Top 10 Worst Things About Summer


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21 Sun Tans
22 Crowded Public Pools

All I see at public pools are 2-7 year olds who slide on waterslides for children from ages 8 and up. The rules are even in the public pool. BUT people are "too lazy" to read them - MinecraftHater

23 Ice Cream Truck Song

I HATE THAT SONG! No offense to people who like it.

I like the ice cream from ice cream trucks, especially the ones with gumball eyes, but the song is so annoying!

One time a ice cream truck came by my house full bast and it was 3am and I could sware that I herd kid screaming

I HATE THAT SONG! But I like the ice cream

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24 Horrid smells
25 Bumble Bees
26 Morning Cups Of Coffee Make You Sweat
27 Metal at the Playgrounds and in the Car Burn You

I once touched a car unknowingly it was so hot! - Ananya

It is so irritating!

Yep. - NikoX

28 Summer depression
29 Back to school commercials

One summer they came up in the middle of July it was way too early

I've noticed they seem to start right after the 4th of July

They are everywhere, even summer holiday starts - GriffinDoge

*Screams* - NikoX

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30 Cicadas are a bit loud

here in china, cicadas really suck. last summer, I couldn't get any sleep thanks to the constant buzzing -. -

31 No Football (Soccer)
32 Long Lines at the Water Park V 2 Comments
33 People take their shirts off

Vile vile vile. Obese fat men walking around bare chested, it should be indecent exposure!

Girls walking around in bikini tops or loose sling tops with no bra, Put it away love.

What if it's your crush? - Captaincrunch2015

34 No Hockey
35 Basketball season is over V 1 Comment
36 The Hype Makes Summer Seem Less Fun
37 Summer Camp

Go to bed early wake up early trinity summer camp sucks the teachers shouldn't get paid even have to go on dad's day off

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38 All your friends are gone

Every time I make a new friend in the beginning of the school year, they always move away.

39 People expecting you to go out
40 School's Out

I love school so much I miss my freinds so bad I hate it that schools out I want it back its not fair I love work so much and I have to go to babysitter her house very nice but I get in trouble sometimes I love school nothing better than school I hate bullies though

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