Worst Things About the Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime

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1 Animation

First of all, I agree, second of all, there are 2 characters who are almost naked, third of all, their reaction looks fake, forth of all, I don't even understand why Lillie is afraid of pokemons (i know why but still don't get it), fifth of all, I'm afraid that the island is going to be washed by Tsunami, sixth of all, this is my thought 'why is Ash the ONLY person who gets a chance to be the chosen one from the legendary pokemon or even get to CATCH IT (I don't know if he did), last of all, I stopped being pokemon fan and threw all my 3DS in the trash because of the surprise of how CUTE Ash looks (why am I saying this... )in the first episode (i meant in the 2018 movie)

The sun and moon series should die

It's so ugly it's hard to look at. All of it. Ash's deformed face and the RIDICULOUS facial expressions they make. It's not funny, it's GROSS.

The animation is actually BETTER, it has more flow and movements can't so stiff anymore. You're talking about the ART STYLE people. I both agree and disagree on that though, the latter because the SM body anatomi is better.

2 XY/XYZ Was Better

XY and XYZ had better story, animation and had some actual serious parts especially in the ending of XYZ

XY/XYZ set a ridiculously high bar.

Also what kind of reason is "this is better" as a reason to hate something. I dislike most of Best Wishes but I don't say stuff like "DP was better" when I explain why I disliked it.

The final battle against Team Flare and Lysander's Giant Rock monster was a bit uncreative and could have been written differently, but the series was the best up to this point.

3 Filler

This entire season is pure filler just like the Orange Island adventures.

Total filler

So random

Like a lot of filler in DP, the filler in SM is good.

4 Bad Fight Scenes

The fight scenes are terrible, too short, and super predictable. Unlike Pokemon xyz, which had good action in which the outcome was very surprising at times, Pokemon Sun and Moon has action that is the exact opposite. Watching chaotic scenes of pokemon bashing into one another isn't exciting anymore.

Ah, but everybody worships both Indigo League and Origins, where the fight scenes are even worse.

That neither says anything related to the point nor explains why the fight scenes in these 2 series are worse.

I predicted every move...

The fight scenes look great when they happen but the problem is what I said before, there isn't enough, as well as them being very short. I think Ash's battle with Hala and Totem Gumshoos are the only battles that were not interrupted.

5 Team Rocket Beating Pikachu

Why? You got your wish. Team Rocket is finally strong.

Wait WHAT!? YAY! Finally they destroyed that overpowered rat!

A lot of people were actually happy about this? Team Rocket actually does something right for once.

I personally hated this there is no way Pikachu could lose to these idiots.

6 Ash Beats Everyone but is Stupid

You've got to be kidding me. Obviously we know that Satoshi/Ash is going to win at some point but I think the battles are starting to become much better. I believe the writers are starting to balance losing and winning more. Satoshi's fight against Nanu is a great example; instead of losing because his Pokemon didn't have the brutal strength to beat him, Nanu really did test the bond between him and his Pokemon. There was the fact that Satoshi could not completely bond with Lycanroc due to the fact of its prideful attitude (gets angry when dirty), Nanu took advantage of this and pressured him through this, unraveling Satoshi's battle strategy and completely crushing him. That's an example of a battle that wasn't just two pokemon bashing each other; it was really enjoyable to watch Ash and his pokemon grow through this.

He lost against Nanu u wonka head

7 Not Funny

I hate that stupid Bewear I already got sick of it after the first time/

The Bewear gets on my nerves so much

That Bewear was funny for like 5 seconds

Watch the Bewear scenes in my opinion.

8 Awful Voice Acting

Please change the voice actor for Ash. Because his voice sounds off

TPCi's dub continues to get worse and worse with time.

I can actually agree with this one. Lillie seems really cool, BUT HER VOICE doesn't FIT HER.

The latin spanish dub is so horribly cringy. I see now why some guys at school hated Pokémon.

9 No Serena

Serena was the best and Pokemon left the ash/Serena plot hanging. The other characters in Sun and moon suck...lol. Serena should be back

People keep bringing her up on every single SM episode like ENOUGH. I know you love her, but she's gone and is irrelevant to the new season. She wasn't going to come back just because of her infatuation for Ash.

I was watching sun and moon since the first episode it was so stupid. all the characters are weird and I hate ash even more. I'm only watching it because misty brock and possibly serena might come back. This is garbage

I mean come on its not like 10 year olds rlly watch pokemon. They could at least bring back serena so that she could date ash

10 No Misty

Misty and Brock's return are the only reason I'm still watching the Pokemon Sun and Moon series, they have done very little so far to keep me invested.

As I said 10 years ago Misty should of never been taken out.

Misty finally returns hallelujah.

Erm... you DO know she is in it?

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11 Pikachu Beating Hariyama

I can't just stand these two stupid Ashtards (commented before me, Rue and Heavydonkeykong )
They seem to be everywhere trying to make it sound cool that 'hey look! We aren't following the herd' type attitude. But they sound as annoying as the ones they are commenting against.
It's not about winning or losing.
Pikachu beating a rock type or stronger pokemon and then struggling to win (or even losing) against a weaker/inexperienced pokemon is what people are complaining about.
Its sound as dumb as if world's best cook can't remember how to boil water.

Pikachu is the mascot. So he can beat anything. But Ash's gullible fanservice is also needed so Pikachu will also lose to anything..

And you would bash Pikachu and Ash if they lost. Pokemon fans are never satisfied regardless if Pikachu and Ash do very well and not lose.

Why? You got your wish. Pikachu is finally strong.

12 Ash is in School

Easily the biggest problem. It removes the adventure aspect of the show, which is one of the biggests appeals for me. Sure, sometimes they go somewhere, but the fact they always go back to school in the end ruins it. Imagine if in, I don't know, lord of rings every night they walked back to where they started and started again the next day from scratch and most days they don't go anywhere. That's not interesting from an adventure standpoint. Plus the bad action, animation, lack of quality character development, and comedy all pile up to one bad show. Really disappointed. I went into this show ignoring the animation and was pretty excited for some new pokemon but this is just bad. I have no idea what they were thinking when they made this train wreck. 0/10

I agree that this has really change Pokemon for the worse. It is like watching a parallel universe of Ash where he has lost all of the experience and knowledge he gained through his travels. I miss the amazing strategies he use to display during his battles. I do like the Pokemon he befriends in this series and some of the humor. It was also the first time ever I saw a Pokemon die

Glad they are staying out of the topic but ash getting second in a league then going to school is unfitting

The entire series is supposed to be about ash on a journey, but they screwed up big time! What is ash supposed to learn from this school, algebra?! End the show and make another season of XY!

13 Team Rocket Returns

Team sullck suck

14 No Female Goals

They aren't even traveling yet. Give the show some more time. I theorize the school thing is happening because if Ash was traveling, the anime would end too quickly. They need to to buffer it out until the next generation.

Serena didn't have a go at first either. But well then eventually does. Well then it has only been fourteen episodes so please give it some time lolol.

15 No Dawn

She should of gone with Ash

16 No Gym Battles

It makes it hard to know who can enter the alola league if Sun and Moon anime will have a league like all the other main seasons.

17 Ash Suddenly Became Inexperienced Again

It is frustrating considering the power ash possessed in Kalos. However I still really like the second season of the sun and moon anime. The first has no direction and is 90% filler

He keeps getting reset I'm not even surprised at this point

This is so stupid


18 Ash Didn't Bring Charizard to Alola
19 Lillie Sucks

Even though I hate serena. She is a lot better than this ugly alien

She's annoying
She's basically stupid
In short
I hate her

Lillie is super hot in sun and moon

Mary Sue

20 Ash Only Has Two Pokemon So Far

What is his rush? He's not going out on adventure as of right now.

He always takes a while to catch new ones in my opinion.

21 No Ash's Eevee

After episode 89, Pokemon Company post a poster that seems that eevee is infront of Ash. Everybody thought It's Ash's. But In episode 99, Eevee is caught by Lana by using Dive ball. This is my worst things that pokemon company trick me. I hope Lana will have bad time! and DUMB ASH Also!

22 Stupid style

For me this art style is ugly!

If they make a second series I'm done for and please use better anime it sucks :(

23 Disney XD Disney XD is an American digital cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Disney Channels Worldwide unit of the Disney–ABC Television Group, itself a unit of the Disney Media Networks division of The Walt Disney Company.

Disney for some reason is taking forever to release the dub. Isn't the dub supposed to be out when there are 10 episodes already aired in Japan?

It took forever just to get episode 3 dubbed. Like, what the hell Disney?

There already 7 episodes dubbed now


24 Ash is Season 1 Ash

Not only he looks stupid... HE HAS AN IQ OF A POTATO!

Youve got that right

What ash is more inmature and dumb in sun and moon then indego league.

25 Ash Being Stupid

He’s so dumb

26 Ugly Faces


This is a sign that they're trying too hard
now ash is making all these weird faces

27 Lillie Getting Way Too Much Screen Time

Dude No. They don't Like each other in that way. People like you need to know what a relationship is.

What they need to do is have ash and her kiss in lips

28 Ash Twerking

We don't talk about that

Wait, this actually happened? - Gehenna

29 Character's IQ Goes Down

Just watch one single episode and you will notice it.

Ash's iq was always 35

30 Ash Looks Like a 5 Year Old Kid

He looks like he has been in a science experiment where he has had facial surgery gone wrong and he looks like a 5 year old

31 Mallow is a Slut

You think people warm clothes that cover themselves up in hot climates? NO. That doesn't happen unless the person has a skin condition where the sun negatively affects their skin.

Why? Because she wears clothes that makes totally sense in a hot climate weather?

This reason is absolutely stupid.

What's wrong with Mallow? Her outfit? Have you even seen Misty's shorts? Lolol.

32 Uninteresting Characters

With the exeption of Mallow and Lana a lot of the other characters range from being totally pointless or just bland and boring.

Lol mallow and lana are actually the blandest in my personal opinion and lana has the 2nd worst design on the show (ash is in the way for taking the cake) so yeah also I feel like I’ve heard lana’s voice from a million other cartoon characters before cause it was copied and she has like literally the smallest nose on the show WHAAAT?!?!?!?

33 Offensive to Autistic People

What was Tajiri THINKING?! They should at least bring Clemont back to make it better for Autistic audiences (He clearly has the condition too)

34 Ash Releases Poipole
35 Disgrace to the Previous Pokemon Series

All of ash's friends would not recognize him, and even and older (lol) version of him might feel like this guy is not him. He really has devolved into a littler form

36 Ash’s Z-move too overpowered
37 Bewear Showing Up and Taking Team Rocket

While it was a nice change from Team Rocket blasting off again and again Bewear constantly showing up to save them was fun the first couple of times but it has officially overstayed its welcome now it just feels like a parasite it got old really fast.

38 Missed Opportunities

Not focusing on the other islands, and how the pokemon live and interact in the said islands, Missing the chances of showing us the "The human Aipom" side of Satoshi. Getting rid of the 3D camera, not having enough development for rest of cast as of 60 episodes (hell just little interactions would fix this long-term)

39 The Aether Foundation Arc Was Rushed
40 Ash Greninja is Not with Ash in Sun and Moon Anime

The only thing I wanted from this is for Greninja to return. Has it happened? NOPE!

41 Ash Looks Young and Underdeveloped Again
42 Few Battles
43 No Hau and Nebby

First off, where is the rival, all we have are the trial captains
How can Solgaleo exist without Nebby

44 No Progress and Nothing Like the Game

How can the trial captains be in school but not be a trial captain also all characters get removed and the story is way to different from the game also why is ash in school and not trying to do the island challenge

45 Graphics
46 Ash & co. Haven't caught that many Pokemon
47 Easy Opponents

They are just way too easy in xyz it was better

48 There is No Champion
49 Brock and Misty Have Megas, but Ash Doesn't

Absolutely ridiculous! Z Moves are bb guns compared to Mega Evolution, and just because of Ash Greninja (which is another CLASSIC GLORIFIED EXCUSE OF GAME FREAK EMPLOYEES) and Z Moves (Which I not only hate but DESPISE), why do they have to torture Ash like this?

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