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41 Tracey

Tracey is worst character! He is so annoying! And he replaced Brock!?!?!?! What! Brock was one of the best characters! I hate him and everyone else does too!

Hate him, hate him! Why did he replace Brock?!?! He's not even funny. And all he does is take pictures. Terrible. Just terrible.

Umm...he takes pictures? Just because someone takes pictures doesn't mean they should be shamed upon for it...

Tracey one of the reasons why I was growing out of the Anime.
If you read Harry Potter, no random character ever replaced Ron in the trio.

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42 Ritchie

What? I thought Ritchie was a good character. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Ritchie is a totally overrated clown who speaks without knowing the facts. - IHateEverything

Richie is so friendly he's a good guy how is he here he's almost last

Ritchie may be similar in design & have similar Pokemon to ash, but he has his own character. Even in the original os, he was shown to be not as brash and much more wiser than ash.

His battle with ash yes SUCKED, but that was more the ref/charizard/battles just sucked then, than Ritchie sucked as a character.

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43 Oshawott Oshawott Oshawott, Dewott, and Samurott, are three Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise that are linked through evolution.

This Oshawott is GODDAM horny!

I don't like the character but I like the Pokemon since it evolves to Samurott and is the only good Gen V starter

I know I like him, but he steals Pignite's food in a few episodes!

Garbage in the anime, garbage in the games. - InklingSethO

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44 Meloetta Meloetta

Goofball atheist Meloetta never had a chance. - IHateEverything

Stupid mary sue. This thing tries to act nice in the anime but comes off as nothing more than a heartbreaking skank. And it's genderless. - InklingSethO

While I don't like Meloetta that much, I disagree with you. Meloetta doesn't deserve a LOT of hate, and you're just messing with all of the characters with GOOD QUALITIES! - ClassicGaminer

45 Munchlax
46 Ditto Ditto

The only thing that ditto is good for is transforming that's all it can do what a lousy excuse for a Pokemon I'm glad it's on the list I just wished it was first on the list or at least the top five.

A pink blob can transform into anything.

I like it it's help with breeding so it's easier to trade & complete pokedex & depending if u have certain things get shinies/a certain nature of Pokemon.

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47 Virgil V 2 Comments
48 Professor Birch

Replace the r with t, and you have got what I think of him. - DapperPickle

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49 Jigglypuff Jigglypuff Jigglypuff, known in Japan as Purin, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Total lightweight Jigglypuff. - IHateEverything

I'll b honest & say jigglypuff in the anime is a bratty hot-headed, unfunny, idoit! It unessary follows ash & co. does its same old sing routine, gets angry for everyone falling asleep on her, and draws on them. She never gets that her same song she always sings puts everyone to sleep & sings when it makes NO SENCE (on a crashing blimp with only 4-7 audience members who have fallen asleep on her the last 100 times she sang) & puts herself & everyone at risk!

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50 Team Rocket's Meowth

Who's idea was it to put Meowth on this list? I swear, a show with Meowth as the main character would be a thousand times more watchable than another predictable Ash Ketchum "adventure".


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51 Ash's Gible

How big is gible's appetite it has to be bigger than a snorlax's I mean I've seen this thing eat several of team rocket's machines in less than a minute how is gible not dead from all that

Perhaps the most retarded pokemon. even a magikarp is smarter than this crap!

Hmmmn... I'm bored today. What should I do? I know!
I'll try out a new move and almost kill Piplip with it! Then I'll bite a rock and fall into the water, but I'm so dumb I won't let go of the rock so I sink to the bottom and almost drown! Then Buizel will rescue me!

Welcome to the mind of Bible.

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52 Axew Axew

Ohh.. Your so innocent... Not. Your innocence didn't work out to well with Ash and Oshawott, did it? When those two were training for the rematch against Lenora, you made the waterfall go wicked fast and messed them up! Even though I hate Oshawott, Ash isn't TOTALLY stupid! - Pikachulover1

Feel sorry for the guy in the anime. He's just been Togepi 2.0 for all of the Isshu series but he wants to be fully evolved.

Dragon Rage? More like Dragon Sneeze! -Ash Ketchum

Good for u... we can all repeat our names and anyways how dirty must you be from living inside a dummies hair

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53 Trubbish

Ugly in the anime, ugly in the game. You stink, literally! You're trash that kindergarteners like. It doesn't get much lamer than that! And another thing, in the anime, how is it possible for YOU to move that much trash overnight? You don't even have legs! - Pikachulover1

The producers have definitely run out of ideas for designs if they're going to make a Pokemon like this. I personally don't like or dislike this Pokemon, though.

Just a ugly stinky piece of trash who fell of the ugly tree and hit all the branches on the way down

The name says it all.. RUBBISH

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54 Psyduck

If you were a psyduck, and you couldn't swim, would you go berserk if you just dipped your feet in water? No! Misty's psyduck is so stupid.

I can see why Misty hates him so much. Totally useless! Come eat for free if I see a retarded Psyduck. Really?

Psyduck is a dimwit, but I feel sorry for it... He's the Butt Monkey of the Indigo league and it was funny when Misty caught him by accident. - Goatworlds

YOU'RE JUST SLEEPING WITH YOUR EYES OPEN! (Misty after realizing Psyduck was sleeping)

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55 Korrina

Alright take it off the list! Korrina grew on me after two episodes, she's a good character, became my second favorite. She's likeable.

Take her off the list. SHe's totally better than serena in many ways and she should be the companion

Okay I saw an episode, she's unoriginal, her personality is just Iris with a little Professor Sycamore with some Bianca, with something different. Why sunglasses? And it looks like she had a health problem as a child (she's so skinny we can see her collarbone as a little one). Why footprints? Don't tell me she wants to be scientist!

She is so unoriginal. She is another Maylene. A fighting type gym leader with a Lucario. See what I mean?

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56 Alder

You know you picked a bad region to challenge the Pokemon League in when their grand champion specializes in BUG-TYPES.

The way alder acts you couldn't tell if he was the champ or the chump.

I defeated him in like five seconds. - AnonymousChick

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57 Snorlax

I always thought the snorlax spoke for the trees... - DapperPickle

Mister Pickle, that would be the Lorax.

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58 Announcer

Lol! This being on here made me laugh! He is kinda annoying.

HAHA this one just made me laugh

Why is the announcer on here I guess you had no one else better to put on here

Leave him alone he's cool he tells us what's happening in every episode. - TwilightKitsune

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59 Dedenne Dedenne

I haven't watched/played Pokemon for years. *looks at picture* wow that looks like Pikachu with different ears and wires sticking out of it.

This thing gets so much hate for basically being a ripoff small Raichu. I agree with that, but let's be honest that Nintendo could have made Dedenne more useful beyond an okay moveset

Hey, dedenne helps bonnie so much! why is Dedenne on the list! (but I do understand why Dedenne is better than Serena)

60 Red Red

I expected him to be at 50. He's OVERRATED. Let's see here:

-Persona of a person.

-Because of the reason right above, the means he could've never become a champion

-Might've also rage quit after trying to beat Brock with Charmander.

-Can make mistakes ANYTIME.

-Again, is controlled by a player. He can be the worst player ever if the player wants to. Heck, Oak's text about friendship at the end of FRLG can just be ironic if you beat Green with just frustration on a low friendship Pokemon.

The only thing I have to say about Origins Red is that he overuses his Charizard. Other than that, Origins Red isn't the worst.

And in defense of the top 3 worst here:

Serena is by no means the worst trainer. She cares about her Pokemon, and even helped her Eevee.

Ash by no means the worst, and is severely underrated due to people not understanding wishes and that there's more to a goal than just "win a league" to become a ...more

He is good is Pokémon Origins, however in the games he is just an avatar, not really a character at all. Everyone always says that he is the best trainer ever, but apart from Origins he never did anything.

Oh my gosh, I'm going to get a lot of hate for this! Red is just an avatar and everyone thinks "! RED Is the BEZT CHARACTAH EVAH! HE Is INVENSVBLIE! " It's really immature and Ash does not deserve that much hate. If you like Red, then I'm okay with that.

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