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Serena has proven to be a kind and polite girl but she can also be openly rebellious towards her mother, Grace. In Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!, she refused to wake up when Grace ordered her to, and gave a sassy response to her mother's call to watch the news. This tumultuous relationship more.


Weakest and most useless travelling companion in the history of the show, contributes nothing noteworthy to the show.

A manipulative, totally useless fan-girl who is literally useless and has no character except for the fact that she's obsessed with Ash. Serena had no interest in Pokemon. In fact, she HATES them! Look at the way she treats her mother's Pokemon in Ep1, and that she didn't started off as a trainer even though she was 10.. What could that mean? She doesn't like Pokemon. It's even a shame to call her a "trainer". She started her journey as a trainer to catch Ash's attention, not for her own dream or her interest in Pokemon. Even now she's only pretending to like them thinking that will impress Ash laugh out loud.

I guess you're right. I think she started her journey to catch Ash's attention.

For those who wanted me to give Serena a chance, I have, and I still try to like her. I don't care much about Ash, but Serena's crush on him gets me extremely pissed off, especially when she starts blushing and fantasizing about him.

And her character, my goodness, is the biggest female stereotype I have ever seen. She's blonde and into fashion, and only thinks about her appearance and looking pretty.

I also despise how she cut her hair because she lost a contest/showcase/whatever it's called. Cutting your hair doesn't do anything different. Look at Dawn, she lost contests 3 times before succeeding, but she only let it out by crying, and not cutting her hair.

The worst thing about Serena (in my opinion) is that the writers gave her an Eevee.

They gave her an Eevee?! She doesn't even deserve to own one! I wish Team Rocket could steal it, because there are trainers more deserving of an Eevee than her. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yes, May deserved an Eevee. May was a great character. She kept on trying even if she didn't win. Drew is perfect for her. - RisingMoon

I do not hate Serena (i might like her if she wasn't so infatuated with Ash), she's nice, and pretty, and polite. But she has no proper goals, she started her whole Pokemon journey just because of Ash, which was kinda weird. But it gets worse, she tracks him down to Lumiouse city, and follows him around, then waits for him to ask her to travel with him, then she tries to get him to remember her... which he doesn't because they were FIVE.

She also doesn't have a proper goal. She only started her journey because of Ash, Pokemon performing was a secondary thought, not to mention "performing" is the most sexist sport they have come up with. All she does is make her Pokemon look pretty and cook poffins. Not to mention she is OBSESSED with Ash, at times she puts him over the safety of her own Pokemon and herself.

The other girls Ash has traveled with all had goals; Misty wanted to become a water Pokemon master, and train specifically water Pokemon (which she ...more

Airhead Barbie girl who is not even qualified to be a trainer in the first place. All she cares about is how to make out with Ash, She wasn't even interested in Pokemon and she still is. She just got her fennekin and started off as a trainer just to catch Ash's attention and even now she's got zero interest in Pokemon. She doesn't even care about her own partner or catching more Pokemons, in fact she show no sign of affection to everybody except for Ash, even her own mother! I'm pretty sure she'll even dump her own Pokemon if somebody said that's what Ash told her to do so

Ignoring the one-sided crush on Ash, I can honestly forgive the fact that she's there to add a "feminine" touch. There's nothing wrong with a female character being interested in typical female pursuits and it's interesting seeing what kind of "feminine" careers and outlets there are in the Pokemon world.

What I can't forgive is that she's blatantly there for fan service, which is very obvious after she got her own special credits animation just for her. She doesn't really add to the story or Ash's journey, and in the end she feels like she's only there BECAUSE they need a female companion to follow Ash around.

I never thought I'd see the day I find a companion with less character and personality than Dawn.

Long story short: Serena is not a character, she's a prop.

Serena is everything I don't want in Ash's female companion. First of all, she seems really weak and stereotypically extremely girly. I mean, she can't stand getting dirty. Oh boo hoo. Cry me a river. She also didn't realize that she had to sleep outside the fury time she had to camp, even though she literally left home and told her mother she would be traveling the Kalos region. What about that says, "hotels and luxury 24/7? " The main reason why she is the worst is because she pales in comparison to all of Ash's other female companions. Misty was a gym leader, May was a girl who entered competition but could also pack a punch, Dawn might have been girlier than the others but she was still able to hold her own in a battle, and Iris was a dragon type gym leader as well. Now, compare Serena to all of them, and tell me, does she even compare? Is she even on the same scale or calibre as they would be? Her character personality would've been better suited for a side character or maybe ...more

Ugh. Not only is she my least favorite character on the show, but quite possibly one of my least favorite characters... Ever. I can 100% agree with everyone, saying how she is an stereotypical blonde chick who likes pretty cloths and has a huge crush on ash. But there was more of her... That I just can't stand at all

Serena fans say how she is very develop. Mkaaay... How? I know she was bored at first, but... It doesn't change the fact that during the first couple of episodes, she is just so unlikable! She was so disrespectful towards her mother. I know that mother and daughter do get into fights, but it's just how Serena was like. And then later in the show she starts having a crush on Ash. WOW I didn't SEE THAT BEFORE! And becomes a performer I didn't SEE THAT BEFORE EITHER! And likes to dress up in pretty cloths. I NEVER SAW THAT BEFORE! See where I'm going? There is nothing original about her. Yeah okay sure, she has a backstory with ash and all, but the only thing that is ...more

The reasons why people love Serena is always so shallow like:

"She's so pretty"
"She has blonde hair and blue eyes"
"She's the prettiest of all of Ash's female companions"
"She's into fashion"
"She can bake sweets"
"She can dance"
"She has a crush on Ash"
"She appears kinder than the other companions"

Let's compare that with why people hate Serena:

"She's there solely for fan service"
"She's very underdeveloped"
"Her message to young girls is very shallow and kinda sexist"
"She's defined by her crush on Ash"
"It took 40+ episodes for her to have a goal"
"Her goal is shallow and somewhat sexist"
"She's irrelevant to the plot and hardly contributes to the group"
"She gets jealous with every girl that talks to Ash while she puts no effort to bond with Ash instead of just fantasizing with him"
"She worries about Ash in his gym battles and not his Pokemon"
"She's a stereotypical girly girl who ...more

Considering Pokemon performances are not to showcase your Pokemon but for them to make you look good it sort of seems like a rather selfish goal. I suppose I'll give her some credit as the only female to cook anything on the show but considering all she's good at is real flowery pastries I draw the line between useful and having a skill just to be more girly. Not to mention she practically throws a tantrum when her mom talks instead of talking to her which shows a total lack of maturity and yet we're supposed to believe she's a little lady. And she's nearly throwing everything away just to be with Ash is a real throwback to the princess era of bimbos with no skill but a pretty face needing a prince to have a purpose. Seriously the only time I've even liked Serena was in the mirror episode because Mirror Serena was tough, girly and at least had some personality past "YOU SHOULD LOVE ME CAUSE I'M SWEET AS SUGAR"

She's defined by her crush on Ash. She's not even her own character.

One thing I don't see people commenting about is how people want Serena to go to Alola with Ash just because of Amourshipping...

SERIOUSLY? ARE YOU SERIOUSLY USING THAT AS A REASON? Misty has been gone for over a decade and that hasn't stopped shippers from pairing her with Ash. Not to mention that Misty IS NEVER COMING BACK and the shippers will do it regardless. This is the same with the other girls that Ash has traveled with. But then again, Serena's fanbase is desperately wanting Amourshipping to be cannon even though THEY ARE JUST 10. As long as Ash stays 10, he can never grasp what a romantic relationship is and won't ever have one, therefor shippings that involve a girl being paired with him will never be canon.

She doesn't need to go to Alola. The characters that traveled with Ash in more than one region eventually got stale and served no purpose. The best example of this is Brock. Brock was good for the first few seasons and then got little to no relevance in ...more

I really hate her, All she does is worry and fantasize about him and think he is the best person ever and she's very annoying. Even Iris is better than her.

Serena seemed to have been a failed attempt at combining May and Dawn. Like May she spent time trying to figure out what to do with her life. Like Dawn she was into fashion and beauty. Unfortunately, Serena lacked any real individuality or a taste for competition and battling like May and Dawn. As a result we ended up with a character who spent the first 50 episodes doing nothing, a character who picked a goal that's boring and sexist, and a character who just felt like Ash's personal cheerleader. Even in the movies she felt like a stereotype. I recently watched the Volcanion movie and Serena spent her time washing clothes, shopping, overly feminizing Magearna by dressing it up with ribbons, cooking pastries and yelling Ash's name.

I don't hate Serena, I just hate how her crush on Ash takes away her individuality as a character.
Each and every single female companion prior to Ash had their own personality and are remembered for it, but Serena doesn't and her character WILL suffer from this. What do you think when people say Misty, May, Dawn or Iris? Yup, you'll probably mention some personality traits. Serena on the other hand.. crushes on Ash? WHAT EXAMPLE IS THIS FOR YOUNG GIRLS? Honestly, I'm so glad I was around 11 when it was the time of Dawn, she was an amazing role model AND she's the only girl who was shown to be Ash's equal. Serena lacks character, which actually sucks because EVERYONE had such high expectations of Serena, due to her game character. All she is is amourshipping, which really really sucks. She shouldn't be a ship, she should be an individual. Sort this out, Pokemon.
And the fact that Pokemon Showcases basically glorify idol culture is a different story.. but y'know. - hikarin

Weak, obsessive, and useless. I'd prefer Cilan or Brock, because at least they had a sense of humor. All she does is gasp and cry when another girl talks to Ash. I really hope they don't make this pairing canon. It'd be the most annoying thing ever. What even is her reason to travel with Ash? Woo him? Not even worth calling a companion in my opinion. Just a fan girl.

Serena is just a girl that doesn't care about her Pokemon and only Ash. Let us compare. When she is with Ash, she INSTANTLY becomes a overly attached person and ends up blushing Ike mad when she is around him like he is the only thing around and when another girl talks to him, she gets super mad and starts ''screaming' at them. However, when it is an episode only focused on her, like when she has her Pokemon performances (which is just a bunch of girls allowing their Pokemon to use random moves all around) she becomes SUDDENLY super determined and her attitude MAGICALLY changes. Another thing I hate, the last part of episode 60, when Ash complimented her, she instantly starts blushing like a lovely dovey pathetic thing. It's like she only changed her clothes so Ash would say she looks pretty.

So I was thinking about it. Serena seems to be copying Ash. It's like she is trying to be like him because of her crazy crush on him. In the past, all of Ash's friends have been inspired by Ash to better themselves in some way. Including the other girls that have had crushes on him. But Serena is different. She reminds me of one those girls who will do anything or, more fittingly, will BECOME anything to get with the guy they like. Like, if Ash was a "bad boy", she would totally be corrupted by him in her desperate need to get him to like her. Or, if she had a crush on Clemont, she would act like she was interested in science and stuff and try to act all nerdy about it to get his attention. I mean, the most obvious sign she would probably be like that is the fact that she planned her whole Pokemon journey around and because of Ash! Does anyone else agree with me?

I never really understood people who like this character. I am type of person that has own opinion, but respects others who have different opinions. Like... I really like Misty (my favourite character), but I understand when someone don't. They have tolerable reasons for that and I understand it. And the same is for characters that I dislike. But Serena... One of my problems with her are her fans. Dislike character for shipping reasons and for her appearance is stupid, but liking character for shipping reasons and appearance is stupider. They won't shut up about her "character development" but that's only one scene in series and it's basically changing her appearance so.. I don't count it.

Serena is a prime example of what well written character should not be.

She contributed nothing to the series except for fanservice. That's not in my opinion best character but worst. - michellka

I think it's symbolic that the only thing Serena can bake is sweets. Sweets are supposed to be pretty and they're sugary, but they are nothing but empty calories. They serve no other purpose but to be outwardly pleasing, just like Serena. They have no nutritional value just as Serena has no value as a character other than being used for stupid fan service and meaningless ship bait.

I do believe it. I can't speak for the writers, but that's irrelevant. It's still symbolic regardless.

I don't personally hate Serena or love her, but I seriously hate how useless she is. (sorry to the Serena fans)

Like seriously she DOES do many girly stuff and I don't mind! I'm a girl too lol.

But that I mean it's that Serena is a cute and sweet character but liked by people just because they think she's prettier, girly, fashionable and because she shows her feelings a lot to Ash unlike the other girls and it's cute.

Seriously! people should consider the characters personalities, she was basically so upset she lost that she changed her appearance like geez girl though I'm not saying you can't do that, it's just geez May or Dawn did cry but they never gave up or changed their appearance. (though I guess she wanted to start over)

Dawn is like a female version of Ash, and I love her but I'm not saying this just because I'm huge Dawn fan because I actually like Serena but she's so useless!

Yeah, seriously! Only an obsessed fan girl would go to such lengths to return a stupid piece of cloth. And what makes it even worse is that it was a manipulative gesture! She wasn't giving it back to him because she really cared about him getting it back, she was giving it back to him hoping she would get a reaction out of him. Same with the cookies she baked him! You could see the disappointment on her face when he fawned over the cookies instead of her. What does she expect him to do? Start sucking on her instead of the cookies?! Argh! She is so ' ANNOYING! The only reason I haven't stopped watching the anime is because Ash is so clueless about it all. His being clueless makes all the dumb fan-service/shipping scenes humorous. Especially when you know that Amourshippers actually swallow this crap.

Serena sucks. Not even qualified to be a trainer in the first place. May had a love interest, Dawn was in it for fashion, but their primary interest was always Pokemon. But this girl? She puts Ash and her lousy fashion mumbo jumbo way ahead of Pokemon. She didn't start off as a trainer even though she was 10 and also didn't like her mom's Pokemon but she becomes a trainer after seeing Ash. What could that mean? She hates Pokemon but pose as a trainer only to impress Ash.

I don't hate Serena, but I'm honestly disappointed with how the writers are doing with her currently in the anime. From the inconsistent personality and "development" in those 'super special Serena only' episodes, she feels like an odd ball of the group. Outside of Ash, which in itself is barebones, she doesn't have much of a relationship with Bonnie or Clemont which is a shame to me because I like this series and find the current traveling group to be good... It's just Serena only caring about what Ash thinks or what he does and it really ruins the group somewhat for me.
Referring to that last comment, I also made that observation and I think it's becoming more blatant in each new episode. It's so weird that now that she found her goal, she's still so dependant on Ash. Even in her episodes where she supposedly grows confident and determined, it's all gone to waste in the next one as she is reduced to once again worrying about Ash and calls his name all the time as she stands ...more

People say Serena's character this, Serena's character that and every time I just have to ask "WHAT CHARACTER?! " She is a walking female stereotype that cannot stop talking about clothes and cute stuff, the other half of her "character" is a pointless crush on ash! It feels like the writers pulled her out of there arse last minute after forgetting to add a female lead for the x and y anime... Mabye if she had a unique personality and her crush was subverted it wouldn't be as bad but to me she's just useless pedophile eye candy...