Top 10 Worst Memes of 2018

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1 Tide Pod Challenge

I'm talking about the social media challenge taken by people whose IQ is lower than their age, not the image memes that joke about how delicious they sound. There is a difference. Anyways, I found out about the image memes before the challenge and thinking "Why did they revive the bleach meme and why did they not learn their lesson about consuming laundry products?! " At least they put warnings about them proving that they were joking, but this challenge is just for the absolute dumbest of the internet. I have the unrealistic hope that the people who took this either learn from their mistake or die.

A classmate first mentioned this one time in a joke during a presentation. I laughed along, but I didn't know what it was. When I figured out, my reaction was "Why? " "WHY? " Watchmojo posted a survey, in which according to majority, many said it was insanely stupid. I'm not big on swear words, but I'll say it too. If I were to vote, I would say that the challenge was insanely stupid! They know it's not edible, and yet they eat it! All for views on YouTube! Don't just do stupid stuff just to be popular! Period.

Note: To those of you who chose tempting, you really need to think this out. You're risking your life just for YouTube views and likes. Just putting that out there.

Thank goodness this is at the top now. At least Ugandan Knuckles doesn't cause breathing problems and serious chemical burns to the oesophagus and stomach lining, which hundreds of people have narrowly escaped death from.

Believe me, this challange was far more dangerous because you know Tide is made of chemicals used for making laundry products. But now this one is just dangerous than being worst. Do not try this at home kids!

2 Uganda Knuckles

Overused to the point where I don't even think that humans even use it anymore, can't go anywhere in vrchat without seeing one of these disgusting cretins asking people the same damn question, it's annoying.

Knuckles is not stupid, and I find this meme so annoying because people nowadays only see Knuckles as a joke and nothing more. Thank goodness that Sonic Forces portrayed him as a smart character for a change, like he's supposed to be.

What could have been a nice little inside joke about how stupid and toxic things like VR chat can be, unfortunately sucked of life and beaten to death by normies who don't even know the original context.

Started out as an alright meme but quickly started getting into an annoying overrated one. all the kids in the schools be clickin their tongues and people running around asking if you know the way started getting out of hand

3 Logan Paul's Suicide Forest Video

Logan Paul joking about suicide is the worst thing he could ever do! Suicide costs lives and tears hearts apart. How could he do something like that?

This is not a joke suicide is a real problem it is serious and I have suicidal thoughts so yeh

It was a great meme, because they all involved people calling him a dumbass. Where it came from is extremely sad.

It's not that bad as a meme, Logan Paul should've been ashamed for what he did.

4 Tik Tok

Tik tok is beter than you I bet you can't make a app that goes viral like tik tok

Hit or miss I guess they never miss, huh, you gotta boyfriend I bet he doesn’t kiss ya he gon find another girl and he gon miss yah. He got skrrrtt and hit the dab like wiz Khalifa

Tik tok tik tok...I'm waiting for Tik Tok to end.

Hit or miss, I guess they never miss huh?

5 Yodeling kid

Well, this kid has more talent than every celebrity singers out there like Justin Beiber, Nicky Minaj, etc. But I think this meme lost his reputation ever since he is famous. People who hate this meme was jealous of his voice. And I am not Texan.

Awful. This kid just got famous from his horrible singing.

So just because some random kid yodels some song he becomes famous?

The kid's name is Mason Ramsey...

6 Hot Coil Challenge

Whose bright idea was it to make everyone get third-degree burns like Muscle Man from Regular Show did when using a butt warmer?

This makes the tide pod challenge look like a military salute.

Seriously who was the idiot who came up with this

Stupidity at its finest.

7 Baby Shark Dance

Simpsons and Angry Birds The Movie 2 had it.

The song itself is irritating.

Thank god it's over.

One of the best memes! Dodododododododo

8 School Shooting Memes

Some are funny like "when the school shooter ___" but the ones that justify the shooting are bad. - DarkBoi-X

People are actually this heartless make these types of memes, I'm surprised it wasn't on the list. - B1ueNew

They’re not funny at all. You shouldn’t joke about a serious issue still happening where innocent people are killed.

9 England is my city

As someone who's from the same country as Jake Paul (who said England is literally a city), I am officially ashamed...

This one is from 2017, not 2018

That's Gibby from ICarly

No England should not be nuked ya dickhead.

10 Ninja Got Ligma

There are a lot of bad memes these days, but this one really takes the crown at being totally garbage.

Can this meme just die already?

It pissed him off, and for that I'm grateful. - EvanWellens

I heard Myth got Sugma. - Not_A_Weeaboo

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11 Autistic Screeching

Offensive to those with Autism. Did you know they can be some of the smartest people to ever exist. No really, I mean it. Just go look at Steven Hawking and you will see what I mean.

It's not funny. There are many bastards in this world who do not understand autistic people.

I thought this ''meme'' was dead since 2016 why do some people still make fun of autism it was never funny anyway

Sometimes it's funny but often times it isn't.

12 Earth-chan

It started off as a pretty positive meme, but as with any anime girl, the hentai arrived and it all went downhill from there.

I found more enjoyment out of other Chans, like ISIS-chan (who is actually supposed to be a melon supporter and against violence) and Ebola-chan (who actually had a fairly clever design), as their crudeness made them a lot more fun, even if for all the wrong reasons. Earth-chan just made me disappointed.

An anime girl with Earth-like hair color tried to be attractive to save the environment. Seems legit when National Geographic Channel used her for commercials since Earth Day Run. Earth-Chan seems useful for every nature lover but it seems like a bad idea for every weaboos around here.

Earth-Chan is a figure morphed by misanthropic weeaboos, from a tongue-in-cheek, almost satirical jab against flat-earthers, into a synonymous way to say that we suck as a species. It's to project an idea of self-loathing and blame on everyone, even those who in no way cause the environment's decline. And so, while fitting the idea of a meme, and while the art style isn't inherently terrible, it's promoting a toxic way of living that reeks of arrogance and edge.

also the rule34 pics of her look horrible don't look them up

A few years ago we had Ebola-chan and now Earth-chan. And there are so many fanarts of her getting gangraped to show how pollution destroys the earth. Seriously, this meme is just annoying and disgusting

13 Big Chungus

Honestly, everybody in my grade is obsessed with it and it is very annoying.

My school praises Chungus like a biblical figure. - TeamRocket747

I don't really get it. - EvanWellens

This was was the best meme at the end of 2018, it sucks now...

14 Burger King Foot Lettuce

But as it turns out, it might be what you GAET - Not_A_Weeaboo

This one is actually great not gonna lie - MaxPap

"This isn't even a meme at all. It's just a random stupid quote from a Top15s video. You can't just automatically random stupid stuff like this into memes.

Oh god, this is now at 15 as of May 23, 2018 - MrCoolC

15 You So Precious When You Smile

Why do people love this meme? It is just normies thinking anything with the F word is dank, so they made this a meme. Anti-SJWs are danker than this, and that is saying something

I hate this meme it's so stupid and pointless

Too predictable.

I die more when I see this ugly meme

16 Bowsette

This meme is the worst I've seen in history. It's not funny, It's just stupid and gross rule 34 deviantart weaboo trash.

End this meme before Rule 34 goes too far - B1ueNew

Easily the worst meme of 2018, since it got way too popular than it should have been. Additionally, it is not exactly original, since the concept of humanizing and genderbending Mario characters was already explored in the form of Shy Gal.

Agree - Maddox Cox; Creator of worst internet characters - Maddox121

17 Johny Johny Yes Papa

Johnny is a little boy who like to eat sugar, he gets caught by his dad who asks him if he is lying. Also, what in the god, is Caillou’s dad doing here? Because you know, is Caillou Gets Grounded, for little kiddies. God damn, this meme is so fudging stupid. I hope Vyond sued whoever made this.

Cookie Cookie, yes mama, watching asmr? No mama, telling lies? No mama, open your history, haha

Lol, I was about to add this here.

Absolute garbage

18 I’m Already Tracer

This is just pure cringe. But to be fair everything off of tic tock is.

Atrocious, disgusting and cringey, the FNAF song was way better

How is this popular in 2018, but not 2016? - MrCoolC

Horrible song made worse by the memes

19 T-Series

Subscribe to Pewdiepie

The T for T series stands for trash (i'm not 9 years old)

Swish swish bish lasagna

(Disclaimer : I'm not 9 years old.) - MaxPap

20 Condom Challenge

This was a thing? - EvanWellens

this meme even exist? - XtheXlmao

21 Fortnite Replay Mode

Anything to do with Fortnite is terrible.

22 Thanos Thanos is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by Jim Starlin and Mike Friedrich. The character first appeared in Iron Man #55 and has been portrayed by actors Damion Poitier and Josh Brolin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
23 Pee is stored in the balls

Not funny, it's even worse than "Do you know da wae" cringe

24 Demi Lovato Heroin Overdose

It was a meme? - MrCoolC

25 Waluigi Waluigi is a lanky self-centered, brusque young lad as he is considered evil and the main rival of Luigi. Waluigi is shown causing local havoc in most games he appears in alongside his partner Wario. Waluigi is not instinctively evil or the antagonist (not counting DDR), as a matter of fact, he shows more.


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