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41 Princess Allie

She's a really dumb and snotty brat.

She's about as snotty as Ursula

I think she's funny but she made me jealous... (Blushes and stares at Ckemont)

I got so mad at this character when I watched the episode she was in (plus Snorlax is one of my favourite pokémon)

42 Delia Ketchum

Why you name your son ash ketchup

She lets a 10 year old run wild in different regions and nearly get killed many times

'Ketchum' is actually a play on words. If you didn't already know, the main catchphrase of the series is 'Gotta catch em' all. Ketchum is a play on Catch em'.

Delia is a hot milf. I had a dream of having sex with her. Yeah, I'm weird.

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43 Giovanni Giovanni

Really dumb Giovanni begged my people for a job. Turned her down twice and then went hostile. Major loser, zero credibility! - IHateEverything

44 Ritchie

What? I thought Ritchie was a good character. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Ritchie is a totally overrated clown who speaks without knowing the facts. - IHateEverything

If I hate anyone in the show more than Cilan, its Ritchie. He is so annoying, he makes me want to shoot myself. He Also has a lot of Character similar to Ash.

RITCHIE SUCKS - Gamecubesarecool193

Just what we needed...a ripoff Ash. - NibiruMul

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45 Unown Unown

What the hell are unown anyway?


I think they meant the unknown like from that one movie I think was the 3rd? Yeah 3rd

46 Tracey

Tracey is worst character! He is so annoying! And he replaced Brock!?!?!?! What! Brock was one of the best characters! I hate him and everyone else does too!

Hate him, hate him! Why did he replace Brock?!?! He's not even funny. And all he does is take pictures. Terrible. Just terrible.

Umm...he takes pictures? Just because someone takes pictures doesn't mean they should be shamed upon for it...

Tracey is a girls name...

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47 Professor Birch

Replace the r with t, and you have got what I think of him. - DapperPickle

He is simply horrible

All I can say for Barry is ROFL.

Pokemon GO! sucks. They don't give Nintendo ANY credit! And people who play Pokèmon can't even pronounce it. My enemy says, "come on! Let's play Pokomon go! "
Yes, with an O.

Why couldn't they use Professor Oak?

48 Munchlax Munchlax
49 Jigglypuff Jigglypuff Jigglypuff, known in Japan as Purin, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Jigglypuff how about jigglynuff as in enough of your singing I mean you know that it puts everyone around you to sleep stop getting mad and leaving your mark on everyone's face cause you have no one to blame but yourself

Jigglypuff sucks

Total lightweight Jigglypuff. - IHateEverything

Smash brehs.

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50 Team Rocket's Meowth

Who's idea was it to put Meowth on this list? I swear, a show with Meowth as the main character would be a thousand times more watchable than another predictable Ash Ketchum "adventure".


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51 Ash's Gible

How big is gible's appetite it has to be bigger than a snorlax's I mean I've seen this thing eat several of team rocket's machines in less than a minute how is gible not dead from all that

Perhaps the most retarded pokemon. even a magikarp is smarter than this crap!

Hmmmn... I'm bored today. What should I do? I know!
I'll try out a new move and almost kill Piplip with it! Then I'll bite a rock and fall into the water, but I'm so dumb I won't let go of the rock so I sink to the bottom and almost drown! Then Buizel will rescue me!

Welcome to the mind of Bible.

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52 Virgil

To be honest, I wish Ash lost to this guy instead of Cameron. It would still suck but it would be less horrible because Cameron is an incompetent idiot that defeated Ash with 5 Pokemon? Seriously? - Rue

For some reason, he ticks me off.
A lot.

Let's see...
A party of Eeveelutions...check!
Wins every battle he enters...check!
Has a very unworthy League Champion title...check!

Gary Stu made flesh!

53 Psyduck Psyduck

If you were a psyduck, and you couldn't swim, would you go berserk if you just dipped your feet in water? No! Misty's psyduck is so stupid.

I can see why Misty hates him so much. Totally useless! Come eat for free if I see a retarded Psyduck. Really?

Psyduck is a dimwit, but I feel sorry for it... He's the Butt Monkey of the Indigo league and it was funny when Misty caught him by accident. - Goatworlds


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54 Alder

You know you picked a bad region to challenge the Pokemon League in when their grand champion specializes in BUG-TYPES.

The stupidest champion ever

Seriously, for some reason this guy ticks me off. I loved every champion but him.

The way alder acts you couldn't tell if he was the champ or the chump.

His bouffalant must be takin steroids I mean it one shots everything and takes a ton of damage and just brushes it of what the hell is alder feedin this damn thing? - stoner69

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55 Garbodor Garbodor

You're just as dumb as Trubbish. I love Roxie but, how could she love YOU? I hate how it looked when you were slapping Pikachu with DoubleSlap in the anime. Your filthy tentacle things touching Pikachu's beautiful face. I'm glad it paralyzed you! - Pikachulover1

Garbodor is the best pokemon

Not a fan of garbodor so disgusting and WHY IS BROCK THE BEST CHARACTER EVEN ON THE LIST!


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56 Snorlax Snorlax

Fat everyday lazy person.

I always thought the snorlax spoke for the trees... - DapperPickle

Mister Pickle, that would be the Lorax.

Obese cat, sleeps 24/7

57 Announcer

Lol! This being on here made me laugh! He is kinda annoying.

HAHA this one just made me laugh

Why is the announcer on here I guess you had no one else better to put on here


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58 Greninja Greninja Greninja is a Water/Dark type Pokemon introduced in Gen 6. It is the evolved form of Frogadier and the final evolve form of the water starter Froakie. Aside from the usual Torrent ability all Water starters have (Which raises the power of its Water moves), it also the the ability Protean, which changes ...read more.

Stupid kinky frog takes my favorite Pokemon's spot. And who in their right mind thought that Ash-Greninja was a good idea? - InklingSethO

No, not greninja! He's gonna be my main in smash 4!

Why is he on this list probably the one who put it here has no sense

May be the overrated pokemon - Unharmless

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59 Red Red

I expected him to be at 50. He's OVERRATED. Let's see here:

-Persona of a person.

-Because of the reason right above, the means he could've never become a champion

-Might've also rage quit after trying to beat Brock with Charmander.

-Can make mistakes ANYTIME.

-Again, is controlled by a player. He can be the worst player ever if the player wants to. Heck, Oak's text about friendship at the end of FRLG can just be ironic if you beat Green with just frustration on a low friendship Pokemon.

The only thing I have to say about Origins Red is that he overuses his Charizard. Other than that, Origins Red isn't the worst.

And in defense of the top 3 worst here:

Serena is by no means the worst trainer. She cares about her Pokemon, and even helped her Eevee.

Ash by no means the worst, and is severely underrated due to people not understanding wishes and that there's more to a goal than just "win a league" to become a ...more

I don't hate red but he's not the complete bad ass and the "best trainer ever to exist" that everyone makes him. That's complete nostalgic bias. He is great and strong, but he's not perfection and godly as you all make him. He's loses and makes mistakes like everyone else. He's as human as the other Pokemon trainers in the series. - Rue

What kind of a name is red? Were they really out of ideas by gen 1? - Frouze

Completely overrated and more Marty Stu than XY(Z) ash, Alain, AND Tobis combined! I mean, he beat the champion, has FIVE LEGENDARIES when we only saw tobis have 2, & did all of that his first round though at 10 years old. And he is such a boring character. He doesn't even talk with no explanation why & just always does right & always 'love his Pokemon' when we never hear how he bonded with them like ash does with his Pokemon.

And people go crazy because he disbanded team rocket. Big whoop. Ash got arrested/stopped 4 evil organizations from achieving their goal (I think the leader of galactic suicided himself so he don't count, but he stopped both aqua & magma).

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60 Lyra

Now hold on maybe dawn doesn't so much crush on boys but that doesn't mean that she isn't a prissy girl because sometimes she lets that get in the way of training with her Pokemon. Not saying that she doesn't care but sometimes she just acts like a prissy girly girl but not the best example my bad

How much of a skank can you get I mean she's type of girl who will fall for any guy that she meets and the fact that she cares about boys more than being a trainer is disgusting you say dawn and serena are prissy girly girls who only care about a crush well I say lyra tops them both

Wait, dawn didn't crush on anyone. She only fan girled over Gary because he was the grandson of the man who she loved to hear poetry from...

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