Firestar & Spottedleaf


Secondly, when Spottedleaf was alive, she and Firepaw, did they even talk? If they did, I assure you, there was absolutely nothing romantic about it at all, she was a devoted medicine cat, and he, well he didn't really care about a love life. The Erins also said that had Spottedleaf survived, she wouldn't have chosen Fireheart over her duties as a medicine cat, she loved it too much. They didn't start loving each other until she DIED, which is now sounding like a Twilight relationship.
Thirdly, Spottedleaf and Firestar's relationship had no development. There was no turning point where they realized their feelings, or moments where their love was tested, no, several moons after Spottedleaf died, she appeared and they 'fell in love' with no development into it.
Fourthly, Firestar would have always chosen Sandstorm over Spottedleaf. Let's stack the odds, Spottedleaf, childhood crush, died before anything happened at all. Sandstorm, lifelong mate, gave ...more

I understand why people like this pairing, but personally I don't like it at all. Spottedleaf is Sandstorm's AUNT, and is therefore a tad old for Firestar. Also I think Sandstorm's personality is better suited to Firestar's than Spottedleaf's is. Spottedleaf wouldn't have been able to tell Firestar when he was doing something wrong.

Spottedleaf I think is a GREAT cat! Although, I don't ship this. And though I think they could be in a relationship, I think if Firestar was in a relationship for all his love interests, I'd think we would never fall for Cinderpelt because it's like their sibs, Spottedleaf would be his girlfriend for a while, and if you want, sure, they'd have kittens (even if she's dead), but then before they officially became mates, I'd think Firestar would've gotten closer to Sandstorm due to them growing up and developing since one person isn't always the same. E.I., as a kid, I was a total liar to EVERYONE, I was popular and VERY rude but never actually fought, but now I'm more honest and I'm less popular and less rude. Then, Sandstorm and Firestar would move on, and Spottedleaf, though Firestar's ex, would be sweet towards the family. And if you ship Firestar x Spottedleaf and are a Hamilton fan like me, we can make Sandstorm Eliza, Firestar Alexander, Spottedleaf Angelica, Cinderpelt Peggy, ...more

YOU GUYS ARE NUTS! REALLY, SPOTTEDLEAF IS NOT EVIL OR ANYTHING! Spottedleaf is a medicine cat, but still she loved Firestar and they never showed it! If Spottedleaf was a warrior, they would have truckloads of kittens! AND SHE IS NOT A STALKER!

She kinda is. For moons, she appeared in Firestar's dreams and they rarely said anything to each other. She is also WAY older than him. She was a full medicine cat when he arrived as an apprentice. She even went into Leafpool's dreams. Sure, Leafpool is a medicine cat but really? She couldn't just leave them alone. Along with Jayfeather. I was relieved when she died. No more going into Firestar's dreams. In my opinion I thought she was desperate.

2 in my list. This is the definition of a forced couple. It's cute when cats have crushes. Like Stormfur and Squirrelflight. It's cute that an apprentice Firepaw had a crush and had these funny interactions with her. But the Erin's were like no! All along Spottedleaf had a crush on him. its like a 30 year old woman in love with a 12 year old boy. Then she literally stalks him. And shes just there to put a gap in the clearly better couple. And she killed herself so Firestar didn't have to choose? I mean it's like choosing between a girlfriend you've dated in Highschool for a few months and your wife. What were the Erin's thinking?

I, personally, think that Spottedleaf was quite sweet. I understand that she was way to old, but I see them as more of a family-type of relationship. And, I'd like to think that Spottedleaf went into all their dreams because she was the only one who knew how to guide them, (and was probably ruled out amongst the StarClan cats) and, they trusted her. Then again, why didn't they just choose Bluestar or something? Well, I think that Spottedleaf was the one chosen because, well, they all have their reasons, even if they're not clear.

Wake up! Firestar is with Sandstorm. They've been mates for moons. If Spottedleaf had lived. The three wouldn't be here and neither would Leafpool and Squirrelflight!

This is the worst couple ever I mean what if it was yellowfangxraggedstar all over again and seriously if the clan found out spotted leaf could have gotten tossed out of thunder clan just like yellowfang and even though I hate spotted leaf I don't think she should have to leave thunder clan cause that would mess up the whole five-star story I like SANDSTORM much much more

When I first read the warriors book I didn't really realize that they liked each other because the barely knew each other before she DIED and they should never have been a couple in the first place!

I totally agree, I can't even begin to list how awful this couple is, and I'm not really a Sandstorm fan. But another thing, Spottedleaf is not just Sandstorm's aunt, she's Redtail's littermate, so she is actually the same age as him. It's not like she's his way-younger sister that appeared when Swiftbreeze decided to have another litter of kits who are younger than her grandchildren. She really is Sandstorm's aunt.

Okay... WHAT!?!? They literally had like, 4 conversations, and all of a sudden she dies and he loves her? She is 6-8 moons older than him. It's like a teacher being in love with a student, and is completely innapropriate. They fell in love in 2 seconds, and are completely undeveloped and creepy.

This couple is awful. Firepaw only talked to her like 4 times when she was alive and then they somehow fall in love. Spottedleaf is a pedophile and probably because of her relationship with Thistleclaw. It's just wrong and I have never seen any chemistry in this ship. Plus, she continues to stalk him after she is dead and Firestar was still deciding if he would chose to be with his childhood crush in starclan or his mate who has supported him throughout his whole life. I hate this couple

Firestar is better with Sandstorm


"Oh, look! Let's fall in love with a random medicine cat who's so many moons older than me! "

Firestar is not even mated with Spottedleaf. He's mated with Sandstorm! Besides Spottedleaf isn't allowed to have a mate! She's a medicine cat! - Silverlily

Spottedleaf is way to old for Firestar. She is Sandstorms aunt for StarClan's sake! Also, they are one of the things I don't like in couples: couples with NO DEVELOPEMENT! I mean, they have, what, three conversations before she dies? It's almost like Firestar started liking Spottedleaf after she died. He and Sandstorm are way better they have much more chemistry.

Yep they suck no development no nothing he say her like twice.

This is like, the #1 worst couple! She's old enough to be his mother! They speak 3 times! ONLY 3! And they're all with Firepaw asking for herbs. HOW IS THAT LOVE? Seriously, can somebody please explain that to me because I'd like to know. She deserved to die, but not TWICE, Vicky! Couldn't she have just stayed away from Firestar in StarClan? And why does she have to tempt him in his dreams! He's with Sandstorm, Spotty, GET OVER IT!

Spottedleaf is really annoying for me she keeps stalking Firestar what kinda creeps me out.If I was a tom with a mate and kits and she-cat that had a crush on me since I was an apprentice stalks me on my dreams saying that she loves me I would have been angry, - cassiabez

This would never work out. Even though Spottedleaf was said to be pretty and young, but Darkstripe wasn't young and he was younger than Spottedleaf!? Shouldn't spottedleaf be too old for Firestar? And Spottedleaf was a MEDICINE CAT for StarClan"s sake!

It doesn't even make sense! Spottedleaf is a medicine cat for goodness sake!

Spottedleaf herself is a nice cat, but this is one of those weird couples twhere they meet and all the sudden their in love like what seriously? Firestar is much better with sandstorm

Spotted is tad old and she would never tell fire star if was doing something wrong

So undeveloped I feel like the only reason why the erins decided to make them have feelings for eachother so that Spottedleaf has a reason why she always visits Firestar in his dreams or else he would have died but that decision is made so late that it didn't make any sense they only showed feelings for eachother after she died for me Firestar loves her only because of her beauty and Spottedleaf loves him only because she was never allowed to love someone and suddenly someone showed feelings for her