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Misty, known as Kasumi in Japan, is a fictional character in the Pokémon franchise owned by Nintendo and created by Satoshi Tajiri. She’s the gym leader in Cerulean city & specializes in water Pokemon. In the games, she’s known as ‘the tomboy mermaid.’ ...read more.


"And not far off from being as bad as Dawn"

I agree with everything else you said except for this. Misty and Dawn can't be compared. They're are too different! Dawn was a sweet, brave, playful, and cheerful poke-girl. Misty was a rude, fearful, stubborn, and pessimistic bully. Not only that but, but Dawn matured and went head on to reach her goal. Misty got worse and worse, and did nothing to become a water Pokemon master except enter one or two battles. And the last thing that I have to say may make you angry but, I think Dawn is a bigger tomboy that Misty. I mean, Dawn loved high-fives, saying words like "cool" and "awesome", and would do anything to save a Pokemon, whether it be sliding down a huge mountain (A Staravia is Born), or risking her own life (Buizel Your Way Out Of This) and (Hungry for the Good Life). What did Misty do? She worried her friends about going shopping, wore revealing clothes (bikinis, crop-tops, short-shorts, etc...) and got scared over every bug she ...more

Right from the start I hated her. Hated her bratty attitude, and the fact that she gets angry over just about anything. The most annoying thing was her title. You think you're SO tomboyish. NEWS FLASH YOUR NOT! There's a HUGE difference between TOMBOY and GIRLY BRAT you know! IRIS was the real tomboy. Misty is just as bad as Serena, and not far off from being as bad as Dawn. seriously I don't see why people bash poor Iris for just one little mistake when we were once exposed to something a thousand times worse.

"All of them are little denigrates."

There is a difference between supporting your opinion and using evidence to back it up, and just forcing one to agree with you because you think your opinion is right. If it was fact, of course we'd believe it, but not everybody has to like Misty. Now although she has admirable qualities, such as confidence and independence, I just never liked Misty. In my opinion she was too aggressive and stubborn and acted the same way some of the girls in my class acted. It would get annoying seeing them try to act all tough and tomboyish and when a boy would hit them, they'd get all defensive. And just because I dislike her, doesn't mean I have get all in your face about it just because you want me to agree with you. And it's awfully funny how nobody insulted or cursed you out because of your train of thoughts. This a website where different people can have different opinions, and that means that we can say what we want to say speak our minds but that ...more

I feel like everybody loves Misty. I hate her! She always whines about having three older sisters and is definitely not a tom-boy. Misty is far from being a Tom-boy as she loves shopping, is afraid of bugs, and only wants to train "cute" Pokémon. I feel like everything has to go her way or she yells at Ash and Brock until they do what she wants. In the original series on Kid's Day, Ash wanted to train but Misty wanted to play that day. She physically hurt Ash and Brock until they consented. Many boys think she is so pretty. I don't think so, many girls were much prettier. One of the things I hate the most is her getting Togepi. Ash found the egg! It belongs to him, but Misty who did nothing to help take care of the egg or have anything to do with it, shoves Ash out of the way so she could see Togepi first. Ash also won it in the battle for Togepi. But it thought Misty was it's mother since she pushed Ash away. It would have seen Ash first since he was holding the egg when it hatched. ...more

Misty is my second least favorite character first being Iris but Misty was never a tomboy, she was scared of bugs, liked to go shopping, and even said and I quote "The outside of the Pokemon is more important then the inside", got defensive at every little mean comment that was hit on her, to mean that's not even close to being tomboyish. She was always rude to Ash, I mean seriously during that time he's ten, give him a break plus this is like his first time on a journey, plus she would always, slap, punch, kick, hit him at any possible moment, to me Misty was a bully. - Sunset

I hate Misty she's so mean to ash. And ash maybe have his clueless moments but. She dose'nt have to be so mean and slap the poor guy. And she won't let go of the fact that ash " owed " her a new bike. Pikachu's LIFE WAS AT STEACK! And a bike can be replaced a life can't. Seriously, the whole reason she followed him everywhere is because she couldn't let go of a, STUPED BIKE! I'm glad she got replaced with May. May was a lot nicer.

I always disliked Misty. She'd always hit Ash and Brock and then everyone would laugh and cheer. That's not right. Iris just called him a little kid but she never used violence. And Dawn wouldn't always fight with Ash to the point of knocking him into the water from rage. This is like abuse! No kid should look up to her as a role model. It'd just persuade girls it's okay to hit boys when they're angry. I'd rather be called a little kid all the time, or get caught in a squabble with my friend instead of being beaten senselessly by someone I call a friend.

She only got Togepi just so that the girl could have a cute Pokemon. That was a very stupid reason. First she never took care of it until it catch. I bet if it was ugly she drop it in a heart beat and ash was the one that found it. They took it away from him cause he was to "young". How on year was he supposed to know how to take care of a baby Pokemon. No one taught him. This is one of the reasons I hate her

Worst and the most overrated character ever, her fanbase think she is best but she is worst of all character and why the hell she is not in top, she didn't even do anything in whole show even iris is better than her like iris at least had a rival and mostly in future she will end up being the champion. Means misty fanbase always sucks they hate other pokegirls cause they can't accept how much perfect they are. Lucky misty never did any contest or performance like stuff or else these fanbase would praise her no matter what. She even slapped ash in sub edition worst girl ever hope she never comes back and always fights like a kid in show and way annoying and most jobless character. Anyway by the comment section of serena seems this page is no angle accurate its like a bunch of pokeshipper and pearlshipper come daily and vote her to take out they hate cause she has a canon crush on ash. Before I had no hate on misty nor dawn but their fanbase really make me hate them the most mean I saw ...more

I disagree a lot with this list. I love Serena, Iris and Ash. Misty may have been the first but she is by far my least favorite female. She is whiny, bossy and act like she is superior to Ash and Brock. She is always pissed for some reason, and I don't know. I like the first few seasons of Pokemon, but just not her.

I can't believe Serena and even Ash himself is higher then Misty on this list.

Personally I never hated Misty. Sure she was EXTREMELY annoying at times but she was still ok at battling. But what made me dislike her more is because of her dumb fans. God where do I even start. They whine all the time about how she had to leave. Well it was getting pretty annoying having her for two series. I mean at least she had a song at the end. That's more than all the other companions got to do so you would think they would be satisfied? No. They bash every other character that's not her and compare them to her. Does it look like May and Dawn are comparable to her? They are completely different and that ok. But to the misty fans it's a crime to add new character and whoever came up with the idea that Misty should be taken out should DIE. Like calm tf down. My favorite character was removed years ago but I will always give the other ones a chance like from the newer episodes before I decide to hate them or not and when I do I have a good reason because of their bland character ...more

Worthless and annoying, especially when that useless babymon appeared.

I would rather travel with people who call me a little kid, are obsessed with me or movies to the point of crying, or flighty and annoying than Misty. She HITS Ash and follows him for a stupid bike.

"As for the one who called 4Kids crap, he or she is a liar who can't seem to respect the opinions of 4Kids fans."

How is stating an opposing opinion disrespecting the other's opinion? ! And who's to say an opposing opinion makes someone a liar? It is called an OPINION! Makes me hate Misty even more because most of her fans are idiotic zealots, who can't stand to hear an opinion different that their "Misty can do no wrong" religion without cussing and making all kinds of STUPID remarks. Doesn't help to argue in her favor, by the way.

"Misty is the Sakura of Pokemon! "

Apparently NOT, as there have been 4 other main girls, all of them better written than Misty. In particular, May and Dawn were actual deuteragonists that had their own official theme songs (in Japanese) and actually made progress during their time. May played a central role in movie 9, something Misty never did. Also the movie was all about water Pokemon, a slap in the face to Misty. Dawn did more battling than Misty ever did even though her thing was Contests. Another slap in Misty's face. Misty was just an annoying sidekick used for background decoration and/or used for blatant fanservice scenes.

Ftr, Misty's song doesn't really count, as the whole premise of the song is about her crush on Ash and it was 4Kids-added bull crap. Even Serena's theme song, DreamDream, has nothing to do with her crazy crush on Ash. Besides, Sakura was a pervert and that's not a compliment, is it? LOL!

I just want to make sure there's no confusion about why Misty stuck around with Ash and Brock. She wasn't hung up on the "stupid bike", she soon saw that ash was a good trainer who cared about his Pokemon in 'Pokemon Emergency'. And in a later episode she can't even remember the bike incident at all. I know Misty isn't perfect and I wouldn't call her a role model but she's got a lot of good qualities the other girls don't have. And the one thing I can't stand is Misty being called similar to Serena.

Stupid, annoying and useless. Misty is one of the most pointless people. She's so mean, rude, snobby, and SILLY. I hate her so much! There isn't much healthiness about her. I promise you she is the worst

Everyone might despise Serena because they think she's a stupid pretty doll. She's compassionate, kind, loves fashion and Ash. She is stupid at battling. But that's no reason to despise her just because she's silly. Now there IS reason to despise Misty! Snobby, big-headed, abusive... I never knew such a Pokegirl in my life. Wow. Anyone who loves her must be as stupid as Barbie Serena! Can't they see how mean Misty is?

I loved Misty because of how complex she really was. Sure she could be mean at times. But I don't fault her bug fears because almost everyone has crippling fears of some type. And even then she like bugs owned by her friends, cut, ones that did not look like bugs. Like Butterfree, Venonat, Scyther, and Ledyba. Despite her brashness at times she also gave Ash a lot of support on and off the battlefield. And she does not act like she owns Pikachu. She took time to talk with Pikachu making her one of Ash's friends that Pikachu refused to fight against. Ash was still a newbie at pokemon and she helped him become a powerful trainor because of her harshness. Finally a lot of her attitude can be attributed to her secret crush on Ash, even crying at times she thought she was dead.

Hey I am the same guy who wrote something about Ash and Misty's love in the Serena thing. Oh and if you have read that Serena thing which I wrote at the starting I am sorry that I wrote it by mistake. Anyways I was talking about Misty. Yes about Misty. The truth is I am not here to insult her. I am here to tell you all that. No matter whatever you all think about her but in my opinion she is the best girl in Pokemon. I know that she argued with Ash a lot but she had feelings for him. And Ash loved her too from the inside. And in reality it is true that she doesn't act like a tomboy because she is not a tomboy! She is a like a mix of a mermaid,an angel and a beautiful girl. You can see in the episode where she dress up like a mermaid when she showed her long beautiful hair for the first time. And it is unfair that she is in this list.

"I can't believe Serena and even Ash himself is higher then Misty on this list."

Ash is not worse than Misty, but yeah Serena is. Whats really f-ed up about this list is Dawn is higher and in the top 5. Misty should be in there, Dawn shouldn't even be on this list.

Misty...she is so annoying which makes iris look like the MONA Lisa. Now I hate iris but misty is much much worse. She yells,has a annoying voice which makes me want to punch the screen and she is a horrible character with a bland personanatily that is only better near the end of the orange island season! If I made a list of the top ten WORST Pokemon characters she will be number 2. Still she is bad

Way too bratty. Total diva, and kind of useless. What was her reason to continue traveling with Ash anyways?

I do agree that its really stupid that Misty would follow Ash just because of her bike, but every story needs some one annoying right?