lumas are so cute but Rosalina is so annoying. Someone should replace her one day but that's not going to happen because everyone loves Rosalina. She's a complete waste of time and space in Mario galaxy and read a storybook of a girl she claims is her when it's not, plus she makes everyone suffer to put her on the next Mario game. If Rosalina was killed, I'd be proud. Because every other character and replaced and suffered by her. Unfortunately, Rosalina is a mere nutjob. And they're making a Baby Rosalina! They gotta stop making Rosalina ruin Mario games.