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181 No nap time

I'm glad of this because if there was I would just be lying there not tired at all. - SammySpore

There is a solution to this: drink some damn coffee before class! Either that or get a good night's sleep beforehand...

Now only if teachers realized: "ummm... these studies say many teens don't get a healthy amount of sleep so, don't we give a 1 hour nap time! "- said no smart teacher ever

I miss naptime. But, I make up for it by sleeping through Mr. Baker's lectures.

182 Being Denied a Partner or Group During Group Assignment V 1 Comment
183 Geometry

It's actually not that bad once you get used to it. But I'm only in 7th grade, so... - RiverClanRocks

There were "winners" in my geometry class sophomore year

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184 No Soap
185 No toilet paper

I dunno what's worse: No toilet paper, or toilet paper that feels like sandpaper.

186 People puking in class

I mean, go to the nurse if you need to barf all over the place.

You can't judge. It can happen to you.

187 People who judge you before they even speak to you
188 Pregnant Girls

Pregnant girls going to school is very scary. My ex-friend got pregnant once and I think they should go to the alternate school do the other girls won't get picked on

The school I go too, I see it all of the time.

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189 Being Seen As a Nerd/geek/smart

That's me, if there was Hogwarts houses, I would be sorted into Ravenclaw, yay, not "Winner House", the cool kid house.

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190 When you have to do group projects and the teacher won't let the class choose their own partners

I agree but I am not the social guy so I am forced with this choice. - AmtrakHan6993

This happened to me in mid-October 2014

191 Hot mentally challenged kids
192 Nintendo Fanboys

Your a Call of Duty fanboy yourself.

I think I know who added this on the list...MEGATRON939!

They think they are gaming legends but if they played an actual game their ass would be dead within seconds

They think they are the ultimate gaming masters but they would die 3 seconds flat if they played Call of Duty.

193 Kids That Say the F Word Every 5 Seconds

Them: Wow did you f*****g
See that f*****g car, it's so f*****g cool

Me: wow did you see that car, it's so cool

I say the F word in my mind when I am stressed or worried.

I say that all the time ( to myself) when I hear this. I almost NEVEN use the f- word ( only when I'm mad) and yet it's part of their everyday vernacular. What. - Pony

Can't argue with that logic. - AmtrakHan6993

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194 Everything

Everything is wrong with School! Hate it All!

High school is horrid, there is not one thing I like about that place

Wow, straight to the point. right on you feminist lol

195 People who talk bad about you when you're standing 5 feet away from them
196 Extra bathrooms everywhere

You know when those irresponsible teachers think that the kid is going to run away so they have those extra bathrooms on the same floor? The doors had windows on them. WINDOWS. so yeah I'd have to find a friend who cover the window for me without looking or taking a picture secretly... That was a hard find.

197 Crappy Schedule

My schedule makes it so that some of my classes are too far from each other, and my school has 4-minute breaks between classes. Do they really expect us to walk a long distance in 4 minutes?

198 Most students are whiny attention whores
199 People who complain about the school's sports teams

Why complain when you aren't a part of the team

Who cares about it? Unless you like it... - Pony

200 Metalhead Elitist

As a metalhead, I probably am that elitist, but I keep my mouth shut.

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