Access Denied Websites


Where I am, good games like Sonic 3, Mario, Kirby's Dream Land are blocked. And bad games like bike, basketball, and blood games are allowed. They even block Steam. I would like the logic, please.

My school can see what you do on their internet. The school protects the wifi with a password. The password got leaked to my big sister's year level, and lots of kids use the wifi, because the password got leaked out. They changed it, but kids keep leaking it every time they change it!


Yes They block games that are family friendly like Cool Math and inappropriate sites are never blocked here.

My school had a bunch of websites blocked last year, like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. For some unknown reason they unblocked it.

You want to get the stress out of you and relax with games but you can't, stress comes bigger and schools even tell you to relax

Exactly! I want to play games when I am done with work. I try and it says that message. I makes me want to punch the computer.

At least TheTopTens isn't blocked.

Where I'm from they ban POPTROPICA - coolguy101

Twitter is allowed but not Facebook or YouTube? What

That is so annoying. How am I supposed to take quizzes?!

If I look something up EDUCATIONAL about how to take care of any pet, and it's blocked.

My school bans Free Web Arcade. FREE WEB ARCADE. What's wrong with that site?

You block, but you don't block the weight loss ads?!?! Logic, please? - Minecraftcrazy530

They blocked entertainment, forums, and EDUCATION (WHAT THE HELL?! ) sites at our school. That is bull.

I was once doing LGBT Rights by country (not in school, for fun, I'm weird :P, also I support gay marriage even though I'm not gay) and I couldn't access Wikipedia. I had to use maps that were very blurry and/or inaccurate

Where I come from, YouTube is blocked. Or any social network site for that matter.

All the websites on the teachers laptop are unblocked - jbella9000

I'm sure glad they block porno websites. Too inappropriate for kids to get into - MangoFruitJuice

They always block the good sites and those sites are never bad sites to go to. - NuMetalManiak

God, schools block websites just because of "humor".

It's annoying how I can't get on god damn yahoo answers because I don't care!

They blocked deviant art in my district - Zero116

Typed in "How to find the sine given 2 lengths of sides", and BLOCKED.

I swear a few teachers had fake antivirus on their computers...

They even block news websites that is bloody stupid - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ