Worst Things to Use As Weapons


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1 pillow

Okay, let me just say, pillows are only good weapons for a pillow fight! (Well, duh! ) But a gun with no bullets is genius! You scare the enemy with a gun and they either run away or call you out for having no bullets. If they call you out, throw the gun at them! Instant KO.

Laugh out loud a pillow?! Such a stupid weapon. It's like bring a butter knife to a gun fight. OK, maybe it's good in a pillow fight... But that's because everyone else has one.

What kind of idiot uses a pillow as a weapon?!
Pick up something more solid for heaven's sakes, like a calculator or a guitar, but really? A pillow?! Is that the best you thought of?

You can't kill anything with a pillow, the only time you need to kill someone with one is when they are sleeping and you use it to suffocate them

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2 banana

The only way to defend yourself with a banana would be to eat it, absorb the potassium, tie the peel around your forehead, take a trip through a radioactive power plant, and become Banana Man: The Defender of the Chewies- with the powers to shoot banana peels to make people trip in that unrealistic, cliched, cartoonish way, make all bananas rot, and use instinctive powers to attract sources of potassium to you, so you can bombard your sworn enemy: Dr. Apple. MUAHAHA. Laugh out loud just kidding.

hahaha I never saw people use banana as weapon - maybe in films but not reality - Alexandr

Watch smosh's "what I'm old! " the guy guarding the club proves a banana is deadly

Yes, right! Try training with Monty Python and attack the instructor with a banana. Deadly force indeed... - mgenet

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3 a puppet version of yourself
4 fist

Would be better if you use brass knuckles, they're the best kind of weapons you can use to knock your opponent out cold.

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5 a gun with no bullets

Fleas are hard to kill anyway. You could use a chainsaw and only end up doing collateral damage. If we were talking about a fly, I reckon if you timed it right and hit em hard enough, it would die.

But, they would hurt if you got hit in the head with it, and it is better than bullets and no gun, so if you think about it, its not that bad

Tried this with an airsoft gun...got hit with a bubble wand... doesn't work too well - jakewiedower

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6 large spoon

You can at least injure someone w/ a butter knife! What are you gonna do w/ a spoon? "Its paddlin time!" - fireinside96

Actually one time someone got killed because his neck was broken from the spoon hitting his neck and it caused lots of bleeding

7 chalk
8 The force

I actually tried to use the force once. - wolphert

9 butter knife
10 fork

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11 a golf ball

Anyone seen The Boondock Saints? Yeah, I think golf balls make fine weapons.

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12 Your girlfriend

They are scary when provoked by you. So why not let someone else bother them? And they're easy to use... Just point and shoot

Yes, that's true. I was a witness. That coward started beating tramps by poor girl. LOL - Alexandr

13 chewing gum

My teacher saw me chewing gum I tried to hit her with it best I could do was get hit by a ruler

14 a pencil/pen

You know, a sharpened pencil can sometimes impale someone.

15 Jam not in its jar

I don't see how this can possibley harm anyone... But I suppose if you poisoned it, and threw it at someone, it could very well burn through your skin...

16 bubble gun
17 Knife

its to dangerous to use, use a toothbrush instead - edwinson

18 cake knife
19 Your pet dog, Rex

Fallout New Vegas anyone? - Lord28

20 cup
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