Worst Punishments For Kids

At home or in school, this might happen if you do something wrong.

The Top Ten

1 In School Suspension

More like sitting on a stool wearing
A dunce cap with everyone laughinf

2 Yard Work
3 Head On The Desk

That is embarrassing

This is not that bad. _.

4 Extra Chores
5 Fist On Chin
6 No Video Games

This punishment is way overused


7 Timeout

It depends where the time out is being held. I have had time outs in my room which is not effect because all my toys are there but when we had to sit in a certain place on the couch or chair for a time out it is more effective

8 Think Sheet
9 Spanking

I been slap on my face every day of my punishment

More kids need them

Spanking is great if you pull there pants down and hit it with a brush bat if there raely been bad

It is not a punishmentand you will never learn how to behave.

10 5 Minutes Off of Recess

The Contenders

11 Soap In Mouth

It leaves a nasty taste in the mouth so they won't do it again punishment is not for pleasure

12 Detention
13 Nose Against a Wall for 1 Hour

Make The Kid Face A Blank Wall With his/hers Nose Aganist the Wall. With Nothing to do. Also, for more of a punishment make the child stand if the child sits or bends his/her leg make them do it for another hour, or if the child moves his/her's nose away from the wall start the time over.

I do not get how this is really a punishment.

14 A Slave All Day
15 Beat Them

That's abuse. You can't do that

This works really good our kid behaves a lot better now! :D

16 Slap them for 5 min
17 Smashing their phone
18 Killing Them

Some adults actually KILL their children as a punishment, and don't get into ANY trouble!

19 Writing Lines

Hate writing!

20 Expulsion
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1. In School Suspension
2. Head On The Desk
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