Worst Punishments For Kids

At home or in school, this might happen if you do something wrong.

The Top Ten

1 In School Suspension

After school suspension when I was a little girl in school my school had a rule that if you get less than 8/10 you have to stay in a small room with no place to sit so you had to stand because the floor was very dirty that used to work with me standing for 4 hours after school was totally a disaster

What I think they should have just gave you a f I'm so sorry how old were you

More like sitting on a stool wearing
A dunce cap with everyone laughinf

2 Head On The Desk

That is embarrassing

This is not that bad. _.

3 Yard Work
4 Extra Chores
5 Fist On Chin
6 No Video Games

This punishment is way overused


7 Spanking

How is this punishment good for kids its horrible how will you like it if your spanked?

I been slap on my face every day of my punishment

More kids need them

This is definitely a pain in the ass!

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8 Timeout

It depends where the time out is being held. I have had time outs in my room which is not effect because all my toys are there but when we had to sit in a certain place on the couch or chair for a time out it is more effective

9 Think Sheet
10 5 Minutes Off of Recess

The Contenders

11 Soap In Mouth

It leaves a nasty taste in the mouth so they won't do it again punishment is not for pleasure

12 Detention
13 Smashing their phone
14 A Slave All Day
15 Nose Against a Wall for 1 Hour

Make The Kid Face A Blank Wall With his/hers Nose Aganist the Wall. With Nothing to do. Also, for more of a punishment make the child stand if the child sits or bends his/her leg make them do it for another hour, or if the child moves his/her's nose away from the wall start the time over.

I do not get how this is really a punishment.

That's funmy

16 Slap them for 5 min
17 Beat Them

That's abuse. You can't do that

This works really good our kid behaves a lot better now! :D

18 Headshaving

This is really bad and can really damage a kid's confidence. Just please, don't do it.

This punishment is bad!

19 Killing Them

Some adults actually KILL their children as a punishment, and don't get into ANY trouble!

20 Writing Lines

Hate writing!

21 Expulsion
22 Police Notification
23 Sending you to your room without dinner
24 Boot Camp
25 Keep on Writing I Am Sorry for Two Hours and Whenever They Stop Let the Timer Start Over

It's better if you make them doing this while standing

26 Raise Their Hands Up for 2 Hours Without Putting It Down If They Put It Down Make Them Hold Things

I liked that idea but I am gonna try it for 4 hours instead of two and make them stand on ice

27 Put spicy sauce in mouth

I don’t like this one

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