Top Ten Worst Survivor Tribes

These tribes were not good at challenges or camp life, leading to disaster.

The Top Ten

1 Ulong - Survivor Palau

I can't believe they had only 1 person left on it! They were awful! - Minecraftcrazy530

They didn't even bother with having a merge. That's how awful this tribe was. They just let them get obliterated.

This tribe sucks. They lost every challenge. I think the reason of their fall is lack of teamwork


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2 Matsing - Survivor Philippines

Zane, Roxy and Angie are the worst

Lost every challenge

They never won

Once Russ was voted off: MAN this tribe is TRASH -rolls eyes-
When Abi Maria was voted off: Well whaddaya know 2 of the 4 remaining of the Matsing tribe, aka the trash tribe

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3 Foa Foa - Survivor Samoa

Thanks to Russell, they couldn't seem to win anything. - alexcousins


4 Ravu - Survivor Fiji

Yeah, the only reason they sucked was because Moto had a huge advantage over them. - Turkeyasylum

Not that many likeable players, except for Yau-Man and a few others.

5 Espada - Survivor Nicaragua

This tribe had nothing going for them and fast!

I wasn't fair because they were older. - NicholasYellow

6 Zapatera - Survivor Redemption Island

They were so stupid voting out Russell, with him, they could’ve done better!

7 Luzon - Survivor Cagayan

Spencer was a condescending, arrogant, douche. This tribe had all the dysfunction.

Would have been completely picked off if it wasn't for the tribe switch-up.

The best was David and the worst was Spencer.

For being the smart tribe this tribe lacked in any smarts. J'tia pulled that tribe down. I did not like anyone in this tribe.

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8 Maraamu - Survivor Marquesas
9 Fang - Survivor Gabon
10 Lopevi - Survivor Vanuatu

The Newcomers

? Morgan - Survivor Pearl Islands

The Contenders

11 La Mina - Survivor Exile Island
12 Saboga - All-Stars

This tribe wasn't even put together that well. - alexcousins

13 Samburu - Survivor Africa


14 To Tang - Survivor Kaoh Rong

Lost 3/4 pre switch immunity challenges!

Worse than Luzon

They always lost

15 Heroes - Survivor Heroes Vs Villains

They got rid of their best players and screwed themselves over in merge by giving the villains an idol. Not the worst physically but number 1 in stupidity.

They Got rid of Cirie! Worst mistake ever!

JT should've given his idol to Sandra or Courtney.

16 Takali - Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X

Had a lot of idiots and three sane people (Jessica, David and Ken).

17 Mana - Survivor Game Changers

Even the post-switch Mana was bad at challenges. Face it, they would've lost before the next switch if they didn't blindside Malcolm at the double tribal. - naFrovivuS

They have continuously lost challenges and had tons of drama go on in their camp. Plus they have voted off many of their strongest players first

Caleb not caled sorry - musicalorange6


18 Zhan Hu - Survivor China
19 Tadhana - Survivor Blood vs. Water
20 Malolo - Survivor Ghost Island

They lost 5/7 immunity challenges before the merge. They sucked. - Blizzard

21 Coyopa - Survivor San Juan del Sur

Voted out their strongest player. Won only one challenge; one that was thrown by the other team

This team was an absolute wreck. Hunapu completely owned them before the merge. They couldn't even win a single immunity challenge.

22 Pagong - Survivor Borneo

None of the members of the tribe really knew how to play this game. They were constantly playing in the mud during camplife. And at the merge literally the 5 Pagong members voted their separate ways and the vote when Gretchen got voted out it was 4-1-1-1-1-1-1. Then the 3 members left made an alliance but it was too late. When they got to the merge, they acted like fools and it was the only time where it was actually entertaining to see Pagonging.

I know it was the first season, but Pagong had an open window to "Tagi" the other tribe with Sean's alphabetical voting. - Turkeyasylum

The tribe all voted for Probst at the first tribal.
Wow. - naFrovivuS

23 Yawa - Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers
24 Morgan - Survivor the Pearl Island

They had trouble building there shelter

Osten was the worst

25 Brains - Brains Bronze Beauty

They just sucked

26 Angkor - Survivor Cambodia Second Chance
27 Sook Jai - Survivor Thailand

Lost to far older players.

28 Hunahpu - Survivor San Juan del Sur

They might have won a lot, but the whole flint fiasco puts them here - alexcousins

They only lost once, when a challenge was thrown

29 Moto - Survivor Fiji

Most detestable tribe ever.

30 Rarotonga - Survivor Cook Islands
31 Jabaru - Survivor Amazon

Had the weirdest members

32 Gota - Survivor Caramoan
33 Yaxha - Survivor Guatemala
34 Manono - Survivor One World
35 Savaii - Survivor South Pacific
36 Solana - Survivor Cagayan
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1. Ulong - Survivor Palau
2. Espada - Survivor Nicaragua
3. Zapatera - Survivor Redemption Island
1. Ulong - Survivor Palau
2. Matsing - Survivor Philippines
3. Luzon - Survivor Cagayan


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