Movie Review - My Little Pony: The Movie

MegaSoulhero GUYS!!!! I am very excited! You know why? Because today I’m gonna review Blade Runner 2049! The most anticipated sequel to a very awesome movie! It’s been getting very positive reviews! So did it live up to the hype? Well let’s find out and discuss....

Brony: Um, what do you think you’re doing?
MegaSoulHero: I’m reviewing Blade Runner 2049. What does it look like?
Brony: No no no. You’re not reviewing that hunk of junk. There’s another movie that came out this weekend that is even more deserving.
MegaSoulHero: And what are you referring to?
Brony: I’m referring to what is quite possibly the best movie of 2017! The My Little Pony Movie!
MegaSoulHero: (sigh) Really?
Brony: Yep! And you better give it a positive review or else! (pulls out gun)
MegaSoulHero: This is why I hate most fanbases! Anyway, let’s get this over with!

In the movie, Twilight Sparkle is setting up a party. But then a villainous unicorn with a broken horn played by Emily Blunt comes in and puts a stop to it and captures Celestia, Cadence, and Luna. So the Mane 6 go on an adventure to try to save Equestrian. Along the way, they come across a cat creature played by Taye Diggs, a group of pirates with a captain played by Zoe Saldana, and some seaponies. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a brony, but I enjoy the show. So the movie kind of caught my interest. One of the reasons for that is 2D animated films are very rare! And that’s something I really like about the movie! The animation! It’s pretty good for the most part. It looks a lot different from the show, but that’s because with it being a theatrical movie, they needed to make it actually look like a cinematic movie. It even combines 2D animation with CGI. And I feel like it’s done pretty at times, but at other times it can be pretty distracting. I also really love the voice cast for the movie. They brought in the voice actors from the show to do the movie and they brought in some big named celebrities. Usually when an animated movie relies on big named celebrities, it doesn’t usually work. But they did a surprisingly great job. I wasn’t thinking about the celebrities in a room recording their voice. They actually made the characters feel like characters! The actors actually cared about what they were doing! The movie does a really great job at staying true to the personalities of the Mane 6.

But just like with most movies, there are criticisms.

Brony: What criticisms? This movie is flawless!
MegaSoulHero: Just put the gun down and hear me out.

One of my biggest problems is that it’s basically trying to be a Disney film. Actually, I take that back. It’s trying to be multiple Disney films! There’s a flying CGI pirate ship that reminds me of Treasure Planet! Even the captain reminds me of one of the characters from the movie! Also, the villain, Tempest, has a comic relief sidekick who is kind of a mixture of LeFou and an experiment from Lilo and Stitch. There’s this whole underwater scene that’s basically the Little Mermaid! And there’s another villain in the film called the Storm King who is basically Hades! Although, I actually kind of enjoyed the Storm King. I think this is the first kids movie that Liev Schreiber has done. However, he doesn’t appear in the movie very long. But in the amount of time he was on screen, I found him pretty entertaining. As for Tempest, I legitimately thought she was a pretty neat villain. She actually has a pretty emotional backstory. I won’t give away her backstory, but it’s a pretty good motivation.

The whole scene with the seaponies I didn’t care for. It dragged on for so long! Plus, it’s clear that they only decided to add seaponies in the film to sell merchandise! The song in that scene also felt pretty forced. The movie is filled with songs to the point where the movie is basically a musical. But it’s My Little Pony. So that should be expected. Not all of the songs are bad, I actually enjoyed a few of them. My problem is they don’t serve much of a purpose! But yeah, the songs aren’t particularly bad. I especially enjoyed the song that Tempest sings. That’s probably my favorite. But I don’t know why they had to include pop songs. There’s only two of them. One is at the beginning and Sia sings one at the end. They just felt very out of place. The characters pretty much act like how they usually act in the series, but in this one out of character moment, Twilight says to the others “Maybe I would be better off without friends like you!” Seriously? We spent 7 seasons connecting with this character and seeing her learn how powerful friendship is! This outburst was uncalled for!

Brony: This review is starting to sound negative!
MegaSoulHero: LET ME FINISH!!!

As much as I like Taye Diggs, why is there a cat character in the movie? Where did he die from? Since when are there anthropomorphic cats in the MLP universe? We’ve been shown that cats are actually pets in their world! Rarity even has a pet cat! I’m also wondering what most of the new characters’ designs are supposed to be. It just seems like they decided to make up these weirdly designed characters for the sake of doing so and because it’s a movie. But Taye Diggs’ performance of Capper is really entertaining. As for the jokes, I think I only laughed twice. Pinkie Pie is my least favorite character in the show. I don’t know why people like her. She’s very annoying. But she’s even more irritating in the movie! The story’s also very predictable. Literally in the first scene I knew how it was gonna end! But there are things to enjoy. The action is pretty cool and the new characters are enjoyable. There are certain designs in the movie that really stand out. Even though I’m not a fan of the seaponies scene, it looks gorgeous! You can tell there was some effort put into the movie. From the animation to the voice work, it’s done very well! And I absolutely appreciate that!

Brony: So, you liked the movie?
MegaSoulHero: No. It was actually pretty mediocre.

This had the potential to be a great movie, but it didn’t really take any risks! There is some creativity to be found here, but it uses so many elements from Disney that it becomes distracting! The seaponies were pointless, the humor fell flat, and as good as some of the songs were, they didn’t need to be there! To sum it up, this movie feels like a fan film. It’s almost as if they read someone’s fan fiction and tried to turn it into a movie. Pretty much anyone who doesn’t watch the show will be very lost while watching the film. And even if you do watch the show, there might still be some confusing moments or moments that don’t make a lot of sense. I don’t recommend this movie. It’s definitely better than Equestria Girls though!

Score: 5/10

Brony: (takes out gun) You had one job Mega! Now say goodbye!
MegaSoulHero: Hey is that Tara Strong over there signing autographs?
Brony: Where?
MegaSoulHero: (runs away)


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