Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen To The World

Earth's been around for 5.6 billion years. Only a matter of time. :(.

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1 World War III

We have so many threats in this world (like Iraq, Syria, and North Korea) and many allies. In the past, people just invaded with guns, which is puny compared to those city destroying nuclear bombs. It can all start with the activation of a detonator. Our main enemy ( North Korea) has nuclear weapons, so we are in danger too. I think we really need to make peace pacts

I don't think North Korea are the main enemy, they actually don't anything compared to the rest of the world, they just spread a lot of propaganda and make it look like it.

Nuclear warfare would turn the world into hell, radiation would mutate or kill people and anyone who was not effected would have to rebuild civilisation.

Zombie Apocalypse... Seriously... STUPID AND TYPICAL American IMAGINATION! SENSELESS... But world war 3.. That is something real... Something that CAN happen... Something that MAY happen.. For all the nuclear weapons developed... It will decrease population at least to 50 percent! And some people... SOME PEOPLE JUST WANT TO WATCH THE WORLD BURN.

Here are the reasons why World War III would be worst, Wars can last for days, asteroids and black holes, they are quick, a zombie apocalypse would never happen, a super valcano would probably be as bad as World War III, because the world would be just rubbish and destruction left on the planet if either of them happen

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2 Zombie Apocalypse

Slow zombies. We will zombies were screwed

Even though most of us think we are gonna survive, it's probably gonna be the opposite. Most zombie movies and video games show the zombie apocalypse as a disease (like in World War Z and The Last of Us). In a major city, there's no tell what's gonna happen. It would be too late. Airports would spread the disease across the world. City after city would fall. To everyone else surviving, it wouldn't be easy. Supplies and food would be scarce, as everyone would be looting. Riots would occur, killing even more people. - ethanmeinster

I'd personally want the zombie apocalypse to be like the one in Shaun of the Dead because the zombies are slow. - Jetticus12

A 5 year old put this in

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3 World Loses Oxygen For 5 Seconds

Everybody at the beach would immediately get sunburns, the daytime sky would get dark, all pieces of untreated metal would instantly spot weld to each other, the earth's crust would crumble, everyone's inner ear would explode, every building made of concrete would turn to dust, every living cell would explode in a haze of hydrogen gas, and the oceans would evaporate and blend into space.

Pretty scary stuff! - Jetticus12

To all the clueless people that think everyone would "explode" or "boil", your wrong. If the Earth lost all oxygen for 5 seconds everyone would pretty much be fine, your ear drums could implode possibly, but you would basically just lose consciousness until the earth was reoxygenized and repressurized. We wouldn't freeze either, although space is typically very cold, the release of body heat is not very fast. And for the stubborn people that refuse to believe me, you may read about it yourself on the NASA website.

That's why God created the world perfectly. That will never happen, neither will the zombie apocalypse

... No world is perfect... Especially Earth... Have you seen the damage humans have done to this place? - LostDream258

...times infinity? Worst thing ever - mathguy37

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4 Asteroid Hits Earth

Instead of using nuclear bombs to launch at the earth itself, they can be used to destroy large asteroids that can wipe out the earth, also if earth does get hit, then let's hope that ferns and palm trees survive to take over the world then a new humanoid species can take over the world and explore space, visit new planets, and create a huge machine that prevents the end of the universe. Huh?

I think the "world losing oxygen for 5 seconds" would technically better, however, considering we are WAY over due for an asteroid strike (AT LEAST 20 MILLION YEARS AGO! ), I'd say this would be the more dangerous event. - gimi8609

A collision would cause a tsunami, a dust cloud, or the world to instantly perish. All depends on where it hits...

What year

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5 The Sun Explodes

Lets make a cartoon about that time. LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION!

The weather Forcast for next week, the sun will turn into the red giant. Residents must move out of earth. BAD NEWS: Not all of us want to go with us in the starships GOOD NEWS: we have enough supply for our starship. Bring all animals with you. Day 2. The fountain of Youth is finished in the ship <- check animals <- check Green house <- check. BAD/GOOD NEWS: what if we run out of food asked: The president? We have animals, gardens and trees. Day 3. 1000 people are in the ship. Earth's T-score is dropping said the Weather man. We got 4 more days until our earth hits the Sun said The President. Day 4. 1000 more people entered the ship. Uh oh said the Weather Man! Aliens! But, the aliens wanted to help them, they are gonna put more spices in the ship and energy to stay up in space. Day 5. Aliens hired more aliens to help, And 1000 more people got on the ship. And sadly The rest of the 7 thousand people wanted to ...more

If earth is gonna be inside the sun we should act fast if we were living on that year, lets say 5 years before it happens, we would make a starship and live in space, I wouldn't live in other planets. those would die too. 12 billion years. The Universe its self will end. It will be dark and really cold. But the good news: when earth dies GOD will make a new heaven and earth. at 1.1 billion years. Earth's oceans will boil away and dries up. 3.3 billion years Earth is too hot and dry for humans and other living things and everything dies. This could lead Eco disaster, well its gonna anyway. later on Earth is really fiery and hot. and oceans were gone. later like 1000 billion years, the universe will end.

This will be the final end of Earth after a couple billion years. But the sun won't exactly explode. After the sun uses most of its hydrogen up, it will become a red giant. This will make Earth uninhabitable for any living thing, even heat loving microbes. Hopefully, the human race (if its still living) will develop technology to get to an Earth like planet, or Europa and Titan, potentially habitable moons that would be warm enough after the sun expands. - ethanmeinster

It WILL happen in five billion or four billion years - mathguy37

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6 Nuclear War

Terrifying, because if it was happening in every part of the world, there'd be no hope of survival. If the sun blows up or there's a black hole, we all die in a millisecond, painlessly, and that's the end of that. With a different type of war or zombies, lots of people would die, but there would still be hope for survival. With a nuclear war, it would be impossible to survive. You could not avoid a nuclear blast. Even if you did, you would end up dying a slow painful death from radiation poisoning, which you would get very quickly. You would be on your deathbed for years, not even able to fight from being so sick. If there was an all-out nuclear war where every country was involved, we'd all be in for a horrible fate.

If the bombs don't kill you... The Radiation will.
You can't see Radiation, you can't hear it, you can't smell it, and you can't even feel it.
Animals may mutate, all water will become irradiated, the world will be inhospitable.

Nuclear war is far scarier than a JB apocalypse. - dureckl

Um a nuclear war would be ww3.

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7 Black Hole

We don't know when the black hole will come. There are millions of black holes in the universe. Someday 1 could join our galaxy, see the black hole is so hard to see. Black hole will suck everything in its path, even the sun. Should be 1

This might or might not happen, after all we don't know much about black holes and the few things we know are just theories, so it's a bit unlikely to die because of it.

If the solar system got inside one the sky wouldn't even exist

Worse that the sun dieng - mathguy37

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8 No Oxygen for 24 Hours

I love how no Oxygen for 24 hours is lower than No Oxygen for 5 seconds. I mean, no Oxygen for several hours would kill thousands more than 5 seconds. Just Saying.

It would be worse if it were nitrogen...

You would if you last without 24 hours a week should you would die every 15 minutes 45 seconds Samsung and so on and so on and so on and off instead Dot dot dot


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9 Super Volcano

This isn't a normal type of volcano. In the USA, there is a super volcano, that you probably heard of: Yellowstone, although there are other super volcanoes across the world, in places like Japan. Instead of lava reaching only a few miles, lava flows from a super volcano would reach hundreds of miles away. The pyroclastic clouds would engulf cities as far as Seattle and St. Louis. Even if areas within hundreds of miles would be destroyed, it doesn't stop there. There would be global darkness for years. Weather systems would be interrupted, including the monsoon winds of the Indian Ocean, causing massive famines. The temperature would fall, and we would lose all of the Sun's light. Every crop would just die, and we would starve to death. There would be ash in the air, choking all animals. The ash would ground planes, take down the electricity, and cause buildings thousands of miles away to collapse. And Yellowstone is becoming unstable, with roads in the park melting... - ethanmeinster

The lava won't flow that far, though ash would reach as far as Louisiana. - LostDream258

I don't think you all understand the power of a super volcano. Millions would die instantly from the blast and billions more after the Earth is plunged into unbearable darkness and cold.

I don't think any of you understand how dangerous a super volcano can be. The top half of the world would be plunged into darkness because of the massive ash clouds. Tempratures would drop, food wouldn't grow, acid rain would fall. People would die. Yellowstone park is a super volcano. And it is overdue for an eruption. Scientists think that the magma chamber won't be full enough for an eruption for another 2000 years. Lets hope so. - IronSabbathPriest

Yeah this would wipe out pretty much the whole world.

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10 Aliens Take Over

Well this depends on a series of factors. I guarantee you that there are other life forms elsewhere in the universe. The real questions are are they hostile and why would they want to attack us. If they are hostile than they would presumably have a very war like culture. Therefore they would be fighting against each other on their own world, which would be divided into many factions like our own. If this was true than if one of the alien nations were to attack the earth, we would only have to fight against a fraction of their entire civilization. If they were somehow united under a race wide government and had a very imperialistic attitude towards other intelligent races, much like the late 19th century Europeans, than why would they want to attack us. Most precious metals and other valuable substances, including water, are common throughout many solar systems in the universe. So why would they want to go through all the trouble of invading a planet with a somewhat advanced society ...more

What could happen maybe extinction or slavery?

They would treat us like we humans treat everything on this planet... Top of the food chain they would be... You know what will happen then?

Humans will finally be getting a taste of their own medicine, won't they? - LostDream258

If this happens I'd just ask them to take me - FuffleyandPeetah

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11 Robot Take Over

Yes. Ever heard of the movie iRobot? That could be the possible future for humans.

Only in a million years, because now we don't have many robots that act by themselves, and even those that do exist are not powerful enough to wipe out the human race.

Like on the Matrix.. that would just be so scary

Well make cause there is robots all around us

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12 The Illuminati Takes Over

We must stop this from happening.

Don't they by definition already rule the world? I thought they are a secret organisation that rules the world and everything important that happens is plotted by illuminati.

They suck big time...

Yeah, of course!

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13 Everybody Commits Suicide

I have had suicidal thoughts in the past. Even today, I still think a lot about death and suicide. I write suicide stories and poems. I wonder if there is really a point to life. If there is, tell me. Is life worthless? Is there anything good that ever comes out of it? It's only a matter of time before I begin to think about it myself. I already have. My fear of death (Thanatophobia) is the only thing that could baracade my plans... - RockFashionista

Actually, this might be the best thing, from the worlds perspective.

Okay, this one is retarded. It would be nearly impossible to coordinate everyone to commit suicide before any more children are born. Illuminati Domination is more likely than this. Unless, of course, this is the Illuminati's plan for world domination.

Imagine how sad it would be to see everyone you know or love just commit suicide and also knowing that everyone else around the world are killing themselves. That would be sad.

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14 Gamma Ray Burst

At least it gives you warning before it happens first you see a bright flash in the sky, then its completely clear. then it Explodes then the planet is no more! but yeah this should be worst

If this happened we would all die immediately as it hit. Nothing could or can survive these

Gamma ain't no joke all you talking like its good bad stuff can happen you ain't gonna turn into incredible hulk that's for sure

But at least we'll become mutants after the burst - Neonco31

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15 Solar Flare

This will not kill us, the atmosphere was created to defend earth from these

Who was reading the Maze Runner series?

We'd all be unprotected from the Sun's radiation, and there would be large EMPs causing every electronic device to be fried - ethanmeinster

16 Water Shortage

Well first off this is true but there are a million Sources Ice, Rocks, Water, Peppers, stuff like that so if would be really not easy for the earth to run out of water unless the earth became a baby sun or some shiet

This is happening here in California. It sucks because I live there. - Pegasister12

Very unlikely and it might happen only if aliens take over Earth.

Water is a need - mathguy37

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17 Donald Trump Getting Elected

This is really the worst thing that could happen

Worst of all it has already happened.

I love this website! So true!

It is true - mathguy37

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18 Red Star Comes Towards Our Galaxy Burning Every Planet

The Sun would be included in getting burned but before we melted to death without the sun we would burn up pretty quickly.

It would be worse if it were a blue star

Burning everything slow even us it would be hell on earth

It will before the sun starts dieng out but it would be our sun, just not really moving to the planets - mathguy37

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19 Supernova

The world MIGHT have been created by a supernova, but it's only a theory like many others, but we do know that a supernova would destroy our galaxy and create a black hole, but it would happen only after the Sun has lost all of its energy.

The sun turns into a red giant, not a supernova because it's too small - PvPro_101

By the time there is a supernova the Earth would already have been engulfed by the Sun millions of years before.

It's too far away but considering the Gamma Rays, yes! - Neonco31

It will happen once the sun dies out - mathguy37

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20 Blackout While an Asteroid Is About to Hit Earth

This would make the best movie ever.

I didn't know meteors were electric

No worries; it's tiny! - SuperBacca

EMP Asteroid

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21 Big Crunch

Eventually, expansion of the universe stops and it shrinks down until there is NO universal objects remaining (and that includes the whole solar system). - GISonic

The universe is speeding up its expansion, so we don't need to worry about this for a while.

And then another Universe is born - Neonco31

I thinkthis sounds somewhat acceptable and possible in the same way.

Worse than the sun dieng or a black hole should be number one - mathguy37

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22 The World Starts to Break In Half Until It's Gone

Planets that are small but have heavy gravity will likely to break apart

I think this is a fantastic idea

Anti gravity is responsible if this happens

Anti-gravity will do the job - Neonco31

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23 Every Country Fell and Turned Into a Huge River

Aren't we basically already in a big giant river called "the Ocean"?

24 ISIS Conquers the World

This is a worst case scenario. It could happen who knows but probably won't cause they'd have to go against the British army, the US army, the French army, and a bunch of other armies so unless they get help from other nations it won't happen.

They have no plans to, they only want a state of Islam

ISIS can't are military is strong and will continue to be even stronger if they were to it would already be happening

Hah there is absutly no possibilty they could take over. They would need to be as powerful as the U.S army to do that. And besides isia is almost destroyed. But to male things sound gruesome this terrible evil isis guy cut a preist's throat and the presit screamed ISIS. Yeah I heard it was prett gruesome. I hope those goatf#%$ers get there ass kicked.

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25 Ghosts Take Over

Yea this one is not even a little realistic.

We have gone too far on this list.

This can't happen. Ghosts are fake. - Userguy44

26 Justin Bieber takes over the world

A Black Hole is better than this, we can't let Justin Bieber take over or else we'll all die.

I'd rather let Justin Bieber be in than let World War 3 happen - Neonco31

Apparently this is worse than biological warfare. What is wrong with some people? - Entranced98

If zombies die from terrible music does that mean bieber will save the world someday?

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27 Hillary Clinton Becomes President

This would make me want to move to a other country she is a horrible person

That will become really bad

This is 100% true

28 Blackout For 1000 years

We would survive this, although the western world would collapse third world countries would rise out of the chaos as major powers.

I can't last that long with a blackout plus we would all be dead by the time the blackout finishes - bert631

The big freeze occurs first and then this happens (although the blackout is eternal). - SelfDestruct

Nahh people are use to there electronics and the electricity if they didn't have it for 1000 years evryone would go crazy and the world can go through hell for 1000 years

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29 Internet Goes Out

You know what they say: the internet can be a sadistic place

The internet is porn

The internet needs to be put out being a person that does thingsss in person is better than jerking off to the internet or seeing what this person is doing or something so stupid I mean look at the world guys every one is hooked to it and the worst part the government is seeing every little thing you do on the internet

Awhile the human race will be panicking but in 6 months later will would have life back to a new normal life like it was like in the '70's and '80's.

OH THE HORROR! - FuffleyandPeetah

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30 Ice Age

"Bob! Do you know that scene in the day after tomorrow? Well..."

Put your heavy jackets under heavy jackets or else you will miss out on something cool

South England would be on the edge of a gaint ice sheet, but it would be pretty cool when the sea level drops

31 Bats Evolve Into Vampires

Wait do the vampires want to kill us or are they fine with us? If there fine with us there would only be a ecosystem change but if they want to kill us then we are doomed.

32 Biological Warfare

This is kind of a more pleasant way to die than a nuclear war, because we don't suffer from mutations and it's very unlikely that a biological warfare would wipe out the human race, because we can create antidotes for most poisons, or we would find a way to destroy the biological weapons.

Headcrab shells...

33 People Realize Divine Beings Never Existed

Actually, this may have some positive effects. No more wars over religion. The abolition of most sadistic religious and cultural traditions like Sharia law and self mutilation. Without religion people will be without a reason to hate each other and some war torn arias like the Middle East and northern Africa will be at peace. Anyways just because there are no divine beings doesn't mean that there isn't an afterlife.

God exists! And on the Day Of Judgment you all will be questioned

That would be a big problem. For the big hope of humanity to end up as being a delusion.

They don't. Who is above us right now watching us? Clouds. - AnonymousChick

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34 Human Extinction

If this happened who would replace us?

And so, the Great Mushroom War from Adventure Time (extinction of human life) is coming. - aarond9010

Orcs, elves and gnomes

Duh. The monkeys will replace us.

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35 Ebola Virus

Ebola is definitely the worst way to die; worst than all of these. You're being tortured by an invisible enemy and bleeding slowly and agonizingly, with an unbearable pain. It is coming: It had spread; if it travels overseas to other continents, provinces, and territories, the world is doomed forever with extinction. We can't fight it, it could only fight itself.

Currently 25-50 percent can survive Ebola. It is the worst way to die, slowly bleeding to death in agony. If a strain of Ebola became airborne and the mortality rates went up to 90+ percent, most would die. Even those who survive sometimes suffer from afteraffects. Chaos would erupt and few, if any would survive.

Sorry to say this, but the Ebola has started. BEWARE

My mum can do this thing where she can stop people from getting the Ebola virus. Y'all should hop on a flight to the UK then. She's only done it to me, my brother, and my cousin so far.

If you want more information on how it works, look up something called NAET. - Wolftail

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36 All hippopotamuses die

That will not be the end of the world

What? - Neonco31



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37 Nibiru Cataclysm

This ain't real. This was a story made up by someone who wanted to be famous. People are just so gullible.


This is not real,its just an idea used in Scooby doo

38 Big Rip

When the force of expansion exceeds all molecular binding forces, the big rip happens. ALL matter, including Earth and everything else that exists, will be distorted. I wonder what it would be like. - SelfDestruct

We'd probably be stretched up, along with the other animals, though I don't think the giraffe could stretch any longer. - Pegasister12

The Big Crunch is WAY better - Neonco31

Um, This happens tot he UNIVERSE - DubstepLover

39 Justin Bieber stays alive

He should be destroy since he birth - BeaM456

I don't really care. He does his thing I do mine

What's so bad about that! Ignore him! - Userguy44

So? - Neonco31

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40 Justin Bieber releases another album

Ignore it! Just ignore it. We don't care about him. - Userguy44

Sorry guys - Neonco31


41 Earth Goes Off Axis

It will actually, it has been proved, the shara desert will be green but for the rest of the world

What happens when a human goes off axis?

What if poop eats our solar system's axis but before earth's axis? It would be weird because poop is too small - mathguy37

What about Neptune and Pluto?

42 Justin Bieber Becomes President

Who keeps adding Justin Bieber items? This list is ruined by him. - Userguy44

Better than some things below this. But that would be terrible.

I would blast his face off and hang him

Quit entaganizing him. When will it all end? When people first entaganized him it was a tiny bit funny but now people on the internet always entaganize him and it's annoying as frick.

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43 It Ends

What ends? - mathguy37

44 Barney the Dinosaur Becomes President

Man here we go with I love you crap. NO!

I love Barney I would be cool with that

45 The Kardashians Get Cloned

OH, this IS B-A-D, Period.

46 Nazis Take Over

Nazis are gone isis is stuck in there area and no one is gonna take over... maybe north korea doe

ISIS isn't a building and the Nazi's won't take over

Umm... nazi germany was detroyed over 70 years ago.

47 Earth Crashing Into Mars

It's better than the whole Milky Way galaxy crashing into the Andromeda galaxy but still bad.

That's pretty scary. The crust of 2 planets dashing, and all the humans tragically squashed. - Animefan12

Oh god this should be at least in top 5.

48 Armageddon


Just listen to the song aenema. give you guys some ideas.

49 Zamasu Invades Earth and Kills Everyone

Don't think so

Ningens be afraid

50 All Diseases Become Contagious and Airborne

Dude, do you even know science? Whats with all the paranoia madness?

It already its called ebola


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