Is Paul really that self-centered and cruel?!?!? Out of all the rivals he is definitely the worst one. All he cares about is power and he shows no respect to his own Pokemon (especially Chimchar) or to other people like Ash and his friends. He's always calling others and Pokemon "pathetic", doesn't care about friendship or kindness, and he cares about nobody but himself! Also, because of the way he treats his own Pokemon with such disrespect how dare he calls himself a trainer! If he's always going to be scolding his own Pokemon for thinking they are weak, worthless, and useless then I don't think he deserves to be a Pokémon trainer!

Before he became a stale Pokemon rip-off, I used to really like Ash. And I really hated seeing Paul treat him so awful. Not only that but he treated his Pokemon awful too. I mean, come on, even Ursula cared about her Pokemon and sure she was mean but at least she wasn't as big if a jerk as Paul was.

Paul was only good as a rival because he was the polar opposite of Ash with the same goal in mind. It gave Ash a very personal rivalry where he wanted to better himself and prove Paul that how he trains Pokemon is wrong. But does this make Paul a good person or a character to be admired. No. He's a jerk who is very abusive to his Pokemon. Nothing more or less.

I know he's supposed to be like Silver from the games, but he's not a good comparison to silver. Silver at least had great character development and changed as a person. (mostly in HGSS) He was cruel to his pokemon, but learned that his perceptions were wrong and learned that kindness and care for his pokemon is what would make him a better/stronger trainer. Paul didn't change much at all, really.

Paul in general is rather conflicting when discussed. He's a bad character who treats his Pokemon poorly and never learns to love them properly like Silver has in the games, but at the same time, he gave the best rivalry to Ash as it was extremely personal and caused Ash to do everything he can to better himself. His existence is a double edged sword.

I don't understand Paul's (or trip's) character. I'm not talking about how he's mean to his Pokemon, but more as to WHY he's mean to his Pokemon. So he has some older brother complex or something? He somehow thought when he was real young that his brother didn't treat his Pokemon poorly enough for some reason? What kind of screwed up thinking made Paul equate his brother losing to the pyramid dude with THREE LEGENDARIES, as to be strong trainer you must treat Pokemon like lesser beings even though they can easily tear you apart? Ash's rivalry may be interesting to see how they clashed, but he was an awful character who made zero sense.

Yeah you're right paul's not the devil cause even the devil and hell itself would look at paul and say damn I thought I was bad but in reality paul makes the devil look like an angel but hey like paul all you want but just remember that most trainers aren't that cruel to their Pokemon rather it be the game or the series.

How is this scumbag not higher? He's a pokemon-abusing, selfish, pessimistic jerk.

It's impressive that someone actually beat out Professor Umbridge for the top of my personal hate list. That takes EFFORT.

Paul we know he is not so good character because his brother lost in battle frontier and he was so mean because from the past but after the battle with Ash he accepted him as a good rival and Paul was little upset but when he hear Ash he want to battle again then he said goodbye with his hand he better than Gary but see the episode you don't something to lose some person are mean for some reasons but you can soft their heart like Ash the kid from Pallete Town who came to Sinohb with Pikachu he makes Paul heart soft as it was before.

Paul is a demon is worst than Serena, Burgundy, and Cameron combined! Probably related to hunter jay and Giovanni I love ash Paul should not even be a trainer

Paul maybe a powerful trainer but he really pisses me off about his selfish ideas on pokemon. Paul should be the #1 worst character since he acts like a villain to me and using pokemon for their powers already sounds like he is identical to Team Galactic Boss Cyrus. I feel like he's bulliing his pokemon.

What a mean arrogant cold selfish grumpy old jerk Paul is

Has anyone forgotten that Paul's just a ripoff of Silver from GSC? I mean seriously! Perfect opportunity could've been done in Johto but nope! Wait until the last minute and you just drag this dude in. Missed opportunities man :/

Paul treats his Pokemon like slaves. He abuses them. Why shouldn't he release his STRONGEST Pokemon? That's what he should do- because he's just a big, big ***.

A horrible character. I hate Serena, but Paul was horrible. There's nothing to like about Paul. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Hate to break it to you, but Paul is NOT the best rival ever. Gary loved his Pokemon and made friends with Ash, I don't know much about Trip since I never bother watching BW. Paul just yelled at his Pokemon constanly and really hurt Chimchar's feelings. Not only Chimchar, but he wouldn't listen to Ash in the Tag Battle and bullied Maylene. Why does everyone like him so much, Paul was a total jerk!

He is a total ass. Paul is mean to such an extent that he seems to not just to the characters but to me as well.

Look, people, Paul is NOT a devil! He treats his Pokemon like battle machines? He devises ruthless battle strategies? He throws away bad Pokemon? So WHAT? I challenge ANY of you Paul haters this: Have any of you ever NOT done any of these things in a Pokemon game? Heck, just YESTERDAY I tossed my Ralts from my Pokemon Y game because it's not holding it's weight! Paul is truly the only one in the anime who is actually PLAYING Pokemon! And one more thing: he's not emotionless.He still keeps his starter,Torterra, around, after all.

Why does Paul even exist? He's way worst than what Gary Oak was in the original anime. He has no respect whatsoever for his pokemon. He's so egotistical. He let go 3 starlys because he thought "they weren't good enough". I hope you never come back you purple haired prick! - UselessName

He abuses Pokemon and is mean to ash. I can't believe he isn't already on this list.

Paul is a great trainer, his amazing strategies and stuff. I like his style and I agree : ASH IS SO PATHETIC. PAUL SHOULD DEFINITELY NOT BE ON THIS LIST.

Paul is a piece of crap rival. He abuses his Pokemon. I don't think other rivals do that!

What have Pokemon done to you paul

Paul is just a jerk and bully who was cruel to his Chimchard. Remember when he used so many really strong attacks to the poor little guy. When I first saw that episode I thought like "Maybe using that attacks also against him to show him how wrong this is". Since that moment I hated him.