Firestar & Sandstorm


I guess Sandstorm is a good match for Firestar but... I don't know why but I feel like he would have been way better with Cinderpelt! He cared about her so much! I hate those monsters! But, I guess it just wasn't meant to be, those two. I wasn't such a good fan of Spottedleaf but, I think maybe sandstorm might have been a better choice for firestar

This is so wrong. Sandstorm is just perfect for him. She may have tormented him before, but she truly loves him. Even if Spottedleaf wasn't a medicine cat and a few moons younger, Sandstorm loved him and felt rejected by Spottedleaf. This couple is encouraged by me.

Look people I think that age in mates doesn't really matter to cats. Dustpelt became mates with ferncloud even though he was way older than her. Also silverstream was much older than Graystripe, as well as the fact that feathertail was way older than crowfeather, so it is completely fine that Firestar could have been mates with Spottedleaf!

In my opinion they are the most developed couple. Spottedleaf's character mostly resolves around Firestar and she is very boring to read. Sandstorm gives suggestions to Firestar and he chooses to do the suggestions.

I mean I think Sandstorm is okay but I totally support Spottedleaf. Spottedleaf supported Firestar and Sandstorm. Sandstorm was jeaoulous she kept whining and saying "Oh Firestar you love Spottedleaf better." Oh yes he did because your an immature kit. I know there are a lot of Graystripe and Silverstream fans. I think of Sandstorm like you think of Milli, poison. Also Sandstorm hated Firestar I agree if he didn't save her she would still hate him. God, she even is so nice and lovely dovey. She is such an fox-heart.

This is one of the most developed couples of the entire series. I love this couple, and Sandstorm probably wouldn't still hate Firestar if he hadn't saved her life---it would've just taken more time. Sandstorm and Firestar evenly make decisions--when has Sandstorm made a general choice for the entire clan? She is an amazing mate, pushing him and motivating him (in a good way), for example; Firestar was able to ally with the other clans and chase out BloodClan because Sandstorm was by his side. Sandstorm was practically his medicine cat when they traveled to reunite/train SkyClan. Also, Sandstorm (in the beginning) battled what she'd been taught to her morality/heart because she loved Firestar, even though he'd been a kittypet.

Nope, nope, nope, so much nope. FireXSand is the worst couple ever.
1. Sandstorm was mean to Firestar
2. Firestar loved Spottedleaf
3. Sandstorm is ugly

Reasons why FireXSpotted is better
1. Firestar was more open to her
2. Would have made a better story (How would they hide it? )
3. Spottedleaf=More Help to Firestar if he was hurt (Could have even prevented his death)
4. Just look at that beauty!
5. Firestar's TRUE love. He loved Spottedleaf first.
6. The kits aren't the prophecy kits because the mother isn't Sandstorm? Hello, so called Warrior Cat fans. ALL THAT MATTERED IS THAT THEY WERE FIRESTAR'S KITS. And they would be. Did you even listen to the prophecy?
7. This doesn't matter but.. One of their kits would look like my OC!

And now, reasons why FireXSand is good:

Err.. I got nothing.

This couple is great together! So what if sandstorm was mean the Firestar?! She loves him now and that's what matters

She doesn't exactly order him around, she gives suggestions... And Firestar is the one who chooses to follow them...

Okay, I simply LOVE this couple. They have such a large legacy and are perfect together.

Wait how is this the worst? I believe they were the most developed, but people still think Sandstorm stole Firestar from Spottedleaf and Cinderpelt. Sandstorm didn't even know Cinderpelt had a crush on Firestar! And Spottedleaf's a medicine cat (that wouldn't work now would it? And plus Spottedleaf and Firepaw only talked for only like a day or so.

Okay so I like sandstorm and firestar don't get me wrong but does anyone feel like sandstorm bosses firestar around? And he is always intimidated by her and she shows him no respect for his thoughts or feelings! I love this couple but I don't like relationships withone person in charge. If Spottedleaf were alive, shed be way better for firestar

Actually he wouldn't be with spottedleaf because 1) they barely knew each other 2) she was old enough to be his mother 3) he would rather be with sandstorm anyway.

Sandstorm only bickered with Firestar when they were younger. They still loved each other though. You should have noticed their affection

Sandstorm started likening firestar after he saved her from falling off that cliff

They are the greatest mates ever and if the were not together there would be no squirrelflight or leafpool or power of there.

How could you love this couple? They suck! She only started liking him when he was deputy and before that he hated him!

Actually she started to like him in Fire & Ice and tries to be his friend after he saves her from falling into the gorge. It's obvious in Rising Storm of her affection and revealed in A Dangerous Path.

What at least they had chemistry and love and buildup, unlike spottedleaf and firestar

This is probably the most developed couple on Warriors, how is this so high on the list?

Whaaat!? Firestar and Sandstorm is one of my favorite shipps! I don't think Sandstorm loved Firestar because he was a powerful warrior. I think she truly loved him. And is stupid think that Sandstorm stole Firestar of Spottedleaf, I mean, Spottedleaf was dead! And Cinderpelt only did loved Firestar when she was an apprentice. Yes, Sandstorm has many flaws. But nobody is perfect!

I hate Spottedleaf and Firestar because it's really forced. This is my favorite of all time.

Sandstorm was such a jerk to him when he arrived in clan! Then all of the sudden, Sandstorm loves Firestar.

Well, in my opinion I think they are PERFECT for each other! Cutest couple ever! But if Spottedleaf was still alive, Fireheart would be perfect for her too.

I think they are great. If spottedleaf were still alive I think firestar would have HUGE crush on her

How is this on the best warrior couple list too? It shouldn't be on this list!

Firestar doesn't deserve Sandstom. He says he loves her but constantly goes after Spottedleaf. Firestar acts like Spottedleaf is his 'other mate'. If you've read the book with the final battle he gets too sad about Spottedleaf's death and neglects Sandstorm. Honestly, Sandstorm could have gotten a way better mate.