Top Ten Worst Types of YouTube Comments

If there was a list titled "Most controversial places on the internet," YouTube Comment sections would be at least in the top 3.

Keep in mind that I'm not attacking the people who make there kinds of comments, I'm just going over the repetitive comments, the copy and paste comments, etc.

Let's get started shall we?
The Top Ten
1 "Who's watching this in (a certain year)" comments.

I honestly think these comments are worse than the "FIRST!" comments.

Who cares what year your watching in? Just let us watch the video!

I thought the "first! " comments was bad, but this one is the absolute worst. I've seen this in almost every music video I watch, and people seem to do it just so they could get hundreds of likes on their comments. People even comment positively on them too! It's not even original and good, and they keep doing this for every passing date that comes by. Even right now people would say"January 7, 2018 10:47 AM!? " If you're doing this, it's time to stop.

These comments trigger me so badly, all comment sections now aren't original and is constantly SPAMMED with 12 year olds waffling on about wHo'S hErE iN 2019? LiKe iF yOu'Re wAtChInG iN 2019, 2019? 2019? 2019?
yes we probably are watching in 2019 and literally no one gives a damn😂

They are flooding the moment sections on nearly every video! It's hard to find a video nowadays without one of there pathetic comments. And for the record, people only make them to get hundreds of likes. And apparently, it worked.

2 First comment comments

Objectively they are worse than who's watching this in a certain year, but I see first comments quite seldom, while sometimes the first ten comments below a video are all asking about a year/month/day.

Just people who want to feel like they actually accomplished something by being the first one of comment on a video. Amazing what dumb crap people will pat themselves on the back over...

I want comments remarking opinions on my videos I just get my comments flooded with "first"

Being the first commenter is no big deal, especially on videos that will probably not get many views.

3 Copy and paste comments

Unoriginal, repetitive, annoying, and way to common. What's up with people and these types of comments?
THEY'RE NOTHING SPECIAL! They're just a comment with faces of characters on them. Any word in the dictionary that's the definition for "Stupid," describes these comments.

Your comment sounds like you're talking about 5 Seconds of Summer

4 "Don't click read more" comments

These are a new one from what I've seen. And I already hate them. You wanna know you you shouldn't click? Don't click a button to vote for Hillary Clinton!

Would you stop with the Donald Trump hate? He may not be the best candidate but do you really want Hillary to win?

Stop discussing about politics here.

5 Comments from angry kids

How to spot a little kid on YouTube:
1: They have a Minecraft profile picture.
2: They get easily offended if you say the slightest thing about something they like.
3: Horrible grammer.
Did I miss anything?

Test them by saying "Minecraft/Call of duty is trash" and if they rage they're a little kid.

I've seen this one comment from an x gen kid and he says that nobody cares about Atari. He's stupid, I already knew it

First of all I don't a minecraft profile And do have amazing grammar

Now they have a Fortnite skin as their profile.

6 Comments created only to receive likes

Examples include: "Hey, like if you agree such and such was awesome in this video", "Get this to 100 likes and I'll destroy my dad's laptop", "One like= one plate/bowl of your favorite food", "One like= one prayer", "I got my FIRST LIKE! Wait why is it blue? " and much more. It's like actual food being drowned in dirt making it unseeable.

Jeez I actually hate these. They're so clickbait. Only 5yr olds click like

Yup they suck

These comments are literally annoying and should stop. :(

7 Comments from haters that hate on one thing way too much

These people are so annoying and pathetic. Okay, geez we get it. You hate [insert whatever]. There's no need to go on a rant about it and hate literally everyone who says they like it/have a profile picture of it.

Five Nights At Freddys and My Little Pony are a good example of this.

Teen titans go is a perfect example

Caution, flame wars on MLP videos!

8 Comments not even related to the video

One time when I was watching a SpongeBob video on YouTube, and I saw a comment on how Jesus Christ is our lord and savior. I love and follow Jesus, but Christianity has nothing to do with SpongeBob.

I was watching a My Singing Monsters video, and then there's a comment about Undertale. What the heck?

9 Comments from butthurt fans

One example might be when on a Onision video about "Dumb Song Lyrics" and Onision put in Twenty One Pilots and Melanie Martinez, a lot of people were butthurt.

"How dare you insult my favorite youtuber/celebrity? I mean, I never met them before, but I'm going to defend them to the death anyway! "

A good place to find these is the Screw attack Death Battle videos. Like the Goku vs Superman one...

10 Comments with bad grammar

I cannot stand bad grammar, it drives me insane.

to be honest, it is probably 8 year olds who hate school and fall asleep in class

Literally every Reaction Time fan's comments have no punctuation nor the right kind of "your" and it gets on my nerves.

Agreed, I bet they didn't complete even a single spelling grade

Those people are stupid

The Contenders
11 Death threats

Do they realize that this can scare some people half to death.

12 "Can I get likes because it's my birthday?"

Some people even lie about this.

That is so annoying annoying

I bet 50% people who say that lie

This aggravates me so much. YouTubers that beg for likes. For your birthday, you don't need likes because you have birthday treats and presents and all that stuff in real life. The people that post these things are most likely attention whores.

13 "Came here because of (insert video)"

I hate this. I came to look at the comments about how amazing or beautiful the video or music video was, not to hear from almost every YouTuber that they all came from (insert video or anime).

Exactly! No one cares. You could at least just have 1 comment saying that, and you all talk in the replies. No need for 10 comments of "whose hear from geeometree dahs? "

The only reason they came here is because of the desire for attention and an arbitrary number.

These are annoying. I saw some furry's video criticizing yiff and a lot of the comments saying "Who came here from Kotorix's video". Kothorix has a toxic fanbase.

14 "Whoops! I dropped my bag of illuminati" comments

Thank god they're becoming irrelevant!


15 Spam comments

This happens when you upload a video, you will get many spam comments like, "Great video! You can check my channel for ncs music", "! I found a working hack! It works! 100% works! (insert hack link)", "Great video! Please come to (insert channel name) for more videos! ". Also, they might take your account sometimes and they will replace your stuff with 18+ filled stuff. Most spam comments are founded in one video... Spam comments are the worst...

16 Emoji spam comments

I can't read what they say. I had to scroll for literally ONE MINUTE to get to what the person was trying to say.

17 Who is watching in [insert year]

It is here twice, the other one is the first place

18 Comments from people that believe anything the Youtuber that they are watching tells them

Game theory fanboys

19 Darude - Sandstorm

A: What's the name of this song?
B: Darude Sandstorm!
Literally, they are lying and these people who question the name of the song really want to know the name of the song played in the YT video.

why do I feel like iv'e seen these

20 The time waster commenters

"well that's 5 1/2 minutes I wont get back" like dude if you didn't like it go away! you also wasted time writing that comment that's 30s you wont get back. so why bother?

21 "kys" comments

If you're going to give a death threat, at least type the whole word instead of being a lazy ass.

People who say "kys" is really stupid and irrelevant!

22 Gibberish comments

I hate those. they mainly appear on those stupid nusery rhyme videos

I try to find those weird bootleg nursery rhyme videos like TOYS in japan

23 Spam

Mostly the ones that say "ooomg I f00und a wooorking haaack ---> *insert link here*

Especially emojis.

24 Best Part is: [insert links to every second of the video]

This is also really annoying to us and even the person would say nah my favourite part is also (random timestamp)

25 Comments defending pretty women who committed crimes

There is a video of a 17-year old attractive Vietnamese girl who KILLED HER MOTHER and half of the comments are trying to take the defense of her.

Less outrageous, but replies to comments with a female selfie profile pics (often even unattractive ones) saying "marry me" are also originating from the same stem.

Just want to say the visitor comment is mine from before I had an account.

I guess but I don't think I have ever seen comments like this.

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