Worst PETA Controversies

PETA is a stupid organization that are sensitive crybabies about everything. Here are their worst controversies.

The Top Ten Worst PETA Controversies

1 Taking a girl's Chihuahua and putting it to sleep

Then they apologize...
..with a FRUIT BASKET and claimed they thought it was a stray (you can tell from the pic that she was NOT a stray).
I'd have thrown the basket at their stupid faces. - RoseWeasley

I Would Eat the Fruit AND Throw the Apple cores and Basket to PETA's Mean, Nasty and Horrible Buts! (Did you get the Madeline Reference? ) - Rainbowkid38

I hope PETA shuts down because of cruelty

The sad thing about it is that their goal is to apparently "stop animal suffering." - Pokemonfan10

Why the hell did they do that? Screw PETA

I heard about it, and the girl was extremely sad for weeks. - MrCoolC

2 Putting down most animals at the PETA shelter

This is a very bad place. They put animals to sleep. They euthanize there animals. If your trying to save animals, and prevent animal cruelty, why are you putting your animals to sleep?! - RadioHead03

3 Calling out Nintendo's Mario character for wearing fur

And apparently, they're okay with Mario wearing a penguin, a bee suit, a squirrel suit, a catsuit, and a frog suit. But who cares? It's PETA! - MasterHand

Wow. I never knew ANYONE could be so stupid. HAVE THEY EVEN PLAYED THE ' GAME? - Pokemonfan10

"Mario kills tanookis"? How about PETA kills tanooki? - BorisRule

This is where we got tired of PETA’s bull crap. PETA made a stupid theory on how Mario kills raccoons for the Tanoki Suit. Well guess what PETA. The suit doesn't come from raccoons, it comes from a leaf! This was so bad that PETA made a game where you play a disgusting skinless raccoon, and try to get your fur back from Mario - RadioHead03

4 Protesting Bo Peep's new look in "Toy Story 4"

If you haven't read my post on this yet, than I suggest you should because I ranted the crap out of this. As you know Bo Peep’s got a new look. But the PETA didn't like it because of Bo Peeps cruel stick. Aw, i’m sorry the giant stick made you cry like a wee baby, PETA. Let me play you a song on the worlds smallest violin. - RadioHead03

5 Condemning Pokemon for promoting animal abuse

Let's sing The PETA Song (tune: The Pokemon Song):
People Eating Tasty Animals: Stupid trolls for animals since 1980
We don't care if our accusations make less than zero sense
We don't care if our image of Pokemon is as fictional as the evening news
We just can't stand anything that teaches people to abuse animals!
POKEMON! What a cruel farce of a game, cruelty to animals is insane
They beat each other black and blue
POKEMON! Gotta free 'em all... YEAH!

Bashing McDonald's Wednesday to Tuesday even if it's a slow news day
Hating SeaWorld July to June, we freak out when animals die too soon
Our goal is total animal liberation, whether our world's animals like it or not
We don't care if our president is the dumbest animal abuser of all!
POKEMON! What a cruel farce of a game, cruelty to animals is insane
They beat each other black and blue
POKEMON! Gotta free 'em all from PETA!

DAM IT PETA! - PokeFallsMagica

Hey PETA guess what? Pokémon are creatures, not animals. And guess what? Their nicknames are Pocket Monsters. So Pokémon are not animals. So do a little more research in your work before you crap your diaper PETA. - RadioHead03

6 The MileySaveFuzzy incident

This incident occurred back in late 2009 when Miley Cyrus closed her Twitter account, then a distraught fanboy threatened to eat his cat if Miley didn't re-open her Twitter account. This was all told on his website mileysavefuzzy.com. Someone then brought this to PETA's attention, and do you know what their response was? They told everyone to ignore it. Yup, the biggest animal rights organization in the world telling everyone to ignore a clear case of animal cruelty.
And what happened? He actually went and did it. He ate his cat, and PETA did nothing about it. - SuperSonic17

7 Calling for an end to "anti-animal language"

I agree with this calling a disgusting person a pig is like calling someone a racial slur

Because PETA doesn't even know what “expressions” are. They literally went on Twitter, and made a tweet on how you can say catchphrases without animals in them. Examples:
“Feed 2 birds with one scone.” Instead of killing 2 birds with 1 stone.
“Be The testube.” Instead of be the Guinea pig.
“Feed a fed horse.” Instead of beat the dead horse.
And the list goes on. - RadioHead03

They tried to acquaint that with racism and sexism, to make matters more condescending. - ReturnOfScorpio

8 Attacking Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra over their use of a horse and an elephant in their wedding

I wouldn't have done it but it was their WEDDING! - RoseWeasley

When Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra got married, the PETA called out on the horses they used for the wedding. They said that white horses in India are abused and kept in unsanitary and unsafe places and then used for weddings. Wow, way to ruin someone’s special day. - RadioHead03

9 Pushing for change in Barnum's Animal Crackers box art

And it was an undeserved "victory" for them. - Sprightly

The iconic animals in the cage for Barnum’s Crackers box has now been changed to animals being free. What was wrong with this PETA? The animals looked happy, not sad. Also that lion on the new box design is gonna eat the crap out of that zebra because they like zebras. - RadioHead03

10 Forcing a village to rename itself

I.. I just don't know what to say... - MasterHand

There is this village that used to be called, Wool in Dorset, UK. But PETA thought it was cruelty twords sheep, so they forced it to change the name to Vegan Wool. PETA, just because Wool is in the title, doesn't mean their abusing sheep! This is the most stupidest thing i’ve heard of. - RadioHead03

The Contenders

11 Saying you can't call yourself a feminist if you eat eggs

I don't think animals can call themselves feminists. - BorisRule

PETA posted an article on why Feminists should not consume eggs because feminists should be advocates of woman’s reproductive rights. *Sigh. - RadioHead03

12 Insulting Steve Irwin on what would have been his 57th birthday

Let's face it, these Poorly Educated Trolls for Animals never learn!

13 Killing pets because "They'd be better off dead"

Says the company that is against animal cruelty. - Pokemonfan10

14 Blackmailing residents who can't pay water bills into going vegan for 30 days
15 Criticizing Battlefield 3 for cruelty against rats
16 Making incredibly offensive shock images arguing that animal attack victims should have died
17 Putting Ringling Bros. circus out of business

Let's face it, 146 years of lunacy is a long time!

18 Tilikum vs. SeaWorld

If there's anything good about a quintet of very fine Shamus being dragged into an unusual court case against their will in light of the 13th Amendment, at least said court case was decided by judges peta didn't buy. Tilikum 100, SeaWorld 3, People Eating Tasty Animals zero!

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