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21 Bowser Jr Gets Potty Trained

Logan, No One Wants To Watch Junior Get Potty Trained, I Mean Junior Saying he was a mermaid Because He Peed The Bed Was Pretty Funny, But it Still Can't Save This Piece of Crap

Ugh, really Logan? REALLY? Why the hell did you make this crap? It's so lame disgusting and crappy. Also it has the exact same problem as the video A Bird Problem, Bowser Jr never wet his bed in any other videos he was in, so just like speedy's speech impediment, Logan just made this bad for plot convenience, also this is 1 the most rushed videos in SML history, it literally felt like Logan just wanted to get this video over with as soon as possible, and I have 1 very important thing to say to SML and everyone who makes movies T.V. shows or anything like that, TOILET HUMOR isn't FUNNY! Based on what kind of humor this video has I say this, the only people who will find this video funny are 5 year olds, cause only 5 year olds think toilet humor is funny

Why the hell did this have to be a thing, just why? It's a really pointless video to be honest, what I really hate the most about this video is Junior's friends being unlikeable and Toad. My God, I cannot STAND Toad in SML, he's one of my most hated characters in the series, and the rap song that he did for Junior was really annoying as well, I really wish this wasn't a thing.

It's not the worst or my favorite it's a bit okay to watch

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22 Bowser Junior's Punishment

I hate it when Bowser injures his son

Can anybody see the similarities between THIS video and black yoshi's job?...oh YA!, THERE BOTH OVERHATED!

Why is this on the list? that demon child deserves everything it gets.

This episode was annoying and jr was at his worst and was a jerfk to everyone - Toptenanimallovers

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23 The Fly V 1 Comment
24 Bowser Jr Goes Bowling

Just another typical Junior Goes to video

25 Cody's Revenge

HOW IS THIS HATED I am not mad but what how are these new fans not okay with cody getting revenge there 5 year olds it has been obvious that the new fans are 5year olds because of the retarded comments answers to things like what would you do if you were stuck in the elevator and how junior is mean to cody AND ONLY HAVING HIM AS HIS FRIEND JUST SO HE CAN PICK ON SOMEONE NOPE THAT DOESN'T MATTER BUT WHEN CODY GETS REVENGE ON HIM LIKE IN THE ELEVATOR AND SUPERPOWERS HE'S THE BULLY that is 5 year old logic if any of you are 2014 sml fans lets take back our fanbase

This video was just terrible. I just feel disgusted whenever I watch it.

Why is it that no one cares when junior is mean. But when he gets consequences people get angry?. Just goes to show how stupid society had gotten

I like Bowser Jr. so, yeah...

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26 Mario & Luigi's Stupid & Dumb Adventures Season 3 Episode 2

The dimensions Mario went to were so unimaginative

Mario torture porn

Cmb's the dimension invention had much more creative dimensions
Sml:Charley dimension, Dora dimension, spongebob dimension, jungle dimension and the regular dimension except Mario is bankrupt.
CMB: reverse dimension (where everyone does things in reverse), material switch dimension, live action dimension, lower camera quality dimension etc.
Also, Mario is tortured at least Jeffy had a reason he got abused not diddy bowser or toad now that is bad torture

27 Jeffy's TV Show

This was a great idea. But the video didn't even focus on Jeffy most of the time. - tacoperson

Dewy Donedidit was annoying - Tyler730

Another dud

This video is really bad. Why did Logan think this was a somewhat decent idea? Videos like this prove that he wants to appease the immature Jeffy fanboys over people who actually care. This is Jeffy clickbait because Jeffy barely appears in the video and it becomes Jeffy's show at least ten minutes in. Dewey Donedidit was SO ANNOYING. His gimmick made no sense and just sucks as both a villain and a producer. Don't bring him back(aside from being a possible villain for the sml movie) It is also very repetitive. The filming happens, Dewey complains, something changes in the T.V. show, rinse and repeat. It would have been a cleverly written satire of Logan's channel if the plot wasn't so sloppy. 2/10. Logan seriously needs to improve.

28 Bowser's New Son

Whenever Logan creates a new character they're either extremely lame or extremely annoying, in this case boring, link is probably the most boring character Logan has ever created

Character forgotten

2/5 orange range rating

After this video, he never appeared again besides BJSS and BJFG

29 Chef Pee Pee's Family

Half of his family was boring, the other half was annoying.

I expected better from this crap

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30 Jeffy's Fun Day!

You know, why would someone put this on the list? This was meant to be an April Fools Joke! Something like Bowser's Depression should be here! - MR_Newton

Worst episode by far - kok2

This is an hour of Jeffy watching paint dry! - Tyler730


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31 Cody's Birthday

Cody reveals that he was born on February 29 and is technically 2 years old. Junior and Joseph, being their normal selves, laugh at Cody for being a baby and making him leave. The two troublemakers later decide to pull a "little" prank on Cody. They lure him back to the apartment by saying they were playing games naked and blindfold him. He opens his eyes only to see a birthday party set up. However, it's more of a baby shower then a birthday party. The cake is all purple and stuff, the gift wrapping is covered in baby things and Junior and Joseph even try to give him a pacifier. The start to open presents and it's nobody's surprise when they are baby toys and diapers. The whole party involves the Cody's anti-friends treating him like he doesn't know anything on the planet. The cake is then cut the cake and Junior tells Cody that it's good to share (Let that sink in). Eventually, the "sun is a planet" thing is brought up and that is enough to make Cody snap and leave. He is soon ...more

..okay Logan, do you have some sort of diaper/baby fetish? 'Cause judging by this video and Junior Gets Potty Trained, that's what I'm starting to think. Other than that, this video just sucks, it's pretty much an excuse for Junior and Joseph to be complete @$$holes to Cody. Really, the only good part was when Cody chewed the both of them out...but too bad his parents had to come in to ruin that.
2/5 (Bad)

Worst Of The Worst This Video Is Just Garbage

I don't care if they make fun of Cody. People that cry over that make no sense. This video has major flaws. The jokes are terrible, very immature, repitition, repetition.

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32 Shrek's Bath Problem

I really don't like this video. Not only was Shrek unpleasantly disgusting but also extremely unlikeable. He tried so hard to aggravate, torture and gross out Mario throughout the episode for no good reason, also he's saying the s word instead of crap AGAIN! And let's be honest, did the Brooklyn Guy really need to be here in this video? He was COMPLETELY WORTHLESS here in this video. Also the ending was not funny and rather irritating. Hell, I think the only positive thing I can say about this video is that Toad did something useful for once by giving Mario a Mini Mushroom to escape the bathroom. But other than that, this video sucked, and I'm never gonna watch this piece of crap again!

This Episode wasn't that gross, at least shrek doesn't force Mario like he did in shrek's crappy wish.

This video was really dumb. The video was mostly about shrek trying to make Mario pick up his 💩 and to get shrek's soap. The only funny joke was when shrek poured the cheese balls in the bathtub and said it moisturizes his skin

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33 Bowser Junior's Lightsaber

(sigh) Another day, another video relying on pointless violence to get a laugh. Here we have yet another case of Junior being a complete imbecile; he buys a light saber, which apparently actually exist in the SML world, and accidentally cuts Cody's head off. Oh, and he cuts Chef Pee Pee's arm off too. Seriously, WHAT IS THE JOKE!? Just having your characters hurt each other does NOT qualify as comedy! Now you could say that Tom & Jerry and the Looney Tunes relied on the characters hurting each other, but they actually spend time BUILDING up to the violence, which ultimately actually makes it funny. Here, they just rush to the violence with no buildup whatsoever! Really, the only good thing about this video is that Junior dies at the end, but even that doesn't save this. This has been a really bad year for SML overall. Hopefully, 2016 will AT LEAST show some improvement.
1.5/5 (Awful)

Although this video isn't as overly detailed as the Drone and it's not as bad, THE VIDEO IS STILL TERRIBLE! The humour in this video as well as many other Junior videos, is extremely stupidly pathetic! Also let's not forget, CHEF PEEPEE MUST BE TORTURED FOR NO damn REASON WHATSOEVER! by the way, I know it's been a decade since we've seen another Star Wars movie, but please, enough with the big-ass hype. But I will say however the ending to this video was pretty satisfying because Yoda killed Junior.

Unfortunately however that's not enough to hold up for this video. 2/10

34 Drawing Jeffy!

This video didn't make sense. All it just was Jeffy yelling at Mario for no reason

How the hell did his video get 117 likes?! It's so bad!

In my opinion I thought the video was good

The whole thing was jeffy swearing

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35 Bowser Jr's Happy Meal

Junior Is Unlikable In This Video, He Was So annoying

This is Bowser jr at his worst, he is annoying as hell in this video

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36 Bowser's Chinese Food

This video was ok but I thought is was racist when chef pee pee said the Chinese people Cook cats.

37 Jeffy's Favorite Song

I hated practically everything in this video. Both Rosalina and Jeffy were annoying idiots, and the Hop Hop song was going to make me want to punch a wall! The only thing that was actually good in this video was the ending, but other than that, this video can go suck it. 2/10

The ending for this video was messed up...

Very annoying

Mario was killed for being annoyed by something annoying.

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38 Bowser Junior's Sickness

Whenever Logan makes videos like this it really confuses me, how does he think we will be entertained by watching a video where the characters practically do nothing?

My ears - Tyoshi

I honestly have no clue why Logan thinks videos where Junior does nothing but act like an insufferable brat are entertaining. Even more confusing, he thinks that we have the patience to sit through ELEVEN MINUTES OF IT. Either way, this video is sh! t, one of the worst Logan has ever made. The jokes are lame, the characters are unlikeable, and it's just BORING.
1/5 (Awful)

39 Mario the Babysitter

I almost couldn't watch the whole thing, so annoying

Why couldn't Jeffy just be a normal little kid, why did he have to be mentally challenged?

Why does EVERY NEW character have to be stupid? jeffy has appeared in a lot of videos, YET codys sister, who was smart only had ONE appearance!

So let me see if I got this right

If a random kid that you've never seen before ends up at your door and can't remember where they came from, the police will force the person who owns the house to take custody of him? Why?

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40 Jeffy's Special Easter

I honestly laughed at one point during this video the mona lisa - hugh201

Ok at this point I just want Jeffy to die, all he does is be stupid, spank his diaper, and say "why" and it's annoying as hell, does Logan even care that he's annoying all his fans by constantly bringing Jeffy back? All I want as this point is for them to kill off Jeffy

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