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21 Predator
22 Hydlide

This should be higher on the list. Screw this game.

Gee, this game is so hard & its gameplay is unfair.

Are you want to play a good Hydlide game on the NES? Go to Japan and play Hydlide 3!

23 Hogan's Alley

Someone put this on the list because they didn't use the light gun for this game.

This game is awesome. It was a launch title. If you don't like this, play more of your crap from Active Enterprises.

Whoever added this is clearly a Superman 64 fanboy.

This game sucks

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24 Rocky and Bullwinkle

This game is already on this list

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25 Barbie

Go away, Barbie! Nobody even likes your franchise anyways?!

Barbie just ruined my whole life!

I wonder if the AVGN reviewed this!

This game STINKS
I played it once...
Then I took a named to it!

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26 Urban Champion

The Characters move to slow your opponent can easily avoid your attacks. - egnomac

This game is not THAT bad...

Karate Champ is worse

27 Little Red Hood

Its stupid

Dear riding hood thank you for your coming!

What did Little Red Riding Hood do to deserve this!

Let's face it, no matter who programmed this crazy joke, they gave Little Red Riding Hood the LJN treatment. Can anybody say Rainbow Of Doom!

Probably the worst video game based on a book license...

28 Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

This shouldn't be one of the worst nes games. It does have flaws, but there are plenty of good elements in this game

This game is ok. The only thing I don't like is the night time in the game because you can't go to certain areas.

29 Kid Kool

Thanks to slippery controls, Kid Kool is NOT cool!

Why isn't this on the list? It is even worse than Ghostbusters!

Which is worse: Kid Kool or Athena?

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30 M.U.S.C.L.E.

Should be higher, this is way worse than Karate Champ.

This is me before I had an account, now that I think about it, it's not as bad as Karate Champ. - LarryLarrington

31 The Adventures of Gilligan's Island
32 Bible Adventures

Games like these prove that the bible and video games don't go together well.

It would be funny if the actual bible said on the bottom "For read on holy scroll"

Bible is good, game based off of it is bad.


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33 The Karate Kid

This was a cool game it was just really hard. What fun is a game that is so hard? - Sabbath

Personally, I don't have that much complaints about it either. I'll probably say it's bland at best, but that's probably it. - LarryLarrington

Again, the top left corner sticker ruined it. - MinecraftHater


34 Taboo: The Sixth Sense

I disagree that this is the worst NES game ever, as it is not a game per se. It does, however, beat out both cartomancy (paper folding) and fortune cookies for the title of Lamest Means of Divination.

35 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Well? TMNT may have been bad from some views like the bull with the JUMPS! But, it isn't that bad of an nes game. Each turtle looks good (for nes standards) it did give a good story that seems like the game could actually be a tmnt episode and I actually have fun playing it. It shouldn't be this high

Wins the award for "game set in twisted alternate reality to canon".

I'm not sure why, but I though that this game was even better than the other two TMNT nes games. They're also great, but seriously if anything this game should get the title as one of the NES's finest titles, regardless of its flaws. - LarryLarrington

This game is actually outstanding in my opinion. Just extremely difficult, but it's not saying too much.

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36 Mother

Mother was sort of a ripoff of Dragon Quest, you can't deny that. However, Mother's sequels, EarthBound and Mother 3, were actually pretty good.

This is the second best game in the series apart from Mother three. I have no idea how you people hate it. This is one of the best games ever 9.7/10

It's time to stop, how could anyone hate EBZero it's a great game, the soundtrack still sticks in my head to this day, the characters have motivation other than "you are the chosen one", and it's part of the best game series of all time.

People who hate this game clearly have never played it.

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37 Friday the 13th

One of the best horror games of all time

This game is terrible, but what can you expect from LJN?

If you didn't play this game and think that its pretty good or at least ok go watch james and mike mondays episode where they play this - areyoutse33s

When I was a kid, I loved Friday the 13th movies, so I bought the game and when I realized it was bad, I threw it into the garbage can. but now I'm older, and I don't remember much about the game since I threw it
away trying it the first time. But now, I decided to give the game a second chance and searched online for a free NES game website and found the website (It took me back to my childhood memories with games ranging from Atari 2600 console to SNES. And this game makes no sense! First of, there is a weird and senseless map which allows you to go somewhere, But you actually have to move and I have no idea where to go because this game doesn't show where the heck you are actually going! What about the completely irrelevant monsters such as zombies or tigers? And your horrifying weapon that doesn't work unless you are close to the enemy and crouch. and you have a time limit, making it nearly impossible to find your way to a certain place! I quit after I got stuck ...more

38 Darkman
39 Top Gun

How is this not #1? I have never met anyone who can even pass level/mission 1. It was terrible.

Trust me, there are much worse games than this. It's by no means a good game but it's not as bad as you think. - LarryLarrington

Almost impossible to beat level 1

Worst game ever. Nice waste of $50 Mom...

40 Total Recall

I actually kind of like this game. Sure the music is terrible, and the graphics aren't that good. But it's not too bad of a game, especially compared to other Arnie games. - LarryLarrington

You didn't know these existed because you most likely didn't live in the 80's

I didn't even know half of these existed. - MoldySock

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