Top Ten Worst SJW Videos on YouTube


The Top Ten

1 All Cis People Are Transphobic (And You're Probably Racist Two) - Milo Stewart
2 Potty Mouth Princesses - FCKH8

F**H8 is such a crap website. I love it when Chubbs roasts them - TwilightKitsune

3 2017 New Years Resolutions For White Guys - MTV
4 36 Questions Women Have For Men - Buzzfeed

1 question this woman has for these women: can you stop being SJWs - TwilightKitsune

5 If There Is No God, Murder Isn't Wrong - PragerU

PragerU isn't SJW.. sometimes they can be CSJW though (conservative SJW) - 445956

6 Climate Crisis Is A Racist Crisis - TLE
7 White People are Paying Reparations - Black Hitler
8 Are Cracker, White Trash and Redneck Racist? - MTV
9 How Rape Culture Has Evolved Throughout History - Marinashutup
10 What Saying 'I'm Not A Feminist' Really Means - The Huffington Post

The Newcomers

? Autogynephilia - ContraPoints
? Jordan Peterson - ContraPoints

The Contenders

11 Tuck Frump - Tuck Frump

This video is rude and very hypocritical.

It's dumb.

12 Your dating "preferences" are discriminatory - Riley J. Dennis

States that homosexual and heterosexual people are "transphobic" for not dating both sexes.

13 Trans women are not "biologically male" - Riley J. Dennis

The absolutely absurd thumbnail states that the scientific reality of biological sex is a social construct. That's all you need to know about this video.

Stupid, just stupid. If you were born male, then you are biologically male, no matter what gender you feel like being. - AliciaMae

14 Are genital preferences transphobic? - Riley J. Dennis
15 What is a TERF? - Riley J. Dennis
16 The Transphobe's Paradox - Riley J. Dennis
17 The Chromosome Crusaders - Shoe0nHead
18 Reacting To Conservapedia - Shoe0nHead
19 TERFs - ContraPoints
20 Incels - ContraPoints
21 Feminism Did Not Destroy Atheism - ContraPoints
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