Worst Places to Get a Cell Phone Call

The Top Ten Worst Places to Get a Cell Phone Call

1 In Bed

Ugh I hate people who call you then - flyguy824

2 In Class

What the heck? You can't use your phones in class?!

3 In Church

This would be bad, but it happened before. - funnyuser

4 In the Bathroom

I was taking a dump, then I get a video call, and dropped it in the toilet

5 In the Shower

Why even bring your phone to the bathroom anyways?

6 At a Meeting
7 At a Seminar
8 At a Recital
9 In the Middle of a Great Movie

This would sure suck if I was watching a movie on netflix and got a phone call - trains45

10 At a Funeral

The Contenders

11 On the Golf Course
12 In Your Car
13 When in a Peaceful Environment
14 During a Job Interview
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