Top 10 Worst Things About Girls

This list contains the top 10 worst thing about girls ages 3-18, not about girls any older or younger than that. I just want to clear that out. You will understand this list especially if you have a sister. Enjoy!

The Top Ten Worst Things About Girls

1 Boy Discrimination

It's practically sexist. I saw this shirt that said "Friends are forever, boys are whatever" and I'm actually surprised they manufacture that crap. Commercials for girl shoes that say "Boys don't get it, it's a girl thing" make boys angry while they twiddle their thumbs waiting for commercials to be over. Girls who say "girls rule boys drool" are gonna get dumped and stay single for the rest of their life (forever alone). My girlfriend would never say such sexist garbage. Why can't all girls be like that?

I totally agree with this and I do not discriminate the male gender in any way but don't guys do the same? Yes they do. Everywhere I look there's always something sexist towards girls. Both genders do it, and we shouldn't. Everyone should get along and love each other. Regardless of what gender you are.

Girls often think us boys are "pigs". Girls think when a boy gets hit, it's nothing, but when a girl gets hit, it's murder. A girl often wants to be their own person, like a man, but when they have to lift something heavy, they ask a man. Females often receive shorter jail sentences than men. I don't like it when women aren't treated equally, but I also hate it when someone treats a man unequally. - ethanmeinster

Yes, I'm a feminist and I know what's sexist and what's not. Misogyny is wrong, but so is misandry. How can people not realise that saying "girls are better than boys" is just as sexist as "boys are better than girls"? It's stupid because without both genders (and sex) we wouldn't be here. The better gender is the one that is more important to humanity, and no gender is more or less important to humanity. - WheresMyGuitarPick

My friends and I were playing basketball with some boys and I was fighting for the ball witch had been knocked out of someone's hands. One of them fell on top of me and one of the other boys, who was my friend from the quiz bowl team, said to stop because I was a girl so I might get hurt. If my arm was bent out of shape then I would be just fine with that comment, but I was totally fine! Ya he's my friend but I still I cannot tell you enough how sexist that comment felt to me.


I'm a girl of course and I hate myself for this
Well it happens and I apologize I wish it didn't...
And seriously, I even hate shopping and little girly girls who discriminate boys. Boys are my best friend, personally.

Trust me if this could never happen to me again I would be happy. - Ihateschool

Ok, that is a reasonable thing... if we could control it! We are the nurturers of this world, we get PMS because we are clearing our systems to care for your future kids! Not all girls get PMS, so don't hate.

It's significantly easier for guys to handle girls on PMS than for girls to handle their own PMS. Okay? We got the bleeding. Be grateful. - keycha1n

3 They Never Shut up

I'm a girl, and I'm the most quiet in school, so, can't my gender learn to shut up? Or be smart? Or learn to not obsess over fashion? Seriously, some girls make me hate my own people. Girls today should go a few decades in time to learn to work and that your doing the same thing boys did.

I am a girl, and I don't talk, I mean barely. You should see me in my art class, I sit next to one of the most annoying, talkative people in my school and I don't say a word. I have never been or never will be one of those people that never shut up.

A girl sits behind me in math and never shuts up! They don't even talk about anything useful (, did you see American Horror Story last night? It was awesome...). OK now shut up so I can concentrate on math. Especially affects me because I am in advanced math and a year younger than most people so I have to pay extra attention to fully understand concepts and get good grades. I can't wait until we switch seats.

"Hey friends! Did you hear I'm an Instagram sensation? " - Some Random Girl - TriggerTrashKid

4 Shopping

I like shopping for clothes and candy, and popcorn, and Takis and - Luckys

Being a tomboy doesn't make you better than someone who is feminine. Actually, I long for the day when women don't have to take on traditionally masculine traits to be seen as powerful and independent. I personally don't. And that's just who I am. - keycha1n

I agree. Women don't have to be like men. But I have many masculine traits, but I'm male, so yeah. - Therandom

Am female and love shopping... For junk food, pokemon cards, Actually useful stuff, etc. Clothes shopping sucks and makeup sucks and is overpriced and pointless and I also had bad experiences with it in the past. I also hate it when I see girls at the mall who make their boyfriends carry all their shopping. It's LAZY, not "cute" for god sake I really wanna slap girls who do that! - Lunala

Okay, I was at school and I herd two girls talking about there favorite clothe brands, and I was like, THAT, IS SO NOT INTERESTING!

5 Make-Up

This list doesn't really go with me on a count of I usually play outside. I like to do things like riding my bike or throwing a ball around with my 3 brothers. Sure I like stuffed animals, but besides that I'm not that much of a girly-girl. And I usually don't hit my brothers unless they hit me first. Besides I have no choice. I try to ask them politely to stop and they keep going, and if I tell my parents then my brothers keep on going.

This list is extremely insulting to us and I think that us girls and boys are equals. I don't like segregation and I'm a Christian so I believe it's good to be fair to men and boys. And I can understand why you made the list and I'm sorry that you feel upset and threatened by the way some girls treat you. But just because some do it doesn't mean all do. And besides, I know it's not nice for a girl to hit you but it's also not nice to put this little list here as a way to insult and point out our flaws.

Sometimes if you have feelings ...more

I'm a girl I mean some girly girls... I agree with everything exept mlp and stuffed animals! I don't shop. I stay at home chilling! I'm a talker, but if you ask me to be quiet I'm quieter than a mouse! And you can't hear mice. I'm way too young to wear it. Yeah I rarely paint my nails but why do any more than a little. When you say GIRLS it really annoys me because your stereotyping. Id rather just play with kittens, rescue them, not go to the humane society because they kill, just do it for them! And I be a vetenarian for a job maybe? I don't know. I think so called cool' girls are more annoying! They say "Your a nerd! " or, "totally! Like I want a new phone" um... Are you kidding me? You act popular but you are acting like a fool. If you want to be popular you have to stop trying and finally TRY to be nice! But makeup also has to do with that because they think they need to be so pretty. Whats wrong with you? Your you! You don't need makeup to try to hide you. Be yourself, be nice, ...more

Make-up helps girls who are insecure. It's not about what guys think about us, it's about what we think of ourselves. If some lip stick, eyeliner and foundation make us feel pretty, you really shouldn't care if we wear it or not. I got dumped by every guy I ever dated because he told me either stop wearing makeup or it's over, because other people thought it looked good and it attracted other guys. Guys need to stop being jealous, and then maybe the makeup wouldn't bother you so bad. It's better than going out and getting plastic surgery from head to toe to feel better about ourselves.

I'm a boy and I love girls. Light make-up is okay but heavy make-up really annoys me. - hanaan143

6 They Are Sexist

Look, some are some aren't. Some guys are, some aren't. But this list is very sexist because you're classifying "all women." I get it, the idea women can hit men, but they can't do the same is horrible and I disagree with it 100%, but not all women, probably MOST women do not believe that propaganda, just like most men are not sexist. But this list is sexist and therefore unacceptable.

I'm a boy, and I gotta say, you are sexist. Not only are you making fun of girls, but you called them cowards, and criticize them. I don't think girls are sexist, but some are. Same with us boys. - lodi429

Says the guy who called women cowards and said that women are to sensitive, get pitied, and fight for rights that they don't deserve! You are a sexist monster that should not even on this earth. You are a messenger of hate, violence, and overall evil!

This list is sexist

7 Barbie

Boys don't realize that most little girls and teenagers are tomboys. When you become an adult, that's when most girls start wearing make-up and doing dress up. It's strange how when you're little you don't have to worry about being gossiped about for fun or getting bullied because of the clothes you wear. I'm so glad to have grown up with brothers because they taught me that when the world barks you bite because it's silly when girls think it's cute to make someone commit suicide.

I used to play with barbies I got stitches on my head trying to get my barbie, that's another story. - Luckys

Hi I'm a stupid fake doll who is totally overrated! I think I'm so perfect when I'm really so fake!

Barbies are so stupid, I just can't them! Plus they're so ugly!

8 They Always Get Defended

This is because girls are seen as the weaker sex. In general, they are... physically. Some boys are weaker than girls. But in general girls are more flexible and boys have more muscle. But girls do have an advantage... MULTI TASKING! This is evelotionary as women tended to kids, food, water, and house keeping while men hunted and fought. It is sometimes a problem when a girl is wrongly defended but in most cases you may just see it that way. Don't hate!

Worst thing ever. Can't even criticize most women and wannabe women, who will use the worst possible excuses to ensure that men are always treated as unequal. - NuMetalManiak

This should definitely be number one because it's so true!

An always-blamed person here - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

9 They are Spine-Chilling

Prepare to get bombarded with numerous comments of criticism for the making of this list. Just saying. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

10 They Make Boys Feel Stupid

The Contenders

11 They Care Way Too Much About Beliebers

I hate JB - Ihateschool

12 Drama

"Gabriel! How dare you take my pencil after asking me! *cries loudly*" - Some Random Girl - TriggerTrashKid

I enjoy helping other people with drama, but I try to stay out of my own. Like, I have guys who complain about their girlfriends to me, then ask what they should do.

I HATE DRAMA! Even Justin Bieber is more tolerable than it.

I am sorry, but I do not do drama. If my friends start taking about it, I tune them out and think, mostly about science, music, and possibilities of events. - LostDream258

13 They Try to Look Like a Kardashian
14 Most Girls are Spoiled Whiny Brats

Some* - KingSlayer93316

15 They are So Annoying

Not all, but a lot that I know are. - 3DG20

This is why I hang out with guys more often than other girls. - RoseWeasley

Girls are really annoying. - TerryThebestsoccerplayer

16 Cliques

When the so called "popular girls" in our class were talking about clothes and gossip, I was with my little group of friends talking about cartoons and sports. You see, I was never really the type of girl to care about what other girls thought about me. In fact I was kind of a tomboy so I was always bullied by the other girls. Once, my friend even called me poop head just so she wouldn't be made fun of and so she could join their group. Ever since then I've kinda just hanged out with my true friends. And whenever a clique tries to talk to us about helping them on a project or homework we tell them they can do it themselves.

My friends alway talk to me about girly stuff when I do not want to. I prefer talking about sports and cartoons as well.

I've always hated those little groups of girls who reject people just because theyr'e "nerdy. " or "ugly. " or "not popular enough. " I had a friend who DUMPED me, just so she could be part of one!

Sure I am a girl but I hate those girls who act mean just to look cool

I hate those people... Like, why waste your breath on boring stuff? What about video games or sleeping or food? - SansTheComic

17 Menstruation

Its not fun, and if you're 4'11 you won't grow but a few 1/8 inches for 3years and you stop growing. Yeah and we bleed for 7 days until we are 40. For some it starts at 8. Imagine bleeding from you area until you are 40 and the risk of pregnancy at a younger age (if something bad happens) yeah puberty sounds great.

When I first started I was probably an inch shorter than I am now. Three years later I'm in 8 grade and have been 5' tall for probably 2 years now. Sure, I wanted to be somewhat short when I got older, but I never thought I'd be 5' my whole life! I was the second tallest in my fifth grade class(second only to my twin sister) but now I'm the third shortest girl in the whole junior high. That's what I get for starting that early.

Yeah. Why do girls have to grow up so quickly and make us boys look like babies?!

But then WE grow twice their heights, we get more muscles, and we get facial hair, and deep voices. - Therandom

Of course, being able to bring life into the world is MEGA annoying! Because that's what menstruation is for! None of you would be here without it.

18 They Love Drugs

I think that any gender can love drugs. Look at the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Plenty of men who loved drugs too.

In sweden there are more female smokers than male.

In the majority of countries, there are more male smokers than female. - WheresMyGuitarPick

I hate drugs - Ihateschool

Men like them too. Just look at all the male athletes who’ve used steroids - KingSlayer93316

19 They are Stupid and Boring

Um excuse me. Every girl isn't stupid or boring some are interesting like me. And mabye boys can be stupid or boring too so don't come up with an excuse.

No they aren’t. Girls are unique in their own way. This reason is unnecessary and pretty sexist - KingSlayer93316

I'm a boy, and newsflash: THEY'RE NOT. Sometimes, they can be unique and can have redeeming charms, so how dare you say it's stupid and boring. That is sexist. And blandly unnecessary. - yamionthetrap

20 Stuffed Animals

Even though I'm a boy I like them and (don't get mad at me please I like boy stuff) I go to build a bear (sorry! )

There's nothing wrong with girls liking stuffed animals. In fact, my fifteen year old brothers said they wished they had never put them away to look cool in front of other boys,

I love stuffed animals, but I do not bring them to school every day, I am friends with a hacker that brings toys every day and treats them like baby dolls, she lies a lot and she hacked me before and she says bad words and she likes butts and baby shows

My eleven year-old sister still carries around her stuffed frog.

21 Talking, Like, So Totally Like This

The way girls speak in this manner makes my regard my own gender with great dislike. Whenever I try to communicate with girls in my grade (7th) they tell me to "stop using big words like that." I wish girls were more intelligent. - RockFashionista

Really? I only talk, like, like this when It's like, a rare like, occasion. Only joking. But I do sometimes overuse the word "like". - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

"That's, like, so totally annoying. I'm always like ' that's so totally like ratchet. ' WOULD YOU CUT THE LIKES PLEASE?! - DogsUnleashed

Like, you know, seriously. Like, this list is like, ugh, so full of like, STEREOTYPES! Like, I don't talk, like, you know, like that! (Except for this comment because it's a joke) - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

22 Horrible Taste In Music

Oh HELL no. I hope this list knows we aren't ALL like this.
What the stereotypical girl likes...
Justin Bieber
One Direction
Miley Cyrus
Katy Perry
5 Seconds of Summer

What girls like myself like...

The Who
Guns N Roses
The Beatles
Led Zeppelin
The Rolling Stones
Bee Gees
Green Day
Pink Floyd
Creedence Clearwater Revival

I love Rock. I really do. Not all girls are like this. I promise you, I'm not. STOP THE SEXISM, or else we'll say... NI! - MontyPython

And then there's girls that like pretty much all genres of music - RandomWeirdo

I'm a girl some of these things I agree on some of them like dieting no need that could lead to death makeup no need and bullying NO NEED BUT some of the things on here are pretty rude like stuffed animals I don't think that's a well huge deal also they shut up is also a bad one one more thing don't judge a girl who's a girl remember that

I like all sorts of artists and songs but what I don't like is boys thinking of us as Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus fanatics. Some of us don't really like boy bands and besides Nick Jonas, I don't like boy singers trying to impress girls.

Oh, so we have a horrible taste in music? Buddy I'll let you know I listen to badass heavy metal punk rock music over those boy bands

23 My Little Pony

I feel like boys like this more.

Excuse me, sirs, but I am a girl. Personally, I don't like this show. I'd much rather bring out my Batman comics and turn on the metal station. - LostDream258

Excuse me? I'm a girl and I really hate this show (Not as much as I used too though) - cosmo

Excuse me? I am a girl and I absolutely hate My Little Pony. - cosmo

24 They Brag About Shopping

"I just got some new sandals yesterday and my sister spoiled them. Let's get more! " - Some Random Girl - TriggerTrashKid

Not all of them do - KingSlayer93316

25 Dieting

Not only is this really dangerous and has even led to death by starvation in some cases, the whole "You must be skinny to be beautiful. " Is so irritating and over-rated. I'm a girl myself, and I think it's just ridiculous.

"Oh mommy! I'm so fat! " - Some Random 12 Year Old Girl Whose Weight Is 30kg - TriggerTrashKid

Dieting isn't even about eating less or to fix your weight. It is the things you eat to get nutrients. I mean if you are chubby (Sorry I am too) and you want to lose weight, that's totally fine. But then you got those tiny skinny girls who talk about dieting, that's dumb

I'm a girl but I don't do this. In fact I'll usually eat ice cream or fries every now and then but instead of trying to skip meals to lose the weight I excercize. Is always hate to go to school seeing skinny girls talking about dieting or girls who are bigger being made fun of. If you ask me, I like boys and girls wether they are skinny or big. This is really becoming a problem and I think that whatever girls do this should stop.

26 Periods

Really? Why would this be on the list? We cannot control it all. And let me tell you all, it is not particularly a joy for us either. We have to see blood come from our "area" and not freak out about it every day it is there. So you try it and see if you can deal with it. Also, we don't need to here this from you, we are already insecure about this event EVERY month. So don't freak out about it and say it is gross because we have already been through it ourselves. Trust me. So just shut up please. (I am not normally a mean person. I am normally pretty calm and easy-going, but this is terrible of you all.)

Well, I'm sorry, perhaps I'll tell it to stop just for you, boys. Well, I can't, darn it! It comes on it's own and I can't control it! And let me tell you something, it's a bloody hell that we don't like either, yet we deal with it. - LostDream258

Hey, we can't help it! We should see YOU going through a week with this stuff!

I am a girl and I know about periods. I feel sad whenever it comes but what can I do? That's my body. I mean this is actually a part of girl's life and why the hell it is here on this list!

27 They're selfish
28 They Prefer Princess Peach Over Princess Daisy

I like both of them equally. I like to play as Peach when I'm playing Mario Kart. - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

Personally I don't think this should be on here

So, sorry if I like peach in certain games and not in others. I like both characters in their best moments, yes peach has good moments like her ranking in melee being higher than Zelda.

Daisy and Rosalina>Peach - yunafreya648

29 They'll break your heart

Haha! That is not even a true statement! I had a boyfriend and he was rude to me and was never ok with me going out with my girls. I left him because I wanted freedom, not to break his heart! If he wanted to keep me, he should have been a nicer person to me. I'm not here to be controlled, I'm here to live a fun and fufilling life!

Yeah. They do it deliberately. - TriggerTrashKid

Getting rejected sucks...never given a chance to be part of their lives.

30 They Hate Video Games

Hum... No. O.o

I seen female gamers on YouTube and on Twitch. Sure, I've seen less in schools and exterior activities, but I do know girls loves video games. It's a question of minority. - yamionthetrap

I'm 12 and a tomboy I got Call of Duty, black ops 3, sims, Grand Theft Auto san andreas, Grand Theft Auto 4, and some racing games

Games I play:

Pokemon Omega Ruby

Kirby Mass Attack

Kirby Yarn Attack

Super Mario 3D Land

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros 2

Paper Mario Sticker Star

Super Smash Bros

Sonic Unleashed

Sonic Generations

Sonic Free Riders

Sonic Rush

Mario and Sonic London Olympics

Angry Birds Trilogy

These are the video games I play

What Other Girls Play

Lego Friends

My Little Pony

Littlest Pet Shop


Yeah, I think I've made a point

I'm a girl and my world revolves around super Mario Galaxy, super Mario Galaxy 2, and Call of Duty warfare.

31 Peace Signs

I am female and I prefer the dove and olive branch. - LostDream258

I'm a guy and I do peace signs
Plus I'm a popular kid at school and everyone knows I do it

Too overused!

It's a swastika with a circle around it. People don't think that because its supposed to represent "peace", "love", and "happiness" but the circle is hiding it. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

32 Lying to Be Popular

Exactly. Exactly NOT TRUE. In my opinion, guys do that. So don't go hating on girls when your gender does that too! - EmberShadow555

Oh yeah this happens all the time.

She lies to me that she is popular

"I just got a new boyfriend! " - Some Random Girl - TriggerTrashKid

33 Dress-up

I'm a girl and I never thought dress-up was a lot of fun. It's kind of boring after a while, but something that should really be on this list is playing "house". Annoying!

I never did this when I was little. I mean, sure I like wearing dresses but only on important dates like funerals or weddings. Besides that, this really wasn't my thing.

When I was younger, I used to really like dress up. But now I think of how dumb and silly I was.

I've never cared for dress up.

34 They Are Cowards

I'm done! That is sexist and completely out of line! You criticise us then call us cowards! You are a coward for using a website to be sexist and you think it's ok because no one knows who you are! Have your parents or teachers ever taught you something called, I don't know... MANNERS!? You are being rude and sexist. I get if you want to put up anyone things about girls but you got to make it general like "Some girls talk to much, while others are to quiet" Ya know, in 2016, I shouldn't need to tell anybody this! Get a life beyond the screen and sexism!

You know, if I knew who put this on the list, I'd choke them. This list is very sexist and should have never existed... - LostDream258

In many cases this is true as girls generally don't confront their victims and just talk behind their backs and (I know not all girls are like this) hit guys and start acting like the victim when they get hit back

Listen I don't hate girls, but the reason why we think girls are cowards is that us men do ALL THE DANGEROUS WORK FOR YOU, we go to war so you can be safe, we build buildings which have caused deaths. We do all the dangerous stuff

35 They Like Flowers

It's one of the best things about them. If you don't like any of these girly traits why are you attracted to them? Would you like a girl who watches football and reads car magazines? - Alkadikce

So what about if you like cars or something?

I like flowers - Ihateschool

So? - KingSlayer93316

36 They Scream Way Too Loudly
37 They Like to Wear Revealing Clothing

Nothing wrong with this - Luckys

I hate this so much, I'm a girl and I hate these girly clothings! ! This irritates me because some younger girls wear these kind of clothing. Like short shorts, bikinis, shirts that show cleavage or legs or bellies. If you girls don't want guys to look at u, why are u wearing them? - Ghalia14

They cry when girls get raped, then keep manufacturing tiny shorts, crop tops, bikinis, etc. When will the world become smart?

Dude, I've seen girls wearing that at town and I have no problem with them. It's their choices and I won't criticize their choices of clothing. However, this can be a problem if they are underaged as pedophiles can find ways to rape them. This has to prevent. But no problem will happen if you are a teenager or an adult. - yamionthetrap

38 They're Emotional

Yeah, I am emotional. I was born that way! If you don't like it then go somewhere else! Maybe we just care more than someone as heartless and rude as yourself! What next! "Oh, girls are not boys" I can't even start to explain how awful this list is! You should be banned and publicly shamed for this!

Men should be that emotional as well. Date a statue of Aphrodite if being emotional is a "worst thing" for you. - Alkadikce

Yes, I am very emotional, if somebody has a problem with that I don't care because that's what I'm like and I can't and won't change my personality. And I like emotional guys too, who the heck likes cold and numb people? Not me for sure! - sofiav

Very true, but not to offend. Umm.. Excuse me... THis is getting far too much TRUE.. - SwampertBABY

39 They Draw Hearts Everywhere

Well at least we know where the line is! You can't judge us when you are putting down girls everywhere. I have A feeling you are not happy for some reason and you are taking it out on others. Did you just break up or something? You should be quiet about this kind of thing and just move on! Seriously, why make others feel insecure and upset when you just want revenge?

I draw things such as murderous & bloodthirsty beings, deadly & dangerous mechanical animals and the mind of a demented, psychotic chihuahua. I only draw hearts if they have a chainsaw stuck through them as blood streams out of them.

Really? Cause I always draw cartoon characters everywhere. And I've been improving on my drawing and they come out pretty good. - cosmo

I don't like hearts, I'm a girl and I draw really dark things like knives and innocent stick figures being tortured in ways that are unimaginable...

40 They're Boring

Thanks, really. Most of us aren't boring, though.

Are we?


No were not - BraixenBreak

41 Bossiness

Man, I can't get over there bossiness " do this, do that right now", you get that all day long but not every girl does it

Yeah, I am bossy. But so are more than half the boys! I am working on it and so are the boys! Just because you think girls are bossy doesn't mean boys aren't!

HEY, LOOK HERE! I praise you, you who admitted that you can be bossy, I've never heard ANYONE say that before (from a boy).

Okay, I have to admit to this one. I can be bossy, sometimes.

42 They Figure Skate

Figure skating is a beautiful sport that takes years of practice and grace. This list is offensive people people who do this for a living.

Heck, I have never even put on skates. I haven't even roller skated yet! Not all girls can figure skate! I probably would fall over before I even touched the ice!

What's wrong with figure skating?

I tried doing that once or twice but turned it down. I only prefer ice hockey. - playstationfan66

43 They Demand Equal Rights

Yeah, yo got a problem with that? Girls get payed 78 cents to the dollar for the same work that guys do! Girls just have a soul, and clearly you do not. Where were you raised, a house full of men who didn't have any respect for women? This is not normal! And do not pretend for one minute that you are just saying what guys all think! All guys do not think like this! The fact that you don't know when to shut your mouth and look deeper into the life of a girl is just a disgrace to humanity!

As we should. 78 cents to the dollar? What fool thinks that is fair? Obviously there are 4 types of people in this war: People who are fools and think everything is fair, people who honestly don't want women to have equal rights, people who don't care, and people who fight for a right that they deserve! Be proud of being a women, don't put yourself down girls!

You know what? Why don't you go back to the 18th century if you don't want girls to have rights

Is that so wrong? No, it's not. What you don't know is that we fight for women AND men.

44 They're Yucky

What? Are you calling your mother yucky? Without her, you wouldn't be here to write that! You are a disgrace to your family and this earth!

Yucky? To the person who submitted this, how old are you? By the way, girls are NOT “yucky” - KingSlayer93316

A 5 year old wrote this? - Elina

They are NOT yucky.

45 Flirting with Multiple Guys and Then Preaching Morality
46 Don't Tell You They've Moved On

If we break up with someone, we have good reason. It should be clear as day. Maybe you just need to actually pay attention to the girl. I'm sure you will eventually get the memo

Why should we even tell you, move on too.

Because it's mean, that's why it's on the list STUPID.


47 Dresses

I like to wear dresses but it's an occasional thing. I prefer wearing jeans and shorts because it suits me better.

I almost never wear dresses. I have only 3 and I wear them each maybe 3 times a year. That is only about 9 times a year! With 365 days in a year, I wear a dress every 60+ days. That's about 2 months!

I'm a girl, I like most girly things but I hate dresses and skirts. I'd rather wear jeans.

Ah, you mean those things that torture me along with skirts and make up? - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

48 They Are With Other Girls

I'm a guy by the wayI'm just thinking maybe this is here because a boy would wanna hook up with a girl but they always with their girl friends. It's a huge pain an totally relate to. happens all the time. so I'm not generalizing, just saying in my experiences its happened a lot

Not true... Am a boy who is always with 2 or three girls and they don't stop me from doing so. - Greatness_Forever

What, I can't hang with my sister without being criticised for it!

Um, yeah, they're called friends. Do boys not have them?

49 Little Girls' Stuff

Eww I rather Pokemon And Regular show - BraixenBreak

We like what we like and you shouldn't judge us. We can like anything we like, just like boys can like princesses,pink,dolls,and even dresses if they so choose!

50 They Get Scared Easily

I've been teased by bullies, hit by some of my own friends, and have been hit, punched, kicked, slapped, and stepped on by my own brothers, and I'm still standing. (This Message is True)

... So... A guy wouldn't have the crap scared out of them if they had Megalodon swim up behind them? In that case, let me arrange that. And, for the record, it takes a lot to scare me. - LostDream258

I'm not really scared of anything honestly. Cause I know that god is watching out for me.

I do get scared easily, but if you can't respect that and see it as an asset instead of a set back, you don't deserve to have any girl at all. Girls value their freedom, their rights, and their personality(or at least they should) we don't want to be around people whom put us down for who we are!

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