Top 10 Worst Things You Can Lose


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1 Your Life

Lose your wallet, you can get a new one.
Lose your life, you're dead. - CrypticDeath

Although losing your life would suck, how would you know it?

Life is one of the best things God gave us after Jesus and heaven be thankful you are alive and persevere through all your depressions don't commit suicide

Well no duh. If you lose you life you lose everything

2 Your Memory

If you lose you're memory you can't remember where you put it

Ha! Knew I'd lost something. Just couldn't remember what...! - Britgirl

3 A Family Member or Friend

When my older brother died a few days after birth, my mum couldn't look at my older sister after birth, afraid she'll die too :(. But now she's blessed with all three of her babies healthy and alive today :).

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4 Your Mind

This is number 1!

How does this work... do you mean head - Thump

5 Your Wallet

Losing your wallet is the most upsetting thing in this world I had 84$ and my credit card and my ID inside

Was their a robber in the house, or my pockets

I lost 50.00 dollars and a 4150 money order it took me a whole year to get over it. The could of should of thing.

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6 Your Significant Other

Losing the love of the one you loved more than anything is the mist hurtful loss.

7 Your House

That's fine, I'll go live with granny now...

8 Your Pet

I miss my kitten :(

R.I. P Kiwi, my beautiful green budgie :'(.

9 Winning Lottery Tickets

Oh my GOD! If I lost my lottery tickets I would kill myself just to say 'what the hell' to God.

I've lost my wallet 3 times - I rebuilt. LOTTERY TICKET? How are you gonna make up for $1,000,000

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10 Your Car

Most people car have more than 1 car

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? Your Pants

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11 Driver's License

Note to self:avoid the police

12 Phone

I take my iPhone everywhere, I would hate to lose it.

I always lose my phone

13 Your Computer

I would not be able to sleep for 6 months!

No computer, no life.

Computers are so fun, why lose it

14 Glasses

The worst part about losing your glasses is that you're already blind. When you try looking for it, YOU CAN'T SEE ANYTHING, which makes it a lot harder to find. 😑

15 Wedding Ring

No one would know that you're married. "Oh, well I'll get a new one" - funnyuser

16 Virginity

Is this REALLY one of the worst things to lose? It may be the most precious thing to give to someone, then losing it would be a nice thing. - Britgirl

17 Important Trophy



18 Your Journal / Diary

Once I find it, whoever the hell read it is gonna BURN.


19 Your Video Games

I am the social justice warrior, repost me or this will happen to you. - Skullkid755

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20 Your Best Clothes

Great, I'll look awkward everyday

21 Jewelry Box

What! A new, ery box!

22 A Reciept for Something Very Expensive That Is Broken

Holy hell I would sell it for a million $$$

That happened to me but nobody cares.

23 Privacy
24 Your Limbs
25 Your Tongue
26 Your Phone
27 Your Crush
28 ipod
29 Passport
30 Genitals

Hitler only had one testicle.

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31 Limbs
32 Attitude
33 Your Senses

They allow communication

34 Files from your computer
35 Weight
36 Your Corkscrew

Oh man! I lost my corkscrew once! That was terrible!

37 Insurance Contract
38 House Key
39 Concert Ticket
40 Salvation
41 Gloves

Oh my god! I have to lose my stupid gloves in this cold weather

42 Gift Card

"Wait where is my subway gift card,that thing had 40 dollars still in it"

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