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121 Sex Parties on MeepCity

Lol, I remember when these parties would be called "have six"
It was so pathetic. - wrests

122 Very Bad Games

I once played the game that gives you a free badge it was terrible

They are long forgotten from players

123 Builders Club

Not really but some of because user are arrogant and they always said bad thing about cheap tickets item. - RexJS

No, because is made so ROBLOX would be able to keep the site going. When you grow up you'll understand...

They probably didn't notice that some ticket items are now Limited.

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124 Death Places

I got the swag u don't llol

125 Countless Roleplay Games
126 Too Many Tycoons

Every tycoon is based upon 1 of 3 different tycoon mechanics. They've all become copies of the other. They're all designed to make you buy VIP and premium crap to spend Robux.

Tycoons sometimes get old, but some are cool. But the purpose of a tycoon is all the same.

127 Pal Hair

I feel bad for new roblox users, having to wear this piece of crap. I think some other new users hate it also. - TeamRocket747

Ugh true its like bacon hair - zacharysuperdude

Don't even get started with that mess

This hair is just disgusting - wrests

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128 Games That Copy Gmod

So boo this worst thing

I love these games

The following are gmod scams
1 Mystery (all)
2 Terrorist trouble
3 Death run
4 Blox hunt
5 Stop it slender
that's all I can think of off the top of my head.

129 People Say You Suck at a Game V 4 Comments
130 It Rips off LEGO

You sir, are an idiot.

I can say that roblox is a lego ripoff because lego was made Before roblox

Not really, as for Lego ripped off someone else.

Roblox was probably inspired by LEGO, but didn't copy it. - wrests

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