Ten Worst Things About High School


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201 School Injections

No no no no no no no no I pass out from them even when I am not at school this is terrible

We never had injections at Fair Lawn, they seem scary

202 Getting your stuff taken away
203 People steals your things

This happened to me once. So it's the end of Foreign Language lesson and I went to the next classroom where my class is. I got this Frozen pencil case and I was about to go for break. When I came back to class, my pencil case was gone same with my school handbook so I asked my teacher if she could let me go to the other class to take a look. So I was there and I only found my handbook but my pencil case wasn't there and I realized someone stole it. A girl stole it. I was given a fake pencil case from the girl's BFF. What I mean by fake is that there was nothing inside so I suspected the stealer bought one and kept mine.

I had a sucker hidden in the back of my desk... In less than 30 seconds it was gone

If you catch the person stealing, kick them in the nuts after class. If it's a girl, hit them in the face.

204 Anime Haters

My friend loves anime, but no one rilly knows because she dosint talk about it

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205 People who immediately assume you like someone when you are just talking to them.

I get this all the time, LOL. It's really annoying. Can't anyone just be friends?

You are telling me. That can get so irritating. I talk to this boy and we are just friends, who joke together, but people have asked me if we were dating. - Murvine_Taylor

That is annoying as hell. Stay in your lane, and stop assuming everything...

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206 Intimate couples in the hallways

I hate this SO MUCH! It feels so awkward when you're walking across the halls and there's a couple eating each other's tongues literally every 3 feet! Be respectful and get a room!

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207 Popularity

What do schools need popularity for anyway? Popularity is as pointless as number 182, popularity lasts until the end of the year and it makes you do stupid things.

208 Losing a friend

I have lots some friends, but at least I talk to them

I'm currently loosing a friend this year. :'(

209 Fart in the middle of your annual exam
210 Tenure and Teachers Unions

Your teacher SUCKS and doesn't teach. He just plays words with friends all day long. But he can't be fired unless he murders somebody due to tenure.

211 Everyone expects you to conform to what's cool

I hate fetty wap, Drake and that other but I'm forced to listen to it because people don't wear headphones. It's weird because THEY ARE AROUND THEIR NECKS

Guy #1: Hey, dood! guess what people are into!

Guy #2: what is it?

Guy #1: I think it's called, uh... a "blowjob"

Guy #2 Sweet! I'll get one now!

and just like that, little jimmy got arrested by the po-po

212 Food
213 Dropping Out

This should be number one. The last thing I need is another dropout that never makes it to college, cannot work outside of being a Whopper Flopper, and eventually becomes a hobo! - imacg4

There should be a law that prevents ANYONE from dropping out of high school!

214 School Trips

I'm from London so I don't know what everyone else does but we get to go on awesome trips like Cirque de Solei and Wimbledon we get to go to cons as well last on I went to was Mine con.

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215 Stupid projects that are more than 50% of you grade

Come on people at least make it 10% so if life happen we can still pass.

216 Being taught nothing relevant

I could sure learn how to fix my tires and do my taxes, but hey! At least I know how many watermelons Suzy bought.


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