Top 10 Worst Things That Have Happened to Hank Hill on King of the Hill

For this list we will be looking back at the worst things that have ever happens to Hank Hill on the show.
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1 Was Molested by a Dolphin - Jon Vitti Presents: Return to La Grunta

Luanne presents Hank with a card for a dolphin encounter at the "La Grunta Hotel" where she's working which allows recipients to swim in a pool with a live dolphin and though Hank is really hesitant about it he agrees to it, and while the dolphin encounter starts off fine things quickly go bad when Hank strokes the dolphins stomach the dolphin suddenly attack him and drags him underwater, and after being pulled from the pool the hotel director explains that Hank's display of affection aroused the dolphin causing him to become physically intimate with Hank, horrified by this Hank willing allows the hotel manager to buy his silence with free merchandise in order to avoid a lawsuit.

I didn't like this episode

2 Became Stranded in Mexico with Khan and Dale - Three Days of the Khando

The Hills are persuaded by the Souphanousinphone to join them on a trip to Mexico and stay at a "Mitad duplex condo, but when they get there Khan finds out from the manager Jacinto that "Mitad" means half which means he would have to share the downstairs portion condo with the Hills, when the Hills finally arrive Khan tricks them into thinking the luxurious upstairs condo is theirs but when the manager finds out Hank, Khan and Dale who showed up unannounced brings them before a magistrate who orders them to pay Jacinto 10,000 pesos and have their identifications confiscated not allowing them to leave the country until the money is payed which later leads to the three to cross the border illegally back into America.

3 Had His Credit Ruined Over a False Claim by Arlen Video - Hank's Dirt Laundry

In the episode Hank attempts to apply for a credit card at the Mega Lo Mart to buy a new dryer but his application gets declined due to bad credit which he later finds out he owes money at Arlen Video for a video they claimed he never returned "Cuffs and Collars" which actually turns out to be a porno as Hank desperately tries to prove his innocence despite Peggy telling him he should just pay the fines. Every attempt by Hank to resolve the issue and prove innocence only causes more problems for him especially when he receives a call from an adult video distribution service while at work who get his information on a mailing list and despite Hank telling him he doesn't want any of their products they still send him an enormous amount of Adult videos and paraphernalia at his door step.

4 Was Caught in the Middle of His Boss and His Wife's Divorce - Hanky Panky

After Hank's boss's wife catches him in public with his co worker Debbie she files for divorce and eventually she takes over Strickland Propane which puts Hank in a really tough situation that he really didn't want to be in as Ms. Strickland begins using Hank as her own boy toy and later calls him out claiming she has a propane leak in her houses's hot tub but in reality was attempting to seduce him as Hank realizing her true intention flees, things only get worse for Hank when his boss Buck confronts him about what his wife Liz told him that she slept with him which was obviously not true and in another scene Debbie attempted to seduce Hank in order to get protection from Miz Liz but Hank rejects her advances which infuriates Debbie who then tries to blackmail him by threatening to tell Peggy that she slept with Hank.

5 Went Blind - The Unbearable Blindness

In the episode Hank's mother visits along with her new boyfriend Gary Kasner and while he, Peggy, Bobby and Luanne are off to a basketball Hank forgets his Styrofoam finger and they go back home to get it, when Hank enters the house he inadvertently walks in on his mother and Gary making love in the kitchen and the shock from it all causes him to go blind.

6 Was Falsely Accused of Being Racist When Ladybird Attacks a Black Repairman - Racist Dawg

Hank is forced to hire a repairmen to fix the water heater, while the repairman Mack who happens to be black tries to fix it and gets attacked by Ladybird as he calls her a racist dawg which leads to Hank to go to a dog obedience course and explains to the dog trainer there the issue of his dog possibly being racist as the trainer whose girlfriend is African American is insulted and disgusted with Hank as he tells him that Ladybird's behavior came from him as he deems Hank to be racist and later everyone begins to believe it even Peggy.

7 Gained the Unwanted Attention from His Co Worker Enrique - Enrique-cilable Differences

After one of Hank's co workers Enrique has troubles with his wife he begins turning to Hank and his family for companionship which makes Hank feel really uncomfortable as the episode reaches its climax in which Enrique attempts to break into Hank's home in the middle of the night as he pleases with them to let him in as Hank with his family terrified from whats going on tells them no matter what happens they not let him in no matter how ugly it gets.

8 Was Attacked By Barry Rollins Over a Misunderstanding - Cops and Robert

After Hank accidentally steals a guy named Barry Rollins wallet he tries to return it and explain the situation to him but he snaps and vows revenge against him and as Hank and the guys try to return the wallet to him he snaps and violently chases after them.

9 Was Repeatedly Harassed by Ms. Wakefield and Later Vilified By His Friends and Neighbors When He Refuses to Let Her Die in His House - Mr. Wakefield

Hank and his family are visited by an elderly woman Ms. Wakefield who quickly wears out her welcome as she demands to die in his house which leads to Hank to forcibly remove her form his house as all his neighbors shame him for throwing her out of his house not caring that she wants to die in his house. Ms. Wakfield not taking no for an answer continues to show up at Hank's house still trying to get inside to die she even terrifies Bobby while he's left home alone while his parents are out shopping which leads to Hank to call the police to arrest her although they were hesitant at first but do their job non the less, but even after that she still refuses to give up and even breaks into their house near the end of the episode.

10 Was Bullied By Calab While His Parents Do Nothing - Hank's Bully

Throughout the episode Hank is annoyed by a bratty kid named Calab who repeatedly pesters him while his parents do nothing to stop him.

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11 Accidentally Did Drugs - High Anxiety
12 Had a Picture of His Colon Posted on a Wall at an Art Museum - Love Hurts and So Does Art
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