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101 Luigi's Mansion Episode 7

It was hyped up by a lot of people, but most of those people unsubscribed when they found out SML put FNaF in it. - ExxonWireless

102 The 1UP

Mario reveals his spoiled side by only saving his grandpa for his 1 million dollars.

103 Jeffy's Bedtime

Jeffy Was Annoying In This Video, I Mean All Rosalina And Mario Was Trying To Do Was Have Adult Time In The Living room, But Jeffy, Being The Annoying Piece Of Sh! t He Is, Ruined It, And Did You Really Have To Make Mario And Rosalina Sleep With Jeffy, And It's Annoying Because Mario And Rosalina Had To Put A Baby Monitor Just So They Can See What Jeffy Is Doing In His Room, And Again With Jeffy Crapping In His Pants? Logan You Made A Mentally Retarted Character, I Never Want To See Jeffy Again. 0/5 (The Worst)

104 Bowser Jr Loses Thomas
105 Bowser Junior's Cellphone V 1 Comment
106 Jeffy Goes to the Zoo

More than half of the video is just Logan supporting a dead meme

107 SuperMarioLogan The Movie (APRIL FOOLS)

It is literally just Jeffy staring at a fence for an hour. - FasterThanSonic


I find it absolutely hilarious how pissed off all his fans are that this video was an April fools joke, seriously people, can you not take a joke? He said himself that the actual Supermariologan movie is coming so why is everyone getting all pissed off at this video?

108 The Dead Body!

The ending! Spoilers! Jeffy complains about the green beans once again. Really Logan, the green bean joke is getting old!

109 Mistaken

This video made me loathe Junior and Joseph even more than in Cody's Birthday! Definitely one of 2017's worst videos - Tyler730

110 Stuck!

A ripoff of The Elevator and Cody torture throughout - Tyler730

111 Bowser's Parrot

This episode has animal abuse which is not cool but I have to be honest, that part where the parrot keeps saying Bowser's a retard was funny.

There was no animal abuse, because the parrot is a puppet. But this video is still pretty bad.

This is boring the Parrot is so annoying why did he have to be in it

A lot of animal abuse in this video, I don't like that.

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112 Bowser Junior's Pet

I just found this video in particular to be VERY forgettable. Junior needs to stop being a stupid dumbass 24/7

It's so bland and forgettable even Logan forgot about it, think about it, when was last time Logan used Chompy in a video?

The Burger was literally Chompy's only other appearance in a video, then he just disappeared

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113 Bowser Junior's Midnight Snack

Very Entertaining!

I love this one...

Good god, the scenes in the gas station were so cringeworthy

-Pretty much the exact same plot as Happy meal 2.

- Junior foreshadows himself as being blind as he demands to go to the gas station even though a crap load of snacks were on the counter.

-Chef peepee is treated like a dirt sandwich the whole video.

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