Bad Teachers


I once had a teacher who just talked and talked about stuff that had no relevence to the subject she was teaching. Then it was the end of the lesson and we all failed our grades.

All my math teacher ever does is talk about his family. He teaches for maybe 5 minutes and for the rest of the period sits at his computer. Every now and then he gives us an update on his personal life. Half the class is failing and all he does is lecture us on how good of a teacher he is. Give me a final about his family I would easily pass give me a final on geometry and I flunk

Actually, my teachers are pretty cool. Favorite is my math teacher. She doesn't care if you miss anything, instead she focuses if you attempted to answer it with your best try.

I would complain about my World History teacher, though. She is semi-nice, but talks WAY TOO loud and drags on her chattering! Then she says "Get your work done! " when there is hardly any time left because she talks too long!

Some teachers I've had were good but of all the 3 school systems, high school is DEFINITELY THE WORST. Some of the teachers I've ever had have absolutely no buisness teaching in the absolute slightest. Sadly, there's really not anything you can do as nobody in high school remotely gives a crap anyway and the school board probably doesn't either. Now, having a reasonable bad teacher is one thing but having a bad teacher that won't even take the time to talk to you is another. I give respect to most of my teachers but the ones that are bad and uncaring are just infuriating people.

I have an art teacher who gets very impatient. She just CAN'T be patient for one second! I try to clarify something with her, she'll get impatient. I try to ask for help, and sometimes, she'll just end up doing part of the project for me without letting me to do it on my own! I mean come on the whole point of it is to teach students art, not do it FOR the students.

These are the only things worse than popular girls. Some of them are just there to get a paycheck! They don't teach well and are lazy and then the whole class fails! Students are also framed a lot!

You see, regardless if the teacher is bad or good, me, being me, I decide to talk back to teachers and be as disrespectful as possible. You haven't seen a disrespectful student until you've met me. No wonder I finished freshmen year with 17 lunch duties and 6 detentions(all I got in the same month, all in the same week, and 5 in one day) - Therandom

I also have a teacher who expects honor students to know the material beforehand. Seriously? If you expect everyone to know about everything without the background knowledge, you might as well retire.

Once you have a bad teacher you stick with them for the rest of the year. It's such an awful feeling. They give you tons of homework and treat students like there child slaves. I always wonder how some teachers even get there jobs.

One of my teachers are just using lessons from a book. She's not even teaching the class. The worst part? It's INTER-MEDIA. A CLASS WHERE WE USE COMPUTERS.

There are these narrow-minded teachers that give low grades!

Even though you worked your butt off, but no, the annoying popular girl gets an A+, even though she did nothing at all. - RiverClanRocks

If these bad teachers complain about being paid lowly than why are they even here? I'm pretty sure there's easier and better paid jobs.

I can't believe some teachers get paid to sit around and pass out worksheets.

This is a critical issue! I mean, you have teachers who are asses, and the school does nothing about it!

My math teacher says you don't have to do the homework because it's 10 percent of your grade, but when we don't do it, she gets mad - Augstrain

My teacher was dumped so then he took it out on the class by moping round not saying anything just singing sad songs

If you're a good/smart student on primary school, you'll probably have fun with the teachers,
But in secondary school all of the teachers won't know you're smart and treat you like a boy-that-knows-nothing - tent2

Or and informations of wiki its like a nightmare she is learning from wiki then she teaches us DAMN

Yup, totally true! We even nicknamed our homeroom teacher Godzilla! - styLIShT

My sophomore English teacher reminds me of a childhood bully of mine in her attitude and general conduct. - Sop

Dear teachers with favorites, go to hell, you make life miserable for literally everyone else in the class

In one school a teacher made a Studnet unblock a toilet with His bare hands, threaten him to use his teeth the next time and made everyone in his class chat "sissy hands" to him. At lest the teacher went to jail!

You should see me and Mrs. Watson in MIDDLE school! - gakupo4eva

My math teacher definitely has an annoying harpy voice even when the whole class is silent.

The worst is that teachers maybe be racist