Worst Mental Illnesses

The Top Ten Worst Mental Illnesses

1 Schizophrenia

There are voices and thoughts. They won't stop coming inside your head, no matter how hard you try. When I say quiet, they will talk again. My mom and other people repeatedly calling my name is the scariest. Even when you're silent, it's so noisy in your head like it's just going to explode. Then there goes shadow people peeping in the windows. I always had to close the windows and bring the curtains down so that they won't see me. I would avoid looking at the mirror sometimes because people coming from the other world might see me. I can't remember things properly. Like, what dress did I wear yesterday or earlier. I even experienced one time, when someone suddenly asked my name, I totally forgot. I paused to myself and had to look at the ID I was wearing to remember. Sometimes, I forget my birthday and age. I would prefer not to go outside much because I worry that intruders would go inside the house. I can't sleep because I can hear sounds that someone's trying to break down our ...more

My boyfriend has schizophrenia and it is a nightmare. He constantly hears voices and responds to them usually in an aggressive manner screaming and cursing as he paces up and down the room or looks at himself in the mirror as he is talking to whoever is "talking" to him at the time. He believes people are out to threaten him and kill him even though there is no evidence of this. Thinks people poison his food. He accuses me of cheating on him and I've never ever cheated on him, he has no proof of it instead tells me I need to show him proof that I don't cheat while I'm with him almost every hour of the day. He talks about people's rights and ownership being taken away from them because people are fake and they don't deserve what they have but he feels entitled to everything. He refuses to take medication because "he is not sick, it's other people". Everything is always someone else's fault, he doesn't like me hanging out with my friends because he thinks they brainwash me against him. ...more

I'm an extreme paranoid schizophrenic and I alsi have depressive personality disorders and DID (disociative identity disorder) Having a long range of mental illnesses I still feel my schizophrenia affects me most because I get so paranoid at people I lose relationships with people I really care about and it seems I have a dullness of happiness, and sympathy for certain things, not to mention my hallucinations of demons haunting me and one making home inside my head, voices telling me to do things that are morally wrong to. Most people but I. Feel it isn't wrong, my. Beliefs are totally distorted but right I feel death is the only fairness in life I feel the only way for. People to not be in pain is to die, countless suicide attempts and loads of guilt. This is why I believe schizophrenia is by far the worst mental illness

I am a schizophrenic... It's the worst thing that has happened to me so far but also the best thing. Losing the sense of reality has made me appreciate what other people take for granted. Never piety a person with a mental illness, physical illness or any negative aspect they are born with as a human being, pity the ones who embrace negativity through their lifetime and die without humanity.

2 Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

People have no idea... it's not just washing your hands 6 times a day.. I had much things I had to do; Everything I did, I had to do it 2 times and then again but in the opposite direction, I was not allowed to breathe when I looked at people or when they were in my sight, when I did look at them I had to breath in so much that I passed out, People couldn't touch me or things in my room (even the floor) and when they did I had to get their bacteria off of it and then sort of slap it of and then slap it off of my hands again and everything in my room was not allowed to change, I had to pick up everything from the street... leafs, plastic, stones and even food. I couldn't throw it away too. It drove me CRAZY. I tried to commit suicide almost every week.. I was young so I didn't know how but I tried to hit my artery with a screw.. it hurt so much but it didn't work, I cut myself, I was in therapy, I tried so hard.. to live happy.. but this gets you too depressed.. life gets so hard.. I ...more

I've had OCD since I was ten, or that when I was diagnosed with it at least. And it sucks. I don;t have the kind where it germs, germs, germs, germs, germs, I have the kind where everything has to be perfectly symmetric and even. For awhile I couldn't sit still because more pressure would be on my butt than the top of my thighs, or sleep because no matter which position I was in there would be more pressure on one side than another. I started cutting not long after that, and even that had to be symmetrical. When I broke my arm in sixth grade my parents had to watch me so I would;t break my other one. If I got in a situation where I couldn't even up I would have to physically harm myself; once I gave myself a concussion. I also couldn't write for the longest time because I'd write it with my left hand, then erase with my left hand then write with my right hand and erase with my right hand and it took me so long to correct the pattern so it would feel right, right, right, right, right, ...more

I am diagnosed with ocd and while some people might think it's just being clean it's worse. If I don't wash my hands after touching something I don't know is clean I will not touch anything in my room because I have to be clean and if I can't wash my hands I get anxious. I spend 1 hour in the shower repeatedly washing my self over and over again. Wasting tons of water. I spend a whole bottle of lysol wipes cleaning over and over again. I spend too much money on soap, body wash, and lysol wipes. And when I run out I have anxiety and repeated thoughts I don't want to think about. My hands are filled with dry skin from over washing. This is a horrible disorder that creates anxiety and unwanted thoughts I never want to think about. I spend so much of my day cleaning I don't have time to relax. I wish people wouldn't have to go through this.

I've had OCD since I was 9 and I got diagnosed with it when I was 12 (I'm 14 now). I didn't show much signs of it at 9 but looking back, I knew I had it back then and I still do. It sucks, I've had suicidal thoughts because of it and jumped off a bridge because of it and somehow survived. I have to wash my hands for an hour sometimes, it was so bad I skipped most of 7th grade, sitting in my room depressed because of OCD. It was so bad my dad also put me in a mental hospital thingy for teens, he also called the police because I was going so crazy because of it. I have OCD and a few other mental illnesses. But, this is one of the worst ones in my opinion.

3 Bipolar Disorder

I'm not ashamed to be Bipolar nor should I be this illness has tormented everyday of my teen life and into adulthood yet it has also taught me beautiful things mainly to cherish those while you have them because you won't have them forever because once they realize there is more to your personality then extreme happiness mainly what I have learned from being Bipolar is that there is no such thing as unconditional love form anyone and that egos are fragile I also have PTSD I regularly debate killing myself but when I am happy it's the most wonderful feeling ever imagine twenty percent of the time you are on ecstasy ad eighty percent of the time you can barely remember simple facts because your emotions are so down that's all that you can think about it's like every mental illness turned into one and it is completely random when you feel what no control of your emotions but many people with who have come to terms with Bipolar disorder are the sweetest people I have ever met because ...more

I am an extremely fortunate bipolar. I have a family who loves me dearly and that's number one. I don't smoke, don't drink (ever), go to sleep regularly, eat as regularly as possible, and always take my medicine. I am someone who does everything I am supposed to do to the T and I am still struggling 10 years later.

To get an idea who I am, I graduated at the top of my high school class and spoke at my graduation. I went to a preppy college, was getting good grades, and had a girlfriend until I had my first episode. Then, I jumped into the school fountain naked because some invisible voice told me to, I could talk to people telepatically, put my hand through solid objects, talk to turtles and experience the most extreme joy until I was balling my eyes out in front of terrified peers. I was full blown halucinating, which many people don't understand is part of a serious manic episode. I left college. I was able to finally finish my bachelors in a total of 7 years.

I have ...more

I have Bipolar with psychosis and severe anxiety and I admit most of my time with this diagnosis I was embarrassed about it but not because of Bipolar itself, because people think it just means you're moody. COULDN'T BE MORE WRONG. Bipolar has the highest suicide rate above all other mental illnesses by a lot including borderline, depression and Schizophrenia. Bipolar feels like your brain is the rope in a Tug-Of-War match between Extreme mania and crippling depression. My first psychotic episode I saw demons and was convinced they were trying to kill me. It screwed up so much I had going for me, good grades, friends, and happiness. I spent all my hard earned money on useless junk, did weird things things that made me lose friends, I had violent urges (i didn't act on), hearing voices, not sleeping for days, seeing demons and alternative realities. My family "didn't believe" in mental illness and disowned me. I was homeless and bipolar I tried to kill myself then. Luckily I got help ...more

Am a male (37 years) and I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder since I was 28. It's been 9 years I am taking medication and it was getting worse. I did many research on the internet for a long time and I think I found the permanent cure. It is simply meditation! yesss I sit quietly (eyes closed with a straight spine and focusing on my breath) for 30 minutes twice daily. I simply put my headphones on and listen to relaxing meditative music which you can find on YouTube (i listen to Paul Collier's music and found it very relaxing! ).

Now after 11 months of doing it I reduced my medication by 50 percent! I am planning to stop my medication after 7 months (which means after 18 months of meditation).

Believe me meditation can reverse any mental illness it is like a training for the mind! With meditation I am now finally in the driver seat of my own mind and it's amazing! I wasn't like that when I was taking 100 percent of my medication dose (now am on 50 percent). So just sit ...more

4 Borderline Personality Disorder

BPD is such a terrible, terrible thing. I am horrified at myself for the way I act toward myself and the way I treat others. I had a lot of cases in my childhood of being left behind by my parents and abandoned by my friends and they were some of my worst memories. It's such a strange disorder because I can't trust myself or anyone else. It's almost like my entire persona changes day by day or week by week. I have such powerful and explosive emotions that I slip into erratic, psychotic, and sometimes catatonic states. In some extreme cases, I've even dissociated and nearly got myself killed. All I want is to be loved and understood, but that's impossible when you can't love or understand yourself. I subconsciously pick friends that are emotionally fragile so I can get in their heads more easily and keep them close, then my impulsiveness can cause me to abuse them. I always present myself to be kind, talented, understanding, and respectable, so people are drawn to me, but I fear that ...more

Oh..my dear BPD.

I was diagnosed with BPD in my early 14. And believe me, maybe it's not as hell as Schizophrenia, but it is hell.

The worst symptom is that you feel as if you're an enemy of your own self. I look in the mirror and the first second I see a beautiful girl with gifts and a future. Then some seconds after I can see a monster.

My mood swings are so intense for no reason. I can be so happy and then be extremely depressed, letting emptiness fill me up. My soul feels dead. Then instead of depressive episodes, I can have anxiety episodes. Panic attacks, heavy breathing. My body is shaking and I'm sweating. All of this misery can last for even a day or worse, some hours. Because after hours, you'll question why you're so unstable. You will cry then forget about it. Your thoughts are constantly in war. The worst part for me is your relationship with your partner and not your family, I'll tell you why. If your parents know about your BPD, they are most likely ...more

This should be at least #2. Top 4 is still accurate. This is like something you wouldn't wish upon your worst enemy. I mean, half the time, I do stuff on impulse that is just way out of character and sometimes even the exact opposite of what I wanted to do. I am so adept at making friends and then pushing them miles away from me thinking their untrustworthy or that I'm doing them a favor by not being a part of their lives - which may actually be a favor since they don't have to deal with my craziness. There's days where I can't tell if I am a high-class, premium human being or absolute garbage that needs to die, and that's often in the span of a few hours. The amount of explosive anger I direct at people that don't deserve it is scary, my emotions are all over the place, and I can go from loving someone to hating them without much time needed in between. I am literally a cynical idealist. I want to be the best person I can be and be a kind, just source of purity and happiness in an ...more

I was diagnosed with BPD just last summer after I nearly took my life...The best way to describe it is my depression/anxiety build up over a period of time (few days/weeks) until suddenly something random triggers me and I break down into a catatonic mess...All of the feelings that have built up suddenly are released and I suddenly have extreme feelings of rage, disgust, hate towards myself...I spend the next 30-60 minutes sobbing/screaming/throwing things gradually feeling better afterward...The feeling you get feels as though you've been abandoned by everyone you love and that you deserve it...I'm typically an optimistic and extroverted person, but when a BPD Episode strikes I'm on the ground crying telling myself I'm worthless and I deserve to die - delien

5 Depression

I have been diagnosed with extreme severe major depression. Since I was a child the only thing I've ever wanted was to be happy, yet I am convinced that will never happen. Everyday I struggled just to wake up and move off from my bed, instead it seemed more soothing to close my eyes and wish I had passed on. I had night terrors of being mutilated, and one dream I can't think about with out being nervous of dreaming about it. The dream bring you through every level of fear you can think of until you can't handle and you wake up sweating gasping and thinking about the repulsive things you had just seen. I hardly sleep. I have no energy, confidence, social skills, happiness, drive, sexual drive, hopes, or dreams. Everything I do I have to force myself to do. I think of myself as I'm a repulsive individual, I am nothing. I deserve nothing. I constantly think about why I am alive if nothing in my life makes any sense, or why everyone around me seems fine and I am not. I am much like your ...more - LyranGod

Depression is an overwhelming nothingness and apathy that envelops the victim and forces rapid deterioration from the inside out. Depression is similar to the process of termites consuming the core of a healthy tree, so that everything appears natural and beautiful on the outside, yet the center has already been hollowed by the deadly destruction. Suicide is when that tree collapses because of a lack of people who cared enough to support the degenerated tree. Depression is characterized by a pain so severe, that even through the prison of rational thought, an individual would commit suicide because nothing, not even the grief experienced by the person's loved ones, could possibly compare to the ever increasing agony. Depression is the knowledge that no matter how many medications are forced down one's throat, how many seemingly useless years of therapy the individual must endure, the plague will never cease to haunt and torture and massacre. Depression is not weak. Depression is not ...more

Depression always finds a way to make even the best situation seem irrelevant and all bad situations seem like the worst thing in the world. All you want to do is lie in bed feeling utterly miserable. Eventually you feel so fed up with yourself and your life you try to end it.

I have a type of autism spectrum disorder known as Asperger's Syndrome and this makes it impossible for me to socialise or even feel normal. I also had suspected paranoia which pushed away every relationship I ever had. As a result, I spend recess just feeling magnificent lonely and miserable, watching other people enjoy themselves. The misery just stuck with me after a while no matter where I was or whether I was lonely or not and I then became majorly depressed.

People rarely asked if I was okay and I would just try to smile and say I was fine even though my heart was broken, unable to be fixed. People then just assumed I was just strange and liked to be alone which is untrue. They shunned me and ...more

I have a very mild case (well, used to) now I'm on therapy, but I've been a little sad the past few days because my great grandmother died. She was the last great grandparent I had. I used to just be so happy, and then I would just cry. I didn't know why. One day when I still had a mild case of depression, my mom asked me if the next day we should go shopping. Normally, I didn't like leaving the house, but I told her yes. The next day, when she was ready to go shopping, I told her I'd rather stay home. It would've been fun. My littler sisters went with her.They got Starbucks and everything, I was so unhappy that I hadn't gone. One day, I was enjoying the zoo. The ZOO. And I started to cry. I don't know why, but my mom just asked me what was wrong. I didn't know what and I didn't want to. Oh and also I have a VERY mild case of OCD. I get it from my ancestors, who also had a mild case of OCD. I like my room to be the exact same, nothing can be thrown or given away that's mine, piles and ...more

6 Antisocial Personality Disorder

I have this and I feel nothing for anyone I once pulled a knife on someone they were so scared on the verge of tears all I did was smile it was I still don't regret it but others would say the worst part is that I need to see people die to feel normal so I watch lots of gore and when I watch it I feel so relieved in real life I would never admit to having this but
here I feel fine talking about also at school I hate the other kids so much I feel like stabbing them or ephxyating them I want to kill them so so badly but I restrain myself for my only fear is being locked away I have no remorse when people die I fake emotions to look normal otherwise when my so called friends try to tell me jokes I don't laugh or smile I really only pay attention to one person and it's this girl I would murder her boyfriend to be with her I'm seriously considering it he makes me so angry ugh he's worthless just like everyone else well everyone except her she is the only valuable thing to me but ...more

Serial killers, 'enough said.

I think this disorder should be #1. And it has nothing to do with if the person can get to work on time or keep a steady job. It has to do with its consistent "manipulative" nature due to the inability to feel empathy for others. This disorder was formerly called "psychopath," meaning psychologically damaged. I have severe OCD and am on the bipolar spectrum, and during one of my manic episodes, I met an antisocial personality disorder sufferer. I thought he was bipolar at first, but he quickly picked up what I liked, and emulated it perfectly. I smoked pot last night while I was hanging out with him (he did not smoke) and I started recognizing that he does not meet the "criteria" for bipolar disorder. His eyes were what gave away his disorder, they were empty when he was not trying to impress me.

I feel this just like being a sociopath but I guess worse but I have ASPD too so yeah...school is the place I mostly fake emotions and the funny thing is that I might of found some else with ASPD but I'm sure but once I got to talk to her and she had cut herself and fakes emotions and also dreams of hurting some one at least once and I'm the only one to know about her but back to me I hate people I just wish they would all die but I did cut myself many times and also pointed a knife at someone but anyway this disorder can be very bad but not for the people ASPD but also for the people who encounter us with ASPD

7 Autism Spectrum Disorders

I have pdd nos which is an autism spectrum disorder and was diagnosed when I was 3 1/2 and now I am 14 People don't notice it in me because I don't have echolalia and I don't have to go to any special needs classes. I have a really hard time expressing my thoughts out loud and even on paper. As I am writing this I don't really even know what to write. When I get super mad and feel the need to shout something, I don't know what to say. I also have very hard time understanding emotions. I don't know why someone would rather be happy than sad. To me, their kinda just the same. I get both emotions obviously, but I can't really understand them. I have a lack of empathy which is something people get confused with sympathy. Sympathy is feeling for someone while empathy is feeling with someone. For example, sympathy is feeling bad for someone when they are having a bad day while empathy is feeling good because you made someone happy. When I do good things to others I don't feel happy with ...more

I have pdd nos which is an autism specturm disorder and was diagnosed when I was 3 1/2 and now I am 14. People don't notice it in me because I don't have echolalia and I don't have to go to any special needs classes. I have a really hard time expressing my thoughts out loud and even on paper. As I am writing this I don't really even know what to write. When I get super mad and feel the need to shout something, I don't know what to say. I also have very hard time understanding emotions. I don't know why someone would rather be happy than sad. To me, their kinda just the same. I get both emotions obviously, but I can't really understand them. I have a lack of empathy which is something people get confused with sympathy. Sympathy is feeling for someone while empathy is feeling with someone. For example, sympathy is feeling bad for someone when they are having a bad day while empathy is feeling good because you made someone happy. When I do good things to others I don't feel happy with ...more

I have autism. If you don't, just imagine this. You are in a world, where when things change, you can't change. And when it come to just basic communication, it is horrible. It's hard to make friends because you don't know what to say, and it's almost impossible to get a boy/girlfriend because you just freeze when you try to say something. I only have a medium-light autism, which isn't the worst thing in the world, but someone in my class has a very heavy version, and can barely talk, and has stayed back a lot of years. If you are looking at the heavy side of autism, it should be at least number 3, and even the medium light version I have is terrible. I do have friends, but they came very slowly, and I have never had a girlfriend and probably won't for a couple more years. Although it has all of these bad effects, there are also some good ones. You can remember things much better, but it's not always the things you want to remember. The worst part about autism is that people think ...more

I have Asperger Syndrome.. It's terrible. I think this should be #3 and OCD should be #5. If you have insomnia as a normal person you might hallucinate a little. But without enough sleep while having Asperger Syndrome it's a ridiculous amount of hallucinations and different things. Just imagine being so lethargic (lazy) you don't want to even leave your house and don't often. Imagine trying as hard as possible and only getting failing grades. Imagine dark and demonic hallucinations just because you didn't sleep for 8 hr or longer. It's terrible. I can't carry anything without dropping, breaking, or spilling it. I can rarely get my self food because of how clutsy I am. I'm so uncoordinated that almost every time I step into the hallway at school I repeatedly trip over myself. I can't see myself playing sports because any time someone tells me to do something I'm confused. They can explain over and over and it confuses me. I basically also have no goals, motivation, empathy, or ...more

8 Multiple Personality Disorder

I have multiple personality disorder and I believe it should be#2 on this list I have 3 alternate personalities besides me and its hell having this disorder because one minuet your fine and your you then the next thing you know its been days or weeks that another personality has been out and you didn't even kniw it was happening. One of my alternates would cut my arms from my wrist half way down my arm both arms and my mom or husband would find me just laying and the bathroom now I can't even stand a paper cut so I know I couldn't do that to myself so it would be days or maybe the next day I would come back too and my arms would be wrapped up and hurting and burning so bad and I didn't know what was going on, that same alternate made me overdose and be and a coma for 11 days it just caused harm to me. My protective alternate Hannah she comes out when something is too hard or difficult for me or my mind too handle then she comes out to deal with the conflict and usually causes more ...more

It's now called Dissociative identity disorder. I personally believe it should be higher. All mental illnesses are bad but some of the illnesses ahead of this are side effects of this disorder. It's hell because you feel trapped inside, you can't trust anyone especially yourself. You could seriously hurt someone or yourself. I'm not sure the exact statistics but people with this disorder have one of the highest suicide numbers among mental illnesses.

I don't know how having this is like, but I remember watching YouTube videos interviewing a woman, Christine Costner Sizemore, about her experiences with it. I did some more poking around on her and she wrote books and even made a movie about her experiences with MPD - TwilightKitsune

This should be above where it is. It's like you constantly don't know what you're going to do next. It's hard to cope because you never know who you are or how much you hurt the people you love. No one understands. It's Living Hall.

9 Anxiety Disorders

Basically imagine that feeling you have when your about to fall out of a chair but you don't quite. That's what it's like to have a panic attack but for much much longer. And if you have anxiety you can have quite a few of those a week. These disorders can drive you crazy. I was diagnosed with it when I was 6 and I wouldn't eat, drink, sleep, or go anywhere just because of the fear of the unknown. I almost had to get fed with IVs because I wouldn't eat and it was so horrible! No matter what I ever get this will always be the worst because I can't get it to go away. I'm 11 now and it's gotten a little better, I eat now, but still. The stuff that lives in my brain is worse than any creature in this planet. People can't really understand the stuff people with anxiety go through. Because there is no way to know what it's like until you've had it, and once you've had it there's no way to really shake it and it lives with you forever. If I could wish for one thing in the world it would be ...more

I have had anxiety my entire life. Since I was a kid. We first thought I was just shy but when I started getting panic attacks we looked into it. It's like that feeling when you fall backwards on a chair, that quick 3 second feeling you get, your heart races, you can't breathe, you break out in a sweat, you feel like you're drowning-except it obviously much longer. Talking to people is a chore, leaving the house is a chore, going shopping doing normal things and having people tell you to 'just get up' is awful. Finding support can be hard and anxiety in general is terrible. You never know when its coming, it just comes and it leads to things like depression, OCD and insomnia. I spend nights crying and stressing, having panic attacks all alone in my room. Crying at school and avoiding everything. I can't have fun when I go places because I fear people will judge me.

It's not the worst, but I'm currently a victim of Anxiety Disorder, mostly Social Anxiety. It just sucks, it's like-
Just read the comments below mine.

I've had this since birth, but I only found out about 6 months ago. When I look back, I now believe that I have had this since birth. I thought it was normal to have felt the feelings that I did, but most people would always outdo me in everything the slightest bit nerve-wracking. I am 14 now, and in my case, it is not really that bad, considering what I have heard from other people. I have a moderate-severe level and I find that to be terrible. I can't even imagine the people who have this but on a much more severe level. Before, I thought that I was just more careful, but even the most careful of people would outdo me. It takes literally 30 minutes to jump off of an 8-foot ledge. It literally took 30 minutes to convince me to do that. Plus, I have a phobia of heights, so yeah. I can't go higher than 20 feet without getting nervous. Like one person before me said, NO ONE DESERVES THIS! - Gynidz

10 Misophonia

I've had this ever since I was 5, and it has tormented my life to the fullest. I stopped eating with my parents, I couldn't even be in the same room as them without earplugs. I go everywhere with earplugs, and as for school I have my own classroom that I spend 80% of the time in except for when I'm getting instructions from teachers. People annoy me so much, with so many sounds and even more sounds that come every year. At the age 15 I obtained a repetitive tick, whenever someone makes a sound I have to make it right after so It doesn't torment my mind that much. Eventually though students catch on and start making the sounds on purpose because they find it funny. With that being said I sill can't tell many people, afraid that they would call me a drama queen or it's not a real disorder. Or how they compare to them not liking a few sounds to what I have, which is not comparable. When these sounds get repetitive this huge urge to kill the person is unbearable, I feel disgusted with ...more

I have Misophonia along with a little Autism (further down the list). Let me just say it's tough and it's a huge burden. I have been to SEVERAL behavioral hospitals before my mom could figure out what was wrong with me, even after I've been to lots of them. My sadistic father always tormented me about it. Once someone finds out you have Misophonia, they'll start making noises on purpose. I scare myself and I'm always isolated from everyone and everything. Yes, people have been quite retarded about the fact I can't tolerate noises. Every time someone made a noise or did something (purpose AND accident) I physically attacked them. It's not like a really had control over myself, you wouldn't believe the anger and emotion that just erupts and explodes. There's always screaming. There are so many holes in my walls. All I hear from people are noises that bring out my monster. Just because you haven't heard of it, DOES NOT mean I don't have Misophonia.

MISOPHONIA: When everything is ...more

I've had a problem with this condition my entire life. When I was little, I would have panic attacks if my parents took me to a loud place. One time, when I was four, during a firework show, I ran away. Now I avoid movie theaters and hate going to restaurants because the sound is unbearable. I don't like sitting with friends because I start to get overwhelmed. I'll start having angry outbursts when I hear someone smacking or breathing too loudly, and I get the impulse to strangle them. This disorder is both annoying and depressing.

I have had misophonia since I was 12 now and from a year of having it you learn a lot. I can't eat with my family at dinner time, I can't sit and share snacks with my friends at sleepovers. The amount of anger that immediately comes from deep inside me, I can't handle. I get told off for getting wound up by small sounds at the dinner table, I've been laughed at for crying in pain that it deeply upsets me to hear things like hat. And when I meet someone who understands I will be so happy because I have felt so alone for months and it's not helping.

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11 SchizoAffective Disorder

It's horrible, by far the hardest struggle I've dealt with in my life, and I'm only 20.

Its like being tied to a chair and tortured your entire life. By midgets. Constant yammering auditory hallucinations who spend their time telling you they can steal your personality traits and characteristics. I walk around with a headache all day and sometimes have trouble concentrating. You can't really hear or see perfectly all the time either if the hallucinations become too powerful.

I noticed that a lot of the time the stuff they're saying has a significance to the present or obvious future. Usually they'll jay embarrass me but I can usually find a good reason for what they're talking about in the room. That's how I always know it's a delusion. My brain seems to know what going on, but for some reason it has to talk constantly.

If I get nervous or feel the pressure of anxiety my brain picks extreme topics to hallucinate about like terrorism or violence, or sometimes character defects. I can't always feel everything with my body like walking or moving. And sometimes ...more

My father had this and I was misdiagnosed with this, though suffering terribly from a condition affecting my brain that required physical meds, not psych meds. This made my father paranoid, depressed, sudden unexpected ups with destructively wasteful spending and confusing positivity for his kids when at other times he would be raging (likely PTSD and BPD, too; he wanted to build a survivalist bunker back in the 90s and owned an arsenal, guns everywhere. Stocked up weekly for the apocalypse at the grocery store. He tapped our phones and required our house lighting be on a certain way so we couldn't use morse code to contact for help. His moods were unpredictable and sometimes short and sometimes lengthy. He was an alcoholic to help cope.

His obsession with extremist talk radio and plans to move to the Cayman Islands (all sorts of information on real estate there and building up new businesses there -- he was self employed). He suffered greatly with momentary breakthroughs where ...more

This disorder doesn't have as many votes as the others because it doesn't receive as much attention in the news or media. I actually have bipolar 1, which has been terrible for me. I've spent five months of my life psychotic, been involuntarily committed three times due to severe mania, and have had years of depression. I've lost nearly everything I've valued in life due to this illness. I could vote for my illness, and also for scizophrenia, as my grandma had that disorder and I can see how it devastated her life, but schizoaffective disorder is a combination of the two. I have periods of normalcy between my manias and depressions, and my grandma didn't have to deal with the mood swings. I only have psychosis when I'm manic, but those suffering from schizoaffective disorder can have psychosis even when they are not manic or depressed. It's not as well known as the others, but I imagine schizoaffective disorder is the worst.

12 Sleep Paralysis

During REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, which is when we have dreams, the brain released a chemical that freezes your body. (I don't remember why.) Sleep paralysis occurs when an individual is half awake during REM sleep. Since you cannot move or speak, you are temporarily paralyzed. Since we experience dreams during REM sleep, the individual has visions. Reports say that victims say that they hear voices, or see paranormal creatures. Such as demons. Some also report having the feeling of flying, or being dragged out of bed. And noises such as hissing, zapping, or humming can also be experienced. Some cases of sleep paralysis are sleep deprivation, phycological stress, or abnormal sleeping cycles. - LordDovahkiin

Sleep paralysis is scary. I remember having it once before. I woke up at like four in the morning, when I realized that I couldn't move. I thought it would ware away after a few seconds but it didn't. I started hearing really loud whispers then I started to see things. It was like a shadow was hiding behind one of the walls and was just staring at me. I wanted to scream but I couldn't. I couldn't even talk. In that moment I felt like I was gonna die. But the worst feeling was that I was really tired but I couldn't fall asleep because I thought that if I slept I would die. Sleep paralysis is one of the most scary experiences I had ever experienced.

This isn't a mental illness. It can happen to anyone. - LordDovahkiin

I have been suffering severely from this mental condition for over a year now and it is terrifying. I can't sleep or I will die. Help me.

13 Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

I can't believe this isn't up higher. The worst thing about PTSD is that it is a never ending disorder. All day I swivel my head back and forth and always assume the worst things are going to happen to everyone around me. It makes it impossible to get close to people, because the closer I get the more fearful I become I will lose them. You never know when your trigger will appear and when it does it can throw you out of your life for days at a time. I'm scared to get out of bed everyday because I'm afraid of the world. I have insomnia that is linked to PTSD and all I can do all night is think of all the different scenarios in which the people I love will die. I'm always exhausted but I still do things to be safe. I check everyone at all times to make sure everyone is safe, and it kills me when my friends do even little things like ride without a seatbelt on. The flashbacks can be debilitating and come with no warning. During a test, a conversation with a friend, at work talking to ...more

This disorder is crazy! I was into psychology until I saw this! I have PSD... I am 12 years old and I am so afraid of my loved ones to die... I'm afraid to lose them... This is just plain hell! I sleep every night thinking about my loved ones if they die and I will cry... its almost everyday! This is one of my worst experience! I feel like losing my mom because she always gets mad at me for small reasons I just cannot handle but cry thinking what if she leaves me? What if she loves him more than me? (I have no dad but my mom has a boyfriend) I love my family and friends but I don't feel it anymore... I can't feel anything but sadness and anger inside... and yes I laugh but only in the outside. Life is meaningless with these.

My mom has it. Its horrible its like a mix of every other mental illness all in one

My dad has Complex PTSD which is worse because it comes with a hole lot of other things too. This should be at the top with schizophrenia and bipolar. He has had it for about 13-14 years now and the doctors don't do much for him. He got it from a horrible childhood where his family mentally and physically abused him. It is one of the worst things you could ever live with and it's untreatable. I am lucky to have him though because most people what it just commit suicide. It is also worse with people who get it from childhood not a soldier in the war because soldiers get it from soldiers so they have been trained to kill where's just getting it from a bad childhood is way worse. It's horrible for anyone still I'm not saying that it's not horrible for soldiers. But my dad was diagnosed with it when I was scolded in hospital and almost died in 2003 where he got flashbacks from his childhood. He also has obsessive compulsive disorder, fibromyalgia, severe depression and a huge list of ...more

14 Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are basically replacing difficult emotions(which are held in the core the way) with something tangible- food. Someone with ED may say they are full, but they are really full of emotion, and eating creates stimulation of the vagus nerve which connects the brain to the stomach, thus feeling painful emotion and then restricting to feel better. I've had anorexia for 3 years and it has been the hardest thing to live through. It feels like being possessed by a monster that tells you not to eat, that you are fat, unloved, worthless, etc. It's avoiding people, parties, and holidays because you know there will be food and you're TERRIFIED of it. Its not being able to sit in hard chairs or wear revealing clothes due to such low body fat. Eating disorders are similar to addiction in the way the brain processes, but it is much more difficult to live with. First off, the high I get from losing weight is so much better than any I've gotten with drugs, which makes it harder to give ...more

Eating disorders slowly kill you. Everyday is a struggle. Stepping on the scaled multiple times a day and crying at your reflection in the mirror becomes at daily routine. Eating disorders are such a painful experience and are very difficult to recover from. When you have an eating disorder it is very difficult to talk about. I had been thinking about telling a friend about my eating disorder for a long time because it was so hard to keep it all to myself and I felt so alone. I remember one night my friend slept over and we were having a deep conversation in the middle of the night. We were drunk and she asked me what one thing that no one knew about me that I keep secret. Immediately my eating disorder popper in my head but I hesitated. I told her I didn't have one and she said she didn't believe me. I will never forget that feeling of how hard it was to talk about my bulimia out loud. In some cases even drugs can't help. One time I remember I was really high and I got the munchies. ...more

They are always that silent killer. There's always early signs, that are often thrown off as 'just growing up, losing baby fat, trying to get healthy' but until it's physically present- it's so easy to ignore and hide. Often you are oblivious to ever having it, until it's consumed you completely. I didn't realize there was anything actually wrong with me at all, I didn't even really know what it was. My parents waited until I was 8 stone and started asking me if I was bulimic. And I had no idea what bulimia was, I just thought the only type of eating disorder was one where you starved or threw up. And I hadn't given any of them any thought, I'd never really seen anyone with one-besides celebrities. Maybe because I thought they didn't effect me. Well if everyone had that attitude we'd be living in ignorance, I realise now. Besides all these mental disorders, ignorance is the biggest killer.

When I was 12 I developed Anorexia, an eating disorder. Anorexia is like having this voice inside your mind that tells you you are not good enough. That no matter how thin you are, you are fat and you are disgusting. It controls your life in a way that destroys you. It forces you to starve yourself and learn to love feeling hungry because you'll finally feel even the slightest bit thinner. It makes you cry and cry yourself to sleep, obsessing over your image in the mirror and the numbers on the scale. Getting this dizzying rush of happiness you get when someone calls you thin, even if they are concerned. I would hurt myself on some of my worst days, because "I was so disgusting and fat for eating 'so much', I deserved it".The thing with Anorexia is, it haunts you. Even after you come back from its deep hold, and become that healthy weight again, its still there. It always lurks in the back of your mind. No matter how many compliments you get, it will whisper in your ear that they are ...more

15 Clinical Depression

This should be higher! My best friend from grade 1-4 had clinical depression, and it was painful having to hear him say "I don't need to live" he was called fat by some idiots back in 2015! even though he was a little tall for his age. He wasn't depressed until last year, where he was quite moody sometimes. I asked what the problem was and he told me he was diagnosed with clinical depression. This is where I started to feel bad, really bad. Every day he was in a bad mood, I was concerned and kind of scared of what he'll do in the future. I really didn't want one of my best friends to commit suicide! I would be really sad if he did. whenever he was angry, he would have meltdowns about certain things such as people judging and torturing him. I tried not to feel emotional because I didn't wanna hear things like that! He hated my second best friend (AJ) because he told him something about Jeff The Killer. I don't wanna talk about that because that'll upset AJ (if he's reading this) ...more

It's probably one of the worst things that has happened to me. Wanting to get out of the bed is tough, and going through the day is even worse. I am at a constant battle with my mind, where it's always my mind that wins. I feel worthless, ugly, and a failure. It isn't all fun and games which can be solved by love as shown in so many movies. It does include the stereotypical body insecurities, but also much more. Insecurities about whether I do have a future, am I even cared for, do I even matter, my looks, my personality, my intelligence and EVERY damn thing there is to think about. It forces me to do self harm, and I feel like I am doing the right thing by punishing myself. Yes, there are suicidal thoughts too, and they grow worse as the days pass on. My studies are affected, my social life is affected, all of it, negatively.
It's incredibly hard to talk to people about it, mainly because more than half of the time they don't believe you. But yeah, depression doesn't look at ...more

I have a friend who has this, and the only reason people aren't writing a comment on Clinical depression is probably because they haven't had it... and that's why there aren't many comments...

It's a horrible illness I've had it most of my life it can bring you to the brink of suicide

16 Down Syndrome

I have down syndrome but it is okay because I was gifted with a gigantic Weiner. Thanks lord.

Should have been aborted lad

Lol what now? You were gifted with WHAT?! lol


17 Dissociative Identity Disorder

Feels like a bad trip, but it doesn't go away and you have to act normal around people even though you're not really there. Nothing feels real, everything looks like you're looking through a glass bowl, you can't understand what people say to you, you can't remember what you just did. Flourescent lights, people, anxiety, excitement, changes in environment trigger my symptoms. Sometimes I just wake up with it. Most people have it coexisting with another disorder... mine's bipolar depression. It turns your world up side down. You lose your future because you don't really exist anymore. How can you work, have children, even clean the house if you are not really here?

I have anxiety that later was followed by DID. Probably one of the most difficult disorders to explain, it's like nothing is real, you're just in a dream. It's difficult to think straight and it's horrifying. I always have panic attacks while experiencing this because I don't feel in control, I feel like I'll mess something up because I have no idea what's happening but at the same time I know everything that is happening and I can't do anything about it. This disorder gives me grief because I am a dancer and whenever I am performing this happens and it's horrible because my mind just blanks yet my body keeps moving. The only perfect description I can think of, it's like a zone out, or you're just watching yourself from a screen. I get this on and off thr. oughout the day and then can't even remember what "normal mode" feels like. Whenever this is happening it sucks because I don't feel like I'm actually experiencing the things I am. I hope my description helped your understandings.

I personally have many of these problems and feel as if my life is a dream. It all feels staged and fake.

This is like if you have no personnality, you just have you, the robot who does whats it's socially right to do, and the other, the alter-ego, who is psychadelic and totally empty, like a black hole in your head, no conscience no thougths, just an intuitive fear that paralyzes you. So all your memories or looks like someone else's or horror, and you feel bad because all the people your supposed to love, you can't feel anything for them, it's not you, and you don't even have the impression they're real, all is just a dream, but you can't wake up, never ever. This should definitely be number one.

18 Psychosis

Well, I think it is not quite as severe as schizophrenia, considering this is the symptom of it, but this still is awful. It is considered critical, too. I used to have these episodes due to faulty medication, and remembered none of them. I was violent, unresponsive, delusional, immature, all of that. Worse? They could not help because of my hostility! Though schizophrenia is obviously worse (most severe mental illness people), this still is awwwful.

This should be at the top with its relative, Schizophrenia. This disease is known to less, but has the same and sometimes worse effects as Schizophrenia. When people go through Psychosis, they can have trouble finding what is the real world and what is not. Some people with this disease have even felt safer when dreaming or asleep because the constant noise and hallucinations are not there when they are. The noise can be something as minimal as a small periodic buzzing, to a gruesome voice telling you to kill yourself. Psychosis should not be underestimated and can cause ¨insanity¨. A person with Psychosis can keep it hidden for years before accepting it or telling someone. And even if they want to tell someone, they may not be able to tell who to trust or open up to.

I apparently have this disorder. Perhaps on a good day, such as today, I will agree with you. Yes, I have psychosis. But when everyone (the "hallucinations") are talking to me it's hard to ignore them and act normally; when they're poking me in class and telling me that the teacher is going to kill us all or that I'll fail my classes, obviously it's distressing. I've had these "symptoms" since I was about 7, now I'm 15. The disorder can hurt, physically and mentally, it can be cunning and confusing and down right evil. I often cannot even tell what I made up and what's real, it's the same to me; but nobody can see it, my pain isn't even real.

Though it is one of the lesser known disorders, this is very scary to have. It is like schizophrenia, but the victim can not tell what's real and what isn't

19 Depersonalization Disorder

The living dead in real life.

I do not know how in Gods name this is not higher on this list. I have suffered with this for about 4 years and all I can tell you is I equal it to living in hell. I believe it to be right next to Schizophrenia if not worse because nothing can help this disorder. Your entire perspective of life is totally changed. I don't even know what it feels like to feel normal or real because I have no memory of those times. Sometimes I wake up and look around and I cannot believe what I am seeing. I freak out and have a panic attack. This disorder has caused me 2-3 panic attacks a day. I feel like my heart constantly stops and I am always in fear for my life. Nothing helps and I believe I will be stuck like this forever.

This is by far the worst disorder I have experienced. I have severe anxiety and depression. One time at school I was doing nothing and was just daydreaming about the things I want to achieve in life. Instead of me fulfilling it at real life, I imagine having it in my mind. So I have this world that I created in my mind, which is very scary. This made me view my perception of reality in a very different way. I felt I was not in my body, I felt my body was distorted and wasn't 'right'. I was emotionally detached when talking to my family or friends, I lost lots of friends. Everything seemed 2 dimensional and blurry, my whole body gets numb. This just increased my anxiety more. I even have this 'out-of-body' experiences and I feel that I'm watching myself above and yeah... It's very scary. I have these episodes for like aost everyday and it's really distressing and it affects my relationship with my friends. Made me even feel more depressed because I thought I was 'crazy'. For me, this ...more

I have Anxiety, Autism, and Bipolar disorder but I find this horrifying. The best way I could describe it is living dead. Everyone with it experiences It differently but I have it to the point where it never gets better. It feels like I died a long time ago or I'm trapped in a dream. I lost all motivation and became apathetic. It cuts off my focus and concentration. It made me very suicidal and emotionless. I hurt the people close to me by not caring about them and ignoring them. It really sucks like every mental illness but I feel it's very hard to relate to if you don't have it.

20 Münchausen syndrome by proxy

I'm the victim of my mother's Münchhausen Syndrome by proxy and it has left me with a multitude of mental illnesses such as PTSD and even more false diagnoses. Her chosen method was a bit unconventional in the fact that she favored manipulating my mental health than anything physical. Since I was a child I've suffered from chronic depression and anxiety and as I got older it really started to take a toll on me which she so conveniently utilized to force me into a series of forced psychiatric hospital stays. Some of those stays lasting well over a month because my mother refused to take me home insisting I was still a danger to myself. One of the most damaging false diagnoses I received was SchizoAffective Disorder when my mom decided to tell the psychiatrist I was seeing I heard voices. I was placed on so many medications the exacerbated my depression and left me with crippling side effects and they refused to take me off the medications. Any time I met a therapist or a psychiatrist ...more

This mental illness should be in the top tens. It's a really bad one. Parents with this disorder try to make their kids sick just for attention. There are dozens of crimes of parents making their kids sick and killing them

Munchausen's by proxy is like hidden child abuse that no one notices until it's too late. It is so sad not just for the child but for the parent/guardian/carer whoever.

Worse than schizophrenia

21 Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Normal anxiety is usually confused with this. It is just so not the same. I was diagnosed with GAD some time ago, and it has been one of the hardest things I've ever been through. It is like a bee, buzzing inside your head every single minute of your day, reminding you how trapped you are. Symptoms vary from person to person, but I think they are all similar in the way that they are like your own personal hell. For me, it reminded me that no body really took me seriously, and nobody really tried to understand the way I felt, always accusing my thoughts and feelings of being way too teenagerish. So, when the first anxiety I ever had, came, my closest ones just thought I was being weak, sensible, irrational. I thought it was over, but then the attacks came back, again and again, and all I could do was cry my eyes out all night, because I was alone and nobody understood. Normally, after experiencing the attack, I left the room I used for crying, and looked for my parents and the ...more

I was diagnosed with this when I was ten or eleven. It caused me to become physically sick and develop several phobias, many of which I'm still dealing with today. I think my first and worst fear was vomit, which I developed somewhere from age six to eight. I also become physically sick or face intense fear when faced with corners I have to turn (spooked easily because of ADHD, had it all my life), sexual intercourse (feels like committing an unpardonable sin, caused by upbringing, developed around age 12 when I became sexually active), elevators (thanks to the Rockefeller building, developed at age 15), or anything with a steep uphill climb. When I was younger, I had a fear of being left alone, so much to where I would sleep under my youngest sister's bed without her knowledge so I could actually drift off. I think I was desensitized to that by having to be alone for long periods of time. I am currently 19 and attending college as a junior this year. I have my own psychiatrist now, ...more

I have Gad, it's like living a prison. I worry about everything and I can't control them. When I'm at school I don't do anything because I'm so afraid of failing it or doing it wrong, when my mom is late from work I start worrying she got into a car accident, I constantly watch my family members pretty much every single minute I have them just so I make sure they don't die. I lost a lot of friends because of this, they refer me as a "whiny 8 year old" because of my mental illness, very hard to live with. Sometimes I start thinking I don't even deserve a place on earth

If your friends call you a "whiny 8 year old" because of something you can't really control, then they are probably crappy friends.

I live with anxiety everyday, no medication works. Unlike other mental illnesses you can use medication and it might actually do something.
I have never worked, I don't go out, I'm 20 and I've been like this for years. School was a nightmare. Everything is a nightmare. I can't eat normally, I have insomnia because of it, it constantly feels like I'm dying.
I think everyone hates me because I can't do things, no one talks to you, or even cares about how you feel because it's not a "real illnesses".
My doctor is useless and refuses to help.
Sleeping tablets don't work! I've tried so many and they just ware of after a couple days.

Listening to music might help. It has GREATLY decreased my anxiety without any MEDS. It might not work for you though, and it's just a suggestion. - MusicalPony

22 Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

I have ADHD. I struggle with paying attention in school or discussions because I keep daydreaming and the stuff is too boring. I get bad grades in school because of ADHD. And I keep procrastinating in homework because I'm always on other websites (I'm writing this comment while homework now, LOL). I try to focus in homework, but I just can't. I've tried a few times but got distracted easily. I'm always on websites slacking off and losing free time. I also get distracted by noise around me. I have to go to this boring special "help" class after school and I get pulled out of class twice a week. I'm also very antisocial in school as I don't have much friends. I wish that I was a normal kid. :'(

I have ADHD too. People say it isn't that bad or it's easy. If I hear any noise that's all I concentrate on because I can't focus on more than one thing at once. I also have an awful temper to the point of a lot of suspension for violence and threatened to be expelled and arrested. People will put a lot of pressure on me and make me try as fast as possible to get work done and I can't do it. I often fail classes and in total have failed 20+ classes in my life. Around 10 it was part of the cause of my suicidal attempt and I've had 4 so far after that. It has led me to become Psychotically Depressed. Psychotic Depression is awful. Considering even the littlest amount of depression is living hell. It has caused insomnia so I can no longer sleep at night and get about 2 in the day. I'm inside almost 24/7 and don't speak to people often. I have had moments where I get up and start pacing and thinking of killing myself and planning it out. Like I said I've tried 4 times. I've also tried ...more

Adhd was the reason why I am depressed

A one-way trip to insanity, you lose your mind, your hope, your soul, your mind flies off to mars and your common sense is shattered. You have no idea what's going on, nobody understands, constant hallucinations that you can't really see, but also CAN see in your mind, a result of an overloaded, way too imaginative mind. People treat you like you know nothing. Always in the lower education groups because you fail to pay attention, but your mind has... well... A MIND of its own. - An 11-year-old ADHD sufferer

23 Tourette Syndrome

I have had Tourettes since I was four. It is a terrible thing. Imagine you got bitten by a mosquito. You want to scratch, but you know if you do, you'll start bleeding, but you want to scratch so badly! That's how I describe my Tourettes. You want to tic because the urge is taking over all of your thoughts. But you know that you might hurt yourself or make other people stare at you.
This disorder is extremely common, but so many people don't know about it. And if they do, they might stereotype it as "the cursing syndrome", even though cursing is rare and motor tics are common. I remember I would make all of these movements with my face, and it would weird me out because I had little control over it. The doctor told me I had Tourettes. When I was eleven, I had begun to have vocal tics, and it only gets worse with stress. I'm not surprised Tourettes was low in rating, because not too many people know about it. But in my opinion, there should be more awareness for this disorder, ...more

This shouldn't even be this far down.. None of this is our choice. Tourettes Syndrome will drive a person crazy. We have control of everything else we do, Why can't we control this? Absolutely hard to handle, especially if we feel anxious or frustrated.

Just to say, took me 20 minutes to write this.

Imagine getting the idea to scream. With Touretts you will feel uncomfortable until you do. You could feel cold muscle aces even nauseous until you do. When you do if you are in a school like me you can get in trouble. I have had it since I was 4 I am now 17 and I am still teased.

24 Narcissistic Personality Disorder

I always was called out by my mom because I lacked empathy, had a huge ego, and thought I was better than everyone else. I craved attention, and those girls in my classes who got it instead of me were instantly on my list of hatred. I'm extremely sensitive, and I need others to constantly compliment me to make me feel better about myself. It really does suck, because all I've done is just speak without thinking and then ruin my chances of getting any new friends. I don't even know if I have the personality disorder, to be honest. Whenever I tell my parents about it, they say that I'm only overreacting. My dad said that a narcissist only cares about them-self, and he says that I'm far from it. But, I really do care only about myself, little about others, and it makes me feel horrible. People call me a narcissist all of the time, but I don't want to believe it. I'm only 13. Maybe I'm just highly insecure.

I consider myself a narcissist, I lack all empathy, remorse, and most of all guilt. I find it very easy to make fake emotional connections to people around me and just cut them off and end them without a second thought. I think of everyone else in the world as a pawn for my games. I am extremely intelligent and have an inflated ego but ONLY because people always call me attractive. I can fake emotions effectively, and do so to manipulate and lie. My romantic relationships mean nothing to me, they are again just a pawn in my games in order to get something or for them to do something for me.

I had a brother with this personality disorder. He was a nightmare, he barely really cared about anyone, he's jealous of pretty much everyone who has a better life than him and he tries everything to prove he's better than them

Friend has this. He's jealous of everyone yet he has had awesome girlfriends and just not messaged them back. It's like he loaths his existence without depression weird. But he's my bro. Little booze will solve it!

25 Fatal Familial Insomnia

Personally it sucks and I'm most of the time tired at all times of the day it stops me from functioning normally and makes it harder in school I hope nobody has it but it's hard to tell such a big lie to yourself

I don't have this but I feel sorry for people that have this. - Soulstealer

Wouldn't it be horrifying to want to sleep, but not be able to, and this continues until you are dead? I feel sorry for everyone that has it. - Winterush

26 Schizoid Personality Disorder

I have spd and all I really want to do is be alone because then I don't have to be anything. I'm only 18, life is going slow and I'm tired of not feeling anything, sometimes its great because nothing can phase me, but its just like floating through life, no dreams or ambitions, all I'm doing is waiting to die or waiting to be alone again. when my friends tell me how much they love me, I just sit there and stare them in the eyes and I don't feel anything at all, all I say is 'i love you too even though I don't feel anything' I don't know what else to say I don't wanna be mean but its hard because I have to fake everything I feel, and exaggerate feelings in some situations, I wish I didn't have to do this, I wish I could connect with people and understand that they like me.

It sucks, but at the same time, it's not that bad (at least for me). I've been told by my therapist that I have SPD, and honestly, I'm not surprised at all, after learning what it is. For me, it's like all my emotions are just different shades of gray in a black and white image that is my life. Some days are nice, and I feel 'happy'; those are the lighter parts, and other times it's like someone took a dimmer and made everything darker. Good things aren't as good, and bad things are even worse.
I went skydiving, and it had been my dream for almost six years, and when I was done, I didn't feel excited. I didn't feel giddy. I wasn't happy. I honestly could've been turned away and felt about the same as I did after I jumped. My family was there, so of course I had to act excited. I smiled, I laughed, I told everyone that they should try it one day. But I didn't feel really anything. It was like, "Oh, okay. It's over."
When my little sister dislocated her elbow in a go-cart ...more

Tell me, how were you diagnosed? Did someone take you to therapy realizing something is wrong? - JakePlaid

27 Panic Disorder

Panic attacks are dreadful. After they started getting more frequently (4+ panic attacks a day, starting right after waking up) I get suicidal thoughts. It feels like you're becoming crazy, losing control, sometimes I was sure I was dying. Couldn't leave the house anymore, I was so afraid getting an attack while doing grocery shopping or just taking a stroll.

Every once in a while I get panic attacks.

I had panic attacks in the past and I afraid to be center of attention (i want to) but I scared to feel the attacks, I might die etc.

I can't go to sleep and I've wanted to die because this ruins everything

28 Alzheimer's

How is this not number 1? People slowly lose their memory and cognitive ability and die within 3 to 20 years. This disorder literally makes your brain wither away.

My great uncle has Alzheimer's and as at his last state. Whenever my cousin walked in, he couldn't remember his name, but he knew he liked horses, so he would imitate a horse to make him happy. I can't sleep at night thinking about him, how much life experience he's loosing, all the moments he had with us are just fading away. I hate Alzheimer's more than anything in the world. I'm spending as much time with him as I can and donating to the cause as much as I can to deteriorate this hellspawned condition.

Schizophrenia looks good compared to this. What's wrong with you people, leaving this at 40

It just gets worse and worse

29 Empathy Deficit Disorder

It's hard to explain sort of you still care for others it just you don't feel empathetic I don't know to be honest I suffer form it and it's still hard to explain...

It's not that I don't care about other people, but I just do not feel any amount of empathy for anyone.

30 Bulimia Nervosa

There is not "recovered" from bulimia ; every day you are recovering. It's seeing food in two extreme categories, those which are bad that are high in calories or hard to purge, or those that are good that are low in calories and easy to purge. Once Bulimia gets you in the cycle, you feel like you can't stop. I'm afraid to drink alcohol for fear of throwing up unintentionally and going into cardiac arrest because my heart is so weak from all of the times I purged. I'm ashamed at the countless lies I've told friends and family just to protect Bulimia.

People think only skinny models who throws up everything they eat have bulimia, but you can never know who has it - you can have bulimia at any weight. Those who suffers from it will suffer in silence until they recover or die from a heart attack. They spend their lives binging, purging, binging, purging and hating themselves for not having any control. There should really be more focus on this.

Even if you have recovered from it, every time you brush your teeth or smile your teeth bring it back

Bulimia nervosa is a eating disorder that causes one to binge eat. Source: (wikipedia.org)

31 Psychotic Depression

I had this last year I was so down that I couldn't even get away from it I'm my sleep I would hear voice telling to smash my head on something or I would see scarey thing that where not there.
But the worst of it is it took them 5 month to put me in hospital and tell what was going on I thought I could have a brain tremors because no one would help me because it was a busy year and no share befs

Mine was induced by high levels of stress because of a lot of emotionally heavy events in a short time period. I had to juggle my emotions with putting on a brave face for my friend who was battling suicide. I kept having these moments where everything would grey out and I'd see my friend dead in front of me.

Why isn't this higher? It's basically Schizophrenia and Depression put together, but worse. - JakePlaid

Yea this is bad

32 Asperger's Syndrome

Its not too bad

I need to get this off my chest:

MELTDOWNS ARE NOT TEMPER TANTRUMS. I should know, I have ASD. Whenever I have an emotional meltdown, my parents scold me because they think I'm "having a tantrum". That just makes me feel more ashamed of myself.

I have aspergers and it's not bad at all. The only bad thing is all the teachers telling me "do this" or "do that" - venomouskillingmachine

Alright, I have Asperger's Syndrome and it sucks. I am very sensitive to sound and at times I can't control myself. I also repeat my words or my actions the exact same ways at times. It's not the worst thing ever, but it can effect you and people around you.

33 Paranoid Personality Disorder

This disorder destroys the family. It becomes impossible to live with as the disordered person seeks to destroy their spouse for no reason apart from the incorrect paranoid thoughts in their head which they believe are real and no persuasion or proof will change their minds.

Having this disorder can screw up your life. Having this, your paranoia can cause you to lose family members, friends, girlfriends, jobs and so many things just because of this disorder. And FYI it's not the same as Paranoid Schizophrenia, it doesn't make you hallucinate or anything only delusions. And they're enough to mess up your life

It's the worst. This sickness doesn't harm the paranoid person but the close relatives instead. The paranoid person feels fine and safe as long as he or she finds a victim to suck & destroy due to the sick miserable thoughts. Paranoid personality is baaad, it's a mental crime against others. Due to lack of physical proof, the paranoid can run safely with the mental crimes they inflict upon others.

34 Social Anxiety

I'm always hearing people saying that social anxiety is not a real thing, that you're just "shy," but more "severe." NO. Social anxiety is not simply... shyness. It's tensing up whenever someone is whispering near you, you know, in case they're creating rumors about you. It's being afraid to do the most little things, like getting up to sharpen your pencil in the middle of class, or even just talking near people. It's being afraid to even have eye contact, eat in front of people, say something out loud, in case they judge you. It's not being able to simply ask someone to move out of the way, in case they get mad and hate you for the rest of your life, you know? You know?
It's a horribly self-destructive anxiety disorder, to be honest. You're living your life in fear of judgement and hatred, instead of just... living it. Because that is impossible for us.

I could have so many awesome friends and have the best life ever but no.

Social Anxiety is terrible. Every day I go to school and work, and all I can think about are the people around me. I'm on my toes all day in fear that someone is going to say something to me or think badly of me. I don't even want to leave my house. I'm scared of people. The sad part is, I can't get rid of this without talking to a person.
It's just absolutely horrible. At times I would rather be dead than even speak to someone. I panic over the smallest thing with human contact. Making a phone call, asking for help, or even getting someone's attention stresses me out to the point I think I'm going to faint.

Most people need human social interaction to be happy. People with social anxiety crave human social interaction, it's just impossible for them to talk to people normally. It's a very lonely and isolating disorder, and very debilitating when it's severe. I have it and it's just the worst. Going outside can be hard, let alone being a competent member of society. - mariessa

35 Capgras Syndrome


36 Mixed Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder

This disorder ruins your academic life, social life, work life, causes other mental illnesses to.

37 Peter Pan Syndrome

It is a weird and silly name for a syndrome, but its actually far from silly. Its basically if you are an adult, but having insanely hard time getting into adulthood. Examples: You don't take responsibilities in your life, don't get a job and still live with your mother or maybe having kids you barely support. Hell, some people still gets fed by their mother and even still wear diapers, despite being an adult. Or when you have a partner, you spend most of your time playing games thinking your partner can do everything for you like working, caring for the children and cleaning the house. Reasons people can get this syndrome are because of loneliness, gender roles (basically what I said before. When you think your partner can do everything for you and you think you can just abandon adulthood), overprotective parents (when having overprotective parents kids can get very dependent, which will cause the kids to have a hard time to survive on their own and be ready for adulthood), anxiety, ...more

This is awful

"I enjoy staying in Kindergarten"

That is if you are an adult but act as a kid.

38 Schizotypal Personality Disorder

I have schizophrenic first degree relatives and alcoholic parents. These are the only people I have any kind of meaningful connection with. I have gotten to 34 years old with little to no friends. Deep suicidal depressions, social anxiety, paranoid episodes, outbursts of rage at my frustration. Don't fit in anywhere...losing any will I have to even go out the front door, but I look ok...inside I am dying..doesn't seem to be any treatment for this, and I feel I am being treated like it's all in my imagination. It's bad, and contributing nothing to society keeps me down. But hey I get a free pass to go on public transport...woopie doo. It's the only comfort I get, is to travel on a bus as if I have a destination...I don't need to interact with anyone..and when I get to the terminus I can wander anonymous and aimlessly till I kill half the hours in the day, then I can go back to my cold empty apartment..turn on the T.V.. Stay awake and tortured half the night and begin again tomorrow. ...more

I have PDNOS with borderline and schizotypal traits. It is a living hell...I have lost all hope that I can ever live a meaningful life with a significant other because of my own discomfort in relationships - it's almost like a gut reaction for me to withdraw and mistrust. Not to mention the odd quirks and all of the times I have not thought about how my behavior affects others (and how many enemies I have made because of this), having my intentions misunderstood by most because of my abnormal thinking patterns, rubbing people the wrong way just by my very presence and often feeling invisible, extreme social anxiety, and a touch of paranoid ideation. Add emotionally dysregulated, black & white thinking, feelings of shame & worthlessness, and emptiness to that mix, and you literally have me in a
nutshell. And medication doesn't help those who have PDs - it just helps manage the other symptoms that blossom from our living hells...like depression and anxiety

I have schizotypal traits with depression. No atipsychotic or antidepressants have been of much use other than to aid sleep. The worst part is the unease in personal relationships, it keeps me perpetually lonely. I have no support network, and when I go into a paranoid anxious crisis, I am left with no where to turn other than to knock myself out with sleep meds. Any form of human interaction can trigger these episodes, that's why I feel it's one of the worst illnesses to have. It affects all aspects of my life,..really what is life without any relationships, job or social life. Just existing.

I have STPD. Life is hell, I have severe Social Anxiety, and it's not the kind of Social Anxiety you're probably thinking of, it's a different kind, paranoia. I can never meet someone because I'm paranoid they're trying to harm me, I haven't had a friend in 6 years and I'm socially isolated. This disorder also caused me to have severe depression and lose connection with family members

39 Gender Identity Disorder

I have this and I am not sure if it is a mental disorder, but it leads to Anxiety, Depression, and Anger and sometimes I want to kill myself because of this, and sometimes I will not leave the house because I do not want people to see me or I do not want to want to see other people.

Aka transgenders.

40 Intermittent Explosive Disorder

I have autism IED OCD ADD my IED is like the major problem there is

Having this disorder is hell, whenever someone makes me anger or if something would stress me out I would turn into a complete wreck, throwing and breaking objects as well as harshly cussing or attacking others, after the episode I would usually feel extremely depressed and I would have pain in my head or chest. I literally cannot control myself

I was diagnosed with IED when I was 14, usually I'm not allowed to be around others because of it. I've flipped tables over, I've punched through walls and attacked some of my siblings. It really affects my social life because when I'm around my friends or other people they usually stare at me like I'm a maniac. It gets extremely humiliating and embarrassing

It sucks a lot one time my friend grabded my phones me and ran he got about five feet then I tackled him and he fell, and hit his head on concrete, there was a big bump then he looked at me and said It was only a joke

41 Reactive Attachment Disorder
42 Dermatillomania

I've had this since I was ten years old. To put it into perspective when my mom first discovered my skin picking, it looked as though I had chicken pox because it was so bad; that was only in the course of one month. I've been through six therapists and I'm going on my eighth this month, but I will deal with this for the rest of my life. I only really realized the true horror of this disorder when I was sitting on the edge of my bathtub and I picked at my arm and ended up pulling a strip of skin off of my arm instead. That kind of thing stays with you. Everyday I'm told that it's not really self harm, that I must be doing some sort of drug to make me be this way, but it's never been like that; I've done my share of cutting, I've done my share of fasting, of purging, but it's not my thing; I'm a skin picker and that's all I'll ever be. On the bright side I've finally, after five years of therapy, managed to stop picking my legs, feet, hands, and forearms. I've still got a long way and ...more

I don't have it bad in the same way as the person above but I also have Dermatillomania, I considered putting this in OCD because it's technically an OCD disorder but I chose not to because It has its own category. It's pretty much like living life with people thinking you're a meth addict since, see, mine are on my face. I was stuck in a psychiatric clinic at some point and they thought I was on meth, but no, I was just picking my skin. To make matters worse they aren't on my face they're on my breasts, shoulders public region and back. All over. I had a problem with myself when I was in puberty and hair was growing on my pubic region and around my nipples and now I've ended up screwing myself up to the point where I'm too scared to be naked in front of my boyfriend. It's like living life where everyone thinks you're just nervous, that slapping your hand will help stop you, like you're a 'nail biter', but that's not what it's like, I have bald spots in my hair line I try to hide with ...more

I started since I was 6 and could never stop. My parents took me to therapists and doctors and got me stress balls and everything to make me stop. I started to feel ashamed and mad at my self for my mental disorder. A lot of people wouldn't touch my hands because of my disorder and I became sad and depressed. I would do it when I was nervous and really just on a daily bases. I still do it today.

I have dermatillomania and it is awful. I pill the skin off my finger, lips, inside of mouth, feet, and my arms. I can hardly hold a pencil or kiss anybody without extreme pain. It hurts so bad when you shower, the soap and even the water burns you because you have only one layer of skin. You pick and pick the skin off of yourself all day long. Most times you don't even notice that you are doing it. People will point it out to me that my fingers are constantly bleeding so I brush it off like its no big deal but in reality it is the worst feeling to have people point it out all day long.

43 Dependent Personality Disorder
44 Depersonalization-Derealization Disorder

This one plus frequent panic attacks as a reaction is one hell if a ride. Had it, felt worse than death.

Not knowing who you are when you look in the mirror, how should you act? How did you act before? Looking at people you've loved throughout your life, however, feeling no love but only knowing its what you should be feeling. A clear disjoint felt from your mind to the rest of your body( especially your limbs) as well as the things you speak. It feels as if everything around you isn't real.
You know the feeling when your in a dream and just about to wake up from it, with depersonalization you feel like that every second of the day.

Disconnected, apathic to the ones you love (or used to love when you could feel things), not living the moment, missing when everything was real... living in constant trance.

45 Acute Stress Disorder
46 Learning Disabilities

This is whenever everybody looks at you and they give you drugs and medicine so you will supposedly learn and focus better

When you have it it is like the whole world is shaming you because you are not interested on what the teacher says so people pump you with drugs to make you focused you might say that dose not sound too bad. Try the drugs I dare you your in slave dynamic them you are not in control of your own body. It is like giving up your freedom. Plus there are side effects. I say make school more interesting so the add and add kids can be focused on school and not have to take drugs, plus it can increase interest in school and the only side effects are making kids like school and get better grades.

I have Developmental coordination disorder, which is also known as dyspraxia. Not everybody who has dyspraxia can consider their diagnosis as a learning disability because their dyspraxia doesn't affect them in the long-term. But, my dyspraxia did affect me in the long-term - despite my hours, upon hours of physical, behavioral, and speech therapy I received when I was younger. At my high school, I'm in learner support to help me cope with my dyspraxia by allowing me to type my examinations on a computer, giving me more times for examinations I can't hand write, and giving me access to touch-typing lessons on my device at home. Despite all of the problems I've had since being born in 2004, I, for some reason, love my dyspraxia; I don't think I would be the same kind of person without it.

I have a learning disability and it sucks, when I try to be on my onpwn without help people at school are like "No _____ You need to do this. You need to go to the resource room and you need extra help. I also have ADHD and it doesn't help me. I take medicine but it's not me when I take it. I get quiet and I don't need help it sucks to have a learning disability

47 Somatoform Disorder

The most physical mental illness in the world. - JakePlaid

48 Social Phobia

In my opinion it is not necessary the most curable but rather a disorder you learn to mold your life around with the help of medication & therapy. This disorder controls every aspect of your life unless you are prepared to shut yourself away from people forever. Social phobia can not be described as a socialising disorder it much more than that... Imagine being controlled by an intense fear of AIR, FOOD, WATER, SLEEP, SITTING, STANDING, WALKING! Everything you do everyday to live life involves all those things and the thing us social phobic people fear the most is other PEOPLE, they are all around us!

Social phobia/anxiety is a horrible disorder to have... fear of people basically. Constantly anxious and racing heart, stomach pain, it also can cause depression, eating disorders and sleep paralysis. The worst thing is when people don't take it seriously!

This disorder is one of the most common disorders which causes people to have severe difficulties socialising. It forms quite a vicious cycle, however it is one of the more curable disorders.

I have this... - GirlyAnimeLover

49 Phobias

An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.
Eg. Achluophobia- Fear of darkness, Androphobia- Fear of men, Ailurophobia- Fear of cats and Alektorophobia- Fear of chickens. When I was younger I had all these fears but know I only have a fear of chickens.

I have Pyrophobia, Chilopodophobia, Anthropophobia, and Katsaridaphobia. Fear of Fire, Centipede, Human and Cockroaches... - GirlyAnimeLover

I have heliophobia and emetophobia :(

*deep breath* I have Entomophobia or Acarophobia, Autophobia, Pediophobia, Pedophobia, Acrophobia, Aquaphobia, fear of the government's plans, (there's no word for it) and Thalassophobia

fear of bugs including spiders, fear of being alone, fear of dolls, fear of children, fear of heights, fear of drowning, (fear of the government's plans) and fear of the ocean and its creatures...I'm a scaredy cat.

50 Cotard's Syndrome

How is cotard's syndrome lower than depression when cotards syndrome is a magnified version of depression, so debilitating that the person regards themselves as being dead? - mariessa

Cotard Syndrome or Cotard Delusion is a fascinating yet extremely rare disorder that isn't nearly high enough on this list. I haven't read about it ever really being dangerous for those around the sufferer but it can make "living" extremely difficult, and I mean this literally as the sufferer can experience impressions of non-existence, being dead, immortal, or being inanimate (an example would be the sufferer thinks they're becoming a statue and can't move, eat, sleep, or express themselves).

It's a illness that makes a person want to be dead, obsessed with death, or believe that they are dead. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I have this and I nearly starved myself

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