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1 Tide Pod Challenge Tide Pod Challenge

I'm talking about the social media challenge taken by people whose IQ is lower than their age, not the image memes that joke about how delicious they sound. There is a difference. Anyways, I found out about the image memes before the challenge and thinking "Why did they revive the bleach meme and why did they not learn their lesson about consuming laundry products?! " At least they put warnings about them proving that they were joking, but this challenge is just for the absolute dumbest of the internet. I have the unrealistic hope that the people who took this either learn from their mistake or die. - SpectralOwl

Thank goodness this is at the top now. At least Ugandan Knuckles doesn't cause breathing problems and serious chemical burns to the oesophagus and stomach lining, which hundreds of people have narrowly escaped death from. - Entranced98

Put this at number 1 - zeroclubsboii

A classmate first mentioned this one time in a joke during a presentation. I laughed along, but I didn't know what it was. When I figured out, my reaction was "Why? " "WHY? " Watchmojo posted a survey, in which according to majority, many said it was insanely stupid. I'm not big on swear words, but I'll say it too. If I were to vote, I would say that the challenge was insanely stupid! They know it's not edible, and yet they eat it! All for views on YouTube! Don't just do stupid stuff just to be popular! Period.

Note: To those of you who chose tempting, you really need to think this out. You're risking your life just for YouTube views and likes. Just putting that out there. - listotaku17

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2 Uganda Knuckles Uganda Knuckles

Knuckles is not stupid, and I find this meme so annoying because people nowadays only see Knuckles as a joke and nothing more. Thank goodness that Sonic Forces portrayed him as a smart character for a change, like he's supposed to be.

Dear humanity, Utilise your time productively. - Ananya

Everyone in my class talks about it. It annoys me. - lovefrombadlands

The meme has been overcome by normies

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3 Logan Paul's Suicide Forest Video

It's not that bad as a meme, Logan Paul should've been ashamed for what he did. - Phillip873

This isn't a meme. Suicide is serious. - FrozenWhisker

This isn't even a meme - Bearskater13

I think the meme is to hate on logan paul for being a complete, utter, pathetic moron with no sense of remorse or humanity. He later jokes about it in his videos, WHAT KIND OF A SICK FU-

(ERROR 404: Rage exceeds limit.) - mattstat716

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4 Connect Four Connect Four

Wait this is a meme? - zeroclubsboii

5 You So Precious When You Smile
6 Flex Tape Flex Tape

Nah, Phil Swift is a god - Phillip873

Old. - mattstat716

7 Earth-chan




Earth-Chan is a figure morphed by misanthropic weeaboos, from a tongue-in-cheek, almost satirical jab against flat-earthers, into a synonymous way to say that we suck as a species. It's to project an idea of self-loathing and blame on everyone, even those who in no way cause the environment's decline. And so, while fitting the idea of a meme, and while the art style isn't inherently terrible, it's promoting a toxic way of living that reeks of arrogance and edge.

also the rule34 pics of her look horrible don't look them up - Satire

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8 Get Out of My Car Get Out of My Car

This ones good

Good meme, doesn't belong in the top 10 - Phillip873

Get out of my car, *N O W* - mattstat716

9 England is my city

Is this still a meme? - zeroclubsboii

10 Bitconnect Scream Bitconnect Scream

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11 Somebody Toucha My Spaghet Somebody Toucha My Spaghet

Remember, when this was created, it was a worst to best list - SpectralOwl

You go home. You break the chair. You are the spaghet

Its not that bad it's so bad it funny!

I like to think about you guys

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12 Ben Swolo
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