Top 10 Worst Things About Metalheads Amino

This is a list which shows why the social media Metalheads Amino sucks.

It shows that most Metalheads are really mean people in the internet. Not all of the Metalheads Amino users were bad people.

Don't give bullies a chance to bully you.

The Top Ten

1 Bullies Bullies V 1 Comment
2 Elitists V 1 Comment
3 Boring content

If you want to see 'Metallica vs Megadeth' polls or 'song of the day' which is really lazy and most of the time from a mainstream band this is just for you. - Fretto

4 Lots of users left V 1 Comment
5 Unfair curators

They delete your post for no reason or because they hate you. And they might bully you too. - Fretto

6 Trolls V 1 Comment
7 Moderators banning people for no reason

If you don't want to get bullied anymore & you do something against it you get a strike or even banned - Fretto

8 Too many alternatives V 1 Comment
9 Nonmetalwednesdays

It's actually a good idea but lots of users hate it because they wanted to be on a metal app & not on a jazz/blues/pop app. - Fretto

10 People who want all the time attention

Most of the time a woman in short clothes.
She wears a mainstream metal shirt & wants just 'likes' and comments about her looks to feel better. - Fretto

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