Worst Places to Hide a Dead Body

If, on the weirdest circumstances, you have a corpse with you, these are the worst places to hide a dead body.

The Top Ten

1 A Police Station

If you do this, you'll be a dead body yourself. - ethanmeinster

You may as well wear an "arrest me! " Sign - AzaleanGirl


Police: whats going on?
You: you help me take care of this dead body I killed?
Police: we got a 5150 dumbass

2 Maternity Wing of a Hospital

No, it probably belongs in the morgue. Sorry for frightening you pregnant mothers and babies... - ethanmeinster

This would be dumb

3 Buckingham Palace

Queen: Well, let's have dinner, shall we?
Queen: Oh dear... (Faints... )
Waiter: I thought you wanted a bologna sandwich. Isn't bologna made of dead people anyways? - ethanmeinster

4 The Bathroom

That horrible sight of a dead body in the toilet, and not noticing it before going. - ethanmeinster

5 A Bed
6 Your 7th Grade Biology Classroom

That awkward moment when you realize the skeleton for anatomy was a real skeleton... - ethanmeinster

7 A Restaurant

You'll probably barf after seeing a dead body at a restaurant. It would stink like rotten meat, and because you'll think that he/she died because of the food. - ethanmeinster

8 Disney World

Good luck trying to renew your annual pass after this!

How to get kicked out of the park almost instantly.

€�Elsa, will you help me hide a body? ”

9 A Lana Del Rey Concert
10 The Mall

Surely all those white girls on their phones wouldn’t bat a single eye...

The Contenders

11 The Zoo

And If you look on the right, you'll see, ! There's a dead body being eaten by the hippopotamus! Run everyone! Women and children first! - ethanmeinster

12 At a Playground

The kids TOTALLY won’t be scarred for life at all after witnessing such a beautiful, breathtaking sight!


Vultures are better

I'm not sure the person's corpse will necessarily trigger the time paradox which I think you have in mind, but aside from that, I don't like the idea of seeing the deceased version of myself. - PositronWildhawk

The dead body will time travel to a time when the person was alive, causing a time paradox that will cause the universe to be ripped apart. And Daleks to kick your butt - ethanmeinster

Because you would probably lose it in there and it would just sit there and rot and then the Tardis would smell

14 In an ISIS Prison Camp

...Actually, now that I think about it, that'd be a fantastic place to hide it.

15 Freezer

The dead never bothered me anyway!

~Frozen Corpses~

16 Under the Floorboards

Well, I mean, at least if you're Edgar Allan Poe. - higgsboson2142

17 Middle of the Street
18 At Your Mom's House

You'd have two dead bodies to hide if she came across it.

19 In a Football Pitch

Sure 80,000 spectators won't notice it…

20 Under Your Tire
21 In Your Child's Lunchbox
22 In a Bank Vault

Money isn’t the only thing you’ll have to pay if you get caught doing this.

23 Under the Rug

Someone might slam it

24 In a Fridge
25 In a Couch Cushion
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