Worst Punishments For Kids

At home or in school, this might happen if you do something wrong.

The Top Ten

1 In School Suspension

After school suspension when I was a little girl in school my school had a rule that if you get less than 8/10 you have to stay in a small room with no place to sit so you had to stand because the floor was very dirty that used to work with me standing for 4 hours after school was totally a disaster

What I think they should have just gave you a f I'm so sorry how old were you

More like sitting on a stool wearing
A dunce cap with everyone laughinf

2 Head On The Desk

I pretended to sleep when I had this method inflicted while at school

That is embarrassing

This is not that bad. _.

3 Yard Work
4 Fist On Chin

Ya I tried that

5 Extra Chores
6 No Video Games

This punishment is way overused


7 Spanking

They touch your ass, so weird

I am Asian and this was a common childhood punishment

I've always wanted to be spanked

love this

8 Timeout

Spec ed

It depends where the time out is being held. I have had time outs in my room which is not effect because all my toys are there but when we had to sit in a certain place on the couch or chair for a time out it is more effective

9 Think Sheet

I had to do these in school as a kid and I hated it

10 5 Minutes Off of Recess

The Contenders

11 A Slave All Day

Yeah, parents. Before you give your kids this punishment, you need to understand that this is against the 13th amendment. - JoeBoi

12 Detention
13 Smash Their Phone
14 Destroying Their Game Systems

Like doing one bad thing means you must destroy their video game system. Really? - Bammer73

Which is way too excessive and stupid mostly because the parents most likely paid for their kids PS4's/ X-Box One or etc.. - egnomac

15 Nose Against a Wall for 1 Hour

Make The Kid Face A Blank Wall With his/hers Nose Aganist the Wall. With Nothing to do. Also, for more of a punishment make the child stand if the child sits or bends his/her leg make them do it for another hour, or if the child moves his/her's nose away from the wall start the time over.

I do not get how this is really a punishment.

That's funmy

16 Headshaving

This is really bad and can really damage a kid's confidence. Just please, don't do it.

This punishment is bad!

17 Grounded

Cartoons used to have that. This is bad, downright worse when if the time limit spent in their rooms is more than 3 days, and it means that the parents are killing their children, because a person can survive 3 days without water, says science fact, and killing is not a punishment, IT IS A SCENE!

I got grounded before. - andrewteel

You are grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded for 824728271748274829273646284745 years! - Bammer73

18 Soap In Mouth

It leaves a nasty taste in the mouth so they won't do it again punishment is not for pleasure

19 Expulsion

Yeah because you spend the day dreading your parents terrible wrath when they found them.

20 Killing Them


Some adults actually KILL their children as a punishment, and don't get into ANY trouble!

21 Phone Taken Away
22 Grounded for a Week
23 Cancel Any Fun Activities

One time I was "sassing" my mom when I was 5. I didn't get to go to the movies.

24 Ear Pulling

I am Asian and this was a common punishment method when I was a kid.

25 Banned from TheTopTens
26 Beating
27 Taking Away All Toys and Possessions Leaving Their Rooms Completely Empty

I think this punishment is child abuse that will scar them for the rest of their lives. When kids leave their parents at 18 years old and they had this punishment they will never forget how devastated they were with the loss of their sense of self worth.

28 Showering Them with Water
29 Taking Away Their Tech
30 Writing Lines

Hate writing!

31 Police Notification
32 Sending to Room Without Dinner
33 Boot Camp
34 Keep on Writing I Am Sorry for Two Hours and Whenever They Stop Let the Timer Start Over

It's better if you make them doing this while standing

35 Raise Their Hands Up for 2 Hours Without Putting It Down If They Put It Down Make Them Hold Things

I liked that idea but I am gonna try it for 4 hours instead of two and make them stand on ice

36 Hot Sauce in Mouth

I don’t like this one

37 No Electronics
38 Sit-Ups
39 Locking in Their Rooms

Real sin parents don't know.

40 Being Told to Shut Up
41 Scream Rooms
42 Locking Them in Closets
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