Antisocial Personality Disorder


Having this illness condemns you to be a monster and live a life that's not really worth living. It's the hardest disorder to get out of (probably impossible? ) because people with this disorder are unable to blame themselves, and so they can't make the first step.

This is really a dangerous disorder. Those who have it have no conscience and will do anything, lie, even hurt you to get what they want. They don't feel guilt. Probably the most dangerous.

I really think that this should be the #1 illness. No offense but I mean absolutely no one in their right state of mind would find enough pleasure in seeing someone in pain. This is the worst illness I have heard of in all the years of my life. I am really sorry for all those who are living with this in their lives.

Never go near a person with Antisocial Personality Disorder, they are very dangerous and they will try everything into tricking you. I had a boyfriend with this, I thought he was just a nice and respectful young man, he claimed to be a very rich person with an "amazing" job. One day he just ran away from my house and didn't return, later I realized all my money was gone because he tricked me into giving all my money to him. A couple days after he ran away from my house he was arrested for stealing a car. What an ass

I knew a kid with this disorder in grade 7, he would fantasize about burning down the school, and he was always getting in trouble for swearing or attacking other students, I was told to stay away from him. But eventually he moved

It's exactly what it sounds like, you're anti-social. You're terrified you will be judged by everyone you see, someone will make contact with you in anyway possible. It's a terrible feeling, one of the worst.

I find it to be the worst, though only from the view of most people. From the perspective of a person who does indeed have ASPD, though, I realize that it probably gives them a feeling of being able to see the world as it truly is. Therefore, I believe it to be true that this is to some the worst and to some the best mental disorder that there is.

I have ASPD & can't help but use people. I try not to but it's a habit, I try to stay away from people so I don't hurt them but I'm very good looking so a lot of girls try to talk to me & I try but I have to really fight inside to not talk to them becuase I already know the outcome. I also feel no sympathy or empathy for death or people getting killed, I don't want to but I laugh when I hear someone died, I don't have a desire to kill but people say around my age 15 - 17 it starts getting really bad.

There is this woman my dad's age in my city who has this mental illness.
She has had such a very very sad and tragic life and I cannot believe she is still alive after everything she has been through and 53 years of alcohol abuse. Never had a happy moment in her life. I think once she dies the public will be relieved they gotten a much needed vacation from her constant offending and that there is no more pain and suffering for her. No one can help her get better.People think she is homeless because she has a horrible appearance but she's in a nice setting. She has abused substances since she was 6. I always assumed she had schizophrenia but when I saw in the newspaper she was an antisocial offender that's how I worked out what mental illness she has. She has so many convictions to her name and has been trespassed from most places

When I was a teenager I knew a kid with ASPD in my neighborhood, god he was horrible. He would be up at night wandering across the neighborhood breaking and hijacking property, as well as lighting trees on fire. I even saw him kicking an innocent cat before! :( Thank god I never saw him again

This actually known as sociopathy not psychopathy, still dangerous, but they're two different things. Also it should totally be up higher considering that sociopathic people have trouble controlling their impulses, whatever their impulses may be.

There's a moment in one's life where your in the middle of transition. Don't go thinking your antisocial because your friends are druggies now. This happened to me and I would just like to inform you. Guys and gals. Being anti social is a choice don't listen to anyone that tells you differntly. If you don't want to go see people that's your decision. But anti social disorder is when you don't feel certain emotions so stop worrying!

Hard to deal with not as bad as depression but I want to hurt people

Antisocial disorder is better known as being a sociopath.

Donald trump has this too' he is such a psychopath

I don't care! Remember that I am always my first choice.The disorder is worst for the people around you. We are not sick.You all have it wrong! This is not a

I have this, I lack empathy/sympathy, I don't feel sad for the deceased, the suffering or pretty much anyone, when I was 16 I was a complete wreck, I lost my job, got expelled from school and got arrested multiple times, all because of ASPD. I'm in my mid 30s now, I've improved a bit but I'm still affected by it

My brother has this disorder, it's really hard to live with him. He lies, attacks others, breaks things etc.
He's extremely violent and aggressive

People with this diease can feel no emotion or feel no empathy. This would be terrible to have

I think this should be at least number 2 after schizophrenia.This disease is horrible, just the inability to differ from right or wrong, no feelings of regret or disregarding right, wishes, and feelings of others.Its being a psycopath and it is one of the worst.They are incredibly tricky, mischievous, and manipulative. No empathy at all, just indifference.They show no guilt or remorse. They may lie, behave violently or impulsively and abuse subtance. And all of this they don't just know if its right or not, its simple course for them. I'm not saying is worse than schizophrenia(auditory and visionary hallusinations and delusions are pretty messed up) but THIS is almost as bad.