Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


Guys, please help me,

i'm an 11 year old and I THINK I might have OCD

I always walk in and out of doors, or sit and sit back down on chairs

I HAVE to arrange things in a specific order, and everything has to be straight, or else I have this weird feeling in my head. I hate this. I spend so much time looking at my desk to see if everything is in the right order

However, I don't have horrible thoughts, but I have to look out of the shower every time, because I have a feeling that a burglar is in the house. I also have to re read what I write, or re open a letter before I send it sometimes

i'm really upset about this and I hope someone will understand how I feel

So please, can someone with ocd tell me if I have it or not. Please

i'm just unsure because I don't have horrible thoughts of hurting anyone, having I fire or flood in house, or I don't have any feeling that someone will get hurt because of me. Please answer me. Thank you

Like one person said before, I have the symmetrical type OCD. Every single thing I do has to be even. Every morning I count how many swipes of deodorant I put on each arm, I freak out if I have to sit on the outside of people, it has to be even on both sides. If I chew gum I will literally have to to every single tooth back and forth back and forth like 40 times until it feels even enough, if someone high fives me they have to Higgins both hands or if they touch my body at all they have to touch the same exact spot on the opposite side and it can't be somebody else because I can feel the difference in temperature. It even happens with things that harm me such as someone hitting me or me hgetting hurt, if dope one punches me as hard as the possibly can, they have not lunch the other side too. In school I have to redo and redo and redo projects due to things not bright evenly spaced. I don't want to do any of this, I HAVE to do all of it.

I'm honestly surprised this is in second place, considering its inaccurate reputation. Even though it's a devastating disorder, I would have expected it to be lower on the list than second place, since people seem to confuse it with simple organization.

It's worse than people think. Being driven to do something pointless over and over again, either quite uncontrollably or faced with the other option of awful anxiety. Obsessing over minor, unimportant issues like crazy, getting panic attacks over minor inconveniences and never being able to take your mind off anything. Thoughts that just come up so often to say "Hey, we know you don't want to think about this." It's like repeatedly being possessed by a demon or something.

With that said, it's still too high up on the list, though - it's really bad, sure, but I highly doubt people with BPD, Multiple Personality Disorder, or eating disorders are better off as this list would suggest. But that's not OCD being better, it's ...more - romanempire249

As a person who have OCD, it's hard for words to describe how terrible the condition actually is. People would also keep saying things like "it's all in your head", "you can control it", "ignore it", "you just have to do ", etc, but what they do not understand is that you have literally no control over what thoughts intrudes into your mind. It's as if some entity has possessed a part of my mind and commands to me or tells me everything I would not want to ever do or see, or show mental images of things that I would never normally think of all the time-all while using my mental processing power while it's at it. It'll show myself killing others, have my mind say that you wish x was dead, the thought of raping someone, etc and to fight it off, I always had to counter with a repetitive counting thought of some sort or some physical ritualistic like action-and it only wards it temporarily-all while making my mind continuously more exhausted with ...more

I have had OCD since I was 10 years old and saying that it 'sucks' would be putting it lightly. It's a horribly stressful and destructive mental illness that has deprived me of my freedom and carefreeness. I have both the symmetry, checking and intrusive thoughts type. The latter is the worst. I always think of immoral thoughts, death scenes that would be either provoked by me or caused by factors beyond my means, inappropriate sexual thoughts that make me stressed and helpless and compulsions that I NEED to do in order for them to go away; a certain prayer I've made up and certain other mental phrases that would make no sense to others (probably). These intrusive thoughts have ruined me. They distract me from my day to day activites, they make me want to avoid other people and especially my family members and it has caused me such distress and anxiety that I have even thought of suicide. Plus, I have this 'magical thinking' thing; random obsessive thoughts enter my mind, such as my ...more

I have had OCD for 12 years now and its gradually got worst threw the years it started with irrational thoughts like I would get pregnant, possessed or my body and face would turn ugly, by the way I'm male and 24 years old. My compulsions involve flicking my fingers 4 times at the right time, kicking my feet and holding my breath to destroy anything that turns me manic but this happens everyday and every minute until I sleep and that's not even all of my compulsions. Dew to these problems I have had no girlfriend and no true friend. I am in so much agony with these, but I'm still happy because I am alive and healthy (physically). I have had no treatment or medication just suffered in silence but if you are reading this and you want help please ask someone.

I Have This and Every Moment of My Life Has Something To Do with This, Many People Criticize Me For Writing with All Caps, I Have To Clean My Room and Wash My Hands 10 Times A Day, Also Everything Has To Be Symmetrical, Many People Also Criticize Me Because They Think I Want Attention and I'm Lying, But No, That's Because I'm Aware of It, I'm Also An Perfectionist Which Makes It Worse For Me, Every Number Has To Be An Even Number and I'm So Depressed, Because I Have To Make Lists and Where I Live Everything Is Broken and Bad.

I was recently diagnosed with OCD. I am 12 and started middle school a few months ago. I know I got OCD when middle school started though. I never trust myself and beat myself up about every little mistake I make. I do and redo and redo my homework in case it isn't perfect. I stress constantly and consider myself a failure if I get less than a 98% in a class. I think of everyone as better than me, and it annoys my friends because I am constantly asking them if my work is 'good enough'. The problem is that I know how ridiculous it is and sounds, but I can't help it. I don't have horrible OCD, but it is rapidly getting worse. I once threw up because it was so bad. I also forced myself into a tub of ice water to bring nearly back to sanity. And I have cried in class when I was assigned homework. My friend made me feel bad about it... I also waste a lot of time crying and having mental breakdowns, or simply organizing my room over and over until I am satisfied (never). It is so dumb but ...more

I've had OCD for 16 years now and I promise you it is beatable. With a combination of medication and good therapy, you can defeat this debilitating disorder. I've suffered through pretty much all of the versions of the disorder you can think of. I've had the intense fear of germs and sickness, the symmetry issues, having to pray almost constantly, incredibly intrusive thoughts and even a debilitating fear of storms and tornados. My disorder was so severe that for years the psychiatrists and therapists thought that I had schizophrenia because the intrusive thoughts almost seemed like delusions or hallucinations. Now I'm much better. I even love studying storms and tornados and actually want to go to school for meteorology and go out west(or anywhere) to study them. I still have OCD and probably always will, but my life has improved one hundred times. Trust me, you can get better. - Itstheme31

I have OCD, and I guess I've always had it, because as far back as anyone can remember I've had rituals that have, in some way or another, disrupted my life. I can't touch door handles because someone sick might have touched them and then I might get sick; if I do touch the door handle, I have to wash my hands, sometimes multiple times, depending on where the door is or who might have touched it. I also check things obsessively and it's terrible. The worst thing is that I rip all the skin off around the tips of my fingers and I have to get every little stray piece of skin off. People downplay OCD but it's here and it's real and much more debilitating than people would have you think.

OCD is terrible right now I'm 12 and I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder (when I was 11) and OCD when I was 6 the main thing I have to do is whenever I take a step slightly move my hands I have to do it in a certain position or else my legs will fracture I don't have the was my hands when I was 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. every night before I went to bed I had to check in the closet then under the bed and behind the curtain in the same order every night and it didn't stop there I had to check the curtain every 5 seconds to make sure a killer wasn't there. Right now I don't have the check thing as much but I have to knock on wood in a perfect position like if my hand is touching the wall beside me slightly I had to do it again if my legs weren't spread apart perfectly, guess what? Do it again. I didn't really wanna kill my self because of OCD that was mainly bipolar but it was still a pain in the ass. In OCD I had a special number I had to do it was 2 I had to do everything 2 times close the ...more - MikaBeeWall

REALLY STRESSFUL DISORDER! I hate it, it started out as a 14 year old, I would constantly have sexual or graphic thoughts, I would get really anxious if I would do something wrong or screw up, it really affected my life

I suffer from this disorder and I really believe it is killing me from the inside

It is Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Bad, how do you know it's bad? Maybe its good, no wait maybe its bad, how can I cure myself? What if this couldn't be done?... couldn't sleep for months, LAW OF ATTRACTION? This made me mad, I couldn't sleep for one month, just because of these:What if I think about a bad thing? How it works? Fear of a bad thing going to happen, the problem is the law of attraction says think about something and that thing would happen, and what would happen when you only think about bad things and you can't stop it (because of damn OCD)?

I have OCD. I didn't notice until recently. I always thought I was just weird. I NEVER open door handles with my bare hand. I always use a towel or my sleeve. I work at a restaurant. When I take the dirty dishes to the dishwasher, I have to wash my hands thoroughly after every trip. It's a pain, but I HAVE to. Everything needs to be neat, organized, and even color coded. I CANNOT fall asleep at night unless I make my bed first. The list goes on. This illness is definitely a hassle in my every day life.

I've had OCD since I have been in 7th grade and actually I have it in multiple regions. The way I parted my hair used to have to be completely straight or else I'd go crazy with anxiety. I'd do this for up to 5 HOURS. Now, I started to see a counsellor. I have a 3 hour nightly routine just so I can avoid being "dirty". All of my friend think it's crazy how much I wash myself. They always compliment me on how clean I smell. Guess what? It's 3 hours of pure cleaning for ya!

This disorder makes everything in life into a special routine, door knobs, reflections, mirrors, breathing, numbers, English, music, even some dreams. It forces you to do things you never want to do, it causes you to obsess over things not done right, and if you let something slip into your routine, well it's very hard to get ride of. For example, I continuely subject my self to such descusting immoral things, each time I see or expiriance these things I gain no joy I become disgusted with myself, I wish I could stop, I don't want this. But if I try to stop I go into panic attacks or I can't sleep right for days. This is a degrading dehumanizing disease. However for the question of the worst mental illness to live with... it will always be the one you are suffering from

I have it! And its not at all about cleanliness or germs or perfection as people think it to be! It is anxiety and magical thoughts that actually is killing me from inside!

I don't have a diagnosis but I constantly have to touch things with my left side of my body or else I believe bad luck will come to me. I have a serious problem with regret because I obsess over practically every negative emotion I have which makes them worse, It's seriously maddening because I start to feel ok for awhile then another trigger comes and then I go back into an episode for about a week or two, I think this is good where it is.

People don't understand the true nature of OCD unless they have it. Stereotypes and stigmas are very frustrating. OCD is legit hell. It's abusive. An abuser that is internal and that stays with you forever. It's not so simple to "just ignore". It's just like a person that bothers you constantly, follows you around, harasses and bullies you, never lets you do something without getting its way first. The idea to just "ignore" the thoughts are absurd. How can you ignore something that tells you your self worth is nothing and shouts it in your ears, in your head, in your brain, in your dreams. If someone is abusing someone else, how can you say "just ignore them" to that person? You wouldn't. It's the same with OCD. The scars on my body weren't inflicted because I "wanted to do it". No, it was caused by OCD. Does anyone think a person would want to scratch their skin off or bite their own arm to the point it bled? OCD is real and causes pain. It's ...more

I think I have this. My parents don't know I know I have it. I did a quiz online and it said I have it I've been having similar experiences to others in the comments. My friends want to hug me or give me a high five but I say 'no I'll get germs' or I'll say 'it's unhygienic.' In school I fix my books up and clean my bag about every hour, I freak out when I see or experience something dirty. This makes me feel bad about myself a lot making me feel like I should commit suicide, I cry a lot when I get in trouble I feel like it's the end of the world. Only two people in my class have mental- disorders- A boy with ADHD and me with OCD. We're very similar but we don't really get along with our disorders in our way. OCD hasn't really effected me much, but I think there's more awaiting. I started experiencing this when I was 9, but now I'm 11.

Everything has to be even or symmetrical or you feel really weird. You favor certain numbers, usually the even ones. You get obsessed with stuff for a long period of time and just constantly think about it.

I've had ocd since the age of five and it has taken up almost all my time. It's making exams near impossible, but the worst part of it isn't the obsessions and compulsions, although they affect your life the most. It's the anxiety that is the worst and people's lack of understanding of it. When I'm told "it's just bacteria, it's not the end of the world" I know this, but I still can't control it.

I'm not that great at explaining things, but a good 5 years of having this has certainly taught me, OCD is one hell of a beast. It's difficult to even describe just how much it begins to effect your life. Relationships, school, work, it makes absolutely every aspect of life begin to feel like an endless slough through pointless routines and rituals.

Drives me crazy I don't get a break. Ruins my life