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41 Ash rarely evolves his Pokemon

He does evolve his Pokemon, but they take way longer than usual to do so.

Well that trend seemed to break in the XY series. Though the Sun and Moon anime could either continue fully evolving all of his Pokemon that can evolve (minus Pikachu) or go back to what they did in older seasons. - marshadow

14 years and pikachu is still a pikachu

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42 Whitney's Miltank

This Pokemon almost killed my fandom by wasting me a total of 32 times. Milktank is a tank.

43 Special Event Pokemon

Come on, not everyone has enough time to go to the game store to get a special event Pokemon. Special event Pokemon just ruin the chance for people to complete their whole pokedex. Plus, there are SO MANY special event Pokemon. This is just so annoying! And you can't even trade them in the GTS to give other people a chance! Come on, this is just really not fair!

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44 Serena and Bonnie
45 The Fanbase V 1 Comment
46 Pokemon: The Series V 1 Comment
47 Lavender Town
48 Pokemon Fans Making Terrible Fanart V 1 Comment
49 Dawn Dawn
50 Ash has the same voice from 1998 to today

Now this one is just idiotic: you'd have to be deaf or suffering from a mental illness to not see how awful an actress Sarah Natochenny is as Ash in comparison to how wonderful an actress Veronica Taylor is for Ash: they sound nothing alike, either. One actually sounds like a 10 year old boy (Taylor, A.K.A. who Ash is), while one sounds like a woman that smokes 20 packs of cigarettes (Natochenny).

Either 1. the person who submitted this skimmed through the Pokemon anime dub instead of watching all the episodes. 2. They are talking about the Japanese voice. Or 3. Trolling. - Ruee

Uh no he doesn't. He sounds more annoying. - SammySpore

51 Same old duels over and over again
52 Breeders
53 Charmander Evolved

I didn't like when he evolved. Charmander was so cute!

54 Eevee Eevee Eevee, known in Japan as Eievui, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

An eevee can evolve to 8 types of Pokemon but no matter how many types eevee can evolve to...Eevee is still can evolve to just one of them does'nt it?

55 Smogon Elitists
56 Ethers and elixirs can't be bought V 1 Comment
57 Jynx Jynx

Jynx has breasts. Just, WHY, Game Freak?!

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58 No Strategy in the Anime

Let's flash back to the Unova region. Cameron needed his eighth badge, so he faced that Marlon. Cameron sent out Ferrothorn while Marlon sent Jellicent. Ferrothorn won by using his Thunderbolt (strike one). Cursed Body kicked in, so Ferrothorn couldn't use Thunderbolt. (strike two, he could've switched out easily). Ferrothorn was taken out by a physical Mantine. No Iron Barbs damage.
Anime in a nutshell

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59 All of the new characters suck, pokemon and people

Attention all people, we have a genwunner here. Repeat, a genwunner.

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60 It takes forever to train your Pokemon to high levels

If you don't have an action replay, you're screwed.

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