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1 Tide Pod Challenge Tide Pod Challenge

I find this funny, but I can see how this was a disaster just waiting to happen. - EvanWellens

I find this funny, but I can see how this was a disaster just waiting to happen.-EvanWellens

Just because kid ate it by accident it doesn't mean everyone has to poison themselves! its shocking how people care more about being popular than their health

This is by far the worst meme of all time. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

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2 Uganda Knuckles Uganda Knuckles

Overused. - Luckys

January memes in a nutshell

A bit too forced

Dear humanity, Utilise your time productively. - Ananya

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3 Logan Paul's Suicide Forest Video Logan Paul's Suicide Forest Video

It was a great meme, because they all involved people calling him a dumbass. Where it came from is extremely sad. - EvanWellens

Logan Paul joking about suicide is the worst thing he could ever do! Suicide costs lives and tears hearts apart. How could he do something like that?

This is not a joke suicide is a real problem it is serious and I have suicidal thoughts so yeh

It sucks big time - LightningStrike

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4 Yodeling kid Yodeling kid

Awful. This kid just got famous from his horrible singing. - 445956

How to become famous

1. Go into a store and sing or dance badly

2. Post it on Social media and watch it go viral - CharismaticKat

I hate this meme.

So bad it's good - StarlightSpanks

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5 Tik Tok

Tik tok tik tok...I'm waiting for Tik Tok to end. - Luckys

I guess they never miss huh

These people need help. - EvanWellens

Tik tok is beter than you I bet you can't make a app that goes viral like tik tok

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6 England is my city England is my city

That's Gibby from ICarly

As someone who's from the same country as Jake Paul (who said England is literally a city), I am officially ashamed...

This one is from 2017, not 2018 - LeetHaterz

Screw Jake Paul - CharismaticKat

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7 Hot Coil Challenge Hot Coil Challenge

For crying out loud, yet another challenge that involves doing things that can hurt or kill participants?! What's next, Jump into a Volcano Challenge? - WindWakerFan

Try to get a disease as quick as possible challenge, swallowing lego bricks challenge - B1ueNew

This is not a meme

Umm, this is real - B1ueNew

Only stupid people would do this. - CharismaticKat

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8 Ninja Got Ligma

It pissed him off, and for that I'm grateful. - EvanWellens

There are a lot of bad memes these days, but this one really takes the crown at being totally garbage.

Can this meme just die already?

I heard Myth got Sugma. - Not_A_Weeaboo

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9 You So Precious When You Smile You So Precious When You Smile

A very meh meme. - EvanWellens

Too predictable.

I die more when I see this ugly meme

I hate this meme it's so stupid and pointless - Iamcool

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10 Burger King Foot Lettuce Burger King Foot Lettuce

I love this one. - EvanWellens

How is this a meme, this is just disgusting.

I think it's great - Pokemonfan10

I barely know about this. - PhoenixAura81

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11 School Shooting Memes

Some are funny like "when the school shooter ___" but the ones that justify the shooting are bad. - DarkBoi-X

People are actually this heartless make these types of memes, I'm surprised it wasn't on the list. - B1ueNew

They’re not funny at all. You shouldn’t joke about a serious issue still happening where innocent people are killed.

12 Earth-chan

Weeaboo Trash

It started off as a pretty positive meme, but as with any anime girl, the hentai arrived and it all went downhill from there.

I found more enjoyment out of other Chans, like ISIS-chan (who is actually supposed to be a melon supporter and against violence) and Ebola-chan (who actually had a fairly clever design), as their crudeness made them a lot more fun, even if for all the wrong reasons. Earth-chan just made me disappointed. - EvanWellens

The cringiest meme of all time, there are even 'x reader fanfictions' written about her. The concept of it was also really bad and it quickly became oversexualized.

Bowsette came then came earth chan
Aka sexualizing bowser then came sexualizing our planet

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13 Big Chungus Big Chungus

Honestly, everybody in my grade is obsessed with it and it is very annoying.

My school praises Chungus like a biblical figure. - TeamRocket747

I don't really get it. - EvanWellens

This was was the best meme at the end of 2018, it sucks now...

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14 Bowsette

I'll be honest, I didn't care much for this one. - EvanWellens

This meme is the worst I've seen in history. It's not funny, It's just stupid and gross rule 34 deviantart weaboo trash.

Easily the worst meme of 2018, since it got way too popular than it should have been. Additionally, it is not exactly original, since the concept of humanizing and genderbending Mario characters was already explored in the form of Shy Gal.

End this meme before Rule 34 goes too far - B1ueNew

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15 Connect Four Connect Four

I think they've made a swastika on the game board in the meme.

One of my childhood boardgame has gone down into memes. Right in the childhood.

Wait this is a meme? - zeroclubsboii

Great meme. - EvanWellens

16 Condom Challenge

This was a thing? - EvanWellens

17 T-Series T-Series

The T for T series stands for trash (i'm not 9 years old)

Subscribe to Pewdiepie

Swish swish bish lasagna

(Disclaimer : I'm not 9 years old.) - MaxPap

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18 Autistic Screeching

Kill this meme right now

Sometimes it's funny but often times it isn't. - EvanWellens

I thought this ''meme'' was dead since 2016 why do some people still make fun of autism it was never funny anyway - Iamcool

This meme needs to DIE.

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19 I’m Already Tracer

Horrible song made worse by the memes

Not funny. Not at all. - EvanWellens

How is this popular in 2018, but not 2016? - MrCoolC

This is just pure cringe. But to be fair everything off of tic tock is.

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20 Baby Shark Dance

Thank god it's over. - EvanWellens

Stage 3 cancer

The song itself is irritating. - MrCoolC

One of the best memes! Dodododododododo

21 Johny Johny Yes Papa

Buying vbucks at 3am? , No papa - B1ueNew

Absolute garbage

Lol, I was about to add this here. - MrCoolC

Cookie Cookie, yes mama, watching asmr? No mama, telling lies? No mama, open your history, haha

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22 Fortnite Replay Mode

Anything to do with Fortnite is terrible.

23 YouTube Rewind 2018

And I thought 2017 was bad - PrinceBlu

Worst... - B1ueNew

Good meme. - EvanWellens

24 Despacito 2

I maybe liked this more than I should have. - EvanWellens

No please. Despacito was bad already. I don't want a Despacito 2. - Userguy44

No despacito 2, we need November Rain 2

Unfunny meme - MrShawn

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25 Bitconnect Scream Bitconnect Scream

Hey, at least this one was pretty funny!

26 Get Out of My Car Get Out of My Car

Clarence finally grew up. - DarkBoi-X


It looks pretty funny though. - Userguy44

Clarence hits puberty so hard.

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27 Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, more.
28 Yeet Yeet

LIT - EvanWellens

My brother always says this and it makes me want to end. Considered Ugandan Knuckles and Walmart kid, but this took the cake.

T - MaxPap

29 Tchococita Song Tchococita Song

This is why aliens don't visit us

Rip-off of Marcinanito 100% No Fake - MrShawn

Yeah, that's what weird things happened after Martians finally destroyed Earth.

You're all talking about the wrong post. This is Dame Tu Cosita, not Tchococita - Ikura

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30 Drake and Josh Stuck in Treehouse Drake and Josh Stuck in Treehouse

Charmx hates this - 445956

31 Smash bros teaser Inkling Girl Smash bros teaser Inkling Girl

It's not that bad - GlassweighanCountess

32 "I Don't Feel So Good..."

This one just makes me sad. - EvanWellens

How the movie was spoiled for me:

1) I heard this a billion times
2) I got curious and looked it up - Cyri

Thank for the spoiler INTERNET

This meme is really starting to get very annoying.

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33 Dame Tu Cosita

I hate this meme - EvanWellens

Not funny, it's just an alien thrusting.

34 Waluigi Waluigi Waluigi is a selfish, greedy man who works closely with the infamous Wario. He is Luigi's rival and is known as the opposite of him. Waluigi first appeared in the Gameboy Color game, Mario Tennis as Wario's partner. He has appeared in every Mario Tennis game since, still remaining as Wario's partner. more.

WAH! - IceFoxPlayz

GODLY MEME - EvanWellens

35 Ali-A Intro

*plays his intro* - MrCoolC

No this is da bezd - B1ueNew

36 *character* Dies in Infinity War

2018 Dies in Infinity War - MrShawn

My sanity dies in this meme. - Cyri

This meme is becoming annoying.

37 Yanny or Laurel Yanny or Laurel

It was so good that it lasted a week. - EvanWellens

Most of the girls in my 6th grade class kept saying this, and it was confusing for me. - IceFoxPlayz

This was so annoying on Twitter

If I hear the words, Yanny or Laurel one more time I'm going to scream - Masochismismagic

38 Orange Justice
39 Pee is stored in the balls Pee is stored in the balls

Not funny, it's even worse than "Do you know da wae" cringe

40 You're Mom Gay

no u. - MrCoolC


NO U. - EvanWellens

41 Thanos Car

Thanos car is the best. - DarkBoi-X

As if the Fortnite Thanos memes weren't bad enough... - B1ueNew

Any meme related to Avengers Infinity War is terrible - B1ueNew

Thanos-Car! Thanos-Car!
Does whatever a Thanos-Car can! - BlazingParasol

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42 Thicc Elastigirl

This is why Disney, Pixar, and CGI movies in general is a mistake.

The only person who liked this was shaman - EvanWellens

Shadman made this - ElSherlock

Who's the horny kid who thought this up?

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43 Loss Loss

A 10 year old meme revived to make it more cancerous. - TeamRocket747

It's sad okay


44 Surprised Pikachu
45 They Did Surgery on a Grape

They tested a surgery tool on a grape.

The worst meme of 2018 no doubt, surprised this isn't at least in the top 3.

They did euthanasia on this meme. - A_Dying_Parrot

I might as well get lobotomized the next I hear someone say this irl.

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46 Wakanda (Black Panther)


47 D Se Dab

Not 2018 - MrCoolC

48 Gohan Blanco

I've never heard of this

49 Despacito - Luis Fonsi

The main reason why I don't hear high quality rips anymore - MrShawn

Made into various songs... just to make it more cancerous. Even Nicki and Justin is better compared to this! - MChkflaguard_Yt

Horrible song, it makes baby look like a good song

Unfunny meme - MrShawn

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50 Baldi Baldi

For starters, I don't like the meme. But I still love this game. Despite some poor graphics that made Microsoft looks like having an HD version, the gameplay is similiar to Slenders: Arrivals or Eight Pages, but it was just different.

We see a teacher being nice to you, but later trying to kill you with a ruler for making a wrong answer in Math.

The gameplay also has additional characters, The Principal, The Playtime Girl, The Bully, Sweep-Sweep, a sock, and mostly I don't know what that puppet like thing is that.

I'm sure this one is just terrible and a huge disgrace to the game. Like Cuphead.

The games supposed to have bad graphics because the creator of the game programmed it to look like the old 1990's and 2000's educational games, which are known for having crappy graphics. - IceFoxPlayz

Crud meme. - EvanWellens

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