Ten Worst Things About High School

Ten things you hate the most about high school in general.

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41 Backstabbers

I've dealt with loads of those since elementary school, I hope they don't follow me to Bergen Community in 2016.
They also showed up at a production I attended.

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42 Druggies

They're a waste of space. Send them to rehab, not school.

I got in trouble one time because they were smoking next to me when I was walking to class and I got suspended when they tried to give me some, keep in mind I'm an honors student so the five day suspension that made my gpa drop from a 4.5 to a 3.67 from missing class gives me some bias to this question.

I've seen some students smoking weed or vaping at the marketplace just outside of my school, or at parties. First of all, I'm ashamed that many people are fine about this, and secondly, it's sad that these people are basically ruining their future. - ethanmeinster

They should be homeschooled, not on the roads.

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43 People with disabilities get picked on

I have adhd and several learning disabillities and people always talk about me being stupid :-(

Tell those people to look at themselves. (Cause they're the ones who are stupid) - 906389

I have autism, moderate depression/anxiety, and ADHD. I'm in 7th grade. back when I was in 4th grade, people rarely picked on me. I guess that's because they felt sorry for me. I never really liked my friends being al baby voice nice to me, and wanted honest opinions. but back then, those were happy times. but it 6th grade, it turned into a living hell, which is why I have my depression. people, have made fun of me and called me "a retarted little *ussy who needs to grow some balls", "whiney". I was kicked, pushed really hard into a locker, given the finger. my 15 year-old brother years ago was tied to a tree with one of his friends and left to rot for for 2 hours till they finally escaped, I was chased into a stall and had my foot pounded to a pulp. the list goes on and on. that's why I have depression. I sometime lie down and think, "why haven't I committed suicide yet? " and then I realize: "it would break my mom's heart, to relive that moment ...more

I have minor learning disabilities and problems with memory due to my epilepsy. In middle school & high school, most of the teachers refused to accommodate me, acted like I was an inconvenience and didn't deserve to have their attention at all. Some of the teachers actively ridiculed me, gave me assignments that were too difficult for me to complete, talked down to me, and basically just made my life hell. I was ecstatic to graduate high school in 2011.

I have autism (it's a light case), so I hardly get bullied/picked-on - Stazemar000

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44 Being the Last One Picked

Always happens to me, not that I suck though

Always happens and I'm not the worst

I get picked last, then either one kid showboats the whole game so I don't do anything, or I blow everyone out of the water

For me it is always because I'm quiet even though I run quickly!

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45 Anime Fans

Almost everyone that I know of loves anime, I don't have anything against it but they talk nonstop about it, it gets really annoying after a while

I'm going to say it once, and again. Anime High is not like real High.

I read the DBZ books from the library. the people who read the Naruto books picked on me.

Those kids that watch anime loudly in study hall... - Lucretia

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46 Morning Announcements

*BEEP* Good morning!! Please be quiet while I read you meeting times for a bunch of clubs you don't care about. Then, Eleanor and Sarah will tell you how much you're being overcharged for prom tickets, and then the President of Student Council will lead us in the pledge of allegiance because she likes to hear herself talk. Finally, I'll tell you how badly the sports teams got killed last night. **BEEP** - Darrell

Just talk about something important for once - SirSkeletorThe3rd

The pledge is alright. Wasting class time isn't.

Girls volleyball is the longest out of all the announcements, it is boring
Kids who don't rise for the pledge

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47 Crappy Wifi

Many people are too busy walking around for a single bar, which is why this is pretty low.

My friend once got signal on a hike up a mountain over the summer and yet he couldn't get wifi here. what.

My school's wifi is actually not too bad. - Lunala

That's why I use celluar data instead - MChkflaguard_Yt

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48 Having Horrible Teachers Ruin Subjects You love

When learning devolves into annotating pages upon pages and packets of homework in your favorite subject, your interest can be ruined. There is so rarely teachers who care more about their students then their pay, but when they come buy, it's good to let them know.

Sometime teachers make the subjects you love ' hard. - tent2

Good thing all my teachers are good. - Lunala

I had 2 gym teachers and the female I hated so much. In the middle of the gym activity session like volley ball she would stop the game and would demonstrate THE SECOND TIME how to play and I just wanted to take a huge ass garbage can knock her out with and I hated her so much that I hated gym and the transferred to health as a result which I don't regret doing she even got two teachers at her previous school fired. Her old school was connected to my school and I hate my school as much as I hate her🖕🏻

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49 Dirty Toilets

LOL. One time when I was taking a piss in the boys toilets at one of those things that you stand up at, I forget the name of it, the kids next me we're all peeing on each other and it was absolutely disgusting. There was pee going all over the walls and the floor and the kids had pee al over them.( if your a girl I'm just telling you they only have the things u stand up at in boys toilets). It was so disgusting but when someone started to pee on my leg I had to fire back.

At my school, the boys toilets are horrible. There are doors that don't shut (sometimes I've had to tape them shut), missing doors, missing toilet rolls, missing soap, broken hand dryers, and graffiti and poop (sometimes) on the walls. - drdevil

Mostly in public schools

50 Call of Duty / Halo Fanboys

These idiots are dominating my year and I get judged just because I play different games. They automatically assume that Mario or Pokémon is the worst game ever, just because it's not a shooter! They think they are the ultimate gaming masters, but they would die in three seconds flat if they played Mega Man.

This was the reason why I hated Call of Duty at some point ( I no longer care about Call of Duty at ALL). - MusicalPony

I don't know what a quad feed is. "Oh, get out of here."
I don't like shooters. "What the heck, those are like, the only good game genre ever."
I like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, "RPGs are for wimps."

This kid said that Undertale was trash because it lacked blood and violence. What is wrong with this generation?

What is wrong with this? - AmtrakHan6993

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51 Not Getting a Hint On How to Use New Math Concepts In Actual Situations

Okay, that concept seems logical, now how the hell will I figure out when and where I'm supposed to use it?! - PinkflASHES

Why does everyone hate math? Truth hear: more likely than not, your job will involve math/science.

I know right. I actually love math; sometimes I feel lonely because of it. - Anonymousxcxc

They say useful stuff about it WHICH WAS GOOD IN THE PAST but now with calculators and all that sort, what is the point of learning stuff? - AmtrakHan6993

So, artists, musicians, actors... you were saying about "yer jawb will have mayth aynd scienze mowst liekly"? Yes, that's how you sounded. Idiot.

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52 Theres always either a really fat person or a really slow group of people in front of you

One time I was going to my locker for 2nd period and the guy in front of me stopped for NO REASON. Like what the hell are you waiting for! I'm trying to go to my locker! Son of a b*tch made me late too. I also hate pep rallys my school ALWAYS has them in the SCORCHING hot heat.

LMFAO THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE! Oh, and it's the worst when there's a really, really short fat midget in front of you walking extremely slow. I just wanna walk over them! Slow people make me late to class! - asdfalexia

I was late twice to a class because of these people. If I was late once more I would have gotten a detention. What I decided is to just shove past them and if they give me a dirty look I don't care because I'm more concerned with not being late.

If a teacher asks why you're late, tell them that the hallway was blocked by these students.

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53 Teachers that have nothng to do but to talk, talk and talk with a surprise quiz every meeting

Oh my god! There's this one teacher... I swear I learned how to fall asleep with my eyes open in his class. Then... BAMM! Here's a pop quiz on all the crap I've been talking about for the past 20 minutes! Not to mention this stuff isn't going to help you in your life...

very strict, and very lazy teacher - ronluna

Basically my 7th grade math teacher in a nutshell. At least my math teacher this year actually has us do stuff. - Anonymousxcxc

Surprise quizzes should be banned. They destroy a student's schedule.

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54 The Friend Zone

every guy knows about this - InsertNameHere

more friends the better. I'm a proud asexual man, while I can be romantically attracted to someone, its not very common.

Yeah I ask out the monst prettiest girl in school and now were friends and she acting strange with the president of are school so I still need to find a girl friend - Awesomedogg

At my school, you have to be a 'specific kind of guy' to hang out with girls. I'm in Elemntary School. A lot of the guys in my school are kinda annoying (Not being sexist. just at my school), with the exception of me and a couple others. I hang out with girls... and have crushes on 5 of my BFFS. It's considered "not creepy". Also, it's the guys who aren't jocks are somethin like that that girls hang out with.

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55 Maths

I live in Australia too and yes maths is not my favourite subject

I used to love math. then I met mister algebra.

Well I live in aus and I LOVE MATHS - coolguy101

Only subject that makes sense. It is unbiased.

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56 Conservatives

It's liberals and socialists that are annoying - Du

In the case of my school it's the liberals that cause problems

It can be tough being the one Communist in school... - DieGedankenSindFrei

A libtard posted this here

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57 Pretty Much Everything Is Biased

Biased, Biased and Biased. I hate biased stuff. I tried to find one person who isn't biased and guess what? I only found my parents among the unbiased. - LightningBlade

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58 Bronies

YES! Bronies as far as the eye can see! It makes me want to go ballistic! I am an anti-brony, so this one has my vote!

59 Kids Standing In Front of Your Locker

These kids wonder why I say to them "can I have my locker? " in a snobby way. I mean, if me and my friends were blocking your locker, then you would be pissed, too. Right?

I just push them

This one time, a girl was in front of my locker. I told her to move and she said "I don't f***Ing care about you! * Defek?!

60 Grades being the requirement to go to a prestigious colleges

the most annoying thing, when you are lazy but intelligent those hypocrite schools are the same - ronluna

Everybody has a weakness. I used to be good at Math, but now Algebra is the bane of my existence at High School. Luckily I passed... abrely. Since I closed out my freshman year that way, Columbia and Harvard are already out of the picture. How did the Harvard students doit in high School? - HeavyDonkeyKong

They treat grades as if they are the very representation of your intelligence... - DieGedankenSindFrei

Why do I hate this and yet as a freshman, I am in all the advanced classes and getting a 4.0? Maybe because GPA doesn't mean anything in the future.

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