The Worst Things Matpat Has Ever Done

This is a voteable list about matpat's WORST moments and deeds. DCfnaf this is for you. Also, please don't put in something like "creating his channel" as a submission for this list.

The Top Ten

1 #exposingdory and harassing Ellen Degeneres

After this I strongly hated him - Randomator

2 Complaining about criticism for the "sans is ness" theory for the first five minutes of his gaster theory

If you can't handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen

This should be 1 because it's absolutely pathetic. - DCfnaf

That's why I made it a voteable list. I put this list together in the way that I saw it and than made it viewable for other people. - Lmrpirate

3 Acting high and mighty about his gift to the pope compared to everyone else
4 Acting like his For Honor theory was well-researched and attacking people who were critical of its inaccuracy
5 (Possibly) plagiarizing other people's theories as his own
6 Shouting "MARIO IS A PSYCHOPATH!!" in the YouTubers React to Racist Mario video

Fun Fact, Did You Know Racist Mario Was All A Petition To Not Add 3rd Party Characters In Mario Kart But Failed Missirbaly

7 Saying that his Mario Is Mental theory is factual in the video

Even though he's is completely IGNORING the obvious flaws in that theory. Heck even in the Rosalina unmasked theory he acts as if it's still true. - Randomator

8 Ignoring facts about the games and topics he bases his theories off of

Like the fact that most of his so called "evidence" as to why Mario is Mental is actually the PLAYER pushing buttons that make Mario do the action. - Randomator

"We did PLENTY of research" on the For Honor theory my ass. - DCfnaf

9 Not admit to his mistakes

Dude he does admit his mistakes

10 Killing the Wii U during it's launch


The Contenders

11 Trying to destroy the entertainment media
12 (Possibly) deleting comments off his videos that give him criticism

Because he can't take being called out for being wrong - Randomator

13 Thinking his theories are indisputable fact

He does not treat his theories as actual theories. He should have called it Game Hypothesis instead - Randomator

They are good theories, just because they make you upset doesn't make them lies.

14 Spawned many Mario haters

I can guarantee that if he didn't post that God awful theory Mario would have way less haters - Randomator

15 Manipulating smaller youtubers into becoming his slaves
16 Causing Luigi's fanbase to be bad

Yes Absolutely. I am saying that as a Luigi fan by the way. You can look at my username and tell that I'm not a fan of him.Say what you want about how terrible I am. I don't care. So Because apparently Mario is treats Luigi like garbage, he's Satan which makes Luigi the son of Jesus. It's a bunch of crap. He took a perfectly innocent fanbase and completely ruined it. Thanks a lot MatPat.

17 Manipulating other youtubers into sponsoring his channel
18 The Phoenix Wright theory

Self explanatory. Phoenix would be a criminal by normal law. But... There's one Little Thing. Phoenix Wright Is In an alternate universe. TAKE THAT!

This list wasn't for his actual theories, it was just for the worst things he's done at a MORAL standpoint. On the bright side, at least my list is gaining momentum (for about 5 seconds). - Lmrpirate

19 Not keeping his fans under control

At least Pewdiepie chews his fanbase out - Randomator

20 Attempted to make everyone believe that Dr. Light is evil

In this video, he (attempts) to make a lie about trying to convince that wily is innocent but wily made the robots his evil slaves and all dr light is trying to do is have the world bond with robots (if you want to see 9 of his videos debunked, see top 9 worst game theory videos, he'll tell you everything

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