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41 The Friend Zone

every guy knows about this - InsertNameHere

more friends the better. I'm a proud asexual man, while I can be romantically attracted to someone, its not very common.

Yeah I ask out the monst prettiest girl in school and now were friends and she acting strange with the president of are school so I still need to find a girl friend - Awesomedogg

At my school, you have to be a 'specific kind of guy' to hang out with girls. I'm in Elemntary School. A lot of the guys in my school are kinda annoying (Not being sexist. just at my school), with the exception of me and a couple others. I hang out with girls... and have crushes on 5 of my BFFS. It's considered "not creepy". Also, it's the guys who aren't jocks are somethin like that that girls hang out with.

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42 Getting that one substitute teacher everybody hates

Me for science. For like the past 3-4 weeks because the normal teacher is recovering from surgery, we got the sub who no one likes for well until mid-October. I mean I don't really like this sub either, but she isn't entirely terrible. She's nice to me. - Anonymousxcxc

YES this happens every time, by end of term even atheists prayed he would lewve

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43 Theres always either a really fat person or a really slow group of people in front of you

One time I was going to my locker for 2nd period and the guy in front of me stopped for NO REASON. Like what the hell are you waiting for! I'm trying to go to my locker! Son of a b*tch made me late too. I also hate pep rallys my school ALWAYS has them in the SCORCHING hot heat.

LMFAO THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE! Oh, and it's the worst when there's a really, really short fat midget in front of you walking extremely slow. I just wanna walk over them! Slow people make me late to class! - asdfalexia

I was late twice to a class because of these people. If I was late once more I would have gotten a detention. What I decided is to just shove past them and if they give me a dirty look I don't care because I'm more concerned with not being late.

If a teacher asks why you're late, tell them that the hallway was blocked by these students.

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44 Pretty Much Everything Is Biased

Biased, Biased and Biased. I hate biased stuff. I tried to find one person who isn't biased and guess what? I only found my parents among the unbiased. - LightningBlade

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45 Conservatives

It's liberals and socialists that are annoying - Du

In the case of my school it's the liberals that cause problems

It can be tough being the one Communist in school... - DieGedankenSindFrei

My school, in general, is conservative.

46 Tardies
47 Assemblies

Most are boring but at least they get you out of class

These, especially on behavior, band concerts, sports, proms, etc, put me to sleep.

They are only good for getting you out of class, otherwise I would just be to sleep.

They are good for getting out of class, and then they are bad because they drone on until you are late for your next one. It's a double-edged point. - Nonpointed

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48 Grades being the requirement to go to a prestigious colleges

the most annoying thing, when you are lazy but intelligent those hypocrite schools are the same - ronluna

Everybody has a weakness. I used to be good at Math, but now Algebra is the bane of my existence at High School. Luckily I passed... abrely. Since I closed out my freshman year that way, Columbia and Harvard are already out of the picture. How did the Harvard students doit in high School? - HeavyDonkeyKong

They treat grades as if they are the very representation of your intelligence... - DieGedankenSindFrei

Why do I hate this and yet as a freshman, I am in all the advanced classes and getting a 4.0? Maybe because GPA doesn't mean anything in the future.

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49 No nap time

I'm glad of this because if there was I would just be lying there not tired at all. - SammySpore

There is a solution to this: drink some damn coffee before class! Either that or get a good night's sleep beforehand...

Now only if teachers realized: "ummm... these studies say many teens don't get a healthy amount of sleep so, don't we give a 1 hour nap time! "- said no smart teacher ever

I miss naptime. But, I make up for it by sleeping through Mr. Baker's lectures.

50 School Hours

Currently I have 11 hours of school and honestly, it sucks. - LightningBlade

8-20 to 3-15. Not to mention jazz band before school, after school activities, and band and choir concerts.

I can't really complain on this one.A lot of students have it worse.Mine are roughly 9 to 4. - Elina

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51 Bathrooms

Every bathroom, no matter where it is on campus gross out of your mind.

People never flush and they leave their piss or crap bobbing in the toilet, and they drop toilet paper on the floor. Filled with vandalism (Mostly on people shipping themselves with other kids)

So there's this one bathroom in my school, it always has the toilets covered by plastic bags because it's so disgusting. most of them have permanent stains in them or too hardened to get rid of, the worst toilet in the school is the one in the cafeteria. it is so bad, they opted to remove the damned thing. it had diarrhea and toilet paper everywhere on the floor walls and everything.

There was graffiti in my school bathroom, mostly emojis but the janitors got rid of it over the holidays. - Lunala

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52 First Love; First Heartache

Your mind is still developing, and getting into an actual relationship for the first time simultaneously makes you feel like you're walking on air, and then the next it feels like being in a dark, deep, hole when the heartache happens.

My mom forced me to break up with my girlfriend because it is not my moms best friends daughter

my mom hasnt accepted my first love :( - idolangelx13

This happened to me. The girl I liked is dating someone else. I'm still recovering and it's been more than a month since I found out. - 906389

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53 The PA System

Secretary: We're sorry for the interruption. The internet is experiencing problems right now. Tech is working on it.

(5 minutes later)

Secretary: The internet is up and running again thank you for your patience.

(5 minutes later)

Secretary: We're sorry for the inter-


It goes off a hundred times I day, I swear. On top of that, it always seems to be handled by someone who can't handle public speaking at all. - Darrell

It seems whenever a secretary uses it, they say what they need to and get off.
But the principal milks it for all she can get out of it. Leaves three seconds in between sentences and acts like we, the students, have the privilege of listening to her.

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54 When you actually did your homework and you are the only kid who didn't go to the big party

Nah parties are a waste of time. I play video games. - AmtrakHan6993

ugh - coolguy101

In long run you win.
You get dream job and success
Snobby kids at party are unemployed and living with their parents - Lunala

55 High School Credits

They make us believe that our who life is based on it.

56 Nice people are seen as "nerds"

Oh my god... And people are all "don't be friends with them, they're losers, hang out with us" when they're actually very nice people.

Ever since 6th grade, this has happened. The popular kids talk about sex and aren't good role models. They even PEER PRESSURE you. One time, a new kid came to my school and she was very nice and sounded intelligent. My friend told me that she is ugly. Seriously! Why aren't popular people getting insulted? Besides, smart and nice people are successful in the future.

I'm a nice person and a nerd. Apparently though people talk to me but when they talk about Sex jokes or drug jokes that makes me very uncomfortable. Don't ask why, , because I don't even know why I get uncomfortable. - MusicalPony

Tips from the "anti-nerds" how to become a cool person.
1. Get bad grades such as them.
2. Abuse everyone.
3. Got in argument with your parents.
4. If they're poor, yell at them why can't they buy the same IPhone.
5. You fail at the tips.
6. You ruin your life thanks to those idiots.

K I'm a nerd living in Montreal, Canada and I'm going to 7th, this has NEVER been a problem, I'm actually very liked at school, because people come to me when they need an answer to something or when they want to talk about good stuff, for instance, this ohe time 2 students were betting on wether New York or Los Angeles was the more populous city, so they asked me, I said what I knew: it was New York, they thanked me, and we started talking about cities, now they know a lot more... I love the nerd life

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57 Maths

I live in Australia too and yes maths is not my favourite subject

I used to love math. then I met mister algebra.

Well I live in aus and I LOVE MATHS - coolguy101

Only subject that makes sense. It is unbiased.

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58 Everything

Everything is wrong with School! Hate it All!

High school is horrid, there is not one thing I like about that place

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59 Sexism

I've found that female teachers look down upon guys. Once, a girl wrote "send nudes" as a joke (the teacher didn't know that she did it) and our teacher gave a lecture to the boys, specifically.

60 Couples Making Out, Left and Right

Yeah, one time I was getting to another class between periods and this guy was making out with my ex right in the middle of the hallway, and it slowed down so many people.

Take it outside the school, please. Nobody cares about your relationship. - NuMetalManiak

Keep it away from me or I'll kick you into a locker - Zero116

Dear couples:
Stop making out in front of everybody. Nobody cares if you are in a relationship. Keep in mind that also your relationship will not last, and you will not marry him/her.

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